Telling the truth violates YouTube’s “Community Guidelines”

Just when inroads are being made to get Billy Meier’s vitally important information out in to the world, such as was recently done by George Noory and also through the presentation at NAU, a clip of Michael Horn presenting Billy Meier’s forewarning of radical Islamist attacks – filmed in June for The Resonance – was removed by youtube.*

The clip included Horn recounting Meier’s warnings about radical Islamist terrorism resulting as retribution for the Christian Crusades centuries ago. Considering the wide variety, and questionable content, of material allowed by YouTube, it would appear that, as usual, the various powers that be can’t handle the truth and don’t trust the public to do so either.

Until pretending that “they hate us for our freedoms” is replaced by an understanding of the law of cause and effect, we’re most likely to be experiencing more harsh reminders of the cost of delaying the time…when truth prevails.



  Hi DrLanaMarconi,

The YouTube community flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. After reviewing the content, we’ve determined that the videos violate our Community Guidelines. As a result, we removed the following videos from YouTube:

THE RESONANCE Film – Clip of Michael Horn

Please note that this removal has not resulted in a strike.

– The YouTube Team









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