New Radio Show for Billy Meier UFO Case Q & A

Michael Horn is on Real Astrology with Matthew Deagle, on Rense Radioto discuss the Billy Meier’s Extraterrestrial Contacts

Real Astrology with Matthew Deagle will feature Michael Horn every Friday every Friday from 12 – 1 p.m. Pacific Time, 3 – 4 p.m. Eastern Time.

Before each Friday interview, listeners are welcome to send questions regarding the Billy Meier Extraterrestrial Contacts, the ‘Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of the Truth, Teaching of Life’, as well the latest developments in the USA connected with the spreading of the spirit-teaching.

Questions may either be sent to or posted in the comments-section of this blog beginning with the words QUESTION FOR FRIDAY’S INTERVIEW in all caps, as written.

Questions will be answered on the air during Friday’s 1-hour program, and may be listened to live or in the archives at Questions also may be asked live on air at 1-844-769-2944 during the program.

Some Introductory Questions

In an ongoing discussion about the Meier case, a skeptical friend raised a number of questions and challenges that reflect what some other people have also asked. I’m offering the questions and my answers below and I welcome responses, etc.

Q: How do we know that the UFOs in Meier’s photos, films and video aren’t models, trick photography, or that false perspective wasn’t employed?

A: Because the independent, expert analyses, using state-of-the-art technology, established that they are, indisputably, large objects a distance from the camera. And only through such technological analyses, a scientific approach – and not speculation, guessing, anecdotal information, etc. – can we determine that information. This is also why no skeptic, model maker, etc., has ever submitted their photographs of models for the same testing that substantiated the objects in Meier’s photographs as being large, unknown and a distance from the camera.

The first testing was done more than 30 years ago, using the state-of-the-art technology of the day, which was already far beyond anything that Meier himself had access to. The most recent testing was conducted with much more sophisticated, current technology and software that didn’t even exist when Meier took his photographic evidence. And the results can be duplicated by anyone with a computer who obtains the software and wants to repeat the tests. See also: The Billy Meier UFO Case: Now You Can Prove It to Yourself

It should also be mentioned that several other people photographed the same craft…some in other countries.

See the links at: Corroboration & Evidence

Q: Couldn’t Meier have done as other skilled, disabled people do and, in this case, have used his one hand to accomplish this, or even had accomplices?

A: As for the assumption that Meier himself (or parties unknown) made such models, used trick photography, etc., zero evidence has ever been found or presented to support that hypothesis and, to the contrary, the original decade long, on-site investigation, as well as the subsequent investigations into every aspect and circumstance of Meier’s life, his…means, motive and opportunity, clearly rule out such speculation. Again, the actual evidence to support the speculation must be provided and never has simply because…it doesn’t exist.

Meier presented his first documented, photographic evidence from 1964, in India when he had two hands, and the last of the physical evidence was presented in 1981, in Switzerland. He lost his left arm in 1965, after which the evidence became not only far more abundant and diverse but even clearer.

The total umber of UFO photos was about 1,200, along with eight films, a video, four separate sound recordings and metal samples. None of this evidence has ever been determined to be hoaxed and there is nothing even remotely comparable on record for any other disabled person…let alone fully able-bodied individuals.

Q: Could the UFOs Meier photographed be terrestrial/military craft?

A: There’s no evidence to support that hypothesis. That there are terrestrial/secret military UFOs capable of hovering and flying is not in dispute, as Meier published in 2007 in the 441st Contact Report. But since Meier first started taking his photographic evidence – in 1964 – no terrestrial source has come forward to claim responsibility, nor has any independent source provided any information that would lead to that conclusion.

Q: Isn’t it true that photographs, films, video, metal samples and sound recordings aren’t considered actual evidence?

A: Absolutely not true. Any and all of the aforementioned can be, and have been, used as critical evidence for a long time and in many legal cases. Obviously, photographic evidence – while trickery, faking, etc., must first be ruled out – has been considered good enough to contribute to determining the guilt or innocence of numerous people; lives have hung in the balance.

