We all have some common concerns and occasionally overlapping insights, how we address them is often another matter entirely

In order to avoid confirmation bias or becoming a “true believer” it’s important to be exposed to views that seem contrary to one’s own.

In my own pursuit of the truth I not only attend events presented by skeptics, which fortunately led to my two presentations of the Billy Meier case at NAU, but I also listen to right-wing talk radio now and then. It doesn’t bother me that I occasionally find agreement with certain things that people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, etc., say. As human beings, we all have some common concerns and occasionally overlapping insights. How we address them is often another matter entirely.

The screamingly obvious problem is that many in the rigid right think in circumscribed, stultified political and religious terms, with no awareness of how all of this is the inevitable result of our ignorance of the immutable law of cause and effect. They reflexively look to the same, failed, Band-Aid answers that instead always cause even greater problems that can’t be solved by more futile prayers to a non-existent deity with a beyond abysmal track record.

 Better Late than Never

Speaking of screaming, one right-wing radio host, Mark Levin, who frequently gets riled up and screeches like an animal getting neutered without anesthetic, is now espousing concerns that not only were formerly considered conspiratorial but that have essentially long been warned about by Meier. He causally foretold the coming collapse of our financial system, which I reported in 2006, and the Henoch Prophecies warn of two coming, bloody civil wars in the US. The likely collapse of the country as a superpower around 2020 now seems all too possible, foretelling anarchy, strife and many more problems extending far into the future.

If only those deeply entrenched in dead-end religious and political thinking were instead disposed towards true self-responsibility, logic, objectivity, neutrality, etc., we might be able to avoid the fulfillment of the long foretold prophecies which, ironically, are now being echoed by them.

Speaking of Dinosaurs

The latest example of too stupid – and greedy – to survive may be in this report about the dinosaurs seeking self-extinction at Berkshire Hathaway. It’s like watching someone losing at a slot machine desperately putting more and more money into it, futilely trying to stop their losses.

Hybrid Armies

And here’s another unsettling financial report with an unusual comment from a high ranking military man (14:20 to 16:15) that also reminds us of these warnings from the Henoch Prophecies about the clone-at-home programs:

190. The irresponsible politicians will unscrupulously exercise their power, assisted by scientists and obedient military forces serving them, who together hold a deadly sceptre and will create clone-like beings which will be bred in a total lack of conscience and will be scientifically manipulated to become killer machines. Division by division and devoid of any feelings, they will destroy, murder and annihilate everything.

206. At the same time, the danger could become reality that the human combat machines, the military clones, will gain their independence and under their own management will bring death, devastation, destruction and annihilation to the human beings of Earth and to the planet.

222. Yet all the apocalyptic events will not only be brought about due to the use of unbelievably deadly and destructive weapons—such as chemical, laser and others—and by cloned murder machines; but in addition to this, the Earth and nature, maltreated to the deepest depths by the irresponsible human beings of Earth, will rise up and cause destruction and bring death onto the Earth.

As for the “little green men”, let’s remember that some years ago I reported on what Meier told me about the possibility of a fake ET attack still existing.

Come Together

While Meier’s specific, prophetic information ceaselessly unfolds  we must now – more than ever – focus our attention, efforts and resources on coming together in small, non-hierarchal groups dedicated to studying and applying the spiritual teaching.

The old is giving way – not very gracefully – to the new. So now is the time to find out what’s truly essential in one’s life and work together with like-minded people to reestablish peace, love, freedom and harmony, as is found in the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the life and the teaching of the spirit.


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Thanks to Greg O’Brien and Mike Basal for the links.


