The True Freedom Project

Providing prisoners with books like The Way to Live and the Might of the Thoughts so that they may reeducate themselves and become truly free

I was inspired to create this project because my friend Sam forwarded this video to me. The video is actually quite mild in regards to what really goes on in prisons, solitary confinement, etc.

The only real way out is in, as we often hear said. And so I am suggesting The True Freedom Project. It’s a project that each interested person participates in independently and co-creates by helping to provide Billy Meier’s books, DVDs and publications on the spiritual teaching to prisoners, including juvenile offenders, so that they may indeed learn the way self-responsibility, the law of cause and effect, etc. This project will have no central offices, website, administrators, etc., unless and until there’s really a need for it. Self-responsibility here is again the key for those wishing to assist others, not creating bureaucracies, etc. This is not a FIGU-created project and it’s open to anyone to participate in.

It’s to be done without proselytizing or missionizing.

How to Do It

I suggest contacting the appropriate personnel at any jail or prison in your area, or elsewhere, that has a library. Tell them what you’d like to do, with a brief explanation that the materials are a non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching for the benefit of the prisoners. Get their approval to send the material, along with the name and mailing address of the appropriate person in charge to whom it should be sent.


When you order the material, put the institution’s mailing information in place of your own address. This way you’ll save additional mailing costs when I mail it directly to them and I’ll provide you with tracking information so you can be assured that the materials are delivered to the right persons. Of course you’re free to let them know that the materials were ordered by you.

Another Option

If you can’t afford to send any of Meier’s books, consider making copies of the various free spiritual teaching articles on my site, including the ones linked to in the Translation section, including in other languages. Be sure to see if there are any copyright restrictions or other requirements for reproducing the articles. I suggest printing them up and putting them into a protective binder. You may also want to put each page in a protective plastic cover (good quality double-sided printing is recommended to keep paper costs down), etc.

You can also include a copy of this article to introduce and explain the project.


Some recommended material from the shop:

The Way to Live

The Might of the Thoughts

The Goblet of the Truth

The Psyche

The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life

The Consciousness Awareness Workshop








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    1. Certainly people are free to do that. They can also compare the texts to see if what Meier has written has broadened and expanded upon it.

      This explanation is from Christian Frehner of FIGU:

      “Since the spiritual teaching, i.e. the Teaching of the Prophets, does exist in the universe for milliard/billion of years and has been taught to millions and millions of people on many worlds, especially to the 52 million or so people of the mission here on Earth, whose spirit-forms are of an extraterrestrial origin, it is possible that at least a few of those personalities with a more advanced spirit-form can unconsciously draw impulses from their storage banks, i.e. knowledge stored in that energy block. There are other possibilities, like tapping into the universal storage banks, etc., because all human beings, all life-forms and everything else, down to each atom and below, is connected with each other and is constantly exchanging information on a sub-atomar level.

      Regarding an explanation concerning James Allen: Any detailed information by Billy or Ptaah would be no proof for people like Mahesh, etc., because to them this would be an unprovable claim etc. etc. Just as they would not accept the word of Billy (‘I never heard of James Allen before nor did I read his book’) to be true as from a man of honour, they would not accept Ptaah’s explanation.

      Well, perhaps Billy will talk with Ptaah. Anyway, we’ll see.”

      I think that Billy and FIGU should have definitely provided that information with any of the texts, books, etc., to which it applies. Perhaps something like this would have helped:

      “Sourced by Billy Meier from the storage banks and may also contain content expressed by various individuals throughout history with changes, corrections, additions, etc., by Billy Meier.”

      Of course this also may not satisfy people, understandably since the entire Meier case itself is actually well outside of our conventional paradigm. And each person must decide for themselves what rings true for them, pertaining to every element of the Meier case, its evidence and information. That is consistent with the core principle of self-responsibility in the spiritual teaching, which certainly has nothing in common with our religions, belief systems, cultic mindsets and their twin sister, i.e. politics.

      1. “Of course this also may not satisfy people…”


        Especially because it is contradicted by Meier’s own account in the very first paragraph of Might of the Thoughts. Take care, Michael.

        1. Actually, if we are referring to the same paragraph…the opposite is true (emphasis added):

          “All of the following thoughts are the result from a long, turbulent and full life. But they are also the result of a well-maintained meditation, etc.”

          This is exactly consistent with what Christian wrote. But it’s also true that everyone will have to consider this and decide for themselves…and eventually even those who deliberately dug themselves into a deep, deliberate hole of denial, which also ultimately serves the truth.

          1. P.S. Thanks for drawing our attention to this info from Meier, though I still think FIGU should post an explanation/disclaimer, etc., so that it’s clear and obvious. Send our regards to Mahesh and…we’ll try get some ladders to you guys so that climbing up and out of the holes isn’t so darn difficult.

          2. “Actually, if we are referring to the same paragraph…the opposite is true”

            Yes, we are referring to the same paragraph. But, that’s definitely an interesting take on that paragraph. For example, little further down in same paragraph: “The words are much more to be understood as the values of the practical experience and lived experience of a human being who made the effort all his life to examine his thoughts and steer them along neutral-positive lines.”

