The Reason for the Paris Attacks: Billy Meier, 1958

Time and again, the people were warned…and did they listen?

Should there be any questions about the specific, prophetic accuracy in Billy Meier’s warnings about Islamist terrorism it should be noted that , even long before 1981, in 1958, Meier stated:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

Which is echoed exactly in this quote in the Daily Mail:

“ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks across Paris, saying ‘eight brothers wearing explosive belts and carrying assault rifles’ conducted a ‘blessed attack on… Crusader France’.”*

The purpose for pointing out these unambiguous corroborations – and inescapable evidence of the immutable Law of Cause and Effect** – is the same as always, to help us assure our own very threatened future survival. It is in no way meant to justify the brutality and carnage, obviously.

For as long as Meier has been attempting to warn humanity of the coming tragic events birthed solely by human ignorance, irresponsibility and the complete disregard for truth, love, peace, freedom and harmony; for as long as people have willingly succumbed to these absolutely delusional, blood-thirsty, death-bring religions and the equally dead-end, power-greedy machinations of politicians and governments, these outcomes have loomed as inevitable, until and unless we actually wake up and make the necessary profound, positive changes in consciousness and direction…in time.

Still, even in the face of this inescapable, in-your-face evidence of the accuracy and the unimaginably altruistic intentions of Billy Meier and the Plejaren to forewarn humanity of the looming, mainly manmade dangers, we get twisted attacks such as this from skeptics:

“How big a douche do you have to be – other than a Republican presidential candidate – to try to capitalize on the terrorist attacks in Paris?  Apparently a douche named Michael because in his blog today, he claims Meier predicted this in 1981.”

Yes, in this magnificently dumbed down world, there are people who actually…complain about being shown the accuracy of the most trustworthy and potentially life-saving information because it’s from Billy Meier! These are often the same people, mostly in the US, who claim that Meier “hoaxed” his evidence and prophetic information. So successful have the efforts of government intelligence disinformation operatives – largely and enthusiastically promoted by the profit-motivated UFOCI and complicit people like Jan Harzen of MUFON, etc. – that the snarling, salivating dogs instinctively go suicidal rather than break the invisible, self-secured chains on their now deranged consciousness.

It’s beyond ironic that a glimmer of recognition about Meier should pop up in a remote newspaper in Micronesia, while the majority of the world’s press dutifully suppresses the truth from humanity, which is done so that the last dollar can be wrung from the hands of the living or dying, so that absolute control (See: Number 40) can be accomplished over every single  human being on Earth – as Meier also said would be the case, almost 60 years ago.

Time and again, the people were warned…and did they listen?


*You can find information on France’s role  in the Crusades here  and here.

**Cause and Effect or Is It any Wonder why “They” Hate Us?

If you want to survive…learn to think: The Might of the Thoughts


See more of the Spiritual Teaching.

Thanks to Bill Wilson for the Micronesia info.


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Gordon Barnes

So i see on the news here in the UK, that France’s leader, President Hollande, has stated that they will send the aircraft carrier to the gulf, along with Russia seeing the UK and French military as allies. He also stated that “the Islamic State group is “threatening the whole world” and the entire power of the government is to be put towards protecting French people against terrorists.”

The head of security for the Kurdish KDP Peshmerga forces has told the BBC “So-called Islamic State could be defeated by militarily in months, perhaps even weeks, if western countries “fully engage” in the fight against them” – Didnt Billy and MH send a letter to the relevent heads of each country stating this a good while ago, a combined force of 300,000 military, from all countries including Islamic brothers against ISIS, if i remember rightly. Its time to wake up LEADERS OF THE WORLD! I hope these/our leaders now wake up and re-read the letter that Billy sent to them, maybe a spark of light will grow into something tangible….here’s hoping.

Dave Tate

Does anybody know how to contact Billy Meier core group members? It would be really helpful while it’s about Billy’s health problem. Thanks

Andrew Grimshaw

Thanks. I’ve used the link and sent my note. Translated the page to english to do so.:)

matt lee

Michael if I had any suggestion it would be.

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And this placed right under the green Post Comment button

Or alternatively have a separate field for first name and surname where if they aren’t entered like it is the case with highlighting the ‘confirm you are NOT a spammer’, the post doesn’t get posted.
Your webmaster could rearrange this for you in no time.

