George Noory Will Host Billy Meier Info on C2C Website

Prophetic accuracy about France and Islam prompts Noory’s precedent setting invitation to spread Meier information

The clear connection between Billy Meier’s prophetic warnings about radical Islamic attacks on France, dating back to 1958, and the recent attacks in Paris prompted C2C host George Noory to extend an unprecedented invitation to have Meier’s information posted on the C2C site.

Michael Horn read excerpts from the prophecies pertaining to what would also ultimately develop regarding “the fanatics and warriors of Islam” rising up against the countries of Europe and retaining their power for a long time. Horn emphasized that a real call to action is necessary now so that people can also better understand how cause and effect works and how to begin to take their personal power back from outside forces.

Horn emphasized that we have indeed been warned, for decades, about what we were creating and allowing in the world and that much of this could have been avoided had parties like MUFON and SETI done their real jobs. In light of his historic first presentation of the Meier case at NAU, he also suggested that Noory bring together people like physicists Michio Kaku, Neil deGrasse Tyson and even Seth Shostak to openly discuss the Meier case and its implications for humanity. As he had suggested in writing more than two years ago, Horn pointed out that with cooperation from credible scientists, etc., the future referred to in the following information could come about now:

Quetzal: You apparently never give up hope. Your optimism is honourable and deserves to be heard by human beings, but the way things have developed throughout this century there is not too much hope that human beings of Earth will come to their senses and heed your words. This will then be the case only when the prophecies prove to be true or, even worse, have already come to pass. Probably only then will the time come when the defamations against you will end in regard to your contacts with us, although they will long continue to be vehemently disputed by your enemies as well as by pathological know-it-alls and critics who dismiss them as swindle, lies and fraud. The full truth about our contacts with you will be proven in the distant future, and then mankind will accept our help we offer through you—even when they erroneously assume we come from the seven-star system known to human beings of Earth as the Pleiades.

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The downing of a Russian jet by Turkey brought to mind information about coming Russian attacks against that country. And this article on the realities of the IS echoed what Meier and Ptaah said in August of 2014, as well as what Meier reiterated in this video.

And, as Meier warned in 1976, we are finally acknowledging and admitting that oil drilling causes earthquakes


Thanks to Chris Lock for the information on the Russian jet and the IS.





21 Replies to “George Noory Will Host Billy Meier Info on C2C Website”

  1. Why did it take so long for Noory to make such an invitation, all he had to do was read the warning letter to the World leaders from 1958. A question about that letter, why did Billy wait so long to have the letter translated and posted?

  2. Hello Michael

    Message for the masses….meditation is better than dogmatic prayers
    Inner prayer to Creation does not inspire murder. Inner prayer is good, group prayer has issues.

    Very few suicide bombers Think OM, etc….
    P in W


    1. Hi Dave. I feel sad for the masses because they can’t hear the truth shouting at them. I see a quiet one suffering in his inner world because of his religion being hi-jacked by terrorists and he makes me sad to see and feel his troubles whenever I buy gasoline at the Fas Gas station. I say nothing to cheer him up, because it goes against my directives.

  3. This mess going on with the Islamic fundamentalists is opening up all manner of ugly scenarios. With Russia, playing key parts just as they are stated in the prophecies between Israel, Turkey, and Iran, while the Islamic fundamentalists and their actions in France seem to have been the first steps in making these prophecies into predictions. India and China are never quiet even though mainstream media is, and Pakistan is nothing to ignore either. Keep trying to bring people to through any means, it can only help.

  4. I just heard about the downing of that Russian plane three hours ago on the news even though one pilot was killed the other one survived and parachuted to the ground. Putin said they were going after the IS gangs but the Russian pilots strayed into Turkish territory looking to kill these IS gangs. Before I forget great show last night on c2c MH. You always never seem to amaze me. Keep up the great work,High Fives MH.:)))

  5. your interview with George Noory last night was very good, MIchael, you two do well together in conversation exchange and George seemed very interested and present.

    1. Oh I see Chris
      I’ve noticed some differences from what I’ve first read back in 2005 from Guido’s book.
      Do you know how the difference came about?

  6. REALLY!!!!??? Kick ass job MH. But I do have a suggestion. Why don’t you host C2C and interview these guys yourself. Your the real expert in all of this. George is a lost Cub Scout next to you. ( no disrespect to George ) I was not able to hear the show last night ( my job keeps me at very odd hrs ). But I’m sure it was a success ( from the sounds of it ). Perhaps a small step for C2C, a giant leap for you, Billy and of course his friends. Well Done, Salome Robert

      1. That’s true, but there are guest hosts on all the time. The ufo thing is a huge wave into the future and you got the best surfboard of them all. I feel George could not lose having you on as guest host. You are the only one that gives the Billy info justice. You know more about it than anyone else around these parts. Maybe something could be worked out, like a three way interview. George and you interviewing a guest. I would love to see that. One can hope, Salome Robert

  7. Well…………It’s about time! I’m loving all this talk about an “International Coalition” on international media to defeat Isis. I just hope they can get over their internal power struggles to really get together on this!

  8. If the beings visiting this planet don’t like or approve of mankind’s use of nuclear energy, then why don’t they help or give the solution for disposing of the nuclear waste??

  9. Hello, Michael.
    I heard the C2C program. It was very good. I found George Noory very interested now. In other shows he is like the “show man”, talking about stranges issues, apparently very open but not really convinced. But in this show, I found him really interested and knowing that this is serious. This issue of what is comming, is serious, and I thnk George really wondered how it will affect us. With this presentation and University presentation I feel people sooner or later will be listen. Congratulations. It was a great presentation.

    1. Thanks Rhal and to everyone who’s supported my efforts. I am hopeful that George will assist now in informing people about this singularly authentic and significant case, which has been greatly aided by your and Chris Lock’s analyses of Meier’s UFO evidence.

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