How MUFON Helped the Spread of ISIS

Fear of going out of business trumps preventing the spread of ISIS, the fulfillment of Meier’s other prophecies and even the possible danger to their own lives

I recently spoke with someone in the MUFON organization who is actually concerned with the real world, unlike many people who involve themselves with “researching” UFOs. In fact, she was extremely concerned about the spread of ISIS, or the IS. Her fears are not unfounded of course but she was unaware of how MUFON’s suppression of the Billy Meier UFO case helped the spread of ISIS.

It began in 1953 – 16 years before MUFON was founded  – when Asket told Meier:

70. But the fight for the truth will be very hard because you will have to fight against the lack of understanding and lack of reason of sectarian ufological groups, and so forth, who are strongly anchored in the religious and in pseudo-sciences.

71. In regard to that, take note especially of the coming worldwide organisation for ufological work, MUFON, because – along with various pathological know-it-alls and slanderers of truth – it will be your greatest adversary.

A Variation on Planned Obsolescence

In fact, for decades MUFON has gone to great lengths to suppress, ignore and ridicule the Meier case, since it’s the only scientifically proven, still ongoing extraterrestrial contact case and, therefore, extremely bad for a business that relies on speculation about unsubstantiated and inconclusive evidence and information in order to keep going.

It also relies on unscientific procedures and curious but unqualified “investigators” contributing to the now often deservedly marginalized, disinformation laden field of UFOlogy, where suddenly everybody and their grandmother is an “alien abductee”, “experiencer”, “contactee”, or similarly hysterical, delusional participant. Interestingly enough, if you point out the great unlikelihood (and lack of credible evidence) that anyone is being abducted by “aliens”, these people get very mad at the notion that they’re not victims of some nefarious, intergalactic plot. Go figure.

More Let’s Pretend

As I also pointed out, in order to stay in business, MUFON has to make sure that neither it, nor anyone, else finds what they pretend to be looking for. I’ll again state the otherwise rarely mentioned idea that if extraterrestrials exist and are actually visiting this planet, there must be a reason for it. I’ve also stated that it wouldn’t be for us to chase lights-in-the-sky, or to create careers for so-called “UFO experts”.

The fact that the Meier case is overflowing with the actual reason as it pertains to our future survival – in more than 26,000 pages of remarkable information published by Meier for over 65 years – is precisely why MUFON and other organizations also seek to suppress it, at what we can now see has been unimaginably costly to humankind. They’re right up there with the multi-millennial, mind-enslaving machinations of…religion in imprisoning progress and the development of consciousness and self-responsibility, which are key elements of the Meier information. In fact, some in MUFON behave in a very overt, cult-like manner to even prevent presentations on the Meier case.

I began pointing out MUFON’s complicity in the UFO community and industry disinformation game almost six years ago on this blog and years before in various presentations. Their credibility as a serious UFO research organization wasn’t helped by the Lizard Lady, or by what their then new director, Jan Harzan, said three years ago. A few months later I began to contact Harzan in order to develop a dialogue with him about the Meier case, since he already accidentally acknowledged its authenticity; I reported our first signs of progress some months after that. Coincidentally, one day later, I published this warning.

If Only

Imagine what may have taken place in the world if only the most prominent UFO investigating organization had publicly announced its interest in exploring the voluminous, already authenticated evidence in the Meier case. After all, the discovery of credible evidence for actual extraterrestrial contact would be the single most important event in human history, notwithstanding the many decades’ long attempt to turn it into mere entertainment, one of MUFON’s other priorities.

Not entirely unexpectedly, my enthusiasm for seeming progress with MUFON in openly and honestly actually investigating and reporting on the Meier case would be dampened by the reality of its rigid refusal to do so, based undoubtedly on its real, unchanged agenda and ties to governmental and intelligence agencies. This was independently echoed and embellished upon by our friend Joe in this video, when he further explained how people who report on UFOs are actually assisting research in product development for the secret military.

As a clear example of the cynicism of MUFON’s bureaucratic indifference to the truth, on August 12, 2014, I received this terse response from Robert Powell, Director of Research at MUFON, to my email asking to interview him regarding his research into Meier’s abundant, authenticated UFO photos, films, etc., much of which I had already personally forwarded to him:

“I am swamped currently with tasks related to the study of UFOs. I have not had a chance to look at the information that you have sent me and I do not anticipate having the time in the near future.”