Q: What about other people who may have published things that Meier then plagiarized?

A: To assume that just because a person here or there knew or wrote something theoretical or even similar to what Meier published doesn’t mean that Meier had access to or saw it, etc. To the contrary, Meier’s never published theoretical information, only stated facts as presented to him by the Plejaren, or as deduced by himself. And so much of what he’s published was done long before the existence of the internet. Every skeptical claim has failed to provide the actual, verifiable, means, motive and opportunity that would have been necessary to substantiate such claims.

Add to all of this some 26,000+ pages of information, including what I refer to as prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information – all from the same individual – and we have another huge element to consider. We can’t assume that, contrary to all known circumstances in Meier’s life – and human nature itself – that he magically acquired the abilities, and took the immense time, to concoct all of this…risking his credibility should the information and/or the evidence prove to be hoaxed, erroneous, etc., and never sought fame or fortune, etc.

Meier’s life is a rather open book. His known education, location, background, skills and knowledge – plus the responsibilities he verifiably had at the same time – make such an explanation beyond speculative. In fact, such speculation only has the result of making Meier into some kind of a superman, an expert in photography, film making, special effects, model making, along with sound recording, metallurgy, hypnosis, mind control, philosophy, creative writing, archeology, biology, chemistry, astrophysics, physics, mathematics, ancient languages, electronics, etc., etc., etc., all of which is less probable than that he’s simply…telling the truth.

Q: Couldn’t, and in fact haven’t, other people come up with the some of the same so-called prophetically accurate information that Meier has?
A: Certainly. Throughout history there’ve been various people, from the well known to the lesser known, who’ve published prophecies and/or predictions that came to pass, or that appear to be coming to pass, some of which are the same in certain ways as what Meier’s published. What’s missing is any other single person who’s predicted all of the now more than 200 specific examples that Meier has. And Meier’s been far more detailed, as well as diverse in the categories, types, kinds of information that he’s covered.

Other people who’ve “tapped in” to the information have usually done so more sporadically and often put in other information that isn’t accurate. This may have happened when they started to embellish upon the accurate information that they picked up from impulses. The prophetic information that Meier and the Plejaren have accessed exists also in what are called the storage banks and so other sensitive people may also become aware of it, most likely accidentally, not even knowing how they did it.

Meier explained how he accesses the prophetic information (which is also true for how he accesses and conveys the spiritual teaching) when he wrote this, over 20 years ago, in the Prophetien:

“The contents of this book are of prophetic and predictive nature, however, it is not (with few exceptions) the work of myself and therefore not the work of my own ability. I only occupy the role of mediating prophet, making available to Man in responsible manner the conversation explanations revealed to me or the symbol-pictures transmitted to me in Spirit-telepathy form, in that I translate the symbol-pictures into words, formed according to the understanding and grasping of knowing and recognizing people of Earth, who are able to extract and interpret these values.

Needing to be explained to you regarding this, dear readers is this: The prophecies, probability calculations and predictions are given to me, on the one hand, by extraterrestrial human beings from planets and universes unknown to Earth- and SOL- systems but, on the other hand, from higher planes of Spirit.  Therefore, as a rule, the prophecies and predictions are not the product of my own ability as a seer, wherefore I only pass on the transmitted facts conveyed to me.  The products of my own predictive ability are based on exact calculations, of which, however, I do not make extensive use, because the transmissions of the predictions and prophecies from higher Spirit planes and extraterrestrial humans, who know the future, are much more far reaching and precise. The transmissions from high Spirit planes and from extraterrestrials, at any given time, take place at irregular intervals. In addition, these transmissions are often partial and fragmented, so that only in total context they make sense, wherefore it is my obligation to establish the connection and create a whole, however, according and ever true to the transmissions, as I would not be allowed to add or subtract any one incorrect word.”

One other, very important distinction is that Meier has – once again provided the spiritual teaching – which also contains very specific recommendations, advice, etc., to help us avoid and avert the otherwise certain to occur prophecies…if we would but only listen.

Q: Why would we need another prophet?

A: The problem is that people didn’t learn from the past prophets – when some of the things they too foretold and that are now upon us could have been altered. This is also the time when the spiritual teaching, the truth, can be preserved electronically and remain unaltered, so that no more religions, cults, sects, etc., can corrupt, falsify and start anew to mislead the people.

As usual, people are too busy trying to discredit, debunk and attack Meier, as was the case with the prophets in the past, rather than have the intelligence to learn from him. It’s more important to the current online armchair “experts” to try to play “gotcha” and show how smart they are, that they are simply too clever to be fooled…by someone who’s trying to help us assure our own, ever more threatened future survival. The same is true of course of those who “know” just how contact with an extraterrestrial race is “supposed” to occur, revealing themselves to actually be lost in fantasies, nonsense and pure ignorance.

We must stop viewing this as a “my prophet is better than your prophet” competition, which only trivializes the extremely serious matters at hand.

We have to come to terms with our own motives, prejudices, assumptions, etc., and honestly confront the fact that we are genuinely puzzled, and even feel threatened by this seemingly impossible, improbable situation. We would like to demand that evidence and proof conform to our expectations, when simply testing it all according to the scientific method is, and must be, sufficient to reveal the truth.

We may be troubled by the implications, the uncertainties, the realization that we’re not the only, let alone the most advanced human beings in the universe, and that far more evolved, knowledgeable and even…benevolent human beings are in a sense playing with us, prodding us along to struggle through not only the evidence but our own limiting beliefs as well, in order to help us assure our own, very threatened future survival.

Real Astrology with Matthew Deagle airs from 12 – 1 p.m. Pacific Time Mon – Fri, and in general deals with symbolic influences on humankind such as astrology, kabbalah and collective thought-forms – our thoughts create our destiny.

59 Replies to “New Radio Show for Billy Meier UFO Case Q & A”

  1. QUESTIONS FOR FRIDAYS INTERVIEW: I Have heard that billy is the last incarnation in the line of seven prophets but i recently read that his spirit form is suppose to reincarnate again in 2077 to bring the teachings again, so is this information correct? And doesnt the reincarnation cycle interval rule apply to billy too? (might have the exact year wrong)

    1. He is going to reincarnate in 2075 in order to continue the mission he started as Billy Eduard Albert Meier, not as a new prophet. Also, even Billy prefers the term “teacher” so actually Mohammed/Muhammad was the final prophet.

      1. Well Meier is also a prophet, the seventh and final one, as the Plejaren have also said. And of course he is a teacher as well.

      2. Thanks for the clarification, as for the second part of the question, has it been explained why such a short gap between billy passing from this life and reincarnating in 2075 even though its been explained that depending on how long a person lives is multiplied by 1.25 in the fine-matter realm?

        1. *Correction*: 1.52 times the material years lived by the human being are spent in a fine-fluidal matter realm (afterlife plane)

          1. Due to overpopulation the time spent in the ether is shortened. This includes everyone. That’s why it’s so important to have a worldwide birthstop.

          2. Oscar,
            As far as I know, Billy’s spirit-form is not subjected to the “normal” reincarnation time frame of 1.52. This is due to his unique mission and the help of the spirit plane Arahat Athersata.

  2. QUESTIONS FOR FRIDAYS INTERVIEW. Thanks for this collaboration its much further needed pressing towards an outcome we can live with. We cannot live with these robber barons no longer. Its extensive reach is mind numing as well as their success. Its time for the earth loving, nature loving to have our success and lets raise our crystal glasses high as we take our turn. No more will we stand idle and watch this atrocity. So , that said , my question as best as I can deliver it.

