America’s massive military might again successfully brought to bear against the persistent would be invaders

With the recent massive military attacks on Boston, Philadelphia and New York City by Canadian forces, followed within a day by similar attacks against Los Angeles, Houston and Miami by a coalition of Latin American forces, America’s massive military might was again successfully brought to bear against the persistent would be invaders. Their cunning attempts to overthrow the US go back to early last century and for which they’ve been clandestinely preparing sophisticated weaponry for even longer.

With war lust at an all time high in Brazil, millions of demonstrators openly prepared to invade the southern border of the US. Feeling that resistance is useless, some American politicians have thrown their lot in with the invading forces, using the Pavlovian appeal of religious buzzwords such as “made in the image of the Lord” to justify their position. Other, equally fervent true believers and right-to-life proponents use the same scriptures to call for Hitleresque extermination of those whose image they are certain wasn’t fashioned after – or by – The-Guy-in-the-Sky.

Selfless Patriots to the Rescue

While most of the people who fight to protect national sovereignty and repel the invading hordes are mainly aligned with the right wing, there are also selfless patriots on the left who proudly stand up to protect the rights of lawful citizens and workers, regardless of the cost to them and their own interests.

Fortunately, the US has the biggest military force in the world to deal not only with attacks from North and South America but to repel the persistent attempts by countries like Portugal, Spain, Finland, Iceland, Tonga, Mali, Nepal, New Zealand and Australia, etc., to invade our eastern and western shores. And with spying measures now firmly in place, and accessing information 24/7 through all digital and online means and devices, not only can the invaders who slipped through be identified and apprehended…but so can any wrong thinking legal citizens as well.

Having convinced virtually every man, woman and child of the indispensability of cell phones, monitoring has been made effortless and ultimate compliance with what’s officially deemed best is effectively assured.

Rebellion in the Ranks

Sweetening the deal of course is the prospect of eternal life granted by technology*, which may be more dependable than that offered by the Supreme Being, whose track record of delivering on promises has been shown to be quite sub par**.

While there is some palpable political discontent present among the American electorate that feels we haven’t done enough yet to destroy other countries, cultures***, etc., a small but vocal religious minority has now started the GGSWTW (Get God to Stop the Wrong Teams from Winning) movement. Perceiving that one of the casualties of God’s questionable performance in answering prayers is that 50% of the time the wrong team wins – despite industrial strength praying – GGSWTW is busy looking for effective means of lobbying to correct the Divine oversight and indifference. Should such efforts fail, military action against the wrong winners hasn’t been ruled out in this great country of ours.


*Contact 251

**Disaster Strikes as Prayers to God Are Forbidden!

***The Henoch Prophecies


77 comments on “US Braces for More Military Attacks from Canada, Latin America & Tonga

  • Sheila you didn’t claim it on THIS thread. You’re backtracking. You jumped into my conversation and tried to throw rocks and hide your hands. I’m not checking for you boo. By the way you shouldn’t say “whitey” it’s degrading, and no one actually says that. I don’t hate whites or loathe them. Otherwise I would have long dismissed Meier. You are people just like us. The problem is getting you to treat us as such becuase it’s not happening. However there are whites out there who are really annoyed when someone tells it like it is from their perspective. The problem is that you never listen to us but are rather dismissive without really trying to grasp what we are saying. I cannot take you seriously when you spew the same old rhetoric of victim mentality. Asking people to make amends is not playing victim. Asking for justice no more no less is not playing victim. Asking people who unfairly benefited from a society built to protect them no matter what they do, to actually take responsibility is not playing victim. Neither is building historically black colleges, building our own towns, and services, and institutions is playing victim. That is send responsibility, but those institutions were chipped away at or outright destroyed. That is historical fact that had nothing to do with you because I was talking to someone else. No one is saying blacks are perfect and that our shit don’t stink. The hell it does! (Im looking at you Creflo Dollar. We also have a problem with irresponsible people reproducing. ) But taking real responsibility (not paying lip service hun) for the criminal planned destruction of many people/s countries and lives is called being a grown-up. Put your big girl panties on. You’re not off the hook.

    By the way alot of the crap happening in the past never ended it simply evolved into something more sophisticated. So yeah I’m gonna hold the people accountable. Take a look at Ireland. Wanna go preach to them about personal responsibility? How about the French? Becuase no one was saying the real reason they got bombed. They still think they’re victims when they provoked that mess. Personal responsibility is for everyone.

    • Hi Marie & Sheila,

      I didn’t want to interrupt your exchange of course. In my opinion both of you (and probably the rest of us) are on the same page essentially. But it’s absolutely important that we feel free to express ourselves, know that we’re heard and understood by each other. Speaking freely and getting stuff off of our proverbial chests, etc., is a trust-strengthening process.

      I certainly don’t know everyone here personally but I can vouch for Sheila as being a straight ahead, open and unprejudiced person, from my experience.

      I think it is important however for all of us to relate directly as human beings rather than human beings of this race or that one…WITHOUT negating or ignoring those factors, injustices, etc., that have happened to us and/or people of our particular race.

      The silent revolution of truth that Meier speaks of is built one conscious person at a time linking up with other like-minded people. It doesn’t require agreement on everything; evolution requires opposition, friction and…polishing.

      So carry one and please know that you are truly helping to build bridges across which many others will also walk, together.

      • Thank you Micheal. I do feel we got way off the subject of immigration. Sorry for that. Sadly we are being too liberal here especially if we want to protect innocent hardworking people. However since we are dealing with a different beast like overpopulation guarding the immigration process and actually getting people who are still here despite expired visas is a start. We should have been doing that a long time ago. Look at the drug problem. *cough*cocaine*cocaine* Now is as good a time as ever to be checking everyone’s ID.

        • Speaking of being too liberal Marie, how do you feel about Bill Clinton and congress passing the 3 strike law which is the cause of all young black men going to jail for victimless crimes?

          • I hate them for it. I’m being honest. Welfare reform also left a lot of children hungry. The Clintons were no friends of the poor or the blacks despite what people believed. This is why I’m voting for Sanders. However it looks like Hillary is stealing the election right from under his nose.

          • I like your honesty Marie. But your article fails to mention who the drug suppliers are. It’s your very own CIA who are the biggest drug lords on the planet. Did you know that the military was used to guard the opium crops in Afghanistan? Never believe that it’s a crime to whip out your cell phone and start video taping. That’s one way of getting to the truth. For example it was only due to video taping that caught the 4 police officers tazing to death a retarded polish immigrant at the Vancouver airport.

        • Marie I feel for sorry for the citizens of your country who have and continue to be experimental guinea pigs. I love Bernie too. But like the fact that Trump makes the establishments heads explode.

  • BTW everyone, here’s something fro the material that spells it out:,91.htm

    746. Peaceful, colored human races were for centuries, and still are in the current time, missionized to by the white races and brought under their Christian religion’s sword of humility.

    747. Tyrannei, Barbarei und Sklaverei waren und sind noch heute damit verbunden, und der Glaube wird mit unschuldig vergossenem Menschenblut geschrieben.

    747. Tyranny, barbarism and slavery were bound with that, and still are today, and the faith is written in innocently shed human blood.

    748. Unter dem Deckmantel der Liebe wird gemordet und getötet, versklavt und ausgebeutet und der Mensch der bewusstseinmässigen Fortentwicklung beraubt.

    748. Under the pretence of love, the human is murdered and killed, enslaved and exploited and is deprived of further development of that which pertains to the consciousness.

    749. Zu keiner Zeit arteten farbige Völker eurer Welt jemals so bösartig aus, wie dies seit alters her bei den weissen Rassen der Fall war und noch lange sein wird, die sich als herrschende Rasse der Erde betrachten.

    749. At no time have colored peoples of your world degenerated so malignantly as has been the case, since ancient times, with the white races, and will still be for a long time, who regard themselves as the ruling races of the Earth.

    • You know the dark races of people seem to be generally healthier than the white. When they age you can really see the difference! Also they don’t seem to get some diseases as often as the whites do. I don’t know whether this is because they have usually eaten a vegetarian diet in Africa or India. .. . . . however their bodies seem on the whole to be a lot healthier especially in old age.

      I have some Nigerian friends who live in Waterloo (Canada) and they tell me that when they travel to the USA they immediately notice a difference in attitude toward themselves. In fact, they are scared to drive through certain areas. They are very relieved when they are once again north of the border. Recently they mentioned to me that in Canada they have never once feared for their lives, but in the US they aren’t so sure. The father won’t let his kids study at a US university because, as he said, “Once they go out the door you just don’t know if you are going to see them alive again.”

  • It seems, as the world begins to fall out of the spell/fog from the false religions and begin contemplating what had happened to us since ancient times, many reach for answers instinctively to begin learning who they are. For mankind to progress spiritually, the past needs to remain the past. This doesn’t imply forgetting, just knowing. The emerging “Age of Aquarius” is bringing the opportunity to grasp true knowledge, true knowing.

    All have suffered at the hands of belief/power/control, even the ones who thought they were winning and controlling the masses lost, they just don’t know it yet. Everyone, including the elites and those that ruled over the people, are degenerated by the hate created by one man’s dominion over the other. I can see people losing available time for their spiritual growth if they don’t draw those curtains closed and stop giving precious energy to things that kept us spiritually deprived in the past.

    My life here and now has plenty I can affect to improve our progress as a people on this planet, it’s just difficult when I drag my luggage from my past around with me.

