The People Were Warned and SOMEBODY Listened, Part 2

Now Putin calls for “a modern, non-aligned system of international security” to fight the threat of global terror

Two months ago, we reported on the courageous comments from Gen. Michael Flynn, who came forward to warn about the real dangers from Islamist terrorism, echoing Billy Meier’s call for an international military coalition to eliminate the threat. Our conservative estimates of how many IS fighters were already in Europe was completely eclipsed by Meier’s recent report indicating that at least 17,461 had already infiltrated.

Biological Weapons

We now have yet another ominous warning about the demented, murderous machinations of IS/ISIS terrorists pertaining to launching anthrax attacks in Kenya…and elsewhere. And, as usual, we find specific warnings from Meier and the Plejaren, pertaining to biological weapons and terrorism, going back – decades – to 1985 and 1987.

Putin Steps Forward, Kerry Steps Back

So it is further encouraging that Putin is now calling for an international coalition, which he refers to as “a modern, non-aligned system of international security” to fight the threat of global terror. Contrast this with the recent tacit endorsement – call it appeasement and surrender if you like – of a “borderless world” by John Kerry.

Meier has long warned about the IS and the dangers of provocation against, instead of cooperation with, Russia.

See also:

“Paris will be destroyed from within”: Billy Meier, 1981

The People Were Warned Now Will They Listen?

Thanks to Chris Lock, Andrew Grimshaw and Norm DeCindis for the updates.



43 Replies to “The People Were Warned and SOMEBODY Listened, Part 2”

  1. I just saw the You Tube videos and yep I a gree ya gotta believe Putin:)) I once saw putin on Charley Rose some time ago and found putin to be very courgia and nic compaired to Charley Rose who was so rude and impolite that it bothered me! Insidently Charley Rose was wonce a member of the Builderburg Scoiety and my still be,who knows but I don`t watch Charely Rose anymore because of his connection to the Builderburg Society! As for Obama and any other U.S. president they are STILL behaving like two years olds as if Russia never chaned it`s toon and are acting WORSE than Russia at this moment in time being so damn baligerent and forgetting that Russias was our allie during WW2 back then. AS for the U.S, policy makers,”What a bunch of crybabies! UHHHH-YIKES!” The U.S. government wants everthing THEIR way including the STUPID TPP,TTIP etc,etc,etc! Need I say more?

    1. No one really cares what Nick Pope has to say. Since he was abducted by Milab how can anyone believe anything he says? Just another disinformation popehead.

      1. No I have the right end. Nick Pope knows about Billy Meier but refuses to even mention his name. Creepy little Nicky is part of the establishment so how do you suppose he’s going to actually change it? All he does is promote his own retarded books so how much help is he really? No help at all except for helping mufon. Nothing he says means anything.

        1. You may also want to consider that if nick pope was not abducted by milab he was certainly tele-hypnotized by the Bafath. Either way he’s not really a source of good information.

  2. Not sure why you back Trump Michael when he wants to take military advice from known Iran-invasion advocate John Bolton…

    Talking of invasions, BAFTA Award winning journalist John Pilger recently warned of world war…

    As Joe said, war continues between the US and China in secret, pushing China to closer ally with Russia:

    1. I didn’t say that I backed Trump but I think he has some policies that are better than either Clinton’s or Sanders’, such as stopping illegal immigration, stopping the TTP trade deal and cooperating with Putin regarding stopping the IS.

      Whether he will adhere to these policies if elected – let alone survive – is another matter. Should he win, I’m also sure that he’ll be shown the Zapruder Kennedy assassination film…as a reminder of what happens when a president thinks that he actually runs the country.

      1. Understood. That cooperation with Russia won’t last long if he surrounds himself with Iran-haters and how will Trump handle diplomacy when things turn sour? I bet badly.

        There was a moment in the weeks after Obama’s 2009 inauguration, after he been away for some briefing (military or CIA I think) and he emerged looking like he’d seen a ghost. His face was a picture which I read as, “Everything we know is wrong and I am not in charge”.

      2. Trump I believe says that to get the votes trying to grab the pulse of an electorate that want something different while at the same time ride along Fools Road on some other issues. He’s the same old Trump to me and not really sure how he will react to being tested by Russia and China, let alone Iran, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, North Korea, Finland, Canada or the rest of the world nations. Hillary is status quo ante bellum for the most part and probably why Sanders generated so much support from younger folks.

        In either case, that 2020 prophecy is sure looking very accurate.

        That could be so, but also to consider is that which the Obama followers will do next and which internal and external policies they pursue, because this will also determine that which will happen after 2020.

    2. Hi Mr. Knight, since you feel that way who do you think would best serve as president based on the Billy Meier case? Meaning- what is needed to be done to fix this world based on the information in the Billy Meier case, in your opinion, who do you feel is a better candidate?

      1. Hi Adrian,

        Someone with a proven-track record in promoting peace and equality and only Bernie Sanders has that record in my view. He opposed the patriot act, voted to uphold Glass-Steagall, is against the TPP, NAFTA and offshoring jobs, authored constitutional reforms against Citizens United, refuses Super PAC money and proposed a carbon tax.

        It’s a no-brainer in my view and I also think US citizens need to vote with their heads and not their hearts this time around.

          1. Absolutely Matt Knight. But I want what is best for Americans. As Semjase has said, Americans should smarten up and elect someone of high values.
            No matt hodges, I like Bernie but it is statistically impossible for him to win with having delegates and super delegates involved. You do the math.

          2. I didn’t mean that, I didn’t even know that was what your talking about. I just meant what you said if taken out of context and placed in any context you like, when you said “Hate to break it to you but at this point in time he has NO chance winning the democratic leadership.” could mean anyone, I’ve never even heard of Bertie

  3. The peacekeeping force could be called ARIMO (as per Semjase which means halt).
    Reinforcement for
    Integrity of

  4. Sheila: pretty clever ARIMO! Allied Reinforcement for Integrity of Multinational Oneness, I like it! 🙂

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