            Meier explicitly claims ownership of the teaching, having procured the wisdom through observation of his life/thoughts.

            He’s either a thief or a liar, ie., he either plagiarized or else he falsely laid claim to a book that was actually plucked ready-made out of the ether.

            It’s interesting that even FOREWARDS to spiritual teachings are found ready-made in these storage banks:

            Allen: “This little volume (the result of meditation and experience) is not intended as an exhaustive treatise on the much-written upon subject of the power of thought. It is suggestive rather than explanatory, its object being to stimulate men and women to the discovery and perception of the truth that –
            “They themselves are makers of themselves” by virtue of the thoughts which they choose and encourage; that mind is the master-weaver, both of the inner garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance, and that, as they may have hitherto woven in ignorance and pain they may now weave in enlightenment and happiness.

            Meier: All of the following words are the result of the thoughts from a long, turbulent and full life. But they are also the result of well-maintained meditation. (..) However, the words…[are not] to be regarded as an exhaustive treatment of the much described life and of the comprehensive topic of the might of the thoughts. (..) In this form, many things are also more touched on by the words than explained. But the fundamental Ziel of the words is that all human beings are encouraged through them, to find the truth and be cognisant of it, so that they begin to live according to the old saying which says, “The human being is the forger of his/her own fortune.”…

            “The human being is the forger of his/her own fortune,” and indeed, in the form that the human being forms his/her luck by means of his/her thoughts, in each case according to how he/she choose them and reinforces them But thoughts are…a might which forms ones character as well as one’s morality, as well as the external circumstances of life and the way through life. (..) If a human being is not yet aware of this irrefutable fact because he/she has lived, so far, in well-tended unknowledgeness as well as in ignorance of these matters, and in the pain and suffering…then that human being can now perceive this truth, create…knowledge…and wisdom, in order to thereby bring some light, love peace, harmony and joy into the life,…

            MH: “even those who deliberately dug themselves into a deep, deliberate hole of denial…” Who are you referring to Michael????????????

            1. What you quote is also consistent not only with Meier’s own words but with Frehner’s explanation:

              “values of the practical experience and lived experience of a human being who made the effort all his life, etc.” to which we can add Frehner’s “at least a few of those personalities with a more advanced spirit-form can unconsciously draw impulses from their storage banks”

              One logical problem with Meier having plagiarized directly form other books is that he’d have to have come across these books – in English – decide to plagiarize them but first get someone to translate them into English so that they can then be translated back into German…with of course the greater amount of material being added by him.

              Of course each person can and should decide for themselves.

              As for your question Andy, Mahesh, you and others who, for what must surely be unselfish reasons, have dedicated a good portion of your time to trying to attack Meier, the evidence, the mission, etc. Of course with Mahesh’s lame claims of “backdating, etc.” some of the recent corroborations must have him working overtime to try to concoct his irrational, truth defying theories:





          3. Michael, Is this Andy person and individual that requires special attention, they have post after post with you not reminding them that we are all on equal ground. For a number of months, names have become the expected normal code of conduct that has lead to some very civil post that are worth taking the time to read. If they can not aspire to be themselves then this subject will remain a mystery much longer than it needs be for some.
            Billy Wilson

            1. Thanks for the reminder Billy. Andy will use his last name in any further posts. I will be posting it if he doesn’t…whether he posts again or not.

        2. G’Day mate,
          I look forward to the list of ALL the other books BEAM has plagiarized and ALL the lies he has told, with your excellent, intelligent, true, and verifiable explanation!

          1. Hold not your breath, as so far Andy and Mahesh’s “explanations” not only fall very flat, they’ve been challenged by other members of their group now, with no satisfactory answers forthcoming.

    2. Andy,

      I prefer avoiding arguments with people, and think that we can short circuit having one with the following sentence:

      “I will accept that Meier plaigarized someone else’s work as soon as they can show where he plaigarized those daytime UFO photos.”

      I have noticed that people are very selective when they argue, and seem to have the idea that if they can cast doubt upon one element of the case, that they can cast doubt upon the whole thing.

      The main debate tactic seems to be to avoid the things that cannot be disproven, and furiously talk about things that may – and I stress, may – have arisen elsewise.

      So. Would you kindly provide a link to the original publication of those photographs, please? We can chat about other things the minute – the very minute, mind you – that you do. And not another word until this is done, my good sir 🙂

  1. “Of course with Mahesh’s lame claims of “backdating, etc.””

    …I think you mean Mahesh’s presentation of the demonstrable proof of Meier’s backdating.

    But we won’t go there again. I have told you about these proofs countless times, and you always seem to magically go illiterate at those moments. So I’ll leave you be. You should probably hang on to those ladders yourself.

    1. I see that, of course, you didn’t address the specifics. It’s an interesting phenomenon to present people with something that’s verifiably been on record for years, decades, even, and then have them plunge even further into denial. It doesn’t bode well for the survivability of the species.

