Scientists Corroborate Billy Meier’s 1946 Moon Information

UFO contactee was first to describe areas of constant daytime at Moon’s poles decades before “official discovery”

In a recent email from Stuart Robbins, he said, “I’ll be attending a µSymposium before the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference this coming weekend, and I just got a reminder e-mail today. Included in that e-mail was a link to an animation that shows Shackleton crater, a crater that is ON the moon’s north pole. As such, its interior is in permanent shadow.” He also provided this link.

This reminded me of something Billy Meier published about areas of permanent daytime on the moon (possibly necessary for some areas of permanent shadow), in 1989:

Billy…Also it makes me wonder why the Yankees actually never allow anything to be heard regarding that on the South Pole and North Pole of the Moon there are big areas where daytime permanently rules, as I had seen, as in my earlier youth in the year 1946 from Sfath, and then in 1975 also from Semjase who provided the possibility to behold the Moon from up close and to see the aerospace-junk that the Earthlings had transported there.


582. The story of lies, of the alleged first Moon landing, is surely never more able to be worked out of the world.

583. And regarding the continuous daytime area on the Moon’s South Pole and North Pole is to say, that I also don’t understand why nothing is publicly mentioned about that.

Scientific Corroboration

In this article you’ll notice that theories about “peaks of eternal light” on the moon were first formulated in 1837 and that in 1994 – five years after Meier discussed the matter with Quetzal – the Clementine spacecraft revealed “small areas near the south pole that are lit more than 70% of the lunar day” and “locations that are lit 100% of the day at the north pole”. Read a little farther and you’ll find this:

“Lighting at the poles is primarily dependent on local topographic relief.  Because Clementine did not get laser topography for latitudes greater than 70°, we had a poor understanding of polar topography until the Japanese Kaguya mission flew in 2008.  The Kaguya spacecraft made a detailed laser altimetry map of the entire Moon, including both poles.  From this precision topographic data, we made a simulated relief model of the poles and illuminated it as the real Moon would be illuminated by the Sun over the course of a year.  Our new results suggest at least four areas near the south pole are in sunlight for large fractions of the lunar day.  One location (B) is illuminated more than 82% of the lunar day and is only 10 km from another point (A) that is lit 81% of the day.  Moreover, these two points are complementary in that the dark times at one corresponds to sunlit times at the other.  The four topographically high sunlight points are collectively illuminated 100% of the time during the lunar seasons.”

So, in 1994 scientists determined that there are parts of the moon’s north pole “that are lit 100% of the day” and in 2008 scientists determined that “four topographically high sunlight points are collectively illuminated 100%” at the south pole, exactly as Meier first observed in 1946 and published in 1989.

He Would Need More than One Lamp

Scientists today are often far less like Diogenes, dodgin’ these facts as they deliberately do. But feel free to send this information to scientists, astronomers, etc. You can test their credibility by how they answer – if they answer. Real scientists are few and far between these days. If you can find any that aren’t terrified of being scooped by Swiss UFO contactee, Billy Meier, who aren’t in fear of losing funding, tenure, credibility, or no longer being invited to cocktail parties, etc., please let us all know.

And since Stuart Robbins, a constant denier of the authenticity of the Meier case, was the impetus for my publishing this information you can also forward it to him and see if he wishes to respond…or remain in the permanent shadow that he and other vainglorious truth suppressers have created for themselves.


NOTE: Rather than jump out of a window, play in traffic, get drunk, or otherwise surrender to deep despair about the pathetic state of the world and all those who sell out in order to pocket a few pieces of silver, for fast, fast relief read “The Way to Live”…or any of Meier’s books, as well as the freely available, non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching.

8 Replies to “Scientists Corroborate Billy Meier’s 1946 Moon Information”

  1. Hi Michael,

    Has Billy ever said HOW the U.S. later transported equipment supposedly belonging to the Apollo 11 mission to the moon?

    Also, photos from all the missions appear to be fakes e.g. fake backgrounds done via front-lit projection, same background in multiple missions when they were meant to be in different locations, etc. Maybe they did go there in the later missions, but in my opinion all the photos and probably also the videos are fakes.


  2. MH How many REALY HONEST scientists are willing to come out of the closet and speak the TRUTH? To me Billy was and is ALWAYS telling it like it REALLY IS since Billy got to the moon before all this “pie in the sky NASA space program really desided to go to the moon,that is IF these moon missions started up to support the military industrial complex which is trying so very hard to mess things up further? :-(((

  3. MH,

    I recall the P’s said the Bermuda Triangle mystery was because of two huge Suns which gravitational waves or something hitting were causing the slipping time in BT? Now they moved and no longer caused that.

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