So pile up the pasta, butter up the popcorn and decide what you’re going to do now that you know

Apparently anxious to follow in Germany’s footsteps, Italy is now awaiting the new contingent of refugees so as to accelerate the destabilization of the country and, like the French as well, make sure that the Henoch Prophecies are fulfilled to the letter:

175. And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver.

And for the benefit of those who still have trouble grasping that Billy Meier specifically foretold all of these problems concerning asylum seekers, etc., we’ll once again post links.

Let’s start with Meier’s 1951 Letter:

30. Through mass tourism from the industrialized countries, along with economic refugees from the entire world the industrialised countries will become inundated, as will a monstrous problem with asylum seekers become insoluble.

Meier elaborated further, in 1958:

53.) An unimagined impending asylum seeker problem will break over the industrialized countries before the turn of the millennium and evoke asylum seeker tourism through which a great many asocial elements emigrate who release a crime wave, whereby the worldly possessions of many people will no longer be safe, nor will life and limb.

In 1964, Meier also wrote:

Also asylum seeker, neo-nazi and extremist entities, ethnic migration, worldwide terrorism and new wars will spread out and create dissent, need and misery and other new, big problems.

These exist in all areas, therefore in medicine, in the vanishing drinking water, in the inexhaustible consumption of energy as well as in constantly increasing worldwide terrorism.

Then, in 1981,

Italy and France will be shaken, due to Sansculottes*, who murderously and by arson destroy every order: Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down.

You can also search also for the word “terror” here and here to further affirm the lack of ambiguity about Meier’s predictive accuracy.

What Do We Do?

While it’s still a bit of a mystery why so-called “futurists” aren’t rushing to vet Meier’s prophetic and predictive information, it’s also surprising that more people haven’t yet asked, “What do we do?” rather than just stare at the information and concoct evasive, skeptical theories, or try to comfort themselves with dismissive, cynical denial.

Fortunately, there’s a compilation of some of the specific recommendations from Meier’s material for creating peace and harmony on Earth, lacking as it may be in escapist entertainment value, pointless prayers and dead-end, hyperbolic political irrelevancy, though some of our distant survivors may curse us for having been too self-satisfyingly stupid to have heeded it.

So pile up the pasta, butter up the popcorn and decide what you’re going to do now that you know.


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167 comments on “Italy Prepares for Its Undoing

  • “Excellent list of donors Dennis, before Mahesh went to the dark side. I hope they demand their money back. Looks like Mahesh shouldn’t give up his day job.”

    Sheila, they are the donations Mahesh received in the last 6 months so not doubt most of those would be from people who’d are against the case. I find it hard to believe that people who are for the case would donate Mahesh any money.

    When Mahesh started to research the case people would give him Meier material for free to check out because they thought he was helping to prove the case real.

    Imo, I think it’s all a sham and very little if any of those money donations go to buying Meier material.

    • Dennis Ryan,

      Let’s think differently for a minute. How many people would really donate to a person just to fund that persons crusade against another person or thing?

      Look at big issues like drugs that hurt hundreds of thousands of people. Getting those people, who were actually hurt, to donate to an individual for purposes or research to prove harm rarely happens.

      Same goes for online radio hosts who are very compelling, who have tens of thousands of listeners. Despite their please to audiences, they also get few donations.

      MH has to work quite hard, providing a lot of content on a variety of platforms like radio etc, and actually sell things, to finance what he is doing.

      So you’re telling me that some random guy called Mahesh, with a tiny platform and limited audience, is pulling in donations from people all over the world, to go after someone like Meier, who in the eyes of the vast majority of people, is unknown, when drug advocates or radio hosts fail, and MH has to run an online store?

      It doesn’t seem right to me. Something is being misrepresented imo.

      • You’re right George as it seems the misrepresentation was done by Mahesh by claiming he was an investigator, it’s obvious he really sucks at it. Then you have to look at how much attention he gets being against Meier’s accurate information. As you probably know the anti-Meier crowd will take every retarded thing Mahesh can come up with and run with it.

        • Sheila Clark,

          I have always thought that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at who they themselves look to for opinions or advice.

          I personally don’t want to be the kind of person who spends any of my valuable time analysing the writings of a person who has incoherent thought patterns.

          Credibility is a perishable thing. There is even a childrens story about it. Something about a wolf and someone crying.

          • First off Mahesh should change his site name to bumfor (bad unintellent musings for onerous rewards). Who does Mahesh look to for info? It appears he likes to link above top secret and Stuart Robbins weird little rant blog (look at me I’m so great, NASA funds me). So if that’s his source of “intelligence”, he’s obviously in with the crying crowd.