      But continue to preach to your thankfully ever-diminishing choir.

    2. Mahesh has proven that he will take an unknown unnamed NASA archivists word as truth when it comes to the universe pictures. Mahesh is too chicken hearted to demand the NASA archivist’s name and publish it. So yes Mahesh has proven nothing.

  2. Well it seems Mahesh has finally come off the fence and openly claimed Meier to be a fraud. The explanation of the similarities between the 2 books being a result of the storage banks makes sense, but as Christian stated, this is unprovable. Another wrinkle in the amazing Meier case.

    1. As I tried to point out to Andy, Christian’s explanation echoes what Meier himself said. I will say that it’s completely understandable to draw an opposing conclusion at first glance. But with a little thinking it not only makes but makes it indeed all the more amazing.

      1. I have not read either book yet… I read the post from Andy’s link and although there are stricking similarities, Billys words go into much more detail. Close to same words here and there… But again, the in depth explanations from Billy based on the snippets provided is just all the more better. I gotta admit, when I first started reading the comparisons it had me a bit worried… But as similar as it is, Billys further explanations and thoughts goes beyond what the similarities are. As you said MH, a lot of this is outside our normal thinking.. I mean, being able to tap into storage banks and universal storage banks is frickin mind blowing! All from meditation… Well, meditating the right way… And living the right way.. thinking the right way… BEING the right way… I’d love to hear more on this from Billy about Mr Allen and who he was and maybe his past lives and if he was from another world because he was spot on with what he was writing about…from what I read that is. But to say based on this he’s a fraud is a bit of a stretch… And again, these are thoughts from someone that hasn’t read either books… But I now want Might Of The Thoughts all the more! Expect and order from me soon MH! Can’t wait to read it! And more importantly, learn from it!

        1. adrian martinez,

          What is happening is a common tactic sometimes referred to as “controlling the narrative”.

          What happens is that, if you want to create doubt about a large issue, you find a small element of the large issue that you can argue about, and then focus upon that single element, excluding absolutely everything else.

          If you can make people doubt that one small element, then their doubt extends to the entire issue, even if the remainder of the evidence is so overwhelming that the small element doesn’t matter. The narrative has thus become the small element, and not the large issue.

          The goal of this kind of manipulation is to make the observer turn away and not even consider the remainder of the large issue ever again.

          A good example might be an excellent doctor being wrongly accused of rape. Even if it comes out later that the accusation was totally made up, doubt persists in the mind of any observer, which stops them ever trusting that doctor again.

          Unfortunately many people are incapable of putting small elements back into proper context so as to dissolve unwarranted doubt. Their minds get stuck.

          I think that the logical thing to do is to pause, and with a cool head, examine the case in its entirety, with all things in proper perspective. Which goes for people who believe it 100% too. Refresh, reassess, over and over, never stop thinking never believe anything, ever.

          1. Completely understood George, and can see how that could effect someone… but my understaing of this case, the facts I researched that proved this case to be truth to me, isn’t as fragile as I might of let on in my recent post. I love to dig into sceptics debunking theories and using it to further prove the case is real. For someone like me who deeply believed in Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior (not too stereo typical though, read the bible once and hated church), only because I felt that it was all I had to believe in to be a good moral man, and change from that deep belief to believing in the truth didn’t come easy… I had to make sure that this case is real. And I did. And there’s no looking back for me. But I was never satisified with religion… For some reason, even before I knew of religion I always had a big interest in UFOS, but that too was an empty feeling because of the ridiculous main stream theories of grays and abductions and what not. But then coming across this case 2 1/2 – 3yrs ago, and researching and learning about it to the point where one day it clicked… This is real! This case completely blows my mind! In a good way… And it continues to blow my mind daily to the point where I feel a deep urging to spread the word in a non-jehovah witness- knocking on door after door, way. The love, truth, peace freedom that it teaches is so motivitating and makes me feel so damn good! I just want people to read about it… Know that this exists and whatever they want to do with it is their deal. But I have to resist… I can’t push this on anyone… As much as I want… Sorry for my rant… But I love reading your thought man, I can sense the intelligence and sincerity in your posts. Keep up the good work bro! You too Mr Horn!

          2. adrian martinez,

            Well that is all well and good then. I was always good at arguing with people – perhaps too good, meaning that I had to discipline myself so as to not use underhanded tactics to turn debates into arguments, followed by humour to turn arguments into ridicule.

            When I see people online using tactics that I am very familiar with, my response is to undermine those tactics by explaining them, so that they become ineffective.

            When I read Andy’s comments, I thought to myself “Okay so we have a book cover and some text. Lets apply the same standard endured by Meier – prove that the book is real. Prove that Meier saw it. Prove things one by one, in proper sequence, to show absolutely that what you are saying is true. And while you do that, please draw the remainder of the evidence together to show that they too are fraudulent, because of a neat little thing called ‘the total weight of evidence’.”

            If we don’t apply good standards of debate to both sides, all we get is an argument waged by emotional, egotistical people that is more like dogmatic fanatic priests yelling at each other that their god is the real one, rather than proper, reasoned discourse. It isn’t fitting.

            1. Regarding the book, Meier would have had to come upon it, recognized its value, then had someone translate it accurately into German…only to then have it translated back into English, etc., etc.

              As I pointed out in similar arguments with the deniers, regarding Meier’s photos, prophecies and predictions, means, motive and opportunity have to be shown. Then one has to weigh all of the evidence, known circumstances and draw reasonable conclusions.

        2. I noticed that Allen’s obscure book talks about souls and the kingdom of heaven which Billy never does. Mahesh claims Billy plegiarized Allen’s book but I only see vague similarities. But I do think that Mahesh is plegiarizing Andy though. Good wanna be lawyer that he thinks he is, he may want to get on that.

          1. Looks like that guy Allen’s Ok, though. He can’t be earning a profit since he’s dead, and whoever made that web site doesn’t appear to be doing it to earn a profit either, so very probably he learned that stuff himself.

            Just taking a look now, I see a guy who had some good cognitions. Sorry, I ought to say “man”, since he was probably a pretty fine human being.

            I respect that man Allen. If he’s alive today, I hope that he is happy should he ever come across these new, expanded books. They’d probably make his current personality emerge with a big, happy smile 🙂 If I’m right about his character, that is.

            Better to put away those old, outdated words like “soul” in my opinion, though, since it seems to just bring about suffering. Not a whole lot of things smart like being called “soulless” like some kind of abomination that don’t fit in with all of Christendom, when it’s really just a case of a broken or impaired psyche that needs a bit of love and repair.

            But we’re fortunate that we have Billy for that, too, since that old idea of the “soul” really has had to go for a long time. Lately it has been causing nothing but suffering and pain, so I’m glad to be rid of it, and to have the term “psyche” in my own personal strongbox instead.

          2. Sorry, “very probably” is too strong of a word to use. I’m not /really/ sure myself, what’s really up. Still it’s pretty interesting to read this Allen guy’s works. I like ’em, though I know I’ll stick with Billy’s.

          3. Oh damn. Hey, we CAN enjoy this stuff eh!

            I just got it, finally. “Can’t have 2 masters because one is hated while the other is loved.” It’s about materialism and anti-materialism, NOT about learning from two different humans. I could cry at how clever the P’s were 2000 years ago, to know that this stuff would take 2,000 years to work!!! Felipe Zucker you awesome positive guy, wherever you are!! I could kiss Semjase too!! Hahahahaha

            Oh baby, I’m gonna like reading this guy’s poetry then, ’cause some of it looks really neat!!! I just hope some of it won’t confuse me, but I THINK (believe??) I’m pretty safe now myself, since I learned what’s really up with the psyche and such. And can always go back to confirm what I read, and of course use my own intellect. Eh!!!

            *Sniff sniff* .. I wonder if Eduard ever did find this guys work, and take it for some of his own food for thought? Maybe not, but this Allen guy DID write in Dutch too apparently …

            Why be pissed that this planet has had more than 1 wise person??? That’s awesome!!!! Eh!

          4. Tyler R, that goldie locks video is good… I watched all of the ones he did and enjoyed them very much… I like the hip hop he does too. I’d love to hear more from him and his rhymes… Coming from a hip hop guy, he’s got a good flow and the message can’t be beat. Beats are good too.. I gotta remember to bump that in my car next time I’m driving… I haven’t seen anything new from him for a while though.. 🙁 hope he is doing well…

          5. Tyler have you ever stopped to think that what was in Allen’s book is already known by a lot of people through life experience who have never read James Allen’s book? I knew about the storage banks before coming across Billy Meier’s material because my health practitioner was tapping into them and giving me the information. I have no way of proving this other than the information was helpful to my current life. On the other hand I have found treasure in Billy’s information that I could find no where else.

  3. But one more thing. Just to be clear, you are positing that a storage bank exists that contains not just an amorphous bunch of information, but literally ready made books (who wrote these books by the way? Creation?). We can’t just say its an amorphous body of info because as demonstrated in the article, [a third of] Meiers book follows EXACTLY along with Allens, paragraph after paragraph, page after page. So you are saying Allen and Meier just happened to both have unconsciously checked out the same book from the cosmic library? Remarkable.

    Maybe some deep breaths to keep your head from exploding…

    1. Stating the obvious here, where is your proof the book was written in 1903? Do you have a real book in your possession that has been authenticated by a profession?

        1. I mean there is so much crap on the Internet with Wikipedia being a bad source of information. Do you honestly think I would take a picture of a book with a subtitle claiming it was published in 1903 with no proof other than I should believe it? lol priceless.

      1. BTW, Andy is Andy Vrbicek and he has a long history of participation on this blog, mainly in mistaking the facts about the Meier case based on the incompetent, amateurish debunking efforts of Mahesh, etc. Don’t expect any factual rebuttal, substantiated evidence, etc., from him.

