A Quantitative Assessment of Evidence in Three Cases

An objective look at what constitutes credible, scientific evidence

Below is a simple graph that gives a quantitative assessment of three famous cases, indicated for the time being by the letters R, P and M.

Quantitative Evidence

Click image to enlarge.

The purpose is to show how many categories of evidence each of these cases have for considering in determining their authenticity.

The first column establishes if there has been independent scientific evaluation and authentication of the evidence.

In the next blog we will elaborate on this, the scientific method and also explore how much belief may be involved in any or all of these cases. In the meantime, you can speculate on which cases these are.


Billy Meier’s new book, The Way to Live, is now available and will shipping!

Michael Horn’s new film, WHEN TRUTH PREVAILS, documenting his groundbreaking presentation on the Billy Meier UFO case at Northern Arizona University (NAU), is now available on DVD – although we don’t have a firm date for when truth will prevail. Certainly YouTube is in no rush for that to happen.



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  1. I will buy the book but will have to wait for the new year, this xmas always ends up costing me a lot of $$$$$. Another benefit I guess once the truth comes out full bore. Just thought of something I’ll put it on my wish list. If I was to order it this week, do you think it would arrive before Xmas?

  2. IMHO I truly believe that people will not be able to accept the TRUTH until they get past the fear of it!!!!! We have been brainwashed since we were kids to a certain belief system and it is so ingrained in us that, one minute you’re told that you have this messiah that is going to come down and save us and then you’re asked to face the fact that there is no one coming to save us and you’re on your own and you have to clean up this mess yourself. Losing that security blanket is a HUGE step. My sister-in-law said to me and I quote ” I would die before I stop believing in God and Jezzzzzuz”. That’s scary, because that is the same thinking we are dealing with in ISIS. I think it takes a lot of courage to go against mainstream thinking. So I want to say thank you to Mike and Billy and all involved with the translations and of course the Plejaren for doing this. Speaking for myself I would probably still be a confused person had I not got back into Billy ‘s information a few years ago.

    1. So true Joe… That was my biggest fear… Because if I didn’t believe in Jesus, I would go to hell. I seriously believed that. But my whole life, I knew it was wrong that the God I believed in would send everyone to hell that didn’t believe in Jesus. What craziness! Lucky for me, I was ready for the truth. I’ve been ready my whole life. Since I could remember I’ve always been fascinated with UFO’s and life outside of our planet. I’ve always had a tremendous amount of love of life and for my fellow human beings. With a few exceptions of violence, I’ve always wanted love and peace. But for all the praying I did, they were never answered. The only time my prayer was answered was when I got off my ass and did it myself. No one did it for me. but I strongly believe that some are evolved enough to want the truth,but some are not evolved enough for the truth. This includes our family memebers.. our wives or husbands. How can I be married to someone that still believe in a religion? This is my current dilemma… But this is going to take a long time for this to be fully accepted in our world… But we have to start somewhere. I just hope when I am reincarnated I am born to free thinking parents or to parents that have found and accepted Billy Meiers spiritual teachings. I am scared of having to go through this all over again and find the Billy Meier teachings after many many years of believing in a sky daddy… Some are ready now, some are not. We just have to take care of ourselves and when approached by outsiders with inquries on why we are the way we are, we can’t shy away from the truth out of fear of being laughed at… If after we tell them the truth that we are the way we are because of the spiritual teachings, and they’re interested in finding out more- we can then expose them to more of the truth. But it can’t be forced… Thats the most frustrating part… I want to tell everyone I meet to stop believing and start accepting reality and the truth. If you can’t prove it, its not real. Last time I checked, no religion has been proven. It’s all based on faith. Faith… What a joke… I am so thankful I’ve found the truth! It is such a relief to know I’m not going to hell! Haha!

      1. I too had the have similar experiences Adrian as my wife was brought up very religious and I also had a time when I attended church. Its a all a bit lonely until you start to connect with other who follow the case and the teachings. If you have no one in your area. You can check out creationaltruth,org They have monthly online meetings via Skype and the spiritual teaching are discussed and so on.