That’s right, he was too busy studying UFOs to look at Meier’s evidence, etc. Do you still have any doubts that you’re on Planet Suicidally Stupid?

In October 2014, I was already asking, “How different would all of our lives have been had MUFON promoted free access to the Billy Meier UFO case?”, which I now claim was a very warranted concern in regards to what has happened concerning ISIS.

While Asket forewarned Meier, in 1953, of MUFON’s coming adversarial role, only five years later, in 1958, Meier foretold:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for the earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

The People Were Warned

Meier didn’t stop there, as we also reported in articles like this, linking back to information we’d published in 2005, and which I’d already included in my 2004 DVD, The Meier Contacts – The Key to Our Future Survival, a pertinent clip from which I also included in When Truth Prevails.

But the Director of Research and everyone else at MUFON were too busy “studying UFOs” to notice that the reason for the only actual, authentic UFO contacts were centered around helping us to assure our own very threatened future survival. They were certainly too busy, in November 2014, to notice or care about the unprecedented call to arms by Meier and the Plejaren, or this warning four days earlier, that we risked being plunged back into the Dark Ages by the genocidal psychopaths of the IS.

Even so-called UFO researchers with scientific backgrounds affiliated with MUFON – and with generations of family members to be concerned about – opt to peddle books and babble on about “aliens” and “flying saucers”, perpetuating the real cover-up that has now resulted in helping ISIS to spread, worldwide. Lest the publicity hungry Stephen Bassett and his nonsensical “exopolitics” disinformation organization feel slighted, they too are complicit in this self-serving, profit-oriented, disinformation-spewing, essentially suicidal cynicism as well.

Now You Know Why

And so when asked several months ago, “Why hasn’t Jan Harzen had MUFON officially investigate the Meier case?”, the answer remains that their fear of going out of business trumps preventing the spread of ISIS, the fulfillment of Meier’s other prophecies and even the possible danger…to their own lives.



NOTE: Of course UFO researchers aren’t alone in their ignorance, profit-seeking and complicity in allowing this unchecked spread of “irrepressible terror all over the world” as Meier has recently again explained, along with how we risk being pushed in to a major world war by US policies, which are also central to the cover-up of the Meier case. Add to this the complicity of various governments, leaders and business leaders who all benefit fro the ISIS financially…at last for now.

For bad measure, there’s also the shamelessly superficial and pseudo-scientific ASU CSI and their (well-funded) cartoon cult contributions to clobbering consciousness and protecting their students from such dangerous things as the Meier case.

May we also please recognize and understand that our lives and our fates aren’t determined, remedied, or salvaged by some imaginary, cloud inhabiting cult deity but by our own thoughts, feelings and actions?

People sell out their country and their own real interests, in all sorts of ways, all the time. In fact, the husband of the current power-hungry, incapable-of-uttering-the-truth, contestant for the US presidency set a lot of this in motion almost 20 years ago. Ya gotta love politics and its ceaselessly profit and advantage seeking imbecility, all in defiance of the immutable law of cause and effect.

And remember,  this is America and…anything for a buck.

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  1. Mufon is the never ending search for sci fi entertainment and megalomania , the greatest story ever told sits right there in Switzerland with a one armed swiss farmer, 70 plus my years ad Mufon won’t even dig into it .. the photo of the wedding cake Ufo hovering over Edwards bus , taken before photoshop and computers by a man with one arm should at least peak their interest.

  2. Given the time era that Mr. Meier took these photographs, it did not take me long to see the Meier case was more than just pictures. It was the mannerism in which he speaks to his contacts as well as how he instructs the human race through the thousands of articles of teaching, instructions, and prophetic material that has proven to me the intelligence of what has happened and what will happen.
    M any
    U seless
    F antasies
    O n
    N othing

    1. Hi David,

      I’m glad you’ve joined us to comment on this. Apparently more than a few people have had it with the deceit, hypocrisy and duplicitous behavior of MUFON.

      Also, please use your last name when posting.


      1. Yes I will Michael, That is also my FIGU Forum name which I thought that other people with similar interests would know I also post there.