        1. That’s too bad… For the most part I think most of us would be resectful in debating any issues with him or anyone else. It sounds to me though that all he wants is to disprove the case and is not honest in his intentions of learning more about it and getting any answers or comments to supposed tough questions… Doubt in the beginning for me was common because this case basically blew any belief system out of the water. And that’s scary for a lot of people… Well it was for me…

        2. MH,

          I don’t expect a factual rebuttal from Andy Vrbicek. The whole point of my post was to provide him with the opportunity to provide one and demonstrate that he couldn’t, or wouldn’t.

          Andy, I am still waiting for an explanation about those photographs. Please do not hesitate to include them in your determination.

          When you provide your analysis, do not stop – please, explain the video footage evidence also. We will follow that with an investigation of various statements made by Mr Meier that seem to indicate foreknowledge of scientific ideas and human events.

          I would hate to accuse a gentleman of your quality of cherry picking evidence, or otherwise distorting proper evidence weighting, and so seek only to provide you with opportunity. 🙂

    2. According to James Allen, he plagiarised ‘Proverbs’ from the Old Testament, for his book ‘As a Man Thinketh’, so, there’s really nothing new under the sun except for that which we add through our own knowledge.

      If Meier is telling the truth and is being advised by real ETs and there’s good evidence to support this, then the information from these ETs including that about the storage banks could be based on fact & we could be seeing the evidence in Mahesh;s comparison. If Meier is lying and plaigarising, do a few chapters in one book, one set of photos, a couple of words in one contact report give us the irrefutable proof we need to confidently say this without looking like shallow idiots, when these few anomolies sit amongst a massive body of tested, validated and original work?

      Proverbs 23:7: For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.
      Proverbs 27:19: As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man.
      Allen: “They themselves are makers of themselves” by virtue of the thoughts which they choose and encourage.
      Meier: The human being is the forger of his/her own fortune.

      The positive effects of Meditation…
      Proverbs 4:21 Don’t forget a single word, but think about it all.
      Proverbs 4:25 Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you.
      Proverbs 4:26 Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.

      In reference to Christian’s comments, Allen’s receptive mind to “messages” was such an important characteristic that his wife, Lily Allen, mentioned this in a preface she wrote in his posthumous book, ‘Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success’:

      “He (James Allen) never wrote theories, or for the sake of writing; but he wrote when he had a message, and it became a message only when he had lived it out in his own life, and knew that it was good. Thus he wrote facts, which he had proven by practice.”

      Sounds like somebody else we know.

  4. What I don’t, for the life of me, understand about bozos like Andy and Co is how in the heck do supposedly normal people get their head in a gordian knot and miss taking into consideration all other information presented by Billy in conjunction with the specific part where they may have contentions with.
    Why do they have such a problem with the truthful explanation given by Billy.
    The more you try to dissect, isolate and reduce Billy’s information into micro components the more you will take away from it the necessary and important context that is vital to understanding it adequately.
    Its reductio ad adsurdum at its worse.
    So do people have any logical explanation for this mental mishap that seems to inflict so many so called skeptics.

    1. matt lee,

      These people aren’t skeptics. They’re deniers. Skeptics are impartial people who find truth based upon weight of evidence. Deniers do nothing but find reasons to say that something isn’t so.

      It doesn’t matter to them what the truth is, or what happens due to their actions. They mostly just want to make people believe what they believe.

      Every time I encounter people like this, I remind myself of professors 100 years ago who screamed as loud as they could that trains could never travel at high speeds because air would be sucked out of the human lung causing passengers to die of asphyxia.

      Some people just want to be listened to, I guess.

      1. Well George you pointed out something quite poignant.
        I have a work collegue who constantly talks and talks as if what he is about to say is the last say he’ll ever get in his life.
        If it wasn’t for the fact that other work collegues were a mature bunch of people he would’ve been ostracized and labelled a di**head for having annoyed the hell out of people.
        Anyway after some personal and very private conversations I had with him for many days after work certain revelation started to emerge in that he was physically and mentally abused as a child when he was growing up and there were periods when he didn’t talk out of protest which gave further reasons for more retaliatory abuse.
        Therefore I had realised after listening to some of these things and more that once a person has died within themselves or rather their ego having been shattered by another person be they their parents, the individual yearns to live again and want to find a way back their lost selves or a self not yet given the chance to find out who they are.
        So the exact phrase you’ve given ‘Some people just want to be listened to, I guess’ is the exact conclusion I’ve come to in terms of this collegue.
        So the point being that lending a genuine non judgemental ear to someone is like a theraputic gift that states to them ‘hey I don’t care who you are or were but frankly you are important and precious enough to be listen to’.
        In regards to the so called Skepdeniertics what Billy said is too important to deny him the well deserved position within these deniers minds by not lending our sympathetic ear to these denier’s denials of Billy.

        1. matt lee,

          It is a shame that the internet doesn’t really provide the opportunity to do that enough, because interactions are too public. People are fearful of being seen as weak or wrong if they change their minds, and so persist.

