A skeptical professor opens the door to Billy Meier UFO case at Northern Arizona University and other news from 2015

Almost 15 years after I first challenged the international professional skeptics regarding the Billy Meier UFO case, a skeptical professor, Prof. Scott Antes, opened the door to the historic first presentation at an American university, NAU. This was not only the culmination of many years of efforts to get the information into a university setting but it was also the beginning of what will still be a long journey until when truth prevails…finally.

Actually, 2015 was a year with many new developments, including the release of The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life, with Billy Meier, and the availability of the books The Goblet of the Truth and The Way to Live.

It was also the year in which Stanton Friedman and I debated the Meier case for a total of four hours, a squandered opportunity by him to both rectify his decades of attacks on the case, fueled by his being excluded from the original investigation, and make a meaningful contribution to bringing the real truth to people.

Tragic international events unfortunately corroborated more of Meier’s prophetic information, dating back decades and we posted additional videos of Meier elaborating on world conditions.

My most recent appearance on C2C resulted in George Noory’s unprecedented posting of documentation on Meier’s prophetic information. I also gave many people in the UFOCI a big headache with my participation in a Q & A event pertaining to my appearance in a new film called “The Resonance“.

Also, Adler & Associates recently acquired both And Did They Listen? And Breaking the Silence for representation at these international film and TV markets:

DIFF/Dubai (Dec), NATPE (Jan), EFM (Feb) in Germany, Hong Kong (March) and Cannes (May)

You can also download And Did They Listen?, WHEN TRUTH PREVAILS, Breaking the Silence and the Standing in Spirit Consciousness Awareness Workshop here.

ASU continued its lust for profit over relevance, choosing Looney Tunes over a presentation on the Meier case but NASA aerospace engineer Matthew Wieczkiewicz made his first presentation on the Meier case to MUFON. FIGU Canada put out numerous excellent videos and Nathanael Mallow just posted a wonderful video on Meier’s Meditative Basis for the Positive Consciousness Attitude.

There were many more highlights over the past year and we’re looking forward to a lot more in 2016. I intend to bring the Standing in Spirit Consciousness Awareness Workshop to more people who want to focus on applying core elements of the spiritual teaching to help them meet the difficult challenges of these times in their daily lives.

So, a Happy, Harmonious and Peaceful New Year to everyone.

P.S. Donations gratefully accepted!

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51 comments on “Breakthroughs in the Billy Meier UFO Case

  • On the breakthrough camp: “Why Physicists Are Saying Consciousness Is A State Of Matter, Like a Solid, A Liquid Or A Gas. A new way of thinking about consciousness is sweeping through science like wildfire. Now physicists are using it to formulate the problem of consciousness in concrete mathematical terms for the first time.”

    This brings the scientific community one small step closer to the Spiritual Teachings and closer to perhaps understanding what it is to be a Human Being?


    • Scientific reasoning has finally came back to early 1930’s, when they realized that they were affecting the outcome of their own experiments. The culmination of the full initial transitional phase of the Golden Age {radiation} is complete by 2028. They are in for few more surprises, when the might of thoughts really gains importance to them.
      Billy Wilson

    • Arie Levy,

      Consciousness being viewed as a solid, liquid, or gas is the beginning stage of a corroboration. As I recall, in one of the contact reports, it was said that terrestrial scientists would discover and spend a great deal of time investigating fine matter.

      If all things emanate from fine matter before becoming material, and all things are idea, with idea being a thing of consciousness, then the connection becomes clear.

      Creational consciousness goes to fine matter goes to coarse matter goes to localized human consciousness. Investigation of consciousness therefore equals investigation of fine matter.

  • I know Michael personally and can attest to all the hard work he has done… Thanks Michael for raising the overall consciousness of those of this earth (and there are many). Happy New Year! I understand a certain member of our community (George) will be finding out about your work and may be contacting you from Marin County, California… (a County far far away) Hope is all one can do…


    • Hi Randy,

      Thanks and it must be said that everyone who engages in this study and this work starts at the beginning and then has the opportunity to contribute to the mission. So it’s been and will be with you, me and an ever growing number of people, which will ultimately result in a very different world in which we’ve realized the joys of love, peace, harmony and freedom.

