New Radio Interview with UK UFO Skeptics

The truth is often a bit too daunting to deal with

At the links for the  May 15 show (Part 1 here. Part 2 here. Part 3 here.) you will find a three-part interview about the Billy Meier UFO case with Howard Hughes in the UK. While the show is primarily about so called-called paranormal and UFO matters, etc., I think you may find that being presented with the opportunity to determine the truth for oneself often proves difficult for those who profess to want to know it, as this article also pointed out some time ago.

Of course to recognize that the Meier contacts are indeed singularly authentic – as well as still ongoing for almost 75 years – presents other problems. All of the dead-end, escapist entertainment would be relegated to its well deserved irrelevancy, as then the ominous weight of….self-responsibility would have to be shouldered.

And it would be a career ender for a good number of people as well.

Realizing the inevitability of what all this would mean has so far proved too daunting for most people who’ve been immersed in either religious, political, cultic, sectarian, or…non-thinking, increasingly promoted also through every form of media.

I hope you enjoy this interview.



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23 Replies to “New Radio Interview with UK UFO Skeptics”

  1. Just listened to the radio show links and hopefully the folks there have time to let the info sink in for a bit after making things “crystal clear”. Love the Toyota commercial.

  2. All 3 links work fine now. Appreciate you taking time to take on this skeptic Michael. I’ll repost the links for anyone unfamiliar with your blog.

  3. l for letting me listen to you on the first two, however the last one you wene`t there so at least I got the important info that we all know by now. That New Mexico Hugh Grant I thought was “A REAL SHAM, CHARLETAN,KNOW-IT-ALL PHONEY etc,etc,etc! You get the picuture etc!” Thanks for everything. You are always spot on. Thanks again. Salome:-))))

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