          If, as you said, you could have a chat quietly to provide a person sanctuary, you could remedy lots of the things that have been bothering them, that are the real cause of many of their behaviours.

          I spoke to a girl at a party once, a long time ago. She had been sexually abused as a child, and carried a lot of guilt/shame. She had seen many counsellors, but because they were “official” counsellors, she could not accept any of their advice, or connect with them. She would put up a shield and dismiss their advice, because and only, of their being counsellors.

          Anyway after perhaps an hour of chatting away and pointing out why I thought she wasn’t making sense, she finally accepted the idea that it wasn’t her fault, which is what she had been telling herself for 20 years, and, as far as I know, rewrote her thinking towards the positive/healing.

          It really goes to show how our systems of interaction, in their artificiality, create a poverty of both humanity and connection that really leaves people isolated. People in cities, surrounded by millions of other humans, in fact live alone, and act crazy because of it. It’s sad.

          1. Well George you can say that again about the city living.
            I’ve been there, lived in it and frankly city life is a spiritual hell.
            There is this restless and incessant action and movement among people propelled by this yearning for connectedness and the desire for relatedness.
            Yet a genuine interaction seems never to occur among people because frankly how the heck do people know how to be a genuine human being to another if they haven’t experienced being a genuine person to themselves let alone know who they really are.
            Obviously this affliction applies to all including myself of course to a greater or lesser degree but at least some of us are aware of the problem thanks to Billy and try to make it a work in progress.
            So you wonder why honest and downright real and genuine interaction between people just don’t seem to happen as the nasty side of human comes takes over and people are prone to backbiting and gossiping over genuinely trying to understand another human being.
            This may be the reason why often human interaction predominantly revolves around people propping up their ego, self aggrandizing, being extremely judgemental, arguing over nothing, being emotional, forcefully imposing their point of view, ordering people around, bickering, stonewalling, evading, avoiding, faking, putting on a facade, faking understanding, just nodding, putting on a smiley face, bitching and so forth.
            So the genuine expression of the human being is suppressed through self censure and for the sake of political correctness and politeness.
            Even false humanitarianism comes into it along with the dreaded tendencies of people to be diplomatic.
            So in the end people are basically talking to each other but not actually to the genuine inner being and the core of each other where it stirs the real person within but instead just at the skeleton of the person.
            It is no wonder then that most interactions are hollow and devoid of any real substance and honesty.
            People are more preoccupied with protecting their own fragile egos and are predominantly defensive especially when other people don’t agree with them.
            This sparks off the proverbial psychological reactions of wanting to redeem their bruised ego by getting back at the one who caused the bruising and maligned sophistry takes place where often taking a jab or rediculing the other takes place.
            All in all most of the interaction is empty rhetoric and hollow words devoid of
            substance and lasting worth.

    2. I don’t know Matt maybe it’s because Mahesh and Andy are the same person. Or maybe Andy just lives up Mahesh’s butt? Either way they are both sh***y people.

          1. I see. Regarding daytime photos: No, I have nothing for you George. They are compelling photographs for sure. So, yes, we can avoid argument. Indeed, I don’t plan on engaging here much. Good luck George and everybody.

            1. How interesting, here’s someone who’s opinion is that Meier ISN’T in contact with extraterrestrials, has effectively called him a liar, hoaxer, backdated of information but…Andy can’t actually substantiate any of his charges and claims. He’s relied on Mahesh’s pathetically inept, amateurish attacks and claims.

              While it may be redundant to state it, Andy’s studying to be a…lawyer.

          2. Yeah Michael and then to top it off with some icing on the cake he says “good luck and take care”
            Can you seriously take care of this brcause I can’t

            1. Too often people only stand for…nothing. They think it’s fair game to smear others and “move on” because they don’t have the slightest idea of what real character is, nor do they yet realize that it’s ultimately the best measure of a person.

          3. Andy Vrbicek,

            I think we should talk about proper human behaviour.

            You came to this place and made some very strong statements. You deliberately chose a single piece of possibly relevant evidence, being of a book allegedly written by someone called Allen, and used that single piece of evidence as the basis of calling someone else, being Mr Billy Meier, a plaigarist, which you then followed by ridiculing others regarding such things as alleged “storage banks”.

            Ignoring for the moment the idea of independent, concurrent production of similar things – which, by the way, happens very frequently in the world of science, whereby unrelated, isolated researchers make the same scientific discovery, in a highly improbable way, that also happens in literature where books, plays or scripts that are virtually identical are written by isolated writers – my question for you is this:

            Do you think that your standard of behaviour is adequate? Is this really the way for a human being to conduct themselves?

            If such a thing were done to you, in all honesty, how would you feel?

          4. I find it funny Andy V that you will no longer partake on this blog when in fact the only times you ever had were to repeat everything Mashesh has claimed. The sad part is that you fell for his nonsense. I thought you wanting to become a lawyer would make you a better investigator, I guess I was wrong.