  3. I tried to warn the bloggers on the Mufon website about these dangers of how mufon uses the pictures they send in to help the military industrial complex to tweak their craft and its stealth capabilities. I was kicked off and my comments deleted. Up until about a year ago mufon refused to acknowledge there were even any secret military craft. I pointed out to them that over 700,000 drones were purchaced in the USA in 2014 alone. The cloaking technology was for sale about 2 years ago and who other than the military industrial would buy it? But they are still claiming that technology doesn’t exist? At Brantford last year they were talking about all the UFO craft around Hamilton and I told them it was probably project pharaoh where the police were using drones to catch dirty cops, charges were laid, so it’s not like that was a big secret. Nope it couldn’t be because it wasn’t fantastic enough for their thinking.
    With all the mufon crap about human/alien hybrids how come they still do not have any DNA evidence but continue to promote the people who write this nonsense? Mufon refuses to acknowledge the harm done by regressive hypnotherapy because it’s such a lucrative business. Which means Mufon promotes mind control as being something great.
    Yes Mufon is and continues to be complacent with the threat of IS for the very fact that they are suppressing Billy Meier’s material.
    I have no doubt mufon will go down in history as the organization who lied to Americans. Judging by what’s going on in the states, Americans are sick of being lied to. If I were a Mufon tard I would be worried that Mufon will probably no longer exist after 2020.

    1. To say nothing about Stanton Friedman,Stephen Basset etc,etc,etc, and all their stupid crap what else could be news with those stupid crying wolf “Lights in the Skies!” Shelia.

    1. Hello Daniel,
      Isn’t this part of the ‘coalition of the willing’…. to try and save their lost efforts of over throwing the sovereign, legitimate Syrian government of Assad? Seems this troop number, that is training in northern SA is a conglomerate of many states and a show of force/ training for a potential show down over Syria, Yemen, Iran, Russia, etc.
      As it would seem to many, there probably isn’t many other groups whom should -supposedly- be more interested in something of Billy Meier’s magnitude, within helping see and solve the ills of our world, than that of groups like MUFON.

      Is interesting that such a government as the one above so intimately supports the levant, isis movement. What a world that some stand by knowing in at least generalities what is happening! Is interesting that even though so many see that this is dangerous times, and that IS is supported by the ‘west’…. the same people and agencies that pack these groups… sit back and watch as we write our own future with even more, utter chaos.
      The insane, huge, global arming should be alarming to many, none the less. Seems every year more countries ramp up their military machines and prepare for what a lot see/ create on the horizon…. yet fail to take responsibility logically towards. Easier to blame it on the west…. as they did create it but will also be its undoing. Quite the pickle as most whom have an interest see ISIS as no threat other than one created by their own governments. Yet, when utter chaos comes home there will be no one left to blame but ourselves.
      Hopefully Assad staying in power in Syria, up to this point has alleviated the potential for more outwardly expressing religious fanatics from rewriting the worlds playing field.
      I wont hold my breath though….. as the time fulfills….

      1. Hey, why not start something up? 🙂

        You guys in the US.. I’m sorry you had trouble getting your daughter group established. But participating in the global peace meditation really helps .. at least in getting up some peace in us as individuals. I would imagine it works even individually .. or with 1 other person in the room is probably better and ideal.

        The global situation doesn’t look quite so bleak from my view, here up north in Toronto. But that might just be thanks to the peace waves.. I also learned there HAVE been some real positive effects.. although if the US is as bad as I heard.. then I can DEFInitely understand feeling hopeless.

        We’re obviously NOT out of the mist yet .. But .. Try to stay optimistic eh! Things might look especially bleak in the US.. but get some of those peace waves eh!

        1. Hello Tyler,
          Yes everyday there is love, peace, harmony, and a little bit of wisdom. At least in what my individual is able to fathom and create.
          It seems northern Arizona is now becoming the US’s version of Toronto…. as per gatherings of people willing and interested in Billy Meier, the spiritual teachings. Though are some more in others states seeming to head in the right direction(California, Colorado, Ohio, Illinois)? On that note, first time I met MH was in Toronto. Beautiful place, and trust in that there is not many days that go by that I don’t think of what to do and how to tilt my own psyche just enough to start a new, better course. As the days of feeling on the defense within harboring my own life where we are all going fades….
          Most of my life(before found spiritual teachings) it has felt like I already lived under the rule of fanaticism such as the ISIL. Physically as well as consciously, as a outsider looking in at the horror putrefying before me. My fellow humans whom share my dwellings, meals, life. It is a personal thing to sit back and watch this fanaticism spread -even more- while some know exactly where it is going to lead us. With no where to hide on this world… If I must see and watch the horrors of our world I hope in that something new can be learned, in a different way, even just by the self. As it would seem to me being neutral positive does not mean ignoring the negative, but at least seeing it for what it is, neutrally, processing it while not dwelling, pilling it upon the garbage already consciously accumulated.
          The last 6 months I have tried using all the means I could muster to find others in my area, within Minnesota. With minimal luck as the tide swings back and forth. If it was not for my total, utter disdain for organized groupings of individuals being ‘spiritual’ it might have been easier to let them get away with it, continue down this path without even words. Though often times I truly do find myself saying and vibrating out the waves I wish for the entirety of our world. For the most part it seems peace will not come by ignoring what hinders it the greatest. Though often times I do find myself saying it, yearning for it on our world in every regard that is possible for me to put into words….. Optimism is putting lightly the destiny that awaits us all…. is within each of us to awaken and learn from?
          Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!

