Ignoring UFO contactee Billy Meier’s chillingly accurate predictions doesn’t bode well for our future survival

In 2008, we published information about the so-called Iceman that showed that Billy Meier received and published the essential facts well before the “official discovery” of the frozen mummy. Of course the skeptics and sophists came out of their own blocks of intellectual ice to attack Meier, claiming that he falsified, backdated the information, etc.

While skepticism is an appropriate element, as opposed to a valid, overriding philosophical, scientific or professional position, the particular kind of skeptics who rushed to attack the Meier case presume that this reclusive man, his evidence, information and his claims, all only exist to try to fool them. Since they considered themselves to be too “smart” for such a ruse, they set themselves up like bowling pins for the inevitable corroboration of Meier’s truthfulness to scatter them all over the proverbial alley, which has now happened again, as Matt Knight illustrates below*. They also inadvertently have helped to corroborate Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information about Jupiter, Io, etc.

In fact, there are so many more, new corroborations occurring that it’s only because of the prodding by contributors to the blog that I decided to post just a few of them. Honestly, the stubbornness and refusal by so-called scientists and others to even respond to this singular, overwhelmingly prophetically accurate source, this elephant in the room, does get a bit depressing at times. So I’m of course thankful when a skeptical professor decides that – in pursuit of intellectual honesty, integrity and curiosity – his students deserve to decide the truth for themselves.

New Planet…as Meier Predicted in 1958

In 1958 Meier first published predictive information about the discovery of planets beyond Pluto. He did so again in 1978 and lead investigator Wendelle Stevens reported that Meier also told him about it in 1979. In 1988, Meier spoke about planets “up to around 3,000 kilometers in size” beyond Pluto,  all of which brings to mind  the recent headline story about a possible new 9th planet in the solar system. It also calls to mind Meier’s information about Neptune and many other things that could prove educational to our scientists, etc., which was published in May 1989. We should note that Voyager 2 didn’t take its photographs of the planet until the summer of 1989.

In 2009, Meier published this information, which may also turn out to be relevant:

“Besides all this, the year 2012 brings other unpleasant events, like e.g. an unknown, invisible, dark and huge space wanderer that is threatening from the fringe of our solar system and could wreak tremendous havoc regarding Earth.

And if this should really occur, the fact of its existence would be openly proven starting with 2010 or 2011, if at all, because the possibility of a “dark” and, therefore, non-observable passage of the colossus is also possible.”

Of course we still get inquiries from concerned, well-intentioned people asking why we haven’t contacted SETI, which of course we’ve attempted for over a decade and recently again, without response. But how else can we describe this self-appointed authority – on a topic that it knows absolutely nothing about – than a stubborn, cynical, profiteering fraud that has deliberately blocked, ignored and stonewalled any actual scientific investigation into the Meier case, which represents and exemplifies the singular, historical fulfillment of it’s “search for extraterrestrial intelligence”, if indeed there was one ounce of honesty and sincerity behind it?

The People Were Warned

On the social scene, Sweden is now beset with hugely increased crime and rape from Muslim immigrants, echoing what Meier specifically foretold in the Henoch Prophecies, almost 30 years ago:

236. Especially in France and Sweden, machinations as well as dictatorial regulations of the European Union will cause much unrest and many uprisings; but also crimes committed by gangs and organised criminal elements in these countries will cause unavoidable civil wars.

237. In addition, significant tensions will arise between the native citizens and immigrants from foreign countries, who as a rule also observe different from those of the native populace.

Note that the EU didn’t even exist when Meier first published this document. Note also that it was the recent machinations of Angela Merkel and the EU that indeed created the problems with “immigrants from foreign countries” whose different “religious beliefs” refers to Islam. Search the rest of the document and you’ll see that Meier long foretold troubles for France, also due to Islam:

259. This can be envisioned as being the many foreigners of a different religion living in France at that time, and specifically Islam, which will be this force working from within.

As has also been amply pointed out, Meier warned specifically about the problems with radical Islam, in 1958, and the problems we’re now seeing with mass migrations, etc., in 1964.

In fact, in 1951, Meier specifically foretold virtually all of not only the environmental problems but also the current terrorism, mass migration, criminality from third-world countries etc.

And things haven’t gotten exactly cheerier, as has also been evidenced since we posted this video.

A Feast for Futurists

It seems that the one area of science that deals with the idea of predictions is that of the futurists, some of whom now echo what Meier’s long specifically foretold.

We’ve pointed out that Meier was the first person to foretell manmade environmental catastrophes, such as climate change, unnatural global warming, the connection between oil extraction, fracking and earthquakes, etc., decades before the ridiculous know-it-all deniers were choking on the facts. Even the Pentagon unknowingly corroborated Meier’s environmental information, virtually point-for-point, as did an independent UN report. Of course it’s completely politically/religiously unacceptable to also point out the underlying cause, overpopulation, as Meier also spelled out decades ago.