        1. Thanks bud! I appreciate that… Is it bad that I don’t feel lonely? I feel like I’ve accepted the fact that some are just not ready for the truth yet…my family included. I’m at a point where I need to lead by example. I hope my influence in my house is enough to merit a question as to what my changes are all about. And then I can explain a bit with the hopes a light bulb goes off and interest grows. Then I can explain more… Slow process right? I mean how can my wife know about a case that unless you stumble across it, like most of us have while looking at photo shopped ufo pics, there would be no place to find it. I just have to put into action what I’m learning. I’m ready… And very excited… I haven’t begun meditating yet, and I think that’s going to really start producing results. Time will only tell… Although I really want to run to my wife, turn on the colonel Stevens old school movie of when he and Lee and Brit elders went to Switzerland to investigate the case. Give her all of the contact notes, prop her eyes open and make her accept this, but I can’t. This can’t be forced… It all starts with the individual…. I am teaching my 7yr old son how to be a confident man by teaching him self responsibility and showing him the might of his thoughts. I refuse to pass down a belief system that’s been passed down to my wife and I. At the very least, he will make up his own mind when the time comes. Hoping I can lead him to the right direction without force. It’s all very exciting times! I think if we all start with ourselves, word spreads. Slowly but surely, we ARE making a difference!

  3. I can’t quite break the encryption to work out who the “M” refers to. I might have to subcontract the work out to SETI instead..

  4. Finally some progress; now MH is having his bloggers solves puzzles….

    Now people may start to learn how to think…

    So M is for Meier
    And R is for Roswell
    But P?

    I would think P would be for Phoenix Lights case. BUT there are NO significant info or contact notes. So our other choices, for famous UFO cases (http://www.mufon.com/famous-ufo-cases.html) starting with P, are Pascagoula or Piedmont, both of which don’t have photos or contact info. Maybe P is for goodbye? Ya know like a Paul is dead clue?

    What is funny is that a person can google “famous UFO cases” and ALWAYS get Billy Meier on the list, despite how desperate MH is trying to get Meier accepted in the UFOIC.

      1. My bad, “ALWAYS” was a poor choice of words. I use Yahoo search and Meier came up on the first two lists.

        The problem is NOT that Ufology is ignoring the Meier case, therefore people are missing out. Ufology is NOT the gatekeeper to the truth; people are their own gatekeepers! Any sincere person interested in Ufology can find Meier, and it is important that individuals draw their own conclusions rather than basing their conclusions on so-called experts.

        1. “The problem is NOT that Ufology is ignoring the Meier case…”

          Mmmnahh. I must disagree once more. Considering both the quality and quantity of evidence in the Meier case, anyone who claims to be a UFOlogist AND omits the Meier case is either

          A) a hack
          B) dishonest

          If you compare the Meier case to any other case of your choosing on any one of those lists, be it by fame, number of witnesses, photos etc, the difference in both quantity and quality is palpable. Any serious UFOlogist worth their salt will KNOW this: UFOlogy is distinctly ignoring the Meier case. I have a feeling this is at least one of the points MH is getting to.

      2. There are many incredible UFO cases, some way better than the usual fare, that almost never make it on the famous list.

        1. The Thompson, Clower and Davey UFO photographs of the 1990s. I learned of this case back in the 90s from Wendell Stevens. The photos are so good that they made it for his calendar series. If ever there where stills that looked as good as the Meier photographs, it was these shots taken by three men throughout the Southwest USA. There are clear shots of bells, saucers, rectangles, all taken as close as Meier with the same eerie artistic value because of the good backdrops. Try to do a search for these guys or photos today, and there is VERY LITTLE online. Here is a UFO TV source http://www.ufotv.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=U809&Category_Code=ufo-photos

        2. Much more common and certainly all over the internet, the Urzi videos are some of the best movies taken of UFOs. Certainly it is very likely, as we learn from Meier, that these craft are terrestrial rather than alien, but you never know. I tend to go that Urzi is terrestrial since he is religious, Catholic I think. Nevertheless, MH and the rest of the people in charge of Figu should NOT be saying, “Focus ONLY on Meier; there is nothing to see in other UFO cases.” I say use the Meier case for a template to then go out and test other UFO cases, let alone your everyday life.

