The Roar of the Paper Tigers

Of life, death and the gods of the past, the real truth is too scary for the faint-hearted

As religious delusion and hysteria increase across the global spectrum, the still largely unknown origins of institutionalized irrationality continue to affect and control human behavior. Capitalizing, for centuries, on the fears about life and death that preoccupy and confuse people, religions have offered various, equally confused explanations, all of which were designed to make people servile and controllable. Blind belief in the superstitious, never to be proven, fearful fables was a requirement, lest the person suffer eternal damnation and various tortures for not being obedient to the whims of a “God of love and mercy”.

How people ever fell for that stuff in the first place is as unfathomable as what they fell for.

The Gods of the Past

The information in the Billy Meier UFO case, and especially the spiritual teaching, clears the air about such matters and many more. To begin to understand the actual truth, it will be helpful to know more about the actual, human gods of the past and their still lingering influence on the humankind of Earth*.

In contrast to the illogical, mind-enslaving beliefs of the various religions, the spiritual teaching requires no belief, only complete self-responsibility on the part of the reader or student. As should be done with any teaching about any matter, the contemplation, testing and application of the teaching by each person is required for coming to one’s own determination about its truthfulness.

Life and Death

With the dominant information, if you can call it that, about the process of human life being the various versions of completely unscientific, illogical beliefs from multi-thousand-year-old cults, a student of the spiritual teaching, Corey Mueske has summarized seven steps in the development of the human being, from conception to death and into the Beyond for preparation of the human spirit for its next reincarnation, which will result in the incarnation of the next personality in the evolutionary process. Of course we have no scientific evidence for the existence of the spirit, reincarnation, etc. But we can apply critical thinking to the belief-free, non-religious spiritual teaching to begin to come to our own conclusions. (Note: This is an unofficial, unapproved translation and may contain errors):

1. Conception: This is the time of impregnation from the father (masculine/positive [+] pole) and the mother (feminine/negative [-] pole); when you put the two opposite poles together, you have the fusion of the two (+/-) and impregnation happens.

2. Becoming: The first half of the universal law of becoming and passing (Werden und Vergehen), this law of Creation is observable in nature, and is mentioned in in greater detail in GoT*, as well as “The Way to Live“, verse 363. Becoming is the stage where life begins to germinate, and grow, and flourish (like when a tree gets new leaves growing in the spring-time), and passing is when the leaves die and fall off, such as in the fall/winter time. The law of becoming, and passing is not just limited to flora, and fauna, this also applies to human beings, who are in the coarse-substantial rebirth/reincarnation cycle, they become (being [re]born process), and pass (the death process) over, and over again, for an average of 40-60 million years, through countless lifetimes, accumulating love, knowledge, and wisdom, peace, freedom, and harmony, until they possess the volition of Creation.

This stage of “becoming” is also when the embryo is unborn in the mother’s womb. There are 7 pre-determinations that occur during this stage (OM 32:07) that enter the embryo through the sub-consciousness, from the mother, the environment, as well as the storage-banks, or are passed on genetically. Examples of these things are: genes of health and un-health, of knowledge, character, intelligence, and what the baby will occupy his/her time with when grown up. Also during this “becoming” stage, outside impulses from the mother, and father, hit the embryo unconsciously, and form the basic character, as well as the educational, and self-educational character.

(Note: Corey has a file on reincarnation, from the Meier material, that he will send you upon request.)

3. Birth/Rebirth: Self-explanatory time of the baby being born, with a new personality, and consciousness-block, that was built up in the Beyond/other world, and programmed by the OCB (Overall Consciousness Block).

4. Life: This is the stage all living human-beings of Earth are currently in, life, where we live and make choices, which guide our destinies. (As Billy Meier says, “The human-being is the smith of their own destiny.”) We make, and learn, both positive, and negative choices, and values, and learn from them. When we evolve our spirit-form, as well as our consciousness, is when we possess an equilisedness (Ausgeglichenheit) of both the positive, as well as, the negative (+/), which produces a neutral-positive result of learning, as well as state of mind. One cannot just know the positive side of life, you have to know the negative as well, to fully understand the positive, as well as be fully equalised (see “The Way to Live“, verse 75, for the correct thought I am trying to imply).

Make your mistakes, but learn from them, and resolve them, and always try to form the high-values in life, which can help you overcome difficulties, and obstacles. A wise one, will try to avoid choosing negative virtues, but knows, and understands them, to protect their positive virtues.