          1. Can you afford a pyramid? You write a lot, and it’s pretty hard for me to follow your train of thought there, but I’m sure you’re a pretty clear-headed guy overall. I’d participate in that activity again, if only just to do it entirely selfishly.

            Me I’m not hoping for a miracle anymore. I’m gonna survive, and am gonna do what I can. Right now we’re not swarmed by any vicious human freaks, so I count myself highly optimistic now – especially to find out what other kind of positive effects we can cause.

            Optimistic that we’ll get through unscathed? No. But I’ll take being torched alive or having my throat cut over being torn to shreds by some kind of viscous Resident Evil nightmare. How many times have we been jabbed through with a sword already, or been maimed in some other horrifying way?

            I just passed a week of mild eczema, and it had me laughing like a loon at times. So for me, the notion that we’ve gotten through so far, without horrifying chemical burns and total decimation …

            Can you feel my relief here?

            And later:
            Just for the fun, this is what I was listening to while I wrote my post:

            ^ since we’re learning about the might of music on forming the psyche and raising / lowering the intelligence level.

            It works.

          2. Damn. Nobody crush my pearl, ok? It’s mine, and it works for me. One word about it and it’s the last share from me from the spirit teaching.

            I shared carelessly, now I don’t want to hear any word about it. I want my power back from it. So I’m defendin it.

          3. No disrespect Tyler.
            At times I do take this all very seriously and it can and does hinder my writing ability. Sometimes all we want is exactly what others ask of us in their own way. So I guess my above post was filled with many personal things that were sporadically added with little explenation. Have some good ones and bad.
            I feel your relief, peace, harmony, wisdom, love. Maybe I do spend to much time trying to see and understand things that have little benefit. Though like many here there is a very deep and seeded need to peacefully, consistently go against religions. No one has come to take my head in the physical but they threaten it consciously almost daily.
            Oh and I do not own a pyrimad. 11 years and have never done a -proper- peace meditation, for my own reasons. Though it is on my mind often. As is selling my 300,000+dollar house, all sorts of other things and moving to Arizona. So in many ways it is not the money but other things that diswayed me from paricipating. I have had purchase orders waiting for me in Switzerland twice now without going through with it. You are right though… it is time to do it, throw aside my old thoughts and get at it properly a new. Though am fairly handy with my hands and could also just make the pyramid.
            Best regards,
            Philip Brandel
            Shakopee Minnesota

          4. Phil, I for one like the way you write. But I have to admit, your posts often make me sad. It seems like you’re the only regular commenter here who is earnestly seeking spiritual development. And my posts clearly trouble you, which I don’t like. Not that you would ever take my advice, but if you haven’t already joined a meetup group who share your interests (other than Meier), you should consider it.

            P.S. I had to go to Shakopee for a funeral once. For a suburb, it sure is a long drive from the TCs!

          5. Hello Moshe,
            I live in the northern end of Shakopee and is 15- 20 minutes, on a good day to drive into the ‘metro area'(Minneapolis). Just the right balance as if I go the same time the other direction there is nothing but wide open spaces….
            Troubled? What of yours has troubled me beyond being what is obviously available to all? I only troubled you in our short interactions to go beyond the obvious and express that which is ‘Moshe Levy’. As it is more interesting to see the responsible ‘real self’ of another compared within their individual, unique personal stance’s. Ones again Moshe what brings you here and how does it correspond? Again, what is your religion of choice? Simple questions.
            In the unique area we find ourselves in it is quit pungent, the level of self responsibility contemplated. No judgement only a call to action within the individual self to be whom they are, beyond beliefs. Never believe anyone, not even me! The individual is the sole actor in control of all that transpires, good and bad, within our personal might. Will we work together to see and understand this world? No matter whom may be saying it? I only hoped and yearned that though some pictures and dates may cause concern in seeing that there is much more to understand within the world we call home.
            Like many here I yearn for the day true freedom, peace, harmony, love rains down on all of humanity. Will it be at the cost of ignoring the persistent ‘drought’ that continuously threatens its delicate balance?

