Q & A from Debut of “The Resonance” UFO Film

You can watch the full Q & A from “The Resonance” below, or at this link, where I answer questions from the perspective of the Billy Meier UFO case.

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  1. Hi Michael, a quick question if you will off topic, any chance that you will pop over to the UK to give any presentations in the future. I for one would give a donation to provide this for you to come over.


  2. Hello Michael,
    I’m still trying to watch the video, but like everyone here is saying, it’s hard! I am always amazed at your will to keep going! You are one of those people who inspire others! You do great work and are worth your weight in gold! Thank you for all that you do!!

  3. Good evening Michael,
    Well done on the q+a to Resonance film, totally straight to the point, very consistent as usual. The very best of luck to you and Billy! I’m sure your message will succeed .
    Being kind and loving takes some hard work, for most people, and their precious time.
    It seems many of us take time for granted.
    Regards Mark .

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