Stefan Molyneux to Discuss Billy Meier UFO Case?

His audience would also benefit from knowing about the Billy Meier UFO case and its vast body of specific, prophetically accurate information

Thanks to Tănase Hagi in Romania, I’m in communication with the show producer for Stefan Molyneux, a very intelligent, controversial, Canadian author, anarcho-capitalist, philosopher, blogger, etc., in hopes that we’ll discuss some of his erroneous assumptions and conclusions about climate change, global warming, etc.

Since Molyneux comments on quite a few topics and global issues, I think that his audience would also benefit from knowing about the Billy Meier UFO case and the vast body of specific, prophetically accurate environmental warnings and information in the Henoch Prophecies, pertaining to the US, Canada, Russia, etc., and in earlier works that specifically foretold the ever-increasing Islamist terrorism.

It could also be an opportunity to discuss and compare elements of his philosophies and the spiritual teaching.

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32 Replies to “Stefan Molyneux to Discuss Billy Meier UFO Case?”

  1. I recommend going on the show anyway, since you will thereby hopefully reach some in the audience that need the help, but as for Stefan Basil Molyneux, he is clearly a very paranoid and naive-delusional psychopath.

  2. How long before Mahesh starts flooding Stefan Molyneux with his debunking efforts? I’d bet the moment MH posted this blog, the flood began.

    1. Good point!

      Did Mahesh do that with Stanton Freidman because he was bringing up Mahesh’s website stuff/junk in his debate with MH.

  3. MH,
    Please do enlighten this fool. As you have sufficiently made evident time and time again; Nobody can deflect the piercing persuasion of the Horn!
    Feel free to trademark that as it is my gift to you for being the best you you can be.



    1. Seth,

      I’m not presuming anything about Mr. Molyneux at this point…except that he appears to be avoiding the discussion through his proxy.

      I could be wrong, he could be very busy, etc. So I’ll send his producer another email this coming week. Of course there’s that old saying, “No answer is also an answer.”

      I should make it clear that I don’t know what his position may be on extraterrestrial life, etc. I just think his reasoning is 180 degrees wrong re climate change, etc., because the motives he ascribes to those scientists who do recognize the seriousness and reality of the situation are not the ones being bought off, it’s the legion of deniers who clearly are.

      I think discussing the various facets of the Meier case really would be interesting to him and his audience.

      1. MH,
        I don’t know much much about him honestly, I just skimmed the wiki-link. Biased as it may be, the fact he’s a “anarcho-capitalist” was enough for me to presume his foolishness. Such an idea is sounds like the Utopian vision for big business, and of course, the wrong direction for humanity.

      1. Mathew,

        He may avoid reality but if you check the definition of deflect you’ll see that it is indeed impossible to do such to reality.

        1. Since reality consists of cause & effect, it is quite possible to deflect it from generating an effect in your senses and consciousness, just like the Plejaren beamships deflect particles and gravity around the ship.

          1. Cause & effect are but a portion of reality, that is to say, of truth. Can truth be deflected (cause to change direction by interposing something; turn aside from a straight course)?

  4. I think Molyneux won’t be game to endorse the Meier case even if he believed it to be true because he will think it may alienate lots of his Youtube followers. A risk he won’t take I think. Same as all the others that dare not endorse Meier.

    1. Ironic that he may not endorse Meier because it would “alienate” (no pun intended) his reality-ignorant, UFO-denying fans, while he daily endorses the most ludicrous political pseudoscience and pseudopsychology.

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