    Amongst our collective concern we love nature , the creation and are dearly grateful for the opportunity in our lifetime to begot the fruits of a work so cherished not only here but on other planets and solar systems.
    So to establish a point, we are being systematically invaded on all borders by the islamists set free to procure a caliphate , as a crusade is hidden the immigration. Clearly the players that practice PC adherence and acceptance and are subjugating existing culture to accept this by means of professing that we hurt feelings of these raiders and rapists and beheaders and exterminaters by calling them what they are , ‘muslim extremists and insane peoples’ we are able to identify and follow the trail to the ‘COLLUDERS’ , the ENABLERS of this tyranny.
    Now , why is it that we have so much trouble to awaken the masses to this. The churches have no business in ‘accepting’ this deliverance of ‘payload’ of unfiltered flotsam and jetsam and scurge. Yes mixed in are those who made mistakes and left with dreams of better lives, only to be robbed , raped and beaten during the luring of their decisions. Bombs prodded them , no community and starvation were not attractive options. But along the way they were MUCH worse off.
    In this dynamic, Criminal leaders ordered the stand down of long standing protocol in cloaked situations presenting false dynamics and stressing urgency and acceptance , then ordering simple red flags of insanity like curfews acknowledging anarchy by telling citizens to cloak themselves and not wear dresses or exposing their faces while taking their guns and offering the ‘scurge’ a free ride’. Healthcare , schooling, food stuffs, housing , liscences to assimilate and albeit IMMEDIATELY without inspection of ones situation. It stinks like a dead fish in the summer sun on your front porch.
    We know this is criminal , its not a situation we can mistake. We have a crusade , a global one. A Trojan horse stamped of imminent death. Lets just call it what it is. By default a description millenials can relate to since they are now the majority . GRAND THEFT – SPECIAL GLOBAL ADDITION. STEAL , RAPE , PILLAGE , DESTROY , INSEMINATE , DOMINATE , AND THEN BEHEAD , SET AFIRE , BRIBE OR BLACKMAIL A WORLD LEADER , GET ENDORSEMENTS LIKE NEW TOYOTA TUNDRAS WITH GUN TERRETS AND UNLIMITED AMMO AND RPG ROCKETS TO TAKE DOWN ANYTHING.
    So now that reality is established. I know BEAM established that the teachings include the entire planetary system from the Plejaran are meditating with those here that can. That is the most important line of defense. Its immediate influence , directly into the fourth dimension that everyone here can push for. The more the stronger. Now We are here , at the cusp . Of the worlds greatest disaster . Fukashima , and the worst prior the BP oil intentional contamination. A pure killfest. Still ongoing . We are in deep trouble as a complete sinister air campaign sprays us from overhead with toxins and systematically humans are being hunted in every way for outright extermination as the elite have harvested all the technology and tools to recreate their own vision of life when it is ALL DESTROYED.
    So are we to just concentrate on the teachings and our quality of lesson during the now, or are we also to include a distinct effort of awareness to alert others . Did the some 27,000 pages that I cannot read that are not translated including some substance other than concentrate on my own development so I can come back as a better unit , or does it matter that I try to figure it out now to try to stop this sick mess. Because its seems like pick , work on yourself and fix your now life, so you can be a better unit in the future. OR in my alarming real world now, I am fighting mad learning more and more about the who and the how and I have options to spend my time . Meditate or make strides to make people aware and disclose findings and holler from the mountain top . Go down in flames yelling and heralding or selfishly practice self improvement for next time ? Sorry for sounding mad or angry. I write this with great respect for all that you collectively do and am faced with impending catastrophy on my horizon , don’t you all see it?

