Billy Meier: 17,461 IS Terrorist “Sleepers” Now in Europe

Meier’s 1987 warning of terrorist attacks in Europe now echoed by international press 

Updating what Billy Meier first warned about in 1987, in an unofficial translation of an excerpt from Contact 642, on January 30, 2016, Ptaah told Meier that 17,461 people “directly connected with the IS and the al Qaida terror organization who should be described as so-called “sleepers had been identified” and had snuck into Europe with the flow of migrants:

Billy: “You have told me at our previous meeting on January 6 that you are about to clarify how many al Qaida and IS sleepers have sneaked in with the flow of migrants into Europe.”

Ptaah: This evaluation was carried out, in fact the investigation lasted until January 20, but we still continue on with it. We identified 17,461 persons that are directly connected with the IS and the al Qaida terror organization that should be designated as so-called “sleepers.

Billy: “Then Europe can indeed expect quite some acts of terrorism. But when I spoke and wrote that killers of the terror organizations IS and al Qaida are smuggled into Europe with the flow of migrants then it only earned laughter and the secret services even denied that this was the case.

Now, three months later, this story  appeared warning of terrorist attacks in Europe this summer, with the predictable denial of course from Italy, one of God’s favorite countries…although even conservative American columnist Pat Buchanan seems to understand what’s coming to Europe…and the US.

But, as the saying goes, a prophet is without honor in his own country, which is confirmed by this article about FIGU and Meier from a Swiss publication.

And that particular country has ubiquitous displays of the tortured Savior-on-a-Stick Jesufixes all over the place, a Church for Cheez-Whiz in almost every block, openly practicing undetected Pavlovian mind control day and night with relentless bell ringing to reinforce the cultic grip on the subconsciousness of the unsuspecting faithful. Naturally, they’re quick to label FIGU a “cult” of some kind, despite zero evidence to support it, probably fearing some loss of true believers and their contributions to fill their coffers.

Since 1958, Meier’s been warning of the “deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world” from fanatical Islamists.

Are we listening now?


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Thanks to Bill Wilson for the information.

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  1. Hi guys,
    Please help sign this petition at the White House and spread the word! Every signature counts:
    It’s the really abridged version of my original draft petitioning the administration to push the UN for the creation of an international contingent to stop ISIS.
    Thank you all!

    1. Dave, I also sent a petition to the UN, It was was the proof read or corrected draft of Michael’s original ” How to stop ISIS” petition. I sent a second one to a separate department in the UN a few days later to insure a response. It’s a guarantee they got it. Planting the seeds is what we can do. Glad your pursuing this, the exposure is necessary.

  2. Once a few years ago… I was in Winterthür and a lady was very interested in me because she thought I might be one of the visiting soccer players (Football in Switzerland) and she was wanting the spend the day together… I told her I was going to Hinterschmitrüti and did not have time because I was going to work… she said… oh you mean where that crazy guy Billy lives? Even though they live so close to one of the most interesting human beings in the galaxy let alone earth… you might think she would cut him some slack… well… that is the earth human in a nut shell… with emphasis on NUT! Talk about prejudging a person… sheesh…

    Salome: Be greeted in peace and wisdom.

    PS> reminds me of a passage from Billy’s book the way of life: Without knowing the causal foreordinations of Creation, it’s laws and recommendations and their effects on the life of the spirit and consciousness a human being cannot be wise.
    Ohne die Fügungen der Schöpfung zu kennen, ihre Gesetze und Gebote und deren Wirkungen auf das Geistes- und Bewusstseinsleben, kann ein Mensch nicht weise sein.
    The way of life/Art zu leben By Billy pages 243 -244

  3. If military personnel were actually contacted by FIGU/Meier, or read from their own volition what Meier/the Plejaran has to say regarding military and security concerns (e.g. there are 17,000 Muslim extremist sleepers in Europe), of course their official response would be denial. The military officials must deny this to the public in order to keep everyone calm, because in their view, it’s better to withhold these unpleasant facts from the masses. (There may be some limited sense to concealing certain facts from the populace for security purposes, but lying to everyone about security risks is probably not beneficial long-term.)

    The question I have is whether the military personnel, who are aware of Meier’s assessment of the security situation, have actually verified Meier’s claims about the sleepers and are just denying it, or whether they truly do not have those facts themselves and are completely unaware of the scope of the problem. Which do you think it is, Michael?

  4. And to continue my logic,

    If the military personnel can actually verify for themselves Meier’s claims about their security problem, then they know that Meier is telling the truth. Moving forward, I imagine they would be interested in monitoring what Meier has to say given its demonstrable value, and that might might be beneficial for our world security. However, if the military personnel truly have no concept of the scope of the problem to the extent Meier claims, then they will simply laugh him off as a cult fool who has no knowledge of anything. I just wonder where they’re currently at in their assessment of Meier. According to some Contact Reports, for example, several Catholic Church leaders are very aware of Meier’s teachings, and have even consciously or subconsciously stolen some of his ideas and re-manufactured them into their own teachings, albeit in a somewhat twisted form. Perhaps the military is also assimilating some of Meier’s claims into their strategies, for better or worse.

    1. Salome & G’Day,
      11. Do not curse the truth.
      12. Never, never put Creation’s recommendations and Creation’s laws
      into unworthy cults.
      Your fellow student,

        1. Oops, sorry Sean, I missed this back in May.
          I am not implying that YOU offended these laws.
          My comment was directed at “several Catholic Church leaders”.

  5. Micheal: there is a new thread in the English forum – Discussions on World Governments and their Leaders …
    Where there was a comment in the forum about how Barack Obama and the forceful measure taken up against his by his superiors to do their dirty deeds.

    For the life of me I cannot remember, but I think you posted a link to a video of an Ex CIA or NSA guy going around talking in small communities where he warns us the wrong doings by those higher up the and there was a section where he talked about Obama. I will keep looking but have not found the right search words

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