An Open Letter to a Friend about Illegal Immigration

Chaos will become the order of the day, because it was too…uncomfortable for us to create and maintain proper order, when we had the chance

Below I’ve copied a recent letter of mine to an old friend, a very solid, intelligent, witty man who long served his community as a physician, as well as doing charitable work, and who’s truly caring and compassionate. My letter was in the context of our discussion about illegal immigration.  I decided to post it because it reflects my thinking about the subject, which is and will be ever more in the news:

Dear Dick,

We were simply educated incorrectly. Politics and religion saturate our lives and negatively affect our thinking.

Like you, I was raised with hope, optimism, a sense of humaneness, fairness, racial equality, etc. It was called/considered a liberal viewpoint.

We end up romanticizing many irresponsible people, some turn out to be criminals. As I may have previously mentioned, in my transition from a directionless life to one of self-responsibility, single parenthood, etc., I did all sorts of low-end jobs like restaurants, car washes, janitorial work, etc. Many of the people I worked with were illegals…and some of the nicest people ever.

But essentially they were indeed also irresponsible, coming here illegally simply as economic refugees. They sought an actually easier way than dealing with the problems created in their own countries by overpopulation, religious delusion, poor education, governmental corruption, etc. They failed to recognize things like refraining from having children unless and until they could actually afford to. And of course they failed to recognize their duty to improve their own life…in their own country.

When people – now hordes of people – who all suffer from such deficiencies, irresponsibility, immaturity, etc., effectively invade a country to attain the comforts they haven’t worked to attain in their own country, it’s a clear recipe for disaster…bleeding, compassionate hearts notwithstanding.

Would we welcome an invading army that was intent on taking over all that we had attained? Sure, the illegals may not have that intention…but the effect is much the same, though different in form for the most part. Of course we see that for many it’s the same intent. And in our dreamy, dopey rush to multiculturalism/diversity for its own sake – having nothing to do with standards of quality, contribution, etc. – now openly hostile elements (La Raza, etc.) gain a quick foothold.

We lack a few things, such as honest self-reflection whereby we analyze and carefully examine our own deepest motives, conditioning and, of course…liberal guilt. We want to feel good about being humane, unlike those nasty right-wingers. The difference turns out to be that the hierarchies of the Democrats love the open borders in order to gain more voters and the Republicans, strangely enough, also supports it for cheap labor.

Neither side really gives a damn about humaneness, compassion, self-responsibility, etc.

We also lack an understanding of how life really works. There actually is a discernible order to to life when we take the time to observe it, to observe nature. Things progress in certain orderly ways, whether observing microorganisms, insects, plants, animals, etc. One of the things that nature doesn’t do is overpopulate, flood areas with life forms in imbalanced and unbalancing ways. Should such a thing start to occur, should disorder arise, nature balances it out.

People are different. We created religion and politics, which violate the natural order, create divisiveness, struggles for advantage, strife, wars, wars and more wars. And through overpopulation, various imbalances occur which, supported and promoted by the religions and politics, lead many to violate the territory, rights, