Looking Back at the Coming San Francisco Earthquake

Billy Meier’s photographs of the devastating future SF quake showed cars without side view mirrors 

I recently contacted some futurists who will be involved in programs at ASU.  While we’re often told that real scientists don’t like the word “prediction”, it seems that it’s actually a key element of what futurists also do.

I’m therefore optimistic that they will evaluate Billy Meier’s predictive and prophetic information with scientific objectivity, especially in light of Prof. Scott Antes’ having paved the way for the Meier case to be presented to, and studied by, students, scientists and professors alike.

The Coming San Francisco Earthquake

One of the most controversial claims in the Meier case is that he was taken into the future by the Plejaren extraterrestrials, where he took 11 photographs of a devastating future San Francisco earthquake. Lead case investigator, Lt. Col. Wendell Stevens (USAF), reported seeing these photos, along with the two other (skeptical) investigators, Lee and Brit Elders, and a number of Swiss FIGU group members.

In trying to identify any elements, landmarks, or features that would give them clues to the time at which this event would/did happen, they noticed that the visible cars on the streets of San Francisco didn’t appear to have side view mirrors (external projections), as did the cars of the time (1978), or even as those of today.

Now the development of camera technologies to replace side view mirrors has taken another large step. Add to this the latest discovery about  the underwater connection of two dangerous earthquake faults in the Bay Area and, well, the time of the quake appears to be drawing even nearer.

The Coming NW Earthquake & Tsunami

Within two years of Meier’s warning about the coming 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in the NW, scientists at OSU echoed his information, though they haven’t done anything to really warn, prepare, or advise relocation to the endangered population. It is hoped that the…futurists will carefully examine Meier’s abundant, specific and impeccably accurate foretelling of events and discoveries so that they may realize the significance of this opportunity to mitigate some of the loss of life that will otherwise occur when this looming future SF quake occurs.

Look Behind You to See the Future

Even in the face of such undeniably accurate predictions, from decades ago, about the now very present, international terrorist attacks and threats from radical Islamist fundamentalists, some people still want to hear “something new. The real truth is that Meier’s predictive information is so voluminous that it constitutes a study in itself, as more and more of it is being corroborated all the time.

As we can look to the past to also verify its authenticity and preemptive publication, we now approach the time when a new way of looking to see what’s on the road behind us will signal the end of the road for many, should they not heed these warnings in time.


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Thanks to Erwin Bauer and Brock Bradford for the new info on the replacement of rearview mirrors with cameras.


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  1. Terry, I like you, because you like Billy. Can I ask yoo too questions?

    What is your favourite quote from the Spiritual Teaching, and give me a reason why you picked it?

    And Secondly, wat is too thymes too, mynus Juan?

  2. Just for a bit of context Michael
    I didn’t want to be too direct by saying ‘your anus’
    Vulgar is my name

    And Secondly, wat is too thymes too, mynus Juan?

  3. “URGENT!” I just heard on my local cable TV News around 5:30 EST that the Indian point Nuclear Power Plant is leaking radio active ground water in Buchanan,NY. Gov Cuomo oif New York State is investigating the radio active leak at Indian point. So far there is no contamination to our water system at this time. “Stay Tune!”

    1. Terry , When had the last power outage they warped 10 of the control rods, which required a soft shutdown back when the 3 mile island meltdown happen. Just requires 5 years to do. Just take comfort from people like Stan Freedom in his own words it was fun spending all that money.

  4. The North West coast of the United States is often depicted as an Indian (indigenous american’s) land represented via totem poles… did you ever stop and wonder what those totem poles represented? Recently via archeology we have found that… in soil representing the 1700’s there is a layer of land that had massive tree die off… ALL trees knocked down… in the Portland area… do you understand the implications? It means something knocked over all those trees about three hundred years ago… and then about 300 years before that… Most of the fossils in the US are in Montana… the Grand canyon was formed by massive amounts of water… no??? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1700_Cascadia_earthquake Yes… and it was probably what those totem poles (who have a bird… a thunderbird at the top) because the indigenous tribes were trying to tell the future how the Whale and Thunderbird battled and the earth rumbles (like thunder) and birds fly at about this height above the incoming waters… (escaping the whale) or the tsunami… which comes every three hundred years… heed the warnings… I understand you have to be eleven or more miles away from the coastline and six hundred feet above mean sea level… The top of those totem poles indicates the water level… prepare… tell your family a plan to survive… and where to meet up and what to avoid… bridges, lowland areas… the shore… etc… To be forewarned is to be prepared for or forearmed with the knowledge of what to do. Another tidbit from the Meier Material… Thanks Michael!

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