The Meditations

Quickly cleansing the consciousness of the pervasive, depressing effects of the self-created sea of stupidity we’ve chosen to immerse ourselves in

Let’s briefly contemplate some future events and developments, such as new mirrorless car technologies reminding us of the ever-approaching, next San Francisco mega-earthquake, the idiotic rush to transhumanism clearly forewarned about by Billy Meier 21 years ago and Russia’s a-little-too-much response to Meier’s warnings about asteroid Apophis.

Most likely the majority of the US presidential candidates will rely on their favorite Guy-in-the-Sky to protect the world from impact. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Donald Kasich, and Marco Rubio have made clear their deep faith in “the Lord”, an invisible Sky Daddy who’s in charge of everything but who must be constantly reminded to do his job right, lest the wrong football team – or army – wins the game. The convivial Carson has a lovely painting of himself with the Big Fella’s Only Begotten Son next to him, claw-like hand on his shoulder, though certainly he’s not the only one claiming a “personal relationship” with pop and junior.

While NASA hasn’t said so, they too must have an all-abiding faith that the King of the Heavens will assure that no satanic slap shots get past the Godly Goaltender himself, since they’ve already expressed their confidence that Apophis poses no real threat to us.

Perhaps some people are still hopeful that so-called scientists, futurists, UFO “researchers” and others really want to find, let alone know, the truth. But the inescapable fact is that world at large isn’t interested. People are more concerned with the dog-and-pony show known as politics, where the least wise, most ambitious, religiously and/or politically deluded human beings push themselves before the salivating puppies for the expressed purpose of gaining more power.

The willing masses, untroubled that their candidates on the right pander to them by declaring their devotion to an invisible, sadistic, child-sacrificing deity from a primitive, superstitious, ancient cult religion, or that the most ambitious candidate on the left needs only to fog a mirror in order to establish that she’s lying, dutifully and enthusiastically plunge into the drama as if it was anything other than a cynical farce, the almost inevitable outcome of which is more war to salvage the plunging US economy, all of which has its origins in our “building and operating a world police force, as it is the case already for a long time”. Cause and effect, for those who are capable of understanding.

In a world where intrigues, betrayals, conflicts and machinations of all sorts seem to be the micro and macro realities, the stuff of individual and collective lives and indeed the source of much entertainment as well, where the actual methods by which all this is conveyed to us is toxic to the point of severe physiological and consciousness-related damage, I’ve taken a little time recently to focus on other matters. (No, it hasn’t escaped my notice that the pragmatic, not infallible Plejaren also took a calculated risk by ostensibly being the ones who kick started our digital age that’s also resulted in rapidly dumbing down the majority of those with access to their techno-toys to the point of being incapable of such simple things as conducting an intelligent face-to-face conversation, speaking in full sentences, writing with pen or pencil, and other component behaviors formerly associated with modern, intelligent human beings.)

The Way to Live

One specific antidote to the spreading degradation of consciousness is The Way to Live, the deep, incisive, most recently translated book of spiritual teaching from Meier. The spiritual teaching is the core element and purpose of the Meier contacts. We were first presented with the eye candy, Meier’s voluminous body of stunningly clear, still irreproducible UFO photos, films, video, etc., effectively informing us that we were neither alone, nor the most advanced lifeforms, in the universe. Next, we discovered that the over 26,000 pages of information in the case, transcribed by Meier with one hand, in German, at speeds of up to 100 words per minute, contained an abundance of specific, prophetic and predictive information, which has unfolded pretty much unerringly and all too often also unfortunately.

With those two elements available for investigation, the question as to why an advanced, space and time traveling extraterrestrial race would bother to contact an irresponsible race of entertainment and thrill seeking knuckle-draggers was answered in the form of the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching, which also contains clear, logical steps, recommendations and advice as to how to rectify our greatest problems and assure our very threatened future survival.

Perhaps, it must have been hoped, that the teaching could actually take hold among even a small number of the population of this planet, seemingly dominated by those-who-like-to-blow-things-and-themselves-up, sufficient to eventually sprout and bear fruit among the future grateful survivors of the epic manmade cataclysms and catastrophes that generations of thoughtless, careless and clumsy human beings gave cause to.

Well, why not give that a try, perhaps…during a commercial break?

It may not be possible to convey in this article just how meaningful and impactful the spiritual teaching is in these books, which include The Goblet of the Truth, The Might of the Thoughts and The Psyche, for English readers. It also should be explained again that Billy Meier has not only once again brought forth elements of the ancient spiritual teaching, some of which have in part been previously expressed by the prophets of old and even, in not always correct and uncorrupted form, by various philosophers, writers and even religious contributors throughout the ages, but that Meier has brought forward completely unknown or long suppressed elements of the teaching. That which has been deliberately suppressed and/or corrupted was done so by the religions to keep from humankind the truly liberating, self-empowering knowledge, wisdom and understanding that would otherwise make the people…uncontrollable by these systems, which we know today are filled with wealth-seeking, costume-wearing pedophiles who mumble in ancient language and invoke arcane symbolism, as do their secular counterparts who carry on the insidious traditions and ambitions for world power and domination, ever unmindful of their actual insignificance other than as temporary, degenerative elements on this tiny spinning speck of cosmic lint.