There is, and will continue to be, more fulfillment of that which we should’ve and could’ve avoided, so long as human beings stick their heads in the sand and prioritize profit, entertainment and other distractions over the truth.

Hopefully though, there will also be more honest scientists, futurists, economists, financial analysts, political leaders and others who are willing to swallow their pride, step forward and help prove that we’re not too stupid to survive.



Thanks also to Annie, Erwin, Nicholas and all the people who forwarded the information about the possible newly discovered planet.


*By Matt Knight:

Skeptics left out in the cold after this triple whammy from the Iceman…

Did anyone else pick up on this? In October 2013, National Geographic published an article entitled, “5 Surprising Facts About Otzi the Iceman” (1). Guess what? In February 2012, Scientists found that the Iceman’s DNA showed, “…several health issues”, including, ‘Atherosclerosis’, the medical term for hardened arteries which can be caused by “vascular calcifications”. (2)

Online since 2005, Contact Report 238 from 1991 discloses that the Iceman’s “…death happened at that time in such a way that he fell – caused by an epileptic fit…” (3).

In 2014, nine years after Billy’s the above information was available online, Scientists discover that, “Conditions that can cause [epileptic] seizures include: Hardening of the arteries” (4). Professor Sherifa Hamed from the Dept of Neurology & Psychiatry, Assiut University Hospital, Egypt (5), found, “Evidence from epidemiological, longitudinal, prospective, double-blinded clinical trials as well as case reports documents age-accelerated atherosclerosis with increased carotid artery intima media thickness (CA-IMT) in patients with epilepsy.” (6)

So DNA taken from the Iceman showed, in 2012, that the Iceman had hardened arteries which were proven to cause epilepsy in 2014 – 23 years after Ptaah stated that the Iceman had an epileptic fit just before he fell to his death.

More corroboration…

The same National Geographic article features information from scans scientists took of the Iceman in 2011. These showed that the Iceman died from a bang to the head. Note the absence now of any link to an “attack” as previously suggested. Bang to head would be the result of a fall as Billy said in 1991. This research also supports Quetzal’s statement in Contact Report 216, in 1987, online since 2010 (7), that acupuncture is older than previously thought:

“Ötzi’s frozen mummy preserves a fine collection of Copper Age tattoos… has led some researchers to believe that the tattoos marked acupuncture points… Ötzi must have needed a lot of treatment, which, given his age and ailments, isn’t so surprising. The oldest evidence for acupuncture, Ötzi’s tattoos suggest that the practice was around at least 2,000 years earlier than previously thought.” (1)

(1) http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/10/131016-otzi-ice-man-mummy-five-facts/

(2) http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2012NatCo…3E.698K

(3) http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_238

(4) http://www.webmd.com/epilepsy/tc/epilepsy-cause

(5) https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Sherifa_Hamed

(6) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25164495

(7) http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_216

86 comments on “The Iceman Cometh Back to Freeze Out the Skeptics

  • How very cowardly of you not to post my further replies Michael.

    I will put them through again to give you another chance. If you don’t post them, then it’ll be clear you really aren’t interested in the truth but rather your own beliefs and vested interests, as many strongly suspect.

    • How painfully stupid of you to have not noticed that your inaccuracies have long been rebutted. And how disrespectful of you to ignore the requirement for first and last names.

      So I’m publishing this to – again – point it all out. And as previously suggested, go spam some other forums that tolerate anonymous foolishness.

    • WM,

      Let’s look at this another way, so that we may see who is being reasonable.

      If you were to walk into any London pub where people were quietly talking, interrupt their conversation without being asked, whereby the people politely listened, then explained to you why what you were saying had no substance, then it is fairly obvious that if you simply repeated the same unsubstantive point of view over and over again, that you would make a nuisance of yourself and be unwelcome.

      If you went to that pub, day after day, week after week, doing the same thing – interrupting conversations, making yourself unwelcome, and spoiling the conversations that total strangers to you were having, then you would probably be completely unsurprised when the bouncer or doorman informed you that you were no longer welcome at that pub.

      Imagine then that you put your finger in the face of the bouncer and declared him, and all of the people in the pub, to be cowards for not wanting to hear your unsubstantiated words over and over again.

      I find it quite strange that any person understands that such behaviour is totally unacceptable in a pub, and yet persists in doing exactly that on an online forum.

      Something strange about the internet is that people think that they have a right to act in a way completely different to that expected in real life, and that if people online refuse to give them full attention after many previous discussions that have led to the person being shown to speak nonsense, that the people are cowardly or intolerant.

