Is Dave Hodges Plagiarizing Billy Meier?

Read Meier’s prophecies in 2013 warning of US civil wars, Russian military attacks, Islamic terrorism

In my recent blog I referred to Dave Hodges’ recent information warning of Russian attacks on the US, which he said were provided to him by “deep background sources”. He says that the information “has been known for about two years” around the time I verifiably sent him excerpts from, and links to, the Henoch Prophecies, in late 2013. Hodges doesn’t name his sources but it’s long been known that people involved with various military and intelligence services read and study the Meier material.

Hodges mentions how there could be “more than 40 nations” that participate in the attacks, how Alaska and Canada will be involved, the invaders from the east – all of which echoes what’s in the 1987 prophecies he received and which were also commented on by the formerly skeptical Dr. Weinstein. A few days ago Hodges even had an article about civil war coming to America, also foretold by Meier in 1981 and 1987. And, like others now suddenly realizing that there’s a big financial collapse underway that will affect the US, Meier casually mentioned it in 2006.

In speaking about how the US military actions could provoke a Russian attack and invasion, Hodges seems to have also paid attention to what Meier said – in June of 2015.

The Big Question

So, why doesn’t Hodges mention Meier and the Henoch Prophecies, etc.? The obvious and most likely answer, already being noted in comments on my blog, is because he and the majority of his readers are highly religious and, by golly, they just can’t allow themselves to deal with the reality of the Meier material – and who he is – when they’re still clutching “the good book” so tightly.

Even now as the prophecies unfold, even now as they are verifying them themselves (as well as speculating and embellishing upon them) Hodges and others who have gotten this close to the truth are largely unwilling to set aside, let alone confront, the unreality of their beliefs, based as they are on an ancient blood cult, its rituals, superstitions, imaginary, manmade deities, saviors, saints, devils and demons, and break through into logical, fact based thinking.

As the world is ever more faced with the, conscienceless, murderous, degenerate, radical fundamentalist Islamists, it’s time to stop clinging to fairy tales and illusions when the truth is staring us in the face. And it is us, all of us, who are at risk, not just “someone over there”.

The Problem and the Solution

The real problem facing everyone, including those who are beginning to see it as the events encroach upon them, is that they don’t yet see the solution. For people who are locked into apocalyptic thinking, who are actually welcoming the idea of a worldwide conflagration because they have the deluded belief that this will bring them closer to their “lord and savior”, etc., including the military personnel who are likewise plagued with such irrationality and make their decisions based upon it, perhaps they could be eased into supporting the real military solution by listening to Gen. Michael Flynn, who comes closest so far to understanding the need for a true international military coalition, which is what Meier has long called for.


Imagine what would happen if people like Dave Hodges, Bill Bonner, Alex Jones and others who have pieces of the puzzle – as well as the big picture that we’ve repeatedly sent to all of them – would begin to let go of anything in their own egos and personal ambitions that block them from serious, thoughtful, logical examination of the Meier material and its unparalleled record of specific prophetic accuracy…and the specific recommendations contained within the spiritual teaching for rectifying our very wrong headed actions.

Rational self-interest must supersede dead end religious ideologies and chaos compounding military-political machinations. And if plagiarizing Billy Meier’s information is what it takes – after all, it is intended to help us assure our now very threatened future survival –then copy away, even without attribution, if it impels us to right thinking and right action.

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    1. Yes, thanks, Timothy, and by a writer who went to the trouble to use Meier’s photo, without attribution, and without having brains enough to see that it contradicted his idiot story.

      1. I knew you would catch that without me mentioning it, Michael you are fantastic, thank you for all your tireless efforts, I appreciate you so much!

  1. Hi Michael,
    Hope you and yours are well?
    I have a quick question: do you think there is a ‘particular’ Billy Meier work / book that Asket may have been referring to below? It is from the Askets explanations part 1 (1953) I think:
    ” 33. In less than twenty Earth years, the time will come for you, when you will write a great work of the truth, that will be transmitted to you from a very, very high spirit form.
    34. It will reach to you from the same level from which Jmmanuel, the carpenter’s son, who you wrongly name Jesus Christ, also received his knowledge.
    35. It will be an important work of the new time, a work of truth, of knowledge, of clarification, of wisdom and love, a work of the Aquarian Age.
    36. It will be, next to many other works from you, a work of the absolute truth, in connection with very many other things.”
    This sounds like a must read and I am aware I have only got a few of Billys books in English at the moment!!
    Yours, still stumbling through the bread and butter stuff (the contact notes)…
    Lee R

    1. Probably means Arahat Athersata or Genesis, both of which were communicated to Billy by “very, very high spirit-forms”.

  2. Hey , as a side note , I hope this is still kinda on topic with the thread progression, my mom passed recently. And prior to her illness I had shared BEAM with her and it was a conforting thing for her to undersand who he was and who she was too before her passing. She realized it was not going to be her end, but a transition to a new jouney , and she was also proud , having led a good life and led her two children to such a nice place in this world. Its a side note but a very impactful thought when you get down to it. Thank you Michael for you part in my awakening and well being and my familys well being too.I think others would give the same type of feedback for you as well . We definitely love you and you have a special place in our heart and our lifes. Plural you have impacted all of us forever in this creation. Its a small realization like that that makes me smile knowing how long you will be with us. Like my mom , she is still here. And the journey continues. Makes me think that Billy and yourself will be here for hundreds of years before your next incarnation ; )

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