          • But if you are asking me who Mahesh goes to for advice in the FIGU community, I would say Robyn Foley. I did post a comment (which never got approved by the English FIGU forum) asking her to clarify where she stood in regards to Mahesh. The fact that my comment was never posted and there has not been any clarification from Robyn tells me more than I need to know.

          • Sheila Clark,

            I wasn’t really talking about Mahesh. I was talking about us 🙂

            So there is a guy called Mahesh who has made it his life mission to disprove Billy Meier, who perhaps talks to a bunch of people at FIGU, and who has, based on observed behaviour, some evidently illogical thought patterns.

            For us, the previous two facts aren’t really relevant. They’re his personal beliefs or behaviours. Talking about those things is, really, gossip. The fact that matters is the one about thought patterns. Mahesh showed himself to think in a wonky way.

            As a result, discerning people, whose thought patterns are refined, and who look for people of substance to observe or learn from, aren’t going to pay him much heed.

            If you call him names, all you really do is send a signal to surrounding discerning people that you yourself sometimes get caught in gossip traps or get frustrated when confronted by noisy confused people.

            From what I have seen, Mahesh is on about the same thought level as those people you see holding up signs warning you to join their religion immediately, before the world catches fire.

            Would you waste even a single minute finding out who those people have been talking to, or who might be financing their purchase of cardboard, or call them a name?

      • George,

        Mahesh is a skeptic of the Meier case and so is his website even though it masquarades as a pro and con website. Being a skeptic it’s fair to assume that most of his donations come from skeptical people. Maybe some even come from some intelligence agencies that he doesn’t know of?

        • Dennis Ryan,

          Are you sure that it is correct to call him a skeptic? I do not think that his behaviour matches that of a skeptic. Perhaps what you are thinking is baseless assumption. (Which I say in a really nice way by the way 🙂 – I ask that of myself regularly so as to refresh my thinking)

          What I see from his actions is a person who blurts out selected pieces of information so as to create confusion and polarized opinions. That is not skeptical. That is childish troublemaking, in my opinion. Or gossip.

          I do not know enough about the person to say where or what his donations are. Since I have not seen the computer code that makes up his website, there is no way for me to know if they are real donations at all, or if a page saying that donations had been received was simply invented so as to create the illusion of credibility. Anything I say would be pure speculation, which imo would be dishonest.

          I will maintain, though, that something does not seem right to me, and will go further by saying that far too much attention has been given to that person. I care much more about the quality of what is said, than who paid (or didn’t pay) to hear it.

          • George, Mahesh is a skeptic now. Whenever he talks about the case it’s always skeptic. He recently did a pot cast radio interview on the case and he admitted being a skeptic of the case and that’s all he talked about. He is a skeptic.

          • Dennis Ryan,

            A “skeptic” is a person who questions, or who doubts.

            The behaviour I have seen indicates that this Mahesh person has concluded that Meier is a hoaxer. He has arrived at a determination with finality.

            Saying that a skeptic is certain is like saying that a corpse is dying. It makes no sense.

            Next thing you know he will declare that he is a giant midget who enjoys flying underwater.

    • I concur Sheila
      Just one niggling little problem though, the apple does not fall very far from the tree’s tree although its fair to say that his grandchildren are two generations removed maybe this joke of Matt’s could work if literally followed up.

      • No George, the name calling I do for laughs. Don’t you remember sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me? He’s welcome to call me whatever because I simply don’t care.
        Well that’s what happened, why should I hide the fact that Robyn refuses to clarify where she stands when it comes to Mahesh? You have, MH has, most of the regular bloggers have, but she can’t??? Give me a break.
        Yes I would George, I would waste a minute to find out what their issues are. I like a good one on one conversation, as people are a lot more open. Everyone always knows where they stand with me, is that wrong?

        • Sheila Clark,

          I didn’t say that any of it was wrong. I’m not judging. Where you focus your attention is your business.

          Maybe it is my own personal quirk, but I tend to see the content of posts more than the names at the top. Sometimes consistently good people say dumb stuff and sometimes complete idiots have a flash of golden insight.

          Maybe it is because I am part of the generation that has had a lot of time on the internet, but it has been my experience that insulting people online harms the insulter as much as the insultee. The insulter sets themselves up wanting a reaction from the people they have insulted, and so the internet becomes a place of ego combat rather than information transfer.

          As for this Robyn person – I didn’t know that she was alive before you said so. If her thoughts are important to you, I hope you find out 🙂

        • Well well well Sheila
          Is it worth donating him a book or do you think its a waste of time.
          Are you going to be there to see him?

  • OK,then why is Mahash STILL on the They Fly Blog since this fool depicts Meier as a huklcer and creates his own dare-devil tricks to deceive us all on this very blog? What a shame that MH STILL lets this fool write all his detribes on MH`s blog! “OUCH!”

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