Dispelling Darkness, Eyes Open and Minds Engaged  

Second presentation on Billy Meier UFO case at NAU, new film coming out this summer

On March 30, I made my second presentation on the Billy Meier UFO case at NAU, again at the invitation of Prof. Scott Antes, and about which a new film will be coming out this summer. I answered questions posed by his students pertaining to various aspects of the case – which is what the real UFO cover-up is all about –  including the physical evidence, prophecies and predictions, the Plejaren extraterrestrials, etc.

These presentations showed that when students are allowed to know about this information they will exercise intellectual curiosity and begin to ask pertinent questions.

Thankfully, you won’t find the bogus disinformation on UFOs and so-called “aliens” presented by frauds and charlatans in the classrooms of critically thinking university professors.

Here is a new article from Jury Judge, a reporter who attended the presentation:

New article by Jury Judge about Michael Horn's second presentation at NAU.


The Genie

The genie is now out of the bottle and, while it still will take a lot of time, gradually the truth will be known. In the meantime, the younger generations inherit the huge mess created by their predecessors, further burdened by their having already been seduced by, and saturated with, every conceivable type of techno-toy and diversion, already making many of them malleable and manipulable and dependent on the illusions and phantasmagoria relentlessly streamed at them.

The Shills

Today’s students are not even safe from ridiculous, irrelevant content promoted in their universities, as ASU continuously dutifully demonstrates in service to their corporate controllers. The so-called futurists I reached out to – in my misplaced optimism – wouldn’t acknowledge Meier’s verifiably prophetically accurate information, having landed positions where they get paid to present their sci-fi wet dreams in place of the real, harsh and inescapable truths.

The Challenge

The current generations will bear the greater brunt of the now seemingly inescapable consequences of humanity’s willful ignorance of the law of cause and effect  – and its stupefied surrender to religious delusions and dead-end political farces. Focusing on a few of the already fulfilling, disturbingly threatening situations should be quite sobering to anyone who will take the time to read…and comprehend.

When eyes are open and minds engaged, the darkness can be dispelled.


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Terry Carch

Hi MH, I just read your latest blog. How about printing all your bolgs in different languages as well as English and Spanish so we can get Billy and the P`s message out to as many people as we possibly can to let the people of Earth know that religion,politics,militarism and coporatism are ALL BAD AND UNHEALHY for the humanity of Earth. It`s high time we start to right the wrongs of this world and teach this world that there are other safer alternatives to all these horrors now messing up Mother Earth such as the above mentioned. How about that idea MH?:))))

Lolo Courtemanche

Hi Michael, you can count me on it ;-).
I’m just a little busy at the moment.

Terry Carch

P.S. “We NEED to clean up our act and start to teach this world how to think act and behave if we want to go Boldly Go Where Known has Gone Before. Out There in this Big Wonderful Vastness called The Cosmos!” Makes me wish I were a Q or even a Traveler from Tau Alpha C :))))

Terry Carch

Thanks MH,This is just a good idea to get the message out to as many people we can lest these prophecies turn into predictions that we won`t be able to change as Billy and the P`s are warning us all about otherwise we will ALL die a horrorable death and soon if we don`t take the proper actions now to prevent the two civil wars in the US and the WW4 nuclear war etc,etc,etrc. Mable you could send these dire Propheices and Predictions to Bonki Moon and the rest of the UN and they could print/email Billy`s dire warning messages out in all the various languages of the various counties so we can all turn theses horrors around if we want to save our lives and our necks, etc, or somebody who is a good fuid limguist who has the time to get these dire warnings out before all hell breaks out.

gary lomas

Hi again Michael, I trust you are well and in ‘fine fettle’
Michael, in a previous post I referred to your ‘TM’ (Tele meter) experience in south usa : Unfortunately I think you misunderstood what I meant by TM and may have interpreted it as standing for Transcendental meditation, or some form of drug, as you asked me to moderate
Also, I referred to the wrong part of the states it took place in, i.e. not your ‘little Switzerland’ I wonder if you could find the time soon to share the second part of the story with us i.e. the several meters away bit ?
Wishing you all the best, and well done, hang in there….
Salome, your friend Gary

Terry Carch

I just caught something on the figu Tthread Mis Discussion FIGU Author Archive through April 16,2016 between Corey and Harvey about making peace and not war in the Hollywood movies. This explains just exactly what I`ve been trying so very hard to get at. This is why most of the time I don`t watch movies and the news on TV because they are so violent. This is also why I joined with Billy and the P`s and wespac to try to stop all these horrors from happening in the first place what with overpopulation,wars climate devistations, the list is endless but that is how I found Billy and the plejarens in the first place and wespac because I didn`t and still don`t like what I see and hear on this world called Earth which to me seems to be getting worse instead of getting better like the people from Erra,Timers,Druan,Bardan, and so on are learnig to do that Earth isn`t willing to do and learn from all of Earth`s mistakes and Earth is STILL NOT learning ANYTHING and or even willing to learn from it`s mistakes such as relgion for example etc. Seems to me Earth just doesn`t want to change it ill-gotin ROTIN behavore,etc,etc,etc! :-((((

Corey Müske

Terry Carch: the Earth’s citizens, as well as, Earth governments could change for the positive if they wanted it bad enough… time will tell. A proper unification between all humans of Earth is very much needed at this time, one that will hold the Earth in balance.

MiroslavStanko - Saalome84Blue

I am really curious, what the next movie be like. Last week I have bought When Truth Prevails @ scubbly, very good presentation… So looking forward to second part.