The Way to Live is full of information on various, and most probably largely unknown, meditative processes. Reading, contemplating and practicing any of which can quickly cleanse the consciousness of the lingering, pervasive, depressing effects of the sea of stupidity we’ve chosen to create and immerse ourselves in, as well as give us real perspective about the ever continuing cycle of both life and death.

There really is something far better and it’s only a breath, a moment away, which is probably why it’s been so difficult for us to know about, desire and find it.


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41 Replies to “The Meditations”

  1. The guy who wrote about Russia’s plan to nuke Apophis said,

    “When you think about it, it is pretty strange that we spend over half a trillion dollars a year on defense against other humans, when we could all just as easily be wiped out, or at least partially, by a giant rock just going about its business in space. It shows just how near-sighted the human race is, especially considering we have the technology to protect ourselves.”

    Aint that the truth? I’m really worried about the build up of Saudi and Turkish troops preparing to invade Syria. It is a meditation weekend this weekend…(2/20, 2/21) You can check your local times here:

  2. Gregory, If you haven`t heard on the news,Turkey is already planning to invade Syria thanks to the bombing that just happened last night,talk about Saudi hegemony going awrie? “What a Bummer!”

  3. Right on, MH. Thank you for the reminder that it’s all silliness.
    The challenge for me seems to be “how to function in a dysfunctional world.”
    Herman Hesse said it well in Siddhartha: “Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”
    As humanity slides further off the rails I’m grateful for a place where there are voices that remind me there is a better way to live, and that
    it’s okay to reject the utter nonsense that permeates our reality.

  4. ..I’ve personally researched the UFO subject for 20 years or so..only to finally realize that Billy’s information is most likely the truth as I’ve come full circle in my quest for gnosis..I’m kinda new to the spiritual teachings but I’d like to dedicate the rest of my life to indulging in Meier’s wonderous material and knowledge to better my spiritual self.. It’s easy to get lost and led astray where I’m from..I hope I can be worthy on my path to enlightenment!.. Thank you Billy,MH and the followers of the true teachings!!

    1. The only thing I saw was any publicity is good publicity. A birthday party isn’t the same as going to church, which I don’t believe Trump does. I like the fact that former NSA and CIA head Michael Hayden said today that some of what Trump has been talking about has made him uncomfortable.
      Billy has said that Americans need to vote in someone of merit and the only two who have good qualities are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Wouldn’t that be awesome if they teamed up and ran together lol.

      1. Really eh? Maybe I was too unwilling to trust that man Bernie Sanders. I hope that my opinion shared on Facebook doesn’t have any serious repercussions.

        If I was wrong in how I evaluated his character, then .. I don’t know. I’m tired and just got home from work.

        Does anybody in the US need some financial aid to afford a pyramid? I’m working this week, and live right near the FLCA. So I don’t NEED one. Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to that symbol of the tree of life. And the US probably really needs that, eh?

        1. Wait a minute, there might be reasons why the plans for them got taken down recently, that mean everybody should exercise their own self-responsibility. I don’t know how it all works. I’m brainstorming here, and some ideas are bound to be wrong.

          1. Oh heck. I’m going to buy a DVD for myself on my pay cheque 🙂 I already like your line “standing in spirit”, MH. It’ll be awesome to have a visual-aural companion to the books. Now that I am working I can put in some more effective study time too. It’s hard working up the volition at times but it’s immensely worth it when it finally gets done enough times for the reward.

        2. Tyler, I will always need financial aid for a pyramid but like all financial matters, I will just give it all away. With the tree of life concept and the tree of knowledge just divide the human brain apart they both are in the same fertile grounds upon which we each control if we are willing. Perfect mirror images of each other are with in each of us. With the expansion of the creational powers we all carry, maybe the evolution of earth can be more gente than the masses human beings are pushing so hard for.. Peace Billy Wilson

      2. Sheila, we Americans are being forced into a multiple choice test where all the of answers are wrong. The group of insane that filled our airports are clearly in view with a little bit of pausing on the screen. Religions and money stay very close to each other in the USA. Peace Billy Wilson

        1. Billy, all the choices are wrong? North America is not that far ahead yet, where we can elect a non religious leader. But you can elect someone who pretends to be religious because they know that they still need the religious vote. This is probably the first time in your current lifetime where the elitists are afraid. This election is going to either make or break your country. To me, you only have one clear choice. That would be the one who makes the establishment’s heads explode (figuratively). The only one who is not beholden to any group or organization. The only one who can strip the secret government of their power.

          1. Currently the media is railing against Trump over his supposed closeness to the KKK. How about your media blackout on the town hall forum where a Trump supporter was kicked out for wearing a KKK t-shirt. Media blackout on that and a lot of other things. Don’t believe or trust your media. For example look how they are downplaying Hillary’s staffer who was granted immunity by the justice department to cooperate with the FBI over Hillary’s emails. Doesn’t sound like someone who doesn’t have something to hide. Hillary may just get indicted over this.