It’ll save you a lot of hassle

Majid Pooreftekhari

Of course. sorry

Sheila Clark

I think the Russians have it right in promoting their female fighter pilot. You cannot become a martyr if you are killed by a woman…or so the story goes. If IS thought the international peace fighting coalition was made up of only women, what could that do?

matt lee

Hey Sheila
Good question my guess is that they would be Martinaed


How a Polish professor Ryszard Legutko told off Merkel and Hollande in the European Union Parliament 🙂


Under the Geneva Convention regarding the REFUGEES !!!

In accordance with the Geneva Convention, the Dublin Convention and the UN guidelines, all these people without exception – even those actually coming from Syria – are economic migrants. Fugitives become refugees in the first safe country they reach on their way. So Syrians fleeing the war are refugees in Turkey or Lebanon, but after leaving these countries and setting off for further journey (via Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, etc. where war does not rage and nothing threatens them), under international law, they lose their refugee status by becoming mere economic migrants. And as such, not subject to international protection, no state has any moral obligation to accept them or help them.
THAT’S WHAT THE INTERNATIONAL LAW IS – signed by all UN member states. And it’s high time that the various countries began to follow the Law!!!

matt lee

So Robert what you are saying is don’t accept any refugees?


Genuine refugees yes, but political immigrants no, especially that they’re secretly sponsored by ISIS.

matt lee

But how could you tell the difference between a person who was a genuine refugee as opposed to a terrorist plant.
You know looks can be deceiving and you can’t judge accurate the book by its cover.
Women can also blow themselves up.
So can children.

Darcy Wade Carlile

Rob I think you are sincere which is good, however somebody mentioned the fact about planet Earth has rubber laws. So yes I agree with you.

Andrew Grimshaw

Hmmm……. Seems like there are not to many synapses working in the brain of the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

UK to splurge 30% more on anti-terror budget, buy F-35s – amid brutal social spending cuts

Now, where would I have heard some very good advice about this very thing before, hmmm…….

10. It should come to an end that the countries of Earth even the poorest and most underdeveloped among them maintain armies that are armed to the teeth and senselessly burn away innumerable sums of money in the billions which could and should be used for the true well-being of the people. Thus it should finally cease that politicians and the military, as well as the most diverse organizations everywhere in the world, talk about peace and freedom, love and humanity, in order to justify tremendous financial expenditures on the one hand, and on the other hand, to snatch up even more of these funds for purposes of war and terror and to heat up the weapons industry so that further acts of terrorism and war can be carried out with the new weapons.

The know-it-alls that are uneducated in the ways of the Truth, Spirit and Life are starting to cheese me right off. (I was always cheesed off, just not right off),_Problems,_Frustration_and_Gewalt#Ignorance.2C_Problems.2C_Frustration_and_Gewalt

Love, Peace, Freedom and Harmony for ALL!!! Well, one day at least.

Andrew Grimshaw

Alrighty then! It’s time I got off my, you know what, and started doing something out there! I have been holding back due to BEAM’s advice to not go out there half cocked, but I think it’s high time I got my old confidence back and went out on a limb, even if I do commit a few errors on the way. I have drafted a letter that I would like to send to those in positions of power, it goes like this, for now:

“Have you ever changed your mind about something?

For example, on a very mundane choice, like which pair of socks to wear for the day; which pizza to order; which toothpaste to purchase?
Do you think that it is possible to change your mind about something more important, like the meaning of life?
Is it at all possible that maybe you and a lot of our other fellow human beings on this planet could have it wrong when you exhibit, without any doubt, that you believe the meaning of life is to procure massive amounts of filthy Mammon? What do you need these massive amounts of Mammon for, exactly? Is it at all possible to bribe one’s way into an imaginary heaven?

I put it to you that the meaning of life could very well be the conscious evolution of your very own consciousness!
This would mean that everyone has the duty to take back their responsibility from wherever they have misplaced it and once again become self-responsible, just like millennia ago when all was progressing along very nicely.

What could it have been, you ask, that waylaid this nicely progressing evolution of our consciousness’s?

I put it to you that it was some very knowledgeable humans millennia ago that took the truth as delineated by some other very knowledgeable humans millennia ago and falsified said truth so as to make out that they themselves were the very thing that created the very Universe that we all find ourselves in. This was done so as to accumulate Mammon and to have control over, to suppress and to exploit their fellow humans; quite evil machinations, contrary to the laws of the Universe that give the very life to ALL life and connect us ALL to each other; by which I do not mean any new age rubbish, but just our everyday physics; of which we are not fully aware of all forces, yet; that allow this Universe to operate, at all.

This would require most to leave behind their selfish ways and to once again gain true knowledge which would become wisdom and lead to true love, peace, freedom, harmony and feelings for others.