  3. Hi Dave Yes I do see all this madness all around me. Recently I switched from TRuthout to which I think is a better website to read ifyou want to get a real insiders view of what`s realy going on in the news. I just heard on c2c that Hlary Clinton as a real “NASTY BITCH and will get away with ANYTHING!” If Bernie Sanders is not on the November ballot,”I`m jjst NOT going to vote at all unless people here in the US learn that we NEED to deal with our own issues here in the US like single payer heathcare for everyone, free college tuition , and so on! As things are right now seems to me we`re already destroying Planet Earth even BEFORE the two predicted civil wars in the US and WW4(WW3) which will somehow go nuclear if we don`t learn to meditate and watch our backs! Seems to me these Pentagon shills and their political horts wish us ALL DEAD no matter who becomes the next president etc!

  4. Today’s 7.0 Earthquake Literally Shook the Entire Planet; registered throughout entire USA!

    So forceful and violent was this earthquake, that its shock waves actually registered on every seismograph in the USA; even sending some of the US Seismographs right-off-the-scale ! ! ! It even shook the Yellowstone Super-Volcano!

    Something big seems to be happening on the “Ring of Fire”

    1. You will find that I have discussed the earthquakes around the ring of fire in relation to symbolism and prophecy. The earthquake in Nepal last April was prophesied exactly by Petale in 1981. It took place on 25 April 2016, St. Mark’s Day, which was also Easter on the Julian calendar.

      Petale-Botschaft vom Freitag 20 November 1981 16:24:
      “Das böse und vernichtende Geschehen einer grossen Erdenkatastrophe bricht über den Menschen der Erdenwelt herein, wenn der Markustag auf Ostern fällt, und sich die Anti-Logos-Zahl 666 rundet, die in der Macht der ‘7 Dunkeln’ und des dreifachen ’12. Stuhles’ steht.“

      1. I disagree – “wenn der Markustag auf Ostern fällt” – last time according to Gregorian calendar the St. Markus day and Easter day at the same time were in 1943 and the next time it will be in 2038…

        But I do not know what – “sich die Anti-Logos-Zahl 666 rundet, die in der Macht der ‘7 Dunkeln’ und des dreifachen ’12. Stuhles’ steht.” means…

          1. The date of 2038 however is in resonance with the events of 2015, precisely because November 2038 is the time when the full on war between the USA-EU and Russia begins. Both years 2015 & 2038 have St. Mark’s Day coinciding with Easter. Also noteworthy is that 18 years after 2015 is the 2000-year anniversary of the crucifixion, again tied with Easter, while St. Mark’s Day is celebrated in Venice, i.e. the city flooded with water. By 2038, all of the resource-crises will have reached a catastrophic level, including rising sea-levels, famine, water-shortages, etc.


            Environmental scientists are predicting catastrophic water-shortages after 2030, which will provoke the USA to attack and invade Canada, and eventually to attack Russia, bringing hellfire upon the continental USA in the form of the by then highly advanced DEWs (HAARP-type weapons) that Russia commands from the arctic circle. With such a weapon, they will in self-defence against nuclear attacks from the USA trigger a gigantic, fiery hurricane that will kill just about everyone from the southeast to eastern USA and then also strike Britain after crossing the Atlantic.

            Meanwhile, in e.g. California water-shortages will have reached third world levels.

          3. Michael, yes both the USA and the USSR will attack Canada for the huge natural resource of water in that country, which is the largest in the world in that regard.
            And yes, I said USSR, because the Bolsheviks will come to power again some time following Putin’s death, since their type of ideology will be desired in the time of shortage, famine, civil unrest, etc.

          4. I meant that the HP says that Russia will attack Canada as well as…attacking the US.

          5. Michael, Petale-prophecies in the book “Prophetien und Voraussagen” state that the USA will attack Canada and become involved in a war with and in Canada, and Russia will also attack Canada.