          6. Eheh .. I don’t know about you being able to feel MY peace and harmony waves .. as helpful as they might be for me now and then.
            Perhaps .. you feel your OWN “companion’s” all-of-that?

          7. Tyler are you aware of how many economic refugees are going to be housed at Petawawa? Your govt just announced they’ve brought in the first phase of 25,000 refugees with more to come. What more can be expected from the drunken immigration minister John McCallum? Don’t you find that disturbing? That a drunk is running the immigration department?

          8. Within your writing here, and on the ‘facebook’, have read more of your words than may let on. I can, within the words written, feel the vibrations of my own analysis of what your intentions are? They are all there for everyone to think about and ponder. Seems within this domino effect, snow ball rolling down the hill will start with ourselves and continue with the conscious and physical waves we disseminate to everyone else. Be they in person, word, writing, consciously.
            To me at least Tyler, your posts have given me a differing perspective, and one of joy and peace, what works for you has also worked for me in some ways:)

        1. Thanks for those links Michael. He knows that Billy’s case is real and true but it’s too soon? Who the hell is he to decide that?

          1. Hi Sheila,

            I think the anser is: a shill for the interests that suppress the truth for personal, temporary profit and gain.

  4. When I was a kid I was very interested in ufos. There were a few books back then and not much else. That was late 60s to early 70s. I did not know of MUFON or of BILLY untill I heard them on C2C. That was back in the Art Bell days. So in my estimation I would have credit Art Bell for giving the Billy case and MH the exposure they deserved. I have not spent much time on MUFON and other shows like it, because they are shows and not real at all. Something that may come as a shock to most, is that shows care about money and not you. I know this from experience as I have worked that industry for a long time. The thing is that they are out there and ready to listen, but they have no exposure to MH and Billy. The interviews MH on C2C,podcasts, DVDs, books and the blog. All of that from two people, Billy and MH. There were many others to list in this effort up to that point. MUFON and other shows like it, have the spotlight for now. So if they care about the future they would promote the Billy case. That would mean they give up the spotlight and then exposed as a bunch of losers. Since they are interested in $ and not the truth, that is not very likely. I have started looking into broadcasting to start a Billy radio program and would encourage others to support such a effort. MH of corse has possibly thought of this a long time ago. But now maybe the time to do this kind of approach to getting the case out there. This blog is great but it would make a greater talk show on the air with MH as host. I’m not saying MH needs to do more, we do. All that visit this blog and commit in a proactive way have a task in conveying to others the truth. Otherwise we are just bystanders, and deadbeats. I speak of myself of corse, unless you can see a likeness within yourself. If you go on the air it would start off small, but so did Art Bell and look what happened with that. I really think it would work. Salome Robert.

    1. Hi Robert, I think your idea is great. I didn`t discover Billy and the P`s until 1997. I too was into UFOs before then. But your idea of more radio exposure might help quell those MUFON and Peter Devenport UFOnauts and finally get the REAL TRUTH out to the public. MH did have a radio show on the internet one year but maby if we can get MH on the radio like Art Bell and George Noory we might just be able to get Billy`s message out and even stop these prophecies from becoming predictions too.

    1. There are so many of those devices around since they are used to check for flaws in pipeline. I’m not sure why it even a story in the first place unless it was a ploy to take the spotlight off of other radioactive material gone missing…

  5. Read article by People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Strategist on how “The U.S. Uses Its Dollar to Dominate the World”.

    It is the terrorists who direct the activities of the US Government who are really responsible for ISIS and most terror operations the world over to give the US Dollar support.

    But this is finally coming to an end.

  6. I am actually going to do this ! . I will have a small budget of $1000 and the person who calls in has to answer all 10 questions correctly for $100 . Now if that person doesnt answer all 10 questions with accuracy , then it jackpots in $10 increments .

    I will do the research on how to air this !

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