      So, WM – if this place were a pub, or a dinner party at MH’s house, would you act in the way you are, and what would you expect to happen if you did so? Is it reasonable, or not?

  • Well, you guys have fun…

    I interrupt the latest efforts by our dependable, visiting dope, whose previous phony handles have been:

    Greg Hanson
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    (Also notice the “rickson” component in these last two)

    The weekend’s almost over and I guess when they’re snowed in and climbing the walls, some people just feel like sharing the joy over here.


  • I’m still baffled by the skeptics unwilling to except anything from Billy’s publishings. It’s obvious they are on someone’s payroll. Also not so surprising our so-called scientists are unwilling to admit they use Billy’s info to advance their findings without ever a mention of his name. Most only care about Getting their name in a publication to advance their own careers.

    I haven’t seen the question asked in the figu forum but has Billy ever mentioned his info being used by leaders to stay in power. I’m baffled that France’s leadership hadn’t taken him seriously after several conflicts within the country. Also, Putin must not read the prophecies because he moved his army over near Alaska, also published by Billy. And the CIA must not read them neither, especially if the movement of Russia’s troops hadn’t stirred up a response with our military.

    I know we are told that people within these agencies read them but obviously the info is not passed on to someone who can make a change. Any thoughts?

      • I agree MH and that’s what’s baffling to me. Here is a publication over 25 years ago and many in power continue to ignore them. And since we know Billy’s info will be smeared at all costs by others, you would think they wouldn’t want to risk their lives by ignoring the prophecies calling for their own doom. I guess stupidity is deeper than anyone could have expected.

    • It seems many that have the courage to read and think about what is being said also don’t do much more than complain, keep it inside… within the ‘real world’. Many(including myself) do not blend the inner and outer worlds together into a meaningful action based pattern of neutral positive REAL change. Based on the thought to action based ‘meanings’ of love, freedom, harmony, wisdom, equality, neutrality, etc, etc.
      Didn’t Billy also say that Putin would just as quickly, if given the chance, take just as much control and power as those that now threaten our future survival?
      At least in my experience beliefs of an overly ‘religious’ nature have in the most part blinded many to seeing things as they are, less what is needed to be done for the future. Whilst this aspect is in many ways the reason let alone the effect of the cause which shoots us towards our outcome.
      An insane point in history when the truth is thrown down to the same levels of belief that are welcomed and worshiped by the masses. At this point seems many are not able to see past what they already think they only know…. nothing is beyond beliefs and servitude in this regard and many have no more room for one more… One more lie that they have never been given an ounce of truth to formulate within the truth of the individual, power of the thoughts when controlled and used. Seems for me at least, as painful as it is, yet obvious within its basic nature. The truth and change must come from within, for ourselves, individual, lest we slowly change from knowing to taking real tangible belief free action in the ‘real world’. Something I would be more than willing to discuss in a non fantastical nature here in Minnesota USA. Just a friendly local discussion within thinking about another way….. I know there are other Minnesotans out there:)

  • Dear Blog,

    Very well written Michael… I see you are improving your writing technique… The beauty of your songs… well crafted with meaning… also shows in your writing using the creative process. It is sad that people “say” they are searching for the truth hold so many untruths… in fact they are not even true to themselves… which is the greatest untruth. Well… some of us do not evolve at the same rate so there will be some that are completely “snowed” as to what we are even suggesting… like holding to the truth as to a means of making a living or (parrish the thought) actually educating anyone from a source far more informative than any other in the world.

    I can see in many news reports and scientific articles with references of the Meier Material obviously “seasoned” throughout “their” articles… and it is too bad they do not reference the source. Well, I guess that’s the way it is in today’s Science: “I know more than YOU do”, or fault finding know-it-alls that cannot come out from behind a mask… I know Michael… he is an honest and forthright man… he is not wealthy but he is humble and concise. He does not make money from his travels all over the world… he does it for free unless they allow him airfare or boarding. He lives a meager life… I mean… it is not extravagant and he does not have “sheik ostentatious parties” like some folks may imagine he does. If the folks that pretend to know everything enough to debunk this case… went to at least visit the man in question, (Michael) they would know what I am speaking of here. Michael is the messenger, he never claims anything other than what Billy Meier has told him via his writings… he sticks to the information diligently and never adds information he cannot corroborate. I guess I’ve known Michael seven or eight years… we first met in 2007 or 2008 in Hinterschmidrüti, Switzerland and I felt happy to know him and enjoy his company. I cannot think of anyone else qualified to speak of this case due to his strict policy of truth, logic and reason.