Turn That Wheel Together

It’s the time for coming together

to do what’s never been done

there’s a new game to be played

a new world to be made

where there’s more than enough

enough for everyone


We have lived here together as strangers

never knowing we were notes in the same song

till someone needed help

and we gave of ourselves

and we put our hands and hearts

right back where they belong


As we turn that wheel together

nobody turns it alone

it takes the strength of every brother

to turn that wheel along


Now we’re a world of nine billion voices

each one with something special to say

and now the day begins

when everybody wins

and each of us can give

we can give in our own way


As we turn that wheel together

nobody turns it alone

it takes the strength of every sister

to turn that wheel along

As we turn that wheel together

nobody turns it alone

it takes the strength of everybody

to turn that wheel along

© 1986 Michael Horn & Jai Josefs





89 comments on “Now Right-Wing Radio Host Echoes Billy Meier’s Prophecies

  • Coming together, joining like minded people seems to be a lost thought at this moment in time, one of much apparent agony and strife, for many humans at least. Breaking out of ones shell and making the issues of our world heard, acted upon within the positive and negative, and their corresponding good and bad. As it goes into joining the inner and outer worlds for what is right and not just accepted by humanity within beliefs, god delusions, seeing nature for what its interpretations mean within ‘creation’, and our place within it, peer pressure within the material, physical created world.
    Was interesting here at MH’s blog roughly a year or two ago, a gentleman started a petition against ISIS and actually resided in my home town. Someone within biking distance had finally been found out in the wild blue yonder(as this ‘looking’ is only for those interested)… Alas, joy is no word for what is kept in at least knowing others can see past the apparent strings, hubcaps, to the reality of the world we call home, no matter whom he or she may be saying, acting upon it, within my neighborhood. As for the ending of this story, crickets make more noise than what an online petition made within physical movement. Joining of likish minds…. in that, people able to abide by a certain basic acknowledgment of the world we call home. Nothing fancy or intimidating, just average humans concerned about things most find not worthy of even a slight individual thought.
    Something that has always been yearned for within, comes bubbling to the surface in a frightful fashion. Maybe in an urge, need to move beyond words on a screen to people in person. Nothing extraordinary, just voicing concern and ideas with like minded people. Looking over information and bouncing thoughts and ideas with other in the physical humans….
    I know there are Minnesotans here and I say this openly that if possible I would drive and meet anyone, even for a half hour over coffee, lunch, on me. All to often I also get into a shell, a island of thought imagining the world we have created, the beautiful planet we reside on, and a way to a better human created world for oneself and all. I am far from perfect, I have flaws like all of us, yet the time to come together seems more important than ever. Maybe and most likely I have been going about this the wrong way as every time I find someone in my area the connection always fades away……………………………………………………..
    Phil B.
    Shakopee Minnesota

  • Hi Jared, just curious but why so negative? You immediately call out everyone, or “most”, on this blog and then direct specific insults at Mr. Deagle like this is a comment section from YouTube. I can understand not agreeing with him and his form of astrology as I too was under the impression that any earth astrology was flawed and incorrect based on the information from the contact notes. He explained himself with respect and in an informative way… and weather you agree or not, he’s trying to do something. He could’ve responded to you hurling insults as you did but it’s obvious he’s learned something from this case. And it’s obvious he’s trying to better this world by spreading the case to the masses on his show. From what I’ve gathered from reading and listening to him, he’s gained knowledge- specifically from the spiritual teaching, and he’s applying it to his form of astrology. What’s the big deal? If it is such a big deal, ask with some sort of respect. If you listen to his talk show with MH you would know where he stands with the case. You would also know he’s trying to open this case up to the masses so others too can find the case and dig in so they too can find some sense of understanding to this life. He tried opening some sort of forum to answer questions about the case and explain it further. Yet instead of having a serious discussion you just dismiss and bully. Why?

    I find that to be counter productive… and if you know of this case and have come to accept it as truth then I’m sure you have discovered the spiritual teaching. And if so, you would know how important love is for this world. Yet…you show no love and portray yourself as a bully. What gives man? Each time I’ve read what you wrote you provide nothing but negativity. Regardless of what you think you know about the case it’s pretty obvious you’re missing the main point of it all…at least that’s how I see it based on what you’ve decided to post so far… and I am by no means trying to belittle or do what you’re attempting to do to “most” of us on this blog and make us out to be ignorant because you “know” more than us. Arrogance is not a becoming quality sir. So I ask you with all seriousness… Why so negative?