        3. John Titor is certainly available; but there is very little that has come out since 2009. There are pictures, as inexplicably good as Meier in my opinion. And I would argue that there is film of a departure video or rather “movie” that was posted on an official site https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfSqg3KsIgM. This trailer was never made into or movie or has Haber disclosed the purpose and origin. There is information, with scientific details and prophecies, as well as clues for scientists; we learn of a similar civil wars and WW prophecies to Meier; and we told of the relationship between CERN, black holes, time travel, parallel Earths, that makes sense and some agrees with the Meier material. There is independent authentication by the Titor family attorney, Larry Haber. Not to mention a handful of folks who supposedly interacted with Titor, like Pamela.

        4. Honorable mention UFO cases that warrant interest and investigation (ET or terrestrial): Stella Lansing strange photographs and film footage, Dorothy Izatt strange film footage, Paul Villa flying saucer pictures, the Friendship UFO case in Italy, Jonathan Reed UFO incident and photographs….

        Certainly the spiritual teaching is paramount to any other puny Earth concern, whether it happens on the ground or in the sky. But UFOs and UFO cases should not be taboo at Figu; rather other UFO cases should be investigated using the Meier case as a template, and be able to comment on them if a Figu interested party asks.

        1. Once again, nothing on this list compares to the Meier case in quality, quantity, credible analysis and most importantly core message, if they even have one. There is a big difference between authenticating UFO cases and studying the message they deliver. Unless the UFO cases you have mentioned can be validated to somewhere approaching the level the Meier case has AND they also involve a message we can actually use, I doubt you’ll convince anyone from FIGU to take interest.

          1. So you steal my three guesses gag down below and think that you are the one doing the thinking? Yes, I agree Billy Meier is the grandest UFO case. This is obvious; I am going further. The reason very few want to listen or become Meier supporters is because you act like a cult. Just because the message did not originate from Billy Meier, yet is in line with the truth nevertheless, you Figu folks throw it to the side? We can learn much from the above mentioned UFO cases. And using Meier as a template (do you have any idea what I am saying here?) we can start to look at outside things with Creational laws and directives; where do things jive? Where do they not? This exercise is an application of the spiritual teaching and helps build a foundation of acting within the laws and directives that is helpful in finding application in your everyday lives. If Figu is not interested in this then they are not paying attention, much like you are doing.

          2. “you Figu folks”

            That’s an assumption. I am not a member of FIGU.

            “Yes, I agree Billy Meier is the grandest UFO case.”

            I would never use that word to describe the Meier case. ‘Ole opry’s are grand. Here are some better terms for the Meier case:


            “We can learn much from the above mentioned UFO cases.”

            Anything significant other than MAYBE they support the extraterrestrial reality?

            “And using Meier as a template (do you have any idea what I am saying here?) we can start to look at outside things with Creational laws and directives; where do things jive? Where do they not? This exercise is an application of the spiritual teaching and helps build a foundation of acting within the laws and directives that is helpful in finding application in your everyday lives.”

            I guess I don’t. What “outside things” are you referring to? What is the value of these other UFO cases? They are either anecdotal in nature or the source of their message, if they have one is questionable. I don’t understand what you mean by applying the spiritual teaching to the study of these other cases. How would this be helpful?

          3. Mr. Alagna, is it?
            Aren’t you the one trying hard!
            cult (kŭlt)
            A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

            The followers of such a religion or sect.

            A system or community of religious worship and ritual.

            “The reason very few want to listen or become Meier supporters”… would be their level of education, honesty, morality, etc… case in point: what is the definition of definition?… or the lack thereof, and then some.

            “the truth nevertheless… is thrown to the side,,,”
            so as to control, suppress and exploit.
            What is it that you are promoting, exactly? ;->
            I am lacking the lightsaber…. for now!

          4. “What is it that you are promoting, exactly? ;->”

            Why is this so hard to figure out? I am not going to give you the answer so you can flunk out of class. If folks can’t tell from my words that I am a Meier supporter, a friend to all of you, then you need to work on your listening skills.