    Salome (Be greeted in peace and wisdom)

  • About Michael…

    Having visited MH at his apartment, and at other acquaintances homes for the Peace Meditation, listened to him on several talk shows, been to a presentation he gave in LA, and having read many of his responses to others attempts at debunking Billy Meier, he has never wavered, nor has he ever shown any doubt in his confidence in his research and the responses given to such unsuccessful debunking. And since this blog entry has again brought out another ill equipped newb of a naysayer, as well as a previously failed poster once again(MH rightfully clipped them off) to surely take a swipe at MH integrity, I offer the above statements.

    Please note, I also spent 11 days at Hinterschmidrutti sleeping in a tent at the FIGU Community farm, just in case MH might have smoothed my thinking over and fooled me. Thankfully, Billy backed up MH in every respect and I was able to relax a little and begin the hard work of the spiritual teaching.

    None of this needed to be said, but there you go….

  • I think there’s a lot of truth in this article by Billy Meier. Something I’ve pondered a lot over the last couple of years.

    Being Ones self

    Very many human beings are not themselves because they adopt as their own the thoughts, feelings and machinations of others, whereby they degenerate to anger, joylessness, hate, sorrow and worries, etc. Generally, the human being does not understand that when he is raked over by others with bad words and actions, absorbs these in himself and makes them his own, he is not himself anymore, but he becomes an imitation of one who causes him harm or damage in any form. Truly, distance must be taken from this imitation because, fundamentally, the thoughts, feelings and machinations of harming, ill, and damaging intent are not the concern of those human beings who are subjected to the aggression, but they are alone the concern of malevolent people, antagonists and self-proclaimed enemies, etc. And since everything is a concern of antagonists, a matter needing urgency is that thoughts, feelings, words and machinations, etc., created by antagonists are not absorbed and made one’s concern, as the opposite unfortunately is the case for many, in which the human being is not himself anymore, but he turns into the imitation of one who provokes unrest, strife, hate and slander, etc. But to not let these unworthy things get to himself and in order for him to not dwell on anger, sorrow, worries and hate, there is only one possibility for the attacked human being, which consists in that his own thoughts and feelings are directed on not taking seriously the aggression of antagonists and always being clear to himself and saying to himself, the thoughts and feelings of hate, the hostility, the ill words and the slander and machinations are alone the concern of antagonists but not his own. Thus, it means: All attacks and problems of any kind of hostile-minded people are not my concern but solely and alone theirs, with which they damage themselves, with which they themselves must cope.

    Attacks of others, be it through thoughts and feelings, through words, hate, slander or actions, may never be made one’s concern because they essentially are the concern of the creators, who must cope with them themselves. Through their aggression against fellow human beings, they inflict damage on themselves, because their machinations affect their own thoughts and feelings, whereby they are peaceless and joyless in themselves and decline to vicious frustration.

    Generally, attacks and problems of others must be ignored and warded off in a manner that they are the concern, the aggression and problems of antagonists and not of one’s own person. Only through this reasonable insight as well as reasonable ways of thinking, feeling and acting can the human being protect himself against attacks, lies, incriminations, hate and slander, etc., of others because, in fact, the entire evil and problems of such things are not those of one’s own person but those of the attackers and antagonists. The attacks and problems of others are not my concern but that of the attackers must be the constant motto for attacked people who are raked over with words, thoughts, feelings, lies, problems, slander and actions, etc. And if, in this form, the thoughts and feelings as well as ways of acting are cultivated, then the human being can free himself from the imitation of antagonists and truly be himself.

    If the human being wants to be himself, then he must exercise no hostility, in fact, not even against his most wicked enemies and antagonists. If firstly the attacks and problems, etc., of antagonists are not considered as his own concern and are turned away as such to the attackers, then it is considered as more progressive form to peacefully confront the antagonists. This is to be done in such a way that they are kindly, lovingly and peacefully met, and also that during frequent and as-daily-as-possible opportunities, wishes of love and blessings are mentally and feelingly sent to them. This, on the one hand, prevents hostility towards the antagonists themselves from building up, and on the other hand, through this develops a valuable self-protection that prevents particularly evil thoughts and feelings and thereby malice, hate or the need for revenge, etc., from developing. The entire thing in fact has such an effect that, in general, everything has a beneficial impact on his own personality and on his own character and, out of that, a completely neutral-positive balanced attitude builds up.

    How the human being thinks, thus he lives, and how the human being lives, thus he thinks; and what the human being thinks, that he is. This ancient wisdom is confirmed in the world of thoughts and feelings and in the actions of the human being. And if he truly and consciously tries to regard self-proclaimed enemies and antagonists, etc., only as human beings and not as enemies and antagonists and not to adopt their attacks and problems as his own but to turn these away to the creators, to simultaneously cultivate loving and peaceful thoughts for them, then all hostility fades, then only loving fellow human beings and friends, but never enemies, remain at the end of his life.


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