The Sins of their Fathers

Glorifying America’s intelligence systems as brilliant to the point of invulnerable superiority has led to a dangerously inflated over self-confidence

With the tragic events in San Bernardino, and the fortunately
false alarm today in L.A., it should now be obvious how vulnerable our society actually is. The reality is stark enough and we don’t need to theorize on all the negatively creative ways evildoers can throw a society into chaos and worse these days.

But for some time it’s troubled me that so many TV shows and movies have done just that and certainly provided terrorists with new ideas for wreaking havoc, if they hadn’t thought of them already. Glorifying America’s intelligence systems as brilliant to the point of invulnerable superiority has led to a dangerously inflated over self-confidence, a possible pride-before-the-fall situation. All of this overindulgence and bravado of course is tied into the competition for…ratings, a continuation of the great American tradition of rushing to capitalize on everything, tragedy included, with no regard for the consequences, as is the case with our various narcissistic excesses, senseless selfies, fame seeking, etc.

This does not bode well.

What is now upon us, and what will unfold, has its roots and origins in the past (and current) policies of this and other country’s government and military, as also pointed out by Billy Meier numerous times, including in his most recent contacts and video.

The Henoch Prophecies portend that the sins that will continue to be visited upon the populations of this and other countries, most of whom may be quite unaware of the immutable law of cause and effect, look to be of tragically huge proportions. Unfortunately, the public will instead, as usual, look to the terminally failed political and religious processes to try to stem the unstoppable tide.

As we already see in the US, parrot-icians will each rush to proclaim their “plan” to end the threats and reassert American leadership, superiority, blah, blah, blah. But these are only the current crop of the lying, ambitious, power-hungry and unwise, propelled forward by massive financial backing, manipulative handlers, dog groomers and image consultants, such as will ultimately be the legacy of the failed American political system.

Having passed the usefulness of the I-told-you-so moment, let’s reiterate yesterday’s call for greater cooperation and compassion, for focusing on supporting the foundational elements of the society in our personal and family relationships, in our communities, etc. Let’s recognize the universal commonality in each person, and help to avoid or soften any blows, contributing what we can to the overall good with calm, reasonable and sensible thoughts, feelings and actions.

Let’s initiate a new model of foresight and responsibility, whereby we help to visit love, peace, freedom and harmony upon future generations.





21 Replies to “The Sins of their Fathers”

  1. After decades of trying to anyone to explain to me who in the heck made the USA the world police finally after of decades, of trying to get any answer one shows up. Now how does it come to a end, maybe only the planet will cause a correction for ingrained the greed that is forcing it along.
    Billy Wilson

  2. The internet and the wireless techno toys are truly muddying the waters, but when one is able to balance the positive and the negative out wthin ones on logic the mist clears slowly away to the truth of past events. The producer of the following has their own reasons for it’s creation, but as for the sins of the past and how the unelected have corrupted the nature order of the humans will can be better understood when add to the proceeding post . The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government. And after watching The center for strategic and international studies on Oct 15th 2015 attack South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye for having a low birth rate and demanding that they take steps to correct show that they are still at it and they just do not get it.
    Peace to all of earth
    Billy Wilson

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