Unfit to Lead

If prayer doesn’t work after a few millennia, go shopping

As the circus comes to town, as it does every four years, we are treated to the latest crop of unwise, slickly groomed, polished panderers who vie to hold the reigns of power.

Even while the long foretold prophecies unfold, now encroaching on the comfort and sensibilities of the citizens here, the predictable platitudes are uttered so as to gain favor in the eyes of the voters.

Let’s Pretend

Two candidates, Rand Paul and Chris Christie, have jumped at the opportunity to criticize those who would dare point out that the emperor, or in this case the Guy-in-the-Sky, has no clothes. You see, both Paul and Christie strongly endorse hurling prayers heavenward to an imaginary deity to fix everything and are very critical of those who think otherwise. In light of the non-existent Supreme Being’s abysmal track record of zillions of unanswered prayers spanning millennia, the illogic of such things should now, more than ever, be screamingly apparent.

Till You Drop

You may remember that George Bush’s reaction to 9/11 was to tell people to go…shopping. Now, after numerous human beings have been brutally slain, or injured, in San Bernardino, California, these two guys tell people to pray to mythological beings. You can bet that the rest of the carefully controlled, puppet candidates would recommend the same thing – keeping a sharp eye on their polling figures and never underestimating how talking to adults as if they were reading fairy tales to children works every time.

Does it really require more than the mental capacity of a 10-year-child to point out that if said deity didn’t stop, let alone obviously allowed, the atrocities in the first place, trying to get its attention to “do something about it” now just doesn’t make sense? It exemplifies the now often quoted definition of crazy, “Doing the same thing, over and over, and getting the same results.” Perhaps the “other guy’s” imaginary deity is more powerful, or at least attentive, than theirs anyway. After all, radical Islamists also pray for their evil will to be carried out, so what should we conclude?

No Faith in Their Faith?

And if Chris Christie is such a strong believer in this Sky Daddy*, why does he feel it’s necessary to go to war, as he’s now loudly proclaiming the need for a “wartime president”, a need he wants to fill? Wouldn’t some prayers to his favorite, absent minded god be sufficient to rectify matters? Of course it’s almost always in the name of “God and country” that we’ve launched and justified every miserable war.

I’m reminded of what my friend Sam pointed out about the Pope. If he’s this infallible character, the representative for this god, why’s he traveling around in a bullet proof vehicle, surrounded by guards, security, etc.? Isn’t he “divinely protected” and also aware that when the Big Cheese calls him home nothing can prevent it and nothing can hasten that event either?

No Respect, Please

I’ve told religious people I know that I have absolutely no respect for their beliefs…and that I hope they feel the same way about mine. Obviously beliefs are unproven, so what’s to “respect”? Additionally, some people actually change their beliefs and convert to another religion or belief system. What am I supposed to do with all the respect I had finally worked up for the old ones that they’ve now disavowed? Am I now going to have to respect a whole new load of utter nonsense?

They also don’t understand that these beliefs aren’t even theirs, they didn’t originate with them and they’re simply parroting them, as have masses of equally unthinking people for centuries before them. And we won’t even discuss the people who claim  they “have a personal relationship” with a non-existent god, or his supposed kid who, even if he had ever existed, is now long dead and not “relating” to or with anyone, etc.

While I don’t respect beliefs, I do respect people who demonstrate good values, who are loving, peaceful and harmonious, whatever beliefs they may or may not have.

Let’s Prove the Prophecies Wrong

One thing is for certain. People who believe in an imaginary, all powerful being – one that they have to keep badgering and reminding to correct its mistakes and oversights – are unfit to lead a nation into anything but needless war, which seems to guarantee that the next person to become the president will assure the country’s destruction. That obviously grim assessment echoes the following from the so far unerringly accurate Henoch Prophecies:

217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219. With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

There’s nothing mystical about any of this. The disastrous events that threaten are the effects and consequences of human irresponsibility, at the individual and collective level, as has been the case with all those that have already occurred, throughout history. No outside imaginary forces or beings are responsible, nor can appeals to them result in anything but self-delusion and assured pain and suffering.

And turning our power over to false leaders and politicians – who actually create the terrible problems they pretend to then be able to solve – is kinda screwy, no? Consider all of this in light of what Meier and Ptaah discussed regarding the future of the USA after 2020.

While those of us to who value the information and advice in the Meier material are still relatively very small in numbers, technology assures that not only will it be available to future generations but those same generations will probably find it incomprehensible that the dreadful burdens and suffering placed upon them by their predecessors could have been avoided, had we not been so steeped in irrationality, greed and power-hunger.

What to Do and how to Do It?

The answers have long been given in the spiritual teaching and in books like The Might of the Thoughts. And now there’s even more as Billy Meier’s new book, The Way to Live, is now available for pre-order, and will ship as of 12.14.15.

Michael Horn’s new film, WHEN TRUTH PREVAILS, is now available on DVD – although we don’t have a firm date for when truth will prevail. Certainly YouTube is in no rush for that to happen.