If you do think that you could possibly have another look at life from a different perspective, I would like to talk with you.

You could, yet, go down in history.”
I would like constructive criticism from you guys and gals!

matt lee

I am afriad they won’t have a clue what you are talking about Andrew.
You might have to bring it down to a more compatible level.

Andrew Grimshaw

Yeah, I totally agree Matt, unfortunately.
I might just have to go in on the present atrocities that are occurring, BEAM’s prophecies and predictions and show them some of Michael’s presentations/documentaries.
I will give it more thought.

Tyler Rutland

Good luck Andrew. I just sent in my letter to Mr. Putin tonight. I made a direct, human-to-human letter from my heart, then refined it just a little to hopefully make it more clear and trim the excess.

My gentle critique is readable in these lines. I think personally . . . Michael Horn does an excellent job at communicating in his style, so it is best to look for your own words too. And also, when we write from our own experiences and from our own heart, our words are more meaningful and speak more volume, I believe.

PS. On a positive note for the whole group, I was reading Billy controversy comments back from 2008-2011 on a blog out loud to a friend tonight, and some individual made a remark that some prophecy about WW3 starting in 2010 didn’t come true. Funny thing, he treated it like proof that Billy’s a hoaxer, but the way I saw it, that is really good since it means that a really terrible thing didn’t break out when it could have. So, something that is being done towards peace must be having some kind of positive effect, eh?

Tyler Rutland

Tyler Rutland

Actually, without bush-beating now, I just think that you wrote too loftily and rhetorically Andrew.

Really I’m taking my time here with this comment, but Matt Lee you said it, so actually I don’t have anything to contribute after all.

Andrew Grimshaw

Thanks Tyler,
I see the loftiness and rhetoric.
Unfortunately I see that that happens when I remove the sarcasm from my speech and text.
Maybe I should go into politics or law. LOL!
I will give it more thought and vetting.

Tyler Rutland

Hahah, yes, I know what you mean. There’s still a sarcastic wit inside me too. But, I do like how you made an effort to appeal to their line of reasoning by asking questions – I don’t want to forget to mention that again. My letter was only a request from this sometimes small and wonder-eyed personality of mine. You got me one-up’d in that department.


Tyler Rutland

Hmm. Tonight, as I am working on explaining some things in an article myself, I am experiencing for myself that long explanations are really needed after all. So Andrew, I think I was wrong to call your writing too lofty and rhetorical. I really see you are trying to explain many things – our origin story, the purpose of life, our current path going in the wrong direction – but I think now at the end of my thinking process that you have just attempted to cram too much information into one letter. That is what gave that “lofty” notion to me.. if you can see what I’m getting at perhaps?

Anyway, what if you took a point and worked to expand on it some, so it took up more room and gave them something more to mull over and think about? Instead of going in on a presumption that they are already more or less open to certain truths, which it seems to me your letter does. I remember Billy wrote that it is important for people to feel attacked so that they will start to think for themselves.

I’m seeing now, my first couple attempts at criticism left out the constructive part.. so, I hope you will forgive me, and I hope that nothing I said put you all the way to a depression (which frankly I am pretty susceptible to myself).

But well you already said twice you will think over it so perhaps you don’t want more feedback, and I’m not practiced or familiar with giving feedback, so let me know what you would like (ie I’ll clap my trap if I now turned into an annoyance). Salome

Tyler Rutland

Or he may have only said it, or something … but point is, I remember the point being made before *ducks* (although.. you guys are cool and I know the ones who are smart aren’t waiting to pounce on me anyway, so no ducking is necessary)

Andrew Grimshaw

G’Day Tyler,
I do so see what you are getting at.
I ask a favor, if you could perhaps find the reference and link it where BEAM wrote that it is important for people to feel attacked so that they will start to think for themselves.
You are very much forgiven, although, from Goblet of The Truth: Chapter 2 216) “And if you regret your unknowledge and your inequity (unfairness) and improve yourselves and profess yourselves open to the truth-teaching, then you must forgive yourselves because you alone are the forgiving ones for yourselves when you have found the path to the truth and freedom, to peace, to love and to consonance (harmony) in yourselves and have thereby created a living hoard in yourselves.”
And there lies in our answer, I think. BEAM’s words do it much better than mine. I think we, well at least I, need a few quotes.
I was a bit depressed with life in general, until I started reading BEAM’s teaching and found that listening to Goblet of The Truth in German helped curtail that nicely. I use my smart phone app Cool Reader (the basic version, only) and Ivona text-to-speech with the German voice Marlene (all in Google Play Store).
Thanks again Tyler.