          2. And this morning the psychopath Mitt Romney came out telling Republicans to shun Trump.
            Trump claims he’s been audited for the last 12 years means to me (because I help taxpayers when they are audited) that he has been targeted. It’s not about whether his accountants did right or wrong, it’s about being targeted by the IRS, just to send him a message. I’ve seen it before and they can’t find anything wrong but are on a standing order to audit every year. Why? To make that person appear like they are a criminal in waiting. If they haven’t found anything in 12 years, they aren’t going to find anything.

  5. Shelia, search for Billy Graham he and all his fellow pastors are tax except across the board they report nothing. Look at the entire area around him they pay nothing due to poverty. Now do you really think that chair beside him was free, or the one the Governor of Alaska behind him was free. That would not be the American way of getting PR. Peace always Billy Wilson

    1. Billy, your system is set up that way to allow the religious freaks to be tax free. I’m not arguing that fact. Of course they ALL spent huge amounts of money securing that chair. The difference is Trump is spending his own money. Meanwhile all other candidates are spending corporation, union or lobbyist groups money for a similar chair. It has always been the way to get PR, don’t be fooled by media rhetoric. The presidential candidate will continue to have to have the appearance of being religious to get elected. It’s that simple. Peace to you as well.

      1. Let me put this another way Billy. You have a religious family member or friend who is turning 92 years old and you are invited to their birthday celebration. Would you go?

        1. Sheila, I do not play that game, the only happy person at a child’s birth is the woman that birth. And the current system that makes an income from it.
          Peace Always
          Billy Wilson

          1. Billy I’m not asking you to play a game, I simply asked you a question. I think it’s important not to hold someone to a higher standard than you can hold yourself. So I personally would go, if invited. I wouldn’t go if I had to pay to get in. I also wouldn’t have any idea of all the people who would be invited or whether or not they are good people. But I would go if I liked the person whose birthday it was, religious or not. What I usually do if a prayer is made is to look straight ahead, eyes open and not be part of it. I would never repeat the lawds prayer. Since none of can get away from weddings or funerals where much of this is done anyways, would it not be best to figure out how to be able to attend but not participate in the religion? You’re wrong about birthdays because every Feb. 3rd I send a birthday greeting and I’m not his mom.

          2. Hey Sheila could do as my brother and I started doing some 10 years ago. Waiting outside the church in peaceful protest. We both got sick of acting like what was happening inside these buildings was tolerable. Have done this now on 3 occasions in full flux and would probably be more if went to these things more to begin with, stuck around when stopping in to say hi, and actually got invited as many around me know better(church part at least). Have only ones actually been in a church during ‘service’ since then as my friends best man. Stood up front like the rest of the zombies and did nothing but think peaceful thoughts in my consciousness. The priest actually gave me a dirty look on that one, for my lack of apparent ‘participation’:).
            Last time was my grandpas funeral, he passed at 102 and was a very religious person. My brother and I waited outside and when it was time to carry him to his grave we jumped right in….. right at the doors to this utter delusional systems physical essence, in front of all that was left of my grandpas family and friends.
            To be quite honest my brother and I actually got quite good reviews from this system of rebellion and it has sent shock waves through my large family…. for better or worse. What a better way to show others the meaning of something by jumping right in and rebelling for what is right. There is no respect to be found in these buildings and for at least the two of us we have stood against this damaging tradition of supporting these organizations.

          3. Good for you Philip. You have a lot of experience deflecting the nonsense called religion. I like the fact that the priest noticed your lack of participation lol. Keep up the great work!

  6. A great cause to peacefully fight against.
    I can only be humbled within respect for being among st all of you. The thoughts here at MH blog give me hope to move forward, as much as I individually can, towards that which is right and true.

    1. Phil,

      Here is something that Corey had just posted on the FIGU forum, which is a good reminder about certain words:

      “‘Modesty’ (Bescheidenheit) is absolutely recommended in the spiritual teaching for everyone, and is even a symbol in Billy’s symbol book
      (page 39) that one could study, if so inclined. It is ‘humble’ that is not recommended (no symbol), as this is related to submissiveness/subservience, and has been abused by cult-religions on the populace for thousands of years, to control the population.
      Submissiveness/Subservience (Demut/Unterwürfigkeit) is also a symbol on page 63, as is one of the polar opposites to Modesty, which is
      Boastfullness (Grosssprecherei) page 212.”

      1. Never in my life have I come to see the power of words, and there resonance within thought, before reading through what I have of Billys information. Another word to think about and see a different way… Maybe begin to add to this twisted English language of mine.
        Got to start getting to that forum more often also…
        Thanks for the thoughts, as always Michael….

      2. I’m glad “Humble” has never been a part of my vocabulary haha. Weirdly I used to think that if one prayed, it could only be for another’s benefit, that you couldn’t / shouldn’t pray for oneself. It’s been an interesting journey in finding out that meditation is useful for oneself and of course the peace meditation is for all earth humanity.

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