            I agree, “The reason very few want to listen or become Meier supporters”… would be their level of education, honesty, morality, etc… But that does NOT mean that the struggling students who are listening can’t make mistakes and treat Meier as the ONLY voice in their lives.

          5. Why is Harry Potter not using his full name like the rest of us?

            Listen, Harry. I get that you follow the Meier case. But I still don’t see the value in your argument. If there is a new case with evidence and a message approaching that of Meier’s, I am personally interested to learn all there is to know about it. However, everything on those previously posted lists are lacking in such value for one reason or another. At best, they support the alien reality. Which is of zero value to me at this point unless it is more profound than Meier’s. Do you wish to select one specific example for comparison? Let’s bring this discussion to the next level.

          6. Please Taro do not disrespect me by calling me Harry. My first name is Anthony and my last name is Alagna. I have an agreement with MH, leave it at that.

            Instead of trying to tear me down to make yourself a ‘winner’ here, why not try and see my point of view? I am NOT saying that other UFO cases stack up to the Meier case; what I am saying is that we can learn much from the Meier case, take for example most UFOs are terrestrial, and take that and apply that same standard to other UFO cases. So for example when we look at a Urzi UFO video, and it looks amazing, we are NOT going to come to the conclusion like most people that these craft are alien. We are going to be disciplined because we have studied the truth; so when we look at outside examples, we are going to look for any consistencies or inconsistencies. To the best of my ability I try to determine for myself if there is any truth to other UFO cases. The one case that I found a lot of consistencies is the John Titor case. I would love to discuss this, but it would be off topic to this current blog. MH would have to start covering time travel or space-time configurations of a universe before it would be on topic.

            Perhaps you are not interested in any other UFO case but Billy Meier? That is okay, just don’t disrespect me because I do.

          7. My apologies for any disrespect. However, the general rule here that I am aware of is that you use your full name. I was not aware of any “arrangement” with MH. If you are going to receive special treatment please do not be surprised if you receive a little ribbing from the rest of us.

            I am not trying to “tear” you down. I did ask you to clarify your statements. What I DID understand, I disagree with. That is not trying to tear you down.

            I’m not sure if this is what you’re saying but ALL UFO cases need to be studied using the same high standards the Meier case underwent. I’m not sure the Meier case is necessary for this but yes, it could potentially help. High standards are high standards with or without the Meier case. The Urzi case may be real. I am not intimate with the details. But what is there to learn from it? There’s no message. It does not reveal either the alien reality or advanced secret government technology. It’s an interesting UFO case but little else and not enough evidence to authenticate it. And before you start getting too far into Titor’s time travel claims you need to first authenticate the case, otherwise you may be wasting time and energy on a hoax. And if Titor has not presented the same type of evidence that Meier has there is little value comparing the two. That’s not to say it cannot be authenticated but it may take a very different approach to do so. And once again, high standards would need to be applied, regardless of a comparison to the Meier case. If it cannot be authenticated, it’s once again just an interesting story. There are numerous interesting stories. Without any compelling evidence it won’t capture my interest. I would imagine it’s the same for many others. However, a brief look at the Titor case reveals that

            A) his many-worlds statement makes it impossible to validate his predictions.
            B) there are inconsistencies in his statements, putting the entire case into question.

        2. Anthony,

          In 2012, I sent Billy & CF a clip of what looked to me to be of something real, flying, brightly-lit, but, unidentified. Rather than being closed to discussing the subject, Billy looked at the footage and gave me a very reasonable explanation that it was of a large insect or bird in bright sunlight. After going back to the videographer and sharing Billy’s response with him, he stated that no such creatures exist on the Island. Since then, he has repackaged his videos, has a production company and I cannot find my comments under his videos. I did a bit of research and found that rare sightings of a giant variety of butterfly with white/yellow wings have been made on the island previously.

          So, Billy & FIGU are interested in discussing all things UFO, but, they are not interested in perpetuating belief-based standards for profit when doing so. The UFO community tries to dumb us all down with the kind of closed & dead-end stories you think FIGU should be interested in, when these are actually rotting people’s minds of sense. The fact that you think this evidence is on par with Meier’s is evidence of that.