5. Dying: The dying process. Maybe it is an illness, or sickness, such as you are dying in a hospital, or from old-age, or dying in a natural catastrophe.

6. Death: The actual moment of death.

7. The Beyond, or other world: This is the world where a spirit-form goes, when its human shell has died. In German this is “Jenseits”, or “Jenseitsbereich”, and in this other world, is where our spirit-form goes, and the old personality is dissolved in seconds, and all of your spirit-form’s love, knowledge, and wisdom, is turned to neutral energy, and a new personality, as well as consciousness-block, for your new incarnation, is programmed by the OCB, this process takes many years to be done correctly.

One can see that there’s no purgatory, eternal damnation, sin, sinners, saints, saviors or other completely imaginary, manmade ideas and beings. And as you may have also read, the actual history of humanity is far, far different from anything that we’ve been taught. In fact, this chronology may prove to be quite thought provoking.

The Reason

So let’s return to the idea that if there are advanced, space-traveling extraterrestrials visiting the Earth and in contact with someone for over 74 years – which in itself would qualify as the most important event in all of human history – there would have to be a…reason for it. The reason would have to be something far more important than having people chase lights-in-the-sky, or to create careers for so-called “UFO investigators”.

In this singularly authentic case, it turns out that the reason is intimately connected with helping us assure our own very threatened future survival, as I’ve been saying for the past dozen years. The best way to do that is to present a comprehensive overview of the problems we face and the means to solve them. Meier’s been specifically warning about the the real magnitude of the consequences of our error-filled ways, rooted in the illogical, anti-nature, religiously encouraged overpopulation…which is further promoted by politicians of every stripe, beholden as many are to the religions and to their followers. None are so courageous and truthful as to say, “Go forth and…stop multiplying.”

Cause and Effect

The immutable universal law of cause and effect shows that life is not a random, chaotic process unless and until tampered with by man. Politicians, with their abysmally blissful ignorance of, and disregard for, the law of cause and effect are consistently among the least qualified, and the least wise, people to attain positions of power and “leadership”. Having attained power, they can be depended upon to abuse it as they pursue the essential element that characterizes all of politics, i.e. finding ways to assert and take advantage of others for their own gain. This guarantees there will be more problems for politicians to campaign to…”solve”. And so the stupid cycle is endlessly repeated, inevitably bringing with it more…endings, now verging on complete annihilation, though people who are addicted to political thinking and power neither care, contemplate nor consider the inevitable consequences of their actions. As we can see from the information above (and linked to below) this is a cycle that has its origins long, long ago. The spiritual teaching is the antidote, the rational, reasonable guidance that demystifies and clarifies the way to live.

The Roar of the Paper Tigers

Apparently the prospect of being faced with discussing the Billy Meier case was too much for anarcho-capitalist Stefan Molyneux. His response to the invitation was the “no answer is also an answer” non-answer. Considering the very challenging nature of the content in the Meier case, perhaps Molyneux also realized that should he respond at all, even to try to be dismissive of the Meier case, it could result in his  faithful flock becoming familiar with a far more liberating body of information.

I also reached out to an organization called EcoSpeakers. Figuring that Meier’s impeccably accurate prophetic environmental warnings not only long preceded our awareness of the real dangers and damages but also go far beyond them in scope, and that my groundbreaking presentation at NAU has also resulted in a return invitation, indicating great interest in the case, such an organization would be a natural to help me get the truth out to more audiences.

Boy, was I wrong.

The response to my information rich inquiry from Dennis Church, apparently the head of the company, was, “Sorry Michael, but we’re not interested.” Right, a company that features speakers about all things environmental and “green” is simply “not interested”*** in the information from the best source on Earth.

Maybe it only took a moment for Mr. Church to calculate the downside of the really inconvenient truth “UFOs, extraterrestrials, prophets…overpopulation, nah, too risky. There goes my credibility and any hope for profiting from this topic.”****. Sure, it’s far better that the presumably good speakers in his roster get out there and make some difference. But what if they too knew the real truth, wouldn’t they have the opportunity to be even more effective?

The world is filled with so-called “cutting edge” paper tigers who retreat with their tails between their legs, not daring to tangle with that which may unmask them as  being unknowing and uninterested in anything beyond their familiar paradigms.

The real truth about humanity’s past – and future – is too scary for the faint-hearted, for the paper tigers.

*See also:

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NOTE: Some internal links may no longer be active.