      1. I am just going to unapologetically go all out and give myself the hedonistic pleasure and the luxury of laughing at your very funny quip.
        Arh Arh Arh Arh Arh
        Cough cough cough

    3. What would we say to those whom only seem to want to see, what they do, for any number of reasons. What if any of us walked up to 85+% of the world and asked them what was wrong… really wrong on this thinking creature created planet? Some would most likely jump to people like Billy, MH and many others seeing a different way? In the end, when it is only us in this world where does the truth lay? In reality, or with the -truth- of what we are and our place within it.
      If I must follow those whom see love, peace, harmony, wisdom, true respect… Free will in the utter power of the thoughts and the individual to live within ‘creation’. Our own individual responsibility to steer cause and effect to the BETTER in all of humanity, consciously conscious within our interactions with ‘nature’ and preserving it at all, and every ‘cost’.
      Such a horrible thing to see as worthy of truth after the facts of dates, pictures, videos, samples, etc, etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc.
      Though hey at least some are half way, as in many are not even willing to comment or look with a straight face at the guy in contact with ‘ET’s’ in Switzerland. Let alone the state and condition of the dear earth we reside on jointly as individuals. In some regards, as far as it may seem, this is all of our world and I will ALWAYS side with those that have the best interest of humanity. There are not truly many these days and I for one-individual, am glad I have tried siding with the good, better….best all humanity truly has the potential to offer, everything.
      Only if I was more of an example to show as to why ‘skeptics’ have lost the ability to see the bright side of any data, even Billy’s, neutrally. There seems to be nothing beyond the individual and our current world state proves the power of exactly what has been stated to each of us listening, over and over again.

      1. Phillip Brandel,

        I am aligned with your point of view. Here is a video that you may enjoy:

        The video is a speaker talking about, of all things, addiction, whereby he explains how treating people as criminals produces one outcome, while treating the same person with compassion produces a second, very different outcome.

        The information is, imo, applicable to all human interactions. Treat your enemy as an enemy, and they will remain so. Treat your enemy as a friend, or at least, allow that opportunity, and they might not be your enemy afterwards. Well worth a watch and some reflection, imo.

        1. Thanks George,
          Goes into a lot of what your current posts align with. Makes sense to me, for the most part.
          As we all become more within one and our true place within the cosmos, people will come together and see the issues and problems needing to be resolved. Thus creating stronger bonds and connections hopefully towards the better which will make ‘addictions'(drug, techno, eating, physical, mental, etc) not as enticing, needed, created to begin with.
          As many things on this world, we are a long ways away from applying what very few are saying, using today.
          It seems easier to be ‘someone else’ online than in person, obviously. As we blend these aspect one byproduct along with making our own mistakes will hopefully be a renewed connection with each other.
          Standing up to the things I have found important in my life has left me very much alone and frustrated lately. Being mentally and physically belittled, condemned, and stricken to hell for eternity has left me extremely dissatisfied with the life I have created, and the connections with the many fearful confused believers surrounding me.
          This is why I have in one regard yearned as of late, to find others willing to connect beyond this rec-hid machine. All was going somewhat swimmingly and thought I had found another to connect with in the physical on their own research and fruition. Though that ship has come and gone and it is time to create new connections and to propel forward with the truth within our world.

          1. I know this isn’t any of my business Philip but tomorrow why don’t you drop them off at church and then head out of dodge and do something you enjoy, that makes you happy.

          2. Philip Brandel,

            From my own perspective, I have felt as you describe at those times when I wanted others to think as I do. I ended up in a lot of conflict, and was frustrated, mainly because I was outnumbered by people whose thinking was very different and unchangeable.

            I instead chose to simply accept the idea that some people arrive at reason through thinking, while others persist in a state of unreason because the world and people around them around them allow them to. When that world changes, as it must, and is, then their ability to live in unreason diminishes.

            So I became a lot more patient, waiting for the world to do what I could not, accepting the idea that it was unreasonable of me to expect the vast majority of people to rapidly figure out the errors in their thinking while being surrounded by other people equally unaware, who reinforce them. As a result, my frustration was greatly reduced.

            While I find it a bit sad that many people around me value things that are worthless very highly, and devalue things of true worth, which leads them to compound their own misery, I think it would be wrong of me to use myself up needlessly. So I became selective in who I spent time with, and how much energy/help I gave the unhelpable, preferring to just wait for the greatest teacher of all time, Reality, to arrive.

            Hope you found some of this perspective helpful in some small way.

