Billy Meier’s scientifically corroborated information, from 1989, also answers questions about disappearance of planes

A recent article again identifies methane gas bubbles as being responsible for most of the disappearances of ships in the Bermuda Triangle area. While it’s not the first article to suggest this explanation, we previously published  Billy Meier’s information, provided to him by the Pleajren extraterrestrials, that first explained the methane connection pre-dating any of these “official discoveries”.

Meier’s information, from 1989, also answers a question here pertaining to “how they would make planes vanish from the sky above”. We bolded that information six years ago, before the current question was asked.

The only remaining mystery is why skeptics haven’t yet come forward to renounce their skepticism, claims that Meier backdated information and previous stubborn denial of the single most important true story in all of human history. It would seem that…real scientists would be besides themselves with enthusiasm and interest, wanting to participate in bringing this information – and its absolute relevance to our future survival – to everyone’s attention. Maybe those who may have once been significant are now too busy hyping themselves on social media, etc., like this fellow.


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Thanks to Jacob Smits and several other people who forwarded info on the Bermuda Triangle.

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  • Here is a few links to what I commented on . In addition , I failed to mention , in addition to Gil Broussard , Bob Fletcher also spent his final days researching the same information. Now , first , Gil looked at all the written information he could find to explain the astronomical because it was hundred of thousands of years in the making , and Bob did so from the standpoint of where was the hundred of thousand of trillion dollars globally going to. Again one from the skies and one from the purse strings , two strangers , as far apart as possible met for the same conclusion. Is this the information that the 700 years from not Billy talks about before we can become intact again ? I think so . I also speculate its not yet been translated or its another feather in the cap of the greatest story that has ever been told and in fact true. If BEAM were to tell us it would be utter panic. For me it has been utter panic for a year now and just now I have been saved by my computer spy ware several times even posting this. To be clear , I am not in any way religious and neutral. So what you uncloak discusses history . So its clear that the data is just historical and not in any way an attempt at anything but historical anaylysis. Again my spelling is poor and I want to include that as well. Not even trying to take from this conversation here , just adding what I believe is significant information. David

  • The Meier material is extremely interesting… most folks will only find out about it when the books are no longer available… got to to purchase them here and now… I found one Message from the Pleiades Vol 3. (On CD) going for $280 on Ebay! Not only are these an investment in your mind (the ultimate weapon and preparedness tool) but in your pocket book too… if you decide to be so foolish as to sell it… Salome

  • Randy, is it a prophecy, or prediction that FIGU books will be in short supply in the coming future? Can you tell me more about this?


  • Guys, Before I got a computer yeas ago I used to send away for the little booklets in English from the figu book shop back then. With my limited income who is going to and willing to pay 180 bucks for Message from the Pleiades vol 3 etc? “If I had all the money in the world I would buy EVERYTHING from figu and learn to speak German etc.

  • Universities are full of fraud and criminal activity, not least their massive usury of their own students.
    “Geisteswissenschaft” (“liberal arts”) departments mostly teach and study non-sense, illogic, Marxism and postmodern garbage and the like.
    Part of the purpose of FIGU is to form an actual and real Geisteswissenschaftsuniversität.
    The “natural and social sciences”, on the other hand, are similarly dominated by imbecile ideologies and propaganda, such as the unbelievable “professor of public understanding of psychology” Richard Wiseman, again with a Marxist agenda behind him.
    Billy once described in his book “Existentes Leben im Universum”, in regard to certain astronomers’ calculation of the age of the universe, those who “have developed themselves to a high level in regard to intelligence” but who, when it comes to “material consciousness” are “dumb as a rock.”

    • Mathew, Most colleges these days are run by these stupid BIG AG corporation,that`s #1 #2 Most colleges these days are nothing g but bussness schools .#3 Ever since astronomer Wendy Freedman announced that the universe is only 13 billion years old when we all REALLY know from the P`s is “464 TRILLION years old how can ANY astronomer EVER get the REAL age of the universe correct!!! “Frankly Mathew,I don`t miss going to collage anymore thanks to those stupid corporate shills etc! I get MORE college education from Billy and the P`s than I do in ANY college!”

      • The main problem with academia is genetic. These are people with a lot of verbal or combinative ability but a deficiency in intuition, symbolic understanding and true logic. Thus, you get eloquent treatises on totally delusional and illogical theories such as Marxism.

      • Terry what?????????
        Where in the Meier’s material did it say our dern uni is 474 trillion years old?
        Where is the sourse?
        Unless it was a typical typo I never heard billy say the number 464 trillion.
        Correct me if I am wrong.

      • Matt Lee,
        Billy’s exact words are that they have developed themselves to a high level of “intelligence” but in terms of “material consciousness” are “bohnenstroh dumm”, which roughly means “dumb as a rock” and literally means “dumb as broadbean-straw.” He means people who are developed in terms of their mercurial ability to name and categorize things, to verbalize and the like, but who are totally ignorant of the essence, of the truth, of logical cause-and-effect and of the laws of Creation. The latter is a function of consciousness, i.e. materieless Bewusstsein. The spiritual consciousness is a different thing altogether, which however supplies the material consciousness with intuition and logic in the form “it is so.”

    • I’ve managed to talk two people out of taking psychology courses telling them they will only become pill pushers for pharmaceutical companies. One tried to say he wouldn’t do that. I told him he wouldn’t be able to find a job if he didn’t. A person can get more in depth understanding of people by reading The Psyche by Billy instead. By far a cheaper solution if you really just want to help people and not make a career out of it.

  • Hi all, I asked core-group member Christian Frehner about this, if FIGU books were going to either be in short supply, or disappear in the future, and his response was:

    “FIGU Switzerland is, and continues to be responsible that Billy’s and FIGU’s books will be available (and unaltered) for the future.”

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