George Noory Publishes Billy Meier Prophecies on C2C

Meier’s prophetic and predictive information now available to Noory’s worldwide audience

True to his word, George Noory has posted documentation pertaining to Billy Meier’s prophetic information on the C2C website. Noory had volunteered to post the information during his interview of Michael Horn on November 23.

This precedent-setting opportunity gives free access to Meier’s voluminous information, corroborated prophecies, predictions and authenticated UFO evidence, more people worldwide can now discover and research the long suppressed and singularly authentic contacts between Meier and the Pleajren extraterrestrials, spanning almost three-quarters of a century.

The possibility now exists that much of what has been foretold in the prophetic information can be averted, now that the key to our future survival is in our hands. All that is required is that we use it to unlock our self-imposed imprisonment.



13 Replies to “George Noory Publishes Billy Meier Prophecies on C2C”

  1. Whilst certainly NOT a watershed moment for us and FIGU, surely a major step forward for the TURTH. In the words of Armstrong, one small step for man, one giant step for mankind~!! Well done to the most tenacious, persevering, undaunted, persistent, driven and tireless American FIGU man~!

  2. A crack for the light to shine through. A great positive for humanity. May many observe and allow their consciousness to dig deeper and find reality and truth. You really are tireless and very encouraging:)

  3. Well done, Michael! This is the most important message/warning to get out there so humanity can take the correct steps to ensure a happy and prosperous future.

  4. i’m thrilled to think future events have branch out unto a different paths. if there’s a way we can view them ahead, i’d like to think the brutal future “branch” is fading or at least curtailed and a semblance of balance and new event becoming prominent.

    still… there’s a lot of work ahead

  5. Well done MH. I hope this will make things easier for all of us in the future. Maybe it would be a good time to start a on air show of some sort. I feel as if this work that you have done. Is like pulling you through the eye of the needle. You have worked very hard. Just rember that ant, there’s goes another rubber tree plant. High fives all the way around. Salome Robert

  6. I just downloaded and watched Michael’s lecture at ASU. It was great, packed with info throughout. What really surprised me was that at the end, all of the students asked perfect, pertinent questions. We may still have a chance.

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