**The Goblet of the Truth

***We’ve seen similarly cowardly responses before:

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**** Meier pointed out the inadequacy of feel-good measures in the grand scheme of things, “Therefore, the entire climate conference is counter-productive and idiotic because the only correct solution would be one from conferences concerned with the reduction of the overpopulation, at which resolutions, which are effective worldwide, for the radical decimation of the overpopulation, would be made and carried out and certainly by means of a worldwide, regulated control of births.”


Many thanks also to Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine for their translations.



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  1. I reread your article and got a totally different take on it… was it rewritten? Anyway… wanted to comment about death and life… being inseparable from each other… one cannot exist without the other… also… I think we got through the birth without having life long problems… well some of us… anyway… but I think dying is natural and we need not fear it unless it is avoidable… but without resorting to suicide… Here they have named a tunnel the Robin Williams Tunnel… and I hope folks do not take that as a way of glorifying suicide, which I understand is never an option according to what I’ve read in the Meier material… Way to go nice article many folks wonder about those subjects… myself included…Thanks for the wonderful blogs… and working the mission of this earth…

  2. Michael, your blogs are outstanding, your writing skills, expressions, compilations ect. I can notice your evolution groing at super fast speed, can’t stop reading this vast material of yours, please keep it on.
    Please let Corey know that I’m too interested in his reincarnation file.

  3. Yes, Randy Arena is correct, life and death are an inseperable oneness (Life + Death = oneness [Einheit]), and cannot exist without the other side of the pole, where there is life (becoming), there will one day become death (or passing), this is the process of reincarnation, and is a valid, and immutable law, no matter what planet, world, or galaxy the human-being calls home, the human-being will reincarnate, until he/she fulfills their reincarnation cycle, and no longer needs a full-material body (shifts to the half-material high-council level). Before this happens, the evolutionary level of this said human-being, will be very high.

    My advice: is make your cognitions about life, and death, and the laws and recommendations of Creation, NOW, in your current lifetime you are living in 2016, and expand, and widen, your intellect, and rationality, by remaining neutral. Although this may not be always easy, this is more possible today, when society itself has not broken apart, then what could be possible in your next lifetime (see below). To make these same necessary cognitions, in your future lifetime, may prove to be more difficult, due to Earth-humankind reaping what we have sown, due to the casual foreordination’s of the law of cause, and effect. And as a bonus, this just might help you find the truthly truth in your next lifetime, where you will either choose to follow the positive (+), and equalised (+/-) impulses you release from the planetary storage-banks, or you will not follow them at all. Future planetary conditions may play a role in this as well.

    The upcoming next few centuries will be a turbulent time, due to the negative (-) effects from the cause of overpopulation, as well as potential (but likely) WWIV, if the entire northern hemisphere is destroyed, and freaks, and deformities become commonplace for the ensuing births, due to radiation, your next lifetime may become difficult, depending on where you reincarnate, which will be a similar consciousness-related society to your current one. This will likely mean, most of us who follow MH blog, will likely reincarnate in what’s left of the Western regions, and this may be a tumultuous region(s) to have your next incarnation, as all regions of Earth may be tumultuous.

    According to Guido Moosbrugger in “AYTF”, if there is a nuclear war, each person of that planet will have to reincarnate one extra time, then what is usually required by Creational laws, and for many of us, this extra reincarnation will likely be after the war is over, and for those of us that may die in the upcoming potential nuclear fire, this can mean reincarnating in areas of what is left of the so-called “free” Western nations, growing up possibly deformed, possible starving, possibly parent-less (one, or both), possibly growing up in a society with massive, and, widespread unemployment, and massive civil war, possibly growing up in a world where Islamic terrorists, and extremists, have the upper hand, and have power, growing up in a collapsed country, or the opposite: growing up in a new super-power, growing up in an environment where billions died as a result of WWIV (if it comes to pass). All of these things I listed, combined with the negative (-) effects of overpopulation: food and water shortages, poison run-off from farming practices, less crops, and lower crop yeilds due to global warming, earthquakes and tsunamis, super-storms, growing religious fanaticism, released (formerly ancient, & frozen) Methane gas from the Artic permafrost, which will be due to climate change, and also accelerate climate change, floods, desertification, super-powers rising, and falling (collapsing), precious resource over-consumption, dictatorships, bio-chipping and slavery, etc.

