The Truth They Dare Not Speak

False flags, overpopulation, religious delusion, rampant racism, terrorism, police shootings…now you know why

In these two profound, recent Contacts, Billy Meier discusses some of the most pressing issues of the day, including how the NSA (National Suicide Agency) contributed to the coming demolishing of the country formerly known as the United States of America, by acting in complete disregard of the law of cause and effect. While presuming that this immutable law could be cheated if the world didn’t know what sinister machinations were involved, this version of pull-the-blanket-over-your-head-and-the-monsters-will-disappear won’t play out that way. To the contrary, all of the monsters thereby created are now on a relentless march, a kind of macabre…homecoming.

Cause and effect being an equal opportunity offender, all that was accomplished – in addition to the obscene numbers of deaths that occurred because of it – was further icing the cake for the fulfillment of the Henoch Prophecies (HP), now proceeding before the very eyes of a mostly unaware world. Meier’s words are brutally clear and his repetitious style of instruction hammers it home.

The Why

For millennia, those who’ve hungered for power and control over others have suppressed the truth they dare not speak, lest real peace, love, freedom and harmony prevail. What we are reaping now are the consequences of corrupted consciousness in the form of the false flags, overpopulation, religious delusion, rampant racism, terrorism, police shootings, etc., echoing the predictions of Jeremia. In comparison, Meier has seemingly been somewhat of an optimist (as Quetzal indicates in the HP). But now, already having drawn our attention specifically to 2020 and the “civil wars and anarchy in America” foretold in the HP, he is confronting us with more of the why of what is coming upon us, which will forever change this country and the world.

Certainly there’s little likelihood that the humankind will now suddenly wake up to reality and abandon the utterly and hopelessly delusional, destructive religious and political paths that have been paved and followed to bring us to this precipice. For those of us who have long known this, it’s truly no time to gloat.

The How

The order of the day instead should be on cooperation, compassion, assistance and understanding. While the ignorance, fear and greed of the misled masses has brought us this inevitable rebalancing, like it or not, we are now all in this together.

There’s no better source of real sustenance than the spiritual teaching and no better time than the present to learn and properly apply the might of our thoughts in every moment, embracing all that life presents us with good cheer, courage and a healthy optimism.


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71 Replies to “The Truth They Dare Not Speak”

    1. Hi Armando,

      I’m out of the office now until just after Christmas and I can look at that after I return. The problem has been that the books are expensive to get and I don’t have the flexibility with prices that I do with DVDs. Please feel free to contact me after Christmas and let me know what books you are interested in.

  1. Overpopulation is forcing even more of the contact notes into shared reality. The need for clean breathable has caused the first moves in the direction life extension research. This started on EBAY as a joke and is already a real product for those in China. already selling cans for 30 dollars at 500 cans a day the effect will be a deeper understanding into what the human requires as a ture life extension product. One must at times wonder just have much we as a group are ourselfs leading these changes with the might of our collective thoughts.
    Billy Wilson

  2. Just to inform you that so called US political establishment is working in our Balkan region 24-7 in overthrowing governments that even did not made embargo on Russia. Is preparing military forces on and off Bonstill base in Kosovo. Is distroyng (Serbian part of Bosnia), is making colour revolution in Macedonia. Is blackmailing Greece. Is announcing establishment of GREATER ALBANIA (ISLAMIC), is helping Turkey, or standing in the shadow of Turkey in provoking Russia, is building up military forces in Romania.
    UNBELIEVABLE, UNBELIEVABLE, UNBELIEVABLE. Old people here say, it is the same copy paste scenario as Hitlers actions happening in the Balkans, BEFORE going into Russia.
    In small cafe bars here in the Balkans, ALL THE PEOPLE ARE SPEAKING in Henoch terms, without knowing who or what Henoch prophecies were.

    1. Boromir, We do not gets the effects of the policies of America from our media the reporters here are in great fear of the that massive paycheck they get. People like you are the only way we can know if you and others like you stand-up and shine your lights on the truth you are enduring at the fringe of the empires flexing power where it should not be.
      Billy Wilson

  3. Matthew Deagle talks incessantly over Michael in his “Real Astrology” “interviews”, as if he knows everything, and seems to me to be piggy backing off of Michael’s reputation, who sticks to the facts. When Matthew doesn’t stick to facts, as when he mentions crop circles are made by “astrological” influences and is challenged by Micahel about that, he refuses to acknowledge his error… but, tried to reframe the info from the Pleajren; a worrying trait that I’ve seen in evidence before here on this blog.

    He never provided a reference when I asked him to back up his statement that the Plejaren said that 9/11 was an inside job, nor, did he retract that claim when challenged, but, accused me of being CIA, even though I live in the UK & that is pure lies.

    Personally, I think he should learn to pace himself, shut up, admit error and listen once in a while and learn how to conduct an interview instead of talking over the person we’ve really tuned in to listen to. He could probably prompt some interesting discussion if he could just stop his self-promoting sophistry for a second.

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