          Where do you think the ‘Ancient Astronaut’ theory came from? Erich von Däniken? Last year, a KG member told me that Erich von Däniken, visited the SSSC many times in the 70’s and 80’s and basically ripped off Billy’s theories for his book ‘Chariots of the Gods’ which was a bestseller. FIGU definitely has the right to say it promotes the study of UFOs, even if others steal or ignore that information for profit.

          FIGU wants to enlighten us on the subject of UFOs – not keep us in the dark. To FIGU, all religions are based on what happens when belief-based, low-tech, cultures meet with highly advanced ETs. That’s an ambition I strongly agree with. If you want to be in awe of UFOs then you want the religious zeal of the good old days when the Phoenix lights woudl have been the “Angry spear of God” featured in a bible verse, instead of being Boeing’s V-Wing carrier that it probably was. There really is no way to make the response, “No, that’s absolute nonsense”, appealing to those heavily invested emotionally in a particular UFO case & the profit-makers who encourage that.

          1. “….to be in awe of UFOs then you want the religious zeal of the good old days when the Phoenix lights woudl have been the “Angry spear of God” featured in a bible verse, instead of being Boeing’s V-Wing carrier that it probably was.”

            Hi Matt,

            I think you are missing most of what I am saying. Like you I see the value in the Meier case. It stands alone when compared to other UFO cases. I get this, really.

            But there still is some value in studying other cases. First and foremost, it is a great way to find the truth in things for yourself rather than rely on Billy, MH or any other expert. Once a person is disciplining themselves by looking for Creational laws and applying directives, one does NOT fall for nonsense easily. The UFO cases that I outlined above, HAVE ZERO SPIRITUAL VALUE, but are good examples of incredible cases that are LESS FAMOUS then Billy. This is what started the discussion.

            Perhaps Switzerland and Frehner are more open to the subject of UFOs? But certainly this MH BLOG is VERY anti-UFOs, as he hammers away at “lights in the sky” simple mindedness. Yes if all you are focused on are lights in the sky, you are not using your energy to think about the teaching of life, the teaching of spirit and the teaching of truth. And then there are those who can walk AND chew gum at the same time….

          2. Anthony

            This blog is not anti-UFOs. If you present a credible a UFO case that has something of value to offer, people will look into it & comment, but, many here, including myself, see no value in the cases you think are so important to discuss. They’re all stupid crap IMO. The best that can be gleaned from even the best photo evidence (including Billy’s if that was all existed) is that exotic forms of aerial technology do exist. That’s it. Other evidence has to exist for it to be interesting according to the precedent set in the Meier case.

            Your belief that Meier is the most famous case is wrong. Search “Most famous UFO cases” and see how many times Billy is mentioned. Over a year ago, I posted Michael’s blogs & other info about Meier in nearly every MUFON FB group available. The responses I received were just abysmal & ignorant of any facts. Yet, when it came to the kind of rubbish you think is so important for us to discuss here, it was all “Wow” and conjecture. There was only one positive comment in all my posts & I was threatened to be kicked out of a group for arguing facts.

            You must be living in one of those other dimensions that Titor talked about Anthony to think we need to focus on crap & that Meier’s authenticity is already a well-established fact. Having read your many responses here, it appears you have been snagged on the truth and resent that & others representing it, like someone told you Santa was not real… when you really, really, love Santa. That is a step in the spiritual awakening of a human being, but, only when recognised as such. You are not best placed to complain here that noone wants to talk about Santa Claus. We all moved on. Maybe it’s time you did too?

          3. “You are not best placed to complain here that noone wants to talk about Santa Claus. We all moved on. Maybe it’s time you did too?”