      • Hi Matthew, I find your research on astrology very interesting. I’m sure that when Ptaah made that statement about earth astrology, it was years ago. The people of earth will definitely figure it out and who is to say that that hasn’t started yet with you and a handful of others? It’s also possible that impulses have been sent to help you and others along. The Plejeran leave info out, say things that don’t make sense to us, tell half-truths and keep secrets. They don’t do it to deceive or play tricks on us. They do it for very important reasons and they know what they are doing. One thing you can be sure of is when they say something that makes us scratch our head, they have a good reason. It’s a matter of getting us earthlings to think for ourselves, read between the lines and go look for the truth. Their intelligence, logic and semantics are so superior to ours that we really have to dig deep to put the puzzle together.
        Anyways, we’ll never figure it out if we don’t try and I’m sure Ptaah would much rather see someone trying then see someone insult and disparage another person for their efforts.

        • Melissa, obviously, as with everything in the contact-notes, the purpose of mentioning these “hints” and “clues” was to get us to research further. The vast majority of the most significant knowledge in the contact-notes is in the form of fair criticisms of terrestrial sciences, behaviour, etc. And yes, however, I can now confirm that most terrestrial astrologers really do not know very much about what they are doing. Even the somewhat more accurate ones such as William Lilly based their judgments upon a false system of “rulerships” apparently without understanding the actual nature of the signs.

          • I agree that I don’t want this blog comment area to be dedicated to astrology. I do have a blog on here (somewhere) that would probably be more appropriate. Jared and Matthew and others can discuss this topic more appropriately there.

    • Jared, you’re making valid points to me, and I agree that any half truths or complete lies should not be tolerated. I have an issue with Matt’s astrology views as well, because of what’s been stated by the Plejaren, but I’m no expert of astrology so it’s hard for me to argue against what he’s saying. I’ve addressed this with him respectfully and he’s addressed my concerns respectfully. I had an uneasy feeling in my gut when listening to him speak of the case when MH is on his radio show and he intertwines his astrology with the Billy Meier case…specifically because I thought earth astrology is flawed and incorrect. But because of my ignorance to astrology it’s difficult to say anything worthy of a debate. I have to do my due diligence and see what he’s doing and why he feels like his astrology is on par with the spiritual teaching. Unfortunately I have no time for this… Instead I need to make time to fix myself before I can address other people’s issues. Who knows, he may be right but he could also be wrong. I just don’t agree with the way you’re presenting your argument by degrading him with insults and total negativity…

      But I think he should have addressed this when he started having MH on his show discussing the Billy Meier case so the people listening would have a better understanding of why his astrology is correct and others is not. And how his form of astrology can be associated with the spiritual teaching. That’s my beef. But he’s obviously very knowledgable of the case and he’s got good insights and views about the case…despite my problem with his astrology.

      • Adrian,
        For the record, I do not say that my astrology is “on part” with the spiritual teaching!
        Not even remotely.
        However, certain things in the spiritual teaching can be proven by means of the mathematics and specifically logic-formulations that I had to develop in order to develop this method of astrology, which I also plan to apply to all sorts of other related things such as acupuncture, etc.

        For example, Billy’s definition of love/Liebe may seem strange to the uninitiated, but it corresponds PRECISELY to the definition that I find using the logic that underlies my astrology-method. Namely, love is a logical statement that two things are equal united with a statement that they are in some respect unequal = the absolute certainty that one lives in and coexists with everything, etc. Think of it like a tree: a tree has a trunk (equation) and branches (inequality). That is the true meaning of love. Similarly, the 7 laws of Creation revealed by Petale agree 100% with the logic behind the life-energy that is involved in astrology, acupuncture, etc. For example, the law of Liebeleben = Universalliebe is equivalent to what I just stated. There is a precise correspondence of this to a certain astrological sign, which if you are intelligent enough to read symbols you can deduce for yourself immediately.