    It is easy to try and paint a rosy picture when it comes to reincarnation, and this is the case for a planet that is more evolved then we are on Earth (I mean this collectively, small pockets of Meier followers are studiously working on their personal consciousness-related evolution) but this beautiful planet, will become less beautiful in future incarnations, due to the irresponsibility of us, the Earth-humankind, as a result of overpopulation, and potential WWIV. Without overwhelming yourself, prepare yourself that your next incarnation may not be as rosy as your current one. Study now, and maybe, in the upcoming possible tumultuous next life, you will find what is left of FIGU, and the Michael Horn’s of this future world, and you can study again, amidst all of this unfolding disaster, and survive in your next life, just as you study, and survive in your current lifetime, just trying to do your best to get by. This future Earth will need people that study the Geisteslehre more then ever, to pass this information on to future generations, and the alternative, which is religion (God-delusion-belief), will be just as constrictive as it is in your current lifetime, so generating the precise cognitions, and impulses, to break away from religion, in your current life, may also come in handy in your next life.

    When it comes to the world societal situations that may manifest itself in your next lifetime, like Billy Meier says, out of a negative (-), a positive (+) must arise, and it is my one true wish for upcoming generations, that our descendants begin learning from all of the negative (-) effects of all of what is coming, and slowly learn to live in-line with Creational laws, and recommendations, so maybe 2 lifetimes from now, it is not so difficult to study the Geisteslehre, and get by modestly in life. Maybe this time, will be a time, where our descendants begin taking space exploration, and consciousness-related issues, more seriously, then we do, in this current lifetime (2016).

    Smaller families are needed now, to ease the burden on future descendants.


  4. After that long, and “heavy” post, I wanted to add one more insight: when it comes to the verse 268 of “The Way to Live”, the 4th reality featured in my article, “life”, which is the current reality those of us that are alive, and breathing, find ourselves in, when it comes to the negative (-) virtues, and un-values, Meier writes in verse 427 that they must never be welcome, and you must hold them to a certian aversion, and overcome, and eliminate them, using intellect, and rationailty, as well as knowledge, and truth.

    You have to learn to see the negative (-) virtues, and values, as things to be overcome, and overcoming obstacles is a big part of the spiritual teaching, which will help you become lord, and master of yourself.

    In your next life, there may be more negative obstacles to be overcome, due to world societal situations that may manifest themselves, so training your consciousness, in your current lifetime, to overcome all of your negative (-) virtues, and un-values, and becoming the victor, may possibly aid you in your next lifetime, where there may be more quantities of difficulties to overcome, due to world situations. In this next lifetime, you may possibly begin to choose the same mentality of overcoming situations, by knowing, and understanding the negative (-) sides of life, that you learned in your past life (which is the present lifetime [forward, looking back]), which can be due to accessing your previous lifetime’s fluidal forces, as well as, drawing on impulses of the storage-banks, as well as, inspirations of the sub-consciousness.

    Studying Meier’s spiritual teaching (Geisteslehre) has been the most rewarding, as well as, beautiful experience, I have ever known in my current lifetime!


  5. I think a lot of our previous life-knowledge is revealed to us through dreams. I let my dreams be my guide. If I dream of an accident I’ll be especially careful driving for the next few weeks. . . . Sometimes dreams can tell us about situations coming up that we need to pay attention to and sometimes they remind us of situations we were in and how we dealt with them. Billy’s advice is very good, but it can sound complicated. I think a simplified version of The Goblet of Truth would be good for earthlings. Anybody out there want to take this on?

    1. “Simplified” is the last thing we need, religion has done that and made people…simple-minded. WE ARE capable of actually learning how to think and to live. Tough it pout now since next time will probably be far more challenging…largely because of religion, politics, etc.

  6. Can I make note of an interesting fact? It seems that the Syrian and other “refugees” aren’t trying to go to Russia. . . . Wouldn’t you think that living even in Russia or the Crimea would be preferable to living in refugee camps in Turkey, or braving the Mediterranean in shaky little boats? No, they insist that they want to go “WEST”, not “EAST”. This in itself should give cause for thought. What is their agenda in the WEST? Just asking. . . . .

  7. Today, being March 25th, 2016, the day that the Catholic faith celebrates(strange to celebrate the crucifixion of their symbol of “Gods” love) the crucifixion of “Jesus”, the news is full of stories about the fictionalized human being and what this day roughly 1,980 years ago means to their religion. I found this particularly tiny story on ABC news online and felt it worthy of my comment. I routinely make comments on news stories that have even a remote tie in to the case of “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, and try to maintain a neutral/positive manner in my words. I hope that some of you would be willing to the same, as it is one small step that all can make to try to guide people to investigate on their own, what Billy’s mission means to all of Earth humanity. I hope that you will find it worthy without over stepping any boundaries in correctness. I am not a very savvy computer user, so I hope that the link works.

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