            Do you want me to go away? I’m not going to. Remember I have hijacked your blog. You must be a legend in your own mind. If you read my posts, did you not see all the reference to spiritual teaching concepts AND application? Let me refresh you: neutrality, balance, law of contrariness, the importance of contrariness in neutral-positive thinking, and more. I think I get the spiritual teaching better than YOU; and I can still see value in cases like John Titor. This should be a contradiction, and it is like everything else. In my opinion, Titor’s different “world-lines” are likely the same thing as Meier’s different “space-time configurations” of a universe. What folks have to consider with JT case is that each time jump is to a parallel earth, or parallel space-time. Therefore a Titor does not change the past. Meier has recently confirmed parallel time travelers as one of the 4 groups observing Earth. And Meier has said that you can not change the past; and he outlines two forms of time travel during an early contact, one is an invisible one where you do not interact with your destination and the other is interaction but you are doing this in a different dimension or space-time. Go look it up if you think that I am bleeping with you. The Meier case talks about Earth humans discovering time travel by harnessing the power of black holes. What do you think CERN is doing smarty pants? Then we have the Titor prophecies of 2 civil wars and a WW. Why is that not interesting to you? Still trying to live in a Billy Meier vacuum, are you?

            Here is a wake up call, Matt. The whole point of the spiritual teaching is to learn the basic concepts by first reading about them in the Meier material, AND then doing an enormous amount of thinking about what you have read. And then look for the ideas that you learn thru Figu in your everyday life. This is what applying looks like. Can you see the law of reincarnation in a fallen tree that has sprouted anew, for example? Or do I want to end up on top rather than try to see my neighbor’s side? So maybe I should try to be more balanced in the way that I treat my neighbor so that I do my best to see his/her side, but in the end I side with the truth, even if it make me look bad?

            Once you are walking, applying the truth with success, then you are to take what you have learned from ‘home’ and apply your current understanding of the spiritual teaching to the rest of the outside world. Being spiritual is recognizing the truth everywhere and anywhere. And where there is religion, a person is to avoid it and do their best to promote the spiritual teaching instead.

            The whole point of the spiritual teaching is to not just read about it from Figu and stay in that circle. NOOOOO…. as Darth Vader would say, rather we are to take what we have learned from Figu and discover the world inside us as well as around us! And this can be finding the spiritual teaching in Star Wars, for example. Good luck with your Billy Meier studies…. from the look of it is just seems you are getting your sea legs by pointing out the obvious.

          4. Antony,

            Spirituality has nothing whatsoever to do with tying alot of tenuous links from the Titor fake story together with what is floating around in your imagination.

            I’m not saying to going away – just move on. If you have real evidence for Titor – present it, or, else its speculation and banking on speculation is not logical (no lecture about spirituality necessary). According to you, Billy’s information could give validity to the idea that Santa Claus is a dimension-shifting being from planet Christmas, but, I wouldn’t buy that either – regardless of whether Billy’s information was cited.

            My disagreeing with you is no cause to have a Spiritual Knowledge dance-off. Just enjoy the dance, or, wait for someone to dance with you & your ideas about stupid crapm but, if you get bored being a wallflower – there are other forums. Just saying.

      1. Remember, Terry, the initials represent “three famous cases”. The Plejaren are not a “case” but would be included in the Meier case. I noticed myself that MH didn’t write “UFO cases”, so it could even include Bigfoot or Lochness if the initials were to match(^c ^ )

  5. Joe,
    You hit the preverbal nail on the head; most of us very likely experienced something similar. 80% of my family believes faithfully in the same non-existent god, including my wife; but at least she is thinking about this issue; she is also frightened that God may not exist.
    On a side note, my wife insisted that I set up the nativity scene for Christmas, which I did, but also positioned a rendering of Semjase’s spaceship above the manger. Talk about consternation and bewilderment in the family. It continues to open up some very interesting dialog.

    1. That’s genius Ken! Little small hints to make anyone that sees this question and wonder. Which brings me to another question,is it silly to still celebrate Christmas? Technically it’s celebrating Jmannuels birthday, although its obviously the wrong date… I really love the Christmas time of year… I love giving, especially to my family… Seeing my boys face Christmas morning is precious! I don’t want to give it up.. but if we’re celebrating Jmannuels birthday, shouldn’t we celebrate Billys birthday the same way? I think what he’s doing is more important than what Jmannuel did… Well, I shouldn’t say that… Jmannuel did a lot too. But now the spiritual teachings will forever be known and will lead to tremendous changes to our world… All because of what Billy has given up and given us…

      1. I love looking at the bright colorful Christmas tree lights with the colorful Christmas bulbs hanging on Christmas trees but that is as far as it goes,but nowadays people are using theses bright Christmas tree lights and colorful bulbs year round for other occasions too. Even the white Christmas tree lights can brighten up the landscape too.