    • I agree Shawn. If we were to think of all our previous lives, we would know that we’ve been everyone, gone through everything, lived everyone’s life, been a part of everything that has ever happened on this earth, good and bad. It’s a lot to wrap our heads around. We need to live in the present and form our thoughts and feelings towards making changes to our current lives. We can’t change history, but we can move ahead together as a we form.

  • Thought about this blog post for a few days and really wondered about the immigration differences in this country. That seem to truly alter a continuation within our genes to carry on for many generations/lifetimes, within this countries very being of ‘immigrants’ and manifested, acted on control, beliefs of others? My heritage is filled with as many whom also were persecuted for their country of origin, culture. Looked down upon by the ‘natives’ all the way to them in ‘reality’. Hard to forgive it seems when never reconciled, given up for something better, altered into a different, more peaceful way.
    My good friend Jose, who I met in Middle School some 25 years ago is facing deportation back to Mexico, having a wife, child, job, house here as an illegal citizen? Went to a few of his hearings as a friend and someone interest in this debate today, and where it is going. Where do we come together as one and fight for what is right, as per what is defined as an ‘American’ and its civil criterium?
    Now we find ourselves on the presuppose of what a real currency war looks like as the BRICS nations and their allies fight the give and take of the ‘west’s’ petrodollar systems. Quite brutally today!
    Just as within many places of the world, there are also mass immigration’s from people to the US from most countries in south and central America. As in Europe and elsewhere large migrations of humans are on the move, mainly based on all the right reason because of all the wrong ones at home. Sounds familiar with what someone else talked about and only wonder how much closer this continued clash brewing within the largest armed(to the teeth), ‘civilized’ society will be. Life isn’t always flowers and butterfly’s… it can be dirty, grit filled, messy and not always pretty and pleasing. It none the less deserves some sort of recognition as per also working on the better things within the self, seeing reality for what it is. We may only know the importance of what this life brings for the next few we face, within focusing more on the spiritual teachings, and the real truth of what and where we come from.

  • Downplayed by the media (or may not be seen at all) was the black Trump supporter who punched the white rioter at the Trump rally yesterday in Arizona. The media has been trying to spin it like Trump only has white supporters but apparently that just ain’t so.

    • Well no wonder he was punched, carrying a picture of Trump with a confederate flag across his face in one hand and the other hand carrying a death rune. Weirdly, it makes me want to punch people carrying death runes too lol. But since I’m not a violent person, I just tell them exactly what their “peace” sign really means.
      Professional paid protestors are not the sharpest tool.

      • Plus this retarded protestor failed to mention that he had been wearing a KKK hood right before this all went down. All the media can do is whine about how a Trump staffer pulled on the back of the protestors collar of his shirt. I think charges should be dropped against the black Trump supporter. Don’t trust the media, only believe what you see with your own eyes.

      • How do you know he was paid? By whom? You can’t prove that. It sounds like you are repeating FOX news, and we all know how newsy they are…

        • In Canada we have paid protesters. I doubt it’s any different in your country. Ezra Levant outed them by showing side-by-side pictures of them at different events. If your media was so inclined I’m sure they could do the same. You don’t have to look any further than the Sandyhook hoax to see paid actors a.k.a. activists.
          I noticed that ABC is saying there was only one woman who was escorted out when she was wearing a KKK hood. The video shows two people wearing KKK hoods and one of them just happend to be wearing an American flag shirt, the same guy that was punched by the black Trump supporter. Have you seen the video?

          • This “protestor” claimed to be from the Bernie camp when we all know Bernie’s supporter just aren’t that stupid. He’s obviously from the Hillary camp.

  • “Fortunately, the US has the biggest military force in the world to deal not only with attacks from North and South America but to repel the persistent attempts by countries like Portugal, Spain, Finland, Iceland, Tonga, Mali, Nepal, New Zealand and Australia, etc., to invade our eastern and western shores. ”

    That’s the most Crack pot s**t I’ve ever read. . New Zealand? Seriously? Lol what are you smoking?

    • As I commented on March 15,

      “Okay, the article is pure fiction, satire, parody, sarcasm, etc. It was intended to make us reflect on WHY this nation, with no actual enemy stated to its north or south, with oceans to the east and west separating and protecting it from other countries thousands of miles away…has so armed itself to the teeth. And of course it has launched over 200 unprovoked acts of aggression at other countries, peoples, governments, etc. in less than 80 years.

      “So, as the law of cause and effect will also remind us, ‘they’ don’t ‘hate us for our freedom’ but rather for trampling all over theirs, repeatedly, overly, covertly, etc. And of course for also providing armaments to all sorts of dictators, terrorists, revolutionaries, etc., who’ve done the same.”

      Also, please use your first an last name for posting future comments.


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