*Thanks to Ramirez for this term.



43 Replies to “Unfit to Lead”

  1. Seems to me this world is getting so radicalized from one pendulum extreme to the other between Trump and his outlandish Islamiphobia and the radicalization of ISIS is bound to spark WW4(WW3) to say nothing of Black Lives Matter and the wealthy 1% against the 99% and the 2 Civil Wars Billy and the P`s predicted?-((?

    1. The fullfilment of the prophecies can be looked at as progress. The coming horrors, the collapse of religious and political systems, environmental catastrophy, war and suffering, will be the cause that drives the effect of people looking for something else… reality.
      By then the seeds of Billy’s teachings will have already been well sown for people to discover. Fortunately we have a pretty good team of farmers on the job.

  2. I just heard Lauren Weinatein tell George Noory on c2c that Putin is getting tough with ISIS in Syria with the submarine nukes from underwater and Noory said maby the US should get tough too. This sounds like a lot hot talk after all ISIS ran off with all of the US weapons including weapons from other countries too. Could this be a prelude to WW4?

  3. I’ve also considered because I was raised from military background that I know with confidence that Speznatz is ahead of USA special forces in dealing with ISIL more effectively. I read recently that to date Putin has taken back regions from ISIL controlled Syria and restored it back to Assad’s control . Unless this this is internet hoax. I’ll have to snopes.com

    1. Don, let’s be really honest.

      Weapons have been developed that we are completely unaware of, that can wipe out entire populations at the press of a few keys on a computer.

      Many people are doing their assessments of which nation will prevail without factoring in the most powerful weapons out there. It doesn’t make sense to do that at all.

      In the end, the outcome of any fight will be decided based on things that we don’t know about. The only thing that is certain is that, if a big fight happens, the winners wont really be winners, and the populations of the world will definitely be losers.

    2. Lol. Don, please don’t rely on snopes.com for total truth. They have their own biases and lie by omission on certain topics.

  4. I personal think that we have 10-30 years before this unfortunate things will happen. And the destruction of US , European dictatorship and the rest of the world will become reality in more than 50 years. It is just inevitable, since there are so much differences of interest in this world , that is astonishing.
    Every second word of Carl Bildt is Russia this, Russia that. Every second word of Putin is NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Every move of US is provoking Russia and China deliberately and openly.
    China is not so loud , but this will change when will gain status of first superpower. Islamic people are so much radicalized, it is just a good fortune that they do not posses serious military powers, otherwise they will invade Israel, and Europe in a blink of an eye.
    My prediction is that in the future war will started in the manner that west will be in war with the east. Afterwards, everybody vs everybody. Lastly BUT CERTAINLY , humanity will live in WALKING DEAD environment plus environmental Armageddons . Very smart and spiritual future ended.

  5. As Billy explains in “God-delusion and God-delusion-insanity”, page 75: for those that suffer from God-delusion-belief, that pray to a non-existent deity, and feel their prayers are answered, each supposed “wonder from God” is really from the natural process of a determined, existing & emerging cause, that is given a logical effect.

    People confuse their supplication prayer, (if it manifests itself) as a “wonder of God”, instead of the logical law of cause and effect. This must date our current age of belief, instead of our emerging age of knowledge. Although small numbers of us, are emerging into the age of knowledge, right now!

    Billy cites an example that if someone is suffering from an illness, will not get better as a result of god-belief-prayer, but as a result of the cause of the kind, and strength of the illness, the medical treatment, the medications, and the emerging will of life resp. the immune-system-based-opposition-power to the illness.

    Something to think about, as MH writes about our stupid, idiotic, candidates for President, here in the US, candidates that are unfit to lead, who offer prayers to a non-existent deity that cannot offer any help, because deities do not exist.

  6. By examining all the issues, the conclusion I draw is that the sordid and macabre plan, engendered malignantly is and always has been, to numb the understanding of humanity, leaving her blind, deaf and skeptical for a “real truth, . authentic and genuine what was said:. “The blind as those who will not see” I think if there was a “delete” in the mind of the human mass, resetting all these deceptions and lies of religions, and reprogram your conscious and subconscious collectively to be receptive to “real Truth” that the “Great Prophet of our time, once again came with all care and effort, tirelessly, alert us to the great danger that directly affects our evolution, so that all human beings, no longer fools and worshipers of pigs and goats. The thirst that the human being has the money and power, it is the mud he plays within his pool, he dive, this s**t that he built religious call.

  7. Ah !!! Please before you come tell me to be pious and complacent with these bastards, first of all, I must say we should be ruthless with them, without a minimum of compassion, we should be so, as they were never patronizing us, the throughout the existence of the human on the earth. If I had any power to do this, I would put them in piggery feeding the pigs and goats that they have created and made us idolize and be faithful and pious to this erroneous and stupid teachings forced us to be their slaves. Forgive me, but I had gone through this frog in my throat. and made me swallow it dry, then I discovered the truth Genuine through the teachings of Billy Meier

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