          6. Matthew,

            Do you mean this:

            “America will, due to political entanglements with Canada, be thrown into another war, and a massive attack of the red storm floods from the East of America results in the largest part of the U.S.-troops having to fight in their own country and, therefore, cannot help the hard-pressed Europe. However, a hurrying to help would be senseless as well as impossible because, due to the use of the newest weaponry, America will be destroyed to a large part. Due to elementary-weapons (nature-catastrophe-weapons), the existence of which, up to the year 1981, only few people had knowledge, terrible and horrible hurricanes will be released on the American continent, which will crush and destroy everything that comes into their range. These hurricanes, however, work in conjunction with horrendous giant-fire-cylinders, which race across the land and level everything to rubble and ashes, by which all life dies. But one of these giant-hurricanes, the largest one of all, devastates and destroys everything, and what it does not destroy, mercilessly falls to the screaming inferno of the fire-cylinder following it. This hurricane races northward, across the American continent, and then suddenly changes its course to a northeastern direction.”

  5. How can mankind have peace? What is the primary cause of all our problems? What happens after we die? Are many folks Psychopaths? Are all UFO’s from other star systems? Do we live longer if we are more evolved in consciousness? How many people would live on this planet peacefully? What is it like on Erra? How long do they work each day. Do they have roads. Do they grow vegetables. How old do folks on Erra live? Did Billy write the bible… Salome


    Sorry, guys, but I had to cancel my show on the Rense Radio Network because, as it turns out, Jeff Rense really doesn’t care about freedom of speech like he claims. He is yet another one in the same category of “alternative radio” as Alex Jones, etc, who has an agenda, which in his case has to do with money. He wants to pay off his huge debts by targeting a certain audience, namely conservative Christians and racists, hence his hosting of Stormfront and David Duke, etc, which, as it turns out, is not because he believes in freedom of speech, but simply because this is his new marketing strategy.

    I received an e-mail from him telling me that he will not have Michael Horn on his radio-network, even though in the past he has interviewed Michael himself and still hosts articles by Michael from 2003 – 2004, etc. I spoke with him for nearly an hour and, among other things, he basically acknowledge that Billy has taken photographs of real UFOs, after trying to give me the excuse that he thought he was a “fraud”. I deduced after several excuses and lies that the REAL reason he does not want Billy Meier information on his radio network is that he does not want to alienate his growing conservative Christian audience as he tries to pay off his debts. That’s it. Money, the root of all evil.

    I will be starting a new show on Livestream and YouTube. If anyone interested in the Meier material with experience in radio or internet wants to help, please contact Michael Horn or me at

    – Matthew Deagle

    1. I furthermore want to clarify that I was not fired from the network, but cancelled my show myself because I am not interested in appearing on a network that CENSORS the Billy Meier contact, which IS the most important event going on on Earth right now, in contrast with the fearmongering and racism that Rense hosts out of supposed interest in “freedom of speech”.

      1. It appears you certainly didn’t mind associating yourself with Mr. Duke and others with similar interests until your attempts to give Mr. Horn backdoor admittance to one of biggest independent alternative news networks failed.

        There are lots of ways to make a few hundred thousand dollars a year that are a lot less dangerous than placing oneself on the hitlist of the Mossad, ADL, SPLC, etc… I’ve been familiar with Mr. Rense for a long time and think he’s a person genuinely interested in propagating what he deems to be true and worthwhile.

        1. Well that’s because you’re a pussy WM. You feed into that “everyone is out to get me” mindset which was genetically induced to keep your hands under your bum so you never have to do anything for the greater good of humanity. If you can’t stand for the truth, what do you stand for?

        2. Please know WM that this does nothing to the truth. That’s the beauty of the truth… It keeps marching on. If a man that is in charge of a radio station can’t see the truth, it will still remain the truth. I’d rather live standing for truth than bend at the knee to denounce it. Mr Rense bent… He’s submitted to fear. That’s ok. We all have to make a choice. I’ve chose to denounce the lies of christianity, along that comes dealing with my family and friends that are still blind and are probably feeling pity for me not knowing it’s them that is living in pity. And that’s ok. We come into this world alone and we leave alone. But now, after coming into this world under a brainwashed spell of lies, it pleases me to know I’m leaving this world knowing I’m coming back with a much better chance of living with truth. It’s so releaving!

