June 2015 interview with Michael Horn shows Billy Meier foretold attacks in France and Europe in 1958

In the new Canadian film, The Resonance, filmed in June 2015 by Dr. Lana Marconi, Michael Horn presents Billy Meier’s startling, prophetically accurate information from 1958, 1981 and 1987, foretelling the recent radical Islamist attacks in France, the mass migrations in Europe, and much more that’s yet to come.

Horn explained that the underlying reason for Meier’s singularly authentic, almost 74 year long UFO contacts is to help us free ourselves from religions, belief systems, politics, etc., and assure our own very threatened future survival through self-responsibility.


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Lana Marconi, Ph.D.
 Documentary Filmmaker

Dedicated to Truth Seekers Everywhere

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27 comments on ““The Resonance” Features Advance Warnings of Islamist Attacks

  • Robert, Without the violence? Since when did humanity ever learn ever learn to stop being “Less Than Human Here On Earth”, I wonder about that? Will we ever learn to get out of this horrible jungle? MH,couldn`t get and find your video question and answer live steaming video from Saturday Nov 21rst,I can`t seem to access the interview? Mabey you could try You Tube. Sorry about that. Thanks?

  • As far as the Islamic Attacks are concerned I just discovered a fly in the ointment. It seems to me that not only is my favorite ballerina is concerned, but I just found out there is another ballerina who is also very devoutly religious. I think all these dancers from Russia are devoutly Orthidox too. I remember back during the Soviet Communist
    error that the reason for the Russians belief in religion is because that was and may still be that that is the only freedom they hade and may still have and if you take that away from them then they believe they will have nothing to believe in which to them ios their freedom whch to me is very wrong and very dangerous and could tra them into believing in something that just “ISN`T there like fairies,angels, demons elves and so on etc,etc,etc! As billy said you can`t force or even broach the issue,you just have to leave it alone and let these devoutly religious people deside for themselves. As one character in the TNG Star Trek eispode “They must come to us willingly.”

  • Yes, Terry without violence, without religion, and with respect for one another. That would only be the start. Even if we became those things. I still think that we would have much more to do to catch up with any federation member of space. Besides we only got a beer can for a spaceship, inconpairision to the hot rods they drive. We need to stop fighting and give all of this a good think. Come to our senses and begin to talk with one another. Not yell, insult, find falt with, poke at, and all other forms of childish crap we pull on earth other. We all seem to engage in when trying to solve adult issues. In other words, dare I say it, “we need to grow up”. Salome Robert

  • So the BIG question left after the C2C show is…….. what are the future predictions??

    please send where we can look and read about the next wave of predictions, Thanks, dan

  • Usually this action (banning of a film) makes the movie more popular. I would not buy it due to the erroneous comments made in the trailer… which I think are untrue or at least researched without evidence or factual information. Michael Horn… on the other hand… is completely factual as far as what is evidential to me. I would buy one of his videos on the subject since he is more informed and clear in his presentation… it is not about “ALLLIEEENNNNS” but human beings… WE are responsible for our future survival… not anyone else. It appears they are riding on his coat tails on this one. Maybe they banned the video for this reason. If you want to know our history which goes back over one hundred billion years… read Billy Meier’s work… if you want to learn about the human condition… (I.E. strengths, weaknesses, purpose of life Zeile… etc etc etc) Read the Billy Meier books in English… offered at TheyFly.com. “They Fly”, said Gallileo When the Vatican wanted to put him in prison for knowing the planets flew around each other and not “believing” in the Vatican’s claim as to being the absolute “direct center of the Universe…” he was put under house arrest for knowing our planetary system was not the only one surrounded by planetary bodies or moons: [belief] sic “that may be necessary in religion, he said… but in time a scientific result will establish itself.” They Fly was his explanation of an observation of planets (moons) revolving around Jupiter and as proof against what the church… “believed”… in some respects… we are still doing this today. In hind sight it seems foolish…

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