          3. Hello again George,
            Its like it goes in phases for me. First must except and try and understand consciously that it is truly only myself that I must connect with the most. It seems all to often that the connections we loose with each other in some ways obviously begins with the connection we lost with ourselves.
            Is hard sometimes to try and stand up in some small way, if only in thought, to the situations around one, when the real things in need of change only stay idle in the individual thoughts, feelings, actions. Stifled by finding a place externally when the one inside is neglected.
            You write with a logic that is respectable and I appreciate the warm and thoughtful words George. If only you were one of my neighbors, within the physical:)

          4. Sheila,
            Not all of us are as lucky as some of you Canadians.
            Been in some funny way keeping an hour ticker to the nearest person I have found interested in this info(Billy Meier, etc….) Well, as far as the internet will get me. So far here at MH’s site someone from my home town created an ISIS online petition, pro Billy, when I confronted him, crickets was what I got. Though the hours have been slowly dwindling away….
            Not as much about dumping them as is about finding others in my area to connect with and have an engaging thoughtful conversation. Though that will not come with whining and standing idle, as frustrating and expensive as it may be. Not very neutral to stand idle as much as it may sway things for awhile. Most in my life are what I like to call ‘closet’ believers. As they say one and do another based on their own individual created beliefs…. mixed with a little self truth to really get the ball going. Will be ice fishing with a few the upcoming couple of days….. nod their head to your face and fry you over their religious beliefs when you turn around:)
            Have a good old Minnesotan fish fry.

          5. Philip Brandel,

            What do you mean “in the physical” – what am I, some sort of ghost? 🙂 I am perfectly real, thanyou. It is everybody else that lives in this little computer contraption like a bunch of genies that don’t come out even when I rub it, or give out 3 wishes.

            What you are saying reflects my own process/experience.

            First you have a long think, get some good ideas, and communicate them to others enthusiastically, thinking that they will appreciate it. They don’t. You end up having a big fight.

            Then you have a think about it (usually while still being mad at the other person or feeling unsettled about their reaction to your well intentioned, well reasoned ideas), and so later on deliver your ideas in a different way. You then end up in fight number 2, which is slightly different to the flavour of fight number 1.

            It goes back and forth for a few years while you slowly understand what you are/how you think, compared to what they are/how they think, until you start seeing which ideas of yours are supported by reality, and which ideas of theirs are supported by unreality (unreality being either their erronous beliefs, or people around them who share/support their unreal beliefs).

            It was my experience that it was best to be careful, since sometimes, with more thought/experience, you discover that some of your ideas were actually wrong, meaning that you were accidentally doing the other person an unintentional disservice.

            Logically it can’t happen any other way, since you can’t see your own errors in thinking, or you wouldn’t think that way in the first place.

            I found it best to be very honest about myself, to myself, but selective in which ideas I shared with others strongly, versus which I shared with others in an indirect way. eg if a person strongly believed an idea/point of view that was obviously wrong, I’d say something like “this other person said this, which is interesting – what do you think?” and that’s it. Let them mull it over and either figure it out, which they either will or wont. Sometimes they point things out that you yourself didn’t see.

            I found that in the end, I sometimes felt that my own personality split, whereby the super rational thoughtful part of me was observing the other part of me that was doing the day to day living/talking, then analyzing thought/actions later on in quiet moments of reflection, whereby with honesty, progress gets to happen. Being honest about yourself is probably the most difficult part, since you naturally get a bit biased about your own ideas always being right.

            Anyway that has been a part of my experience that you might be interested in.

  5. I came across with this:
    In terms of profiting it can be that, for example, a human makes a discovery or says or writes something particular, and so forth, which is then captured by another human somewhere in the world by means of fine-matter perception – which is however also possible through the collective subconscious – after which this other human then makes the same discovery or says or writes the same thing, and so forth.
    The basis for the entire thing coming about in this sense is that synchronization occurs, for which reason, in this regard, one speaks of a meaningful harmonization between notion and experience, which is also called a synchronistic event.

  6. Hi, I tried e-mailing Greer for opinions or information on Billy Meier . Never got response or answer??? He must of been too busy.
    I have been looking at the Keshe foundation . I am not sure what to think about this.
    It might be a real good thing if it does work , but after all his videos of hours and hours ,there are no real working models. Unless , he hoping someone will make something work for them. Any thoughts on this.

    1. From my understanding of him and his “mission”, if no money is involved then I’m sure he has no time. But if you wanna see moving sparkles in the sky, pay him 2k and he’ll make sure he calls his e.t. friends for some night time lights in the sky!! Oh boy! Sorry… I should be more neutral positive… I just get really irritated by phonies… But that’s my personal understanding of him and his cause. I at first really admired his cause when I initially started hearing about him and his disclosure project… Just more disinformation that distracts the masses from the real deal BEAM contacts… In my opinion that is…

    2. One thought on Keshe’s 4 day interrogation, what a bunch of Canadian thugs and thieves who call themselves security forces. It doesn’t surprise me as we know that out police forces are trained by Blackwater aka Xe aka Academi. Shoot to kill, ask questions later.

    1. I found it interesting that the powers that be made it mandatory for pregnant women to receive the DTaP/TDaP vaccine at 20weeks gestation.

  7. Donating Meier’s books to jail libraries is a great idea!Is the Goblet Of Truth a good book to read if one is just starting to read the Meier information for the first time??

    1. I think that The Might of the Thoughts and/or The Way to Live would be excellent and easier in a number of ways. For one, the Goblet is a very big book, weighing 4 1/2 pounds.

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