      Hopefully we’ll get there a bit sooner, which could happen with a little boost from your neighborhood…hopefully.

  • Good traction was achieved in 2015, so nicely done, MH 🙂

    I expect that even greater traction will be made in 2016 and onwards, in a sustained upswing, though few of us will be happy at the human cost of those corroborations.

    This is not going to be a fun year, imo.

  • “Think neutral positive thought,emphasives on the positive thoughts George M.” Take each day as it comes along and live in the moment. Don`t think about the next day and just do the best you can,that`s all you can do considering how degenerative and dangerous this world is getting dangerous this getting.:” This also goes for everone else too.

  • A phenomenal year for the mission.

    2016 is gonna be big, real big, like a kung fu movie big…..

    ————————-“Circle the Wagons”——————————
    with MH as the cunning Bruce Lee, throwing return fury’s of wisdom at his ill equipped challengers……his lips chuckling out of sync with the timing on the screen….always with the last smirk as he dumfounds whoever they throw at him. I think you and Bruce are both the same height. Coincidence, hmmm. Maybe you were separated at birth?

    • Weeeeeeeeell, I wouldn’t go anywhere near that far in comparison. I would suggest that we all see ourselves as the heroes in our own lives and write the scripts and direct our movies according to our best, truest, most courageous, innermost vision.

      And we can come together here to each add our own unique elements, skills, etc., sharing how we extend ourselves out into the world in truth, love, peace, freedom and harmony.

      • Michael, Tonight as I direct my dream world to a positive direction, I think I shall Find you with full facial hair and an a gold staff of truth to guide your way to your rainbows end.
        Billy Wilson

          • I did not throw any hair on that head, so just be happy being a hermit studying the spiritual lessons and the inner self, I did not mention it being easy.
            Billy Wilson

          • Hey M H,I too am a hobbit. Happy New Year to you MH from another hobbit with long hair. Here`s hoping the people of our Middle Earth will finally spill the beans even though those nay-sayers wont touch the Billy Meier case such as Basset and Friedam won`t. The more we get the word out the better off we will be. Happy New Year everyone.

  • I just noticed a debunking site set up as ‘theyfly.org’. It isn’t as
    comprehensive as theyfly.com, but it claims that the Wedding Cake spaceship was made out of scrap parts made around Billy’s home.

    Has anyone been able to check out these claims?

      • Bartholomouse squeaks about the ring of fire photo. Something I’ve just thought… behind the mic, you can see at least 6 horizontal lines/streaks of static light. If the skeptics are right, Meier would have had to make at least 6 passes of the wire wool he is supposely twirling around his head whilst taking a long exposure photograph & keeping the details of the static light, the mic, head & arm all in focus. Also, notice that only the top row of static light seems to be emitting sparks to the ground whilst the other lower streaks show no such emission? What happened to the sparks from the other passes? It’s highly likely that it would be impossible to achieve faking it.

        • Oops – just finsihed reading the article & can see this was covered, however, the sparks argument is not as the faked attempt shows that only sparks from the bottom pass can be photographed (as would be if faking) whereas Meier’s photo shows sparks coming from the top row/streak.

      • Yes, I agree. A golden solar suit is implausible. And he fails in the “model trees” claim. He almost made a case with the Wedding Cake saucer, but that has been examined in detail by the experts and it produced no evidence of fabrication by BEAM.

        People are not targets for repeated assassination attempts if they are just cranks and frauds.

  • I would like to thank all of you that vist and engage in this blog. It is good to know that there is a place to go to be in touch with others that understand the struggle of getting the info out there. Every time I get frustrated with others when trying to get them interested in the info. I return here to feel better and regain balance. So I value all of you, thank you. But none of you would know this or could I say it, If it were not for MH. So important the work he has done and maintains. This blog to me is more than that. It is a place to get out of the weather, before you continue on your way. Kinda like home. Thank y
    ou MH for the homestead, and posting my babble. Happy new year to all and here’s to the new doors opened in 2016. Salome Robert

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