      2. Celebrating Christmas is not about celebrating Jmmanuel’s birthday, but it is about celebrating winter solstice as I understand it…

        1. Sorry Miroslav, my understanding of Christmas growing up was the celebration of Jesus’s birthday, not winter solstice. I should have mentioned that… But if I remember correctly, I read Billy briefly saying to Quetzal about Christmas being the celebration of Jmannuels birthday… I’m sure there are many theories of what the celebration of Christmas may be, but from a religious standpoint, I was trying to say what Christmas meant to me before learning of BEAM…

        2. I think that’s a very fair point. The pagan celebration was adopted by Christianity and the fact that this goes unnoticed by so many is note-worthy. What does a pine tree have to do with Jebus? Why is the core concept for the celebration of the figure whose key message was to reject materialism, materialism?

    2. That’s funny Ken, we setup our xmas tree in our house but I told my family that we are not putting a star or angel on the top of the tree but a beamship, but I can’t find a beamship. I’ll keep looking.

  6. Pardon me for posting off the subject, but I found this video very interesting. It’s not strictly related to the case, but in the context of world leaders who are aware of Billy Meier, it makes me wonder: is Obama familiar with BEAM? https://youtu.be/Mgb2c0mawDc

    1. Well, the M and R are obvious. I thought Phoenix Lights at first, myself. But it has no “Photographic Still” evidence as the graph above for “P” does. And the Phoenix Lights video evidence is questionable since it is inconsistent with at least some of the eye-witness testimony. That video is most likely a coinciding event(regular military), very likely by design(secret military). I’m still stumped with the “P”. Why do I feel a bit like a lab rat being observed scuffling through a maze?

  7. Don’t backtrack now Mr. Horn, you’re hip deep in it. You push people into a deep abyss of delusion and confusion, you push them towards a Saviour figure and then ridicule those who point this obvious fact out. You are a man in trouble, seriously. Any resistance to your so called “mission” is received as additional ammunition to push further on in an effort to delude people. You have no idea whatsoever, few do. Whatever body that is at the source of this nonsense is in deep trouble if it is not handled properly. You must not know yet.

    1. Niles gets his one idiotic, unsubstantiated, delusional, know-it-all post…albeit using strangely familiar language reminiscent of other kooks who are no longer participating here.

    2. Niles, if you feel you are in “a deep abyss of delusion and confusion” it does not mean someone has pushed you there. If you fail to study for an exam in a challenging course, you WILL be confused. This is not necessarily the teacher’s fault although placing the blame there is the easiest way out.

      There is a big difference between a messenger with a critical message and a saviour. I don’t think you understand this difference.

    3. backtrack
      verb (used without object)
      1. to return over the same course or route.
      2. to withdraw from an undertaking, position, etc.; reverse a policy.

      “a Saviour figure” that has the idea of pushing that he himself is not a Saviour of any but himself, hence you be the Saviour of you. Hmmm… very troubling for one who can’t understand them there concepts of them there sounds that are forth coming from another’s mouth, via their thoughts, and are received by your “perceptions” and “thought” about by your self. Are you thinking about the sounds and the concepts they convey? Are you thinking? I feel thoroughly undeluded, pick up your game MH! I am sorry but I’ve got not much on the following sentence, as I went completely insane at the end of it:
      Whatever body that is at the source of this nonsense is in deep trouble if it is not handled properly. (Hint: Billy Eduard Albert Meier, could be the source, but then again, so could Nokodemion).

  8. Sorry to take you out of content MH but I just found an article from Trutyour 12/11/15 that you may want to check out; Ted Cruz Implies He Would Nuke ISIS Targets By Robert Parry,Consortum News/News Analysis. This sounds like the same stupid hot talk also coming from Vlad Putin too. “What else is new?:-(((

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