        The LOGIC is what is at the heart of the spirit-teaching, and it is also the basis of my astrology-method and other “esoteric” sciences that I am interested in developing out of their as yet primitive state.

      • Also, I do not consider myself to be very knowledgeable of the case. I have only been studying it for about 10 years or so and there are a lot of books I have yet to thoroughly study, let alone hundreds of spirit-teaching letters, miscellaneous statements in the contact-reports, etc.

    • Either way your behaviour is trolling. I won’t accuse you of being a paid agent or the like, but when all you do is state negative things without any argument and attack everyone in order to provoke a response that is called trolling.

      As for your name, if this is really your name, then the meaning, due to the ambiguity/sloppiness of English pronunciation, can either have a value of 18 or 5.
      The 5-form is not negative and means “he that strips away the superficial layers”.
      But the 18-form is very negative, meaning “he whose outer layer is incongruous with his inner layers”, i.e. someone with a dichotomy/Zwiespalt in himself, a person “wearing a mask” so to speak, someone in conflict with his inner self.

  • Phil Brandel: I’ll have coffee (or lunch) with you here in Minnesota! MH can communicate with you, and give you my email and we could thus establish the start of an open dialogue. Until then.

    Salome/Corey Müske

    • Thank you again Corey for taking my offer to have a cup of coffee today. To often being online turns into the same old thing, sometimes nothing like the physical. No one is perfect and to at least get together and try and talk about all this interests me, if close enough by. Not many in my life that are willing, and it is a personal choice it seems now more than ever, what some wish to be deceived by, or not, on this chaotic yet beautiful world..
      I hope we meet again in the near future.

  • Since this is posted here, I will say that this is referring to the false belief that astrological influences form the destiny and that one is a slave to those influences as the “will of God” or something to that effect. Astrology only shows influences on character, and not even exhaustively. It is character which then generates thoughts, events, behaviour, etc. The thoughts are really what create the destiny, and are only influenced by astrological factors, as I have stated on my show numerous times – indeed it was virtually the theme of my show.

  • Such discussions may or may not be “senseless arguments”. Passion itself is all too often obscuring reason.

    If you “call someone a ‘name'” you are REQUIRED to substantiate your claims. You didn’t do that.

    So feel free to express your opinions, of course. But I suggest that you don’t make blanket, disparaging, attacking statements about people and their work without being to back them up, let alone trying to quote Meier to justify them where you can’t. In that matter, I suggest that you may conduct correspondence with Matthew, if you wish to be better informed about his work and so that you can make informed opinions, pro or con…which is why your just submitted comment, again attacking Matthew with non-specific and unsubstantiated claims, won’t be published.

  • So much time and effort wasted focusing on others that one can almost fall right down the apparent, hole with them.
    Like so many things it seems the less time and effort we give to something, corresponds to less thought and action taken therein. Just think if all of a sudden everyone woke up and religion was never heard of, thought about, sky daddy no longer diluted so many’s individual, personal thoughts. Most could never imagine such a world, just as much as they cannot, will not fathom the possibilities within many potential, positive things.
    I just wonder these things, as so much is given against something I personally do not partake within, that makes one so mad, continuously here at MH’s blog over the years? Especially as within what we know might be coming and our own self discovery’s to respectfully, and dutifully try an evolve within.
    When the effects of humanity’s continuing many fold causes really starts coming to a head, it will be harder to worry about others interests, aspirations to potentially prep-ell humanity forward? Especially here ‘online’. Where words against something are as it goes…. and demand some understanding within individual mightful thought. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will not hurt me……………………

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