          But in the end…weather it’s on a radio station or in print in my hands, the truth will live on. It’s awesome that when the truth is suppressed, the truth actually strengthens. It convinces more to see it as the truth. Like they say…no press is bad press. Good or bad. Just because the radio show on Mr.Rense’s radio station is no more, that does nothing to promote the truth. It just…keeps marching on!

        3. Some people associated with the Rense audience are concerned about things that Billy Meier has warned about, such as the dangers of mass-immigration. They also address facts such as regarding the abuse and exaggeration of the Holocaust as propaganda. However, they also mix these facts and dangers with dumb “conservative” (Republican) politics and the Christian religion in its present cultic, heretical form, delusional racism, etc. I have no problem with them having a voice, as not everything they say is incorrect, and their dangerous ideas are no more dangerous than those of liberal delusionals, however I do have a problem with Rense pandering to Christians by censoring the Billy Meier material, which disproves Christianity by supplying e.g. the original gospel, the Talmud Jmmanuel. And it is not just I who is dissatisfied with the Christian slant going on over at Rense – look at some of the comments on David Duke’s videos on YouTube.

        4. As for being on the hit-list of Mossad, ADL, SPLC, etc, I think you are overestimating Mossad and the leftover Zionists, for one, since actually now it is a secularized Judeo-Christian empire disguised as the EU that is particularly powerful, along with their millions of mind-controlled left- and right-wing fanatic pawns, especially the left-wing ones, both of whom serve as anarchic disruption to social order and as controlled opposition in different wises. No one has threatened me for e.g. pointing out that the number of victims of the Jewish Holocaust were in reality millions less than propagandically claimed – a fact which the extraterrestrial Ptaah also acknowledged in a contact. The big threat to Israel now is not people who question propaganda, but their supposed allies over in Europe and the USA who are stoking on the murder-suicide hordes of Islamism, who eventually will destroy Israel if they are not stopped. I had also hoped Rense was “genuinely interested in propagating what he deems to be true and worthwhile”, but now I know that not to be the case. As for “backdoor admittance” – it was MY show, and there was nothing in the contract that said I could not have certain guests on, etc. Au contraire, Rense HIMSELF used to interview Michael Horn often back when his shtick was UFOs and “Sightings”, but doesn’t anymore because he DOES NOT WANT TO OFFEND CHRISTIANS. Does that sound honest to you? I’ve got news for you: Judaism is not the only bloodthirsty cult threatening world peace. Christianity can be just as bad, e.g. Ted Cruz. Yet Rense is PANDERING to them and their delusional beliefs while pretending to crusade against just such fanatical behaviour on the behalf of Zionist Jews.

          1. Haven’t really went to his site in years. Stuff just got weird and delusional. I stopped by there last month and I saw a video on how Einstein was a fraud and how it was his wife that created all the work. I laughed and made some comments on the videos in disagreement and how the person presenting this only wants to sell books. Plus, rense has gone way overboard on the Jewish bashing.

            I know because my father did some mathematics for Einstein long ago and he had great respect for him.

      2. Well Matthew it truly shows your character and values. Thank you for standing up for Michael Horn and Billy Meier.
        One can only hope that it hits home to him during his dying stages, how wrong he was about his decision. What kind of person puts profit ahead of the truth anyways? Not someone I would want to associate with and I doubt I will check out his stie anymore. He’s irrelevant in my eyes. As you said his audience are Christians and racists so he’s catering to genetic misfits, hope that works well for him, but of course it won’t.

        1. He really ought to be thinking about the spirit at his present age of 70, but unfortunately many, rather than doing so, simply keep their mind off it till the last day when they are forced into the “hellfire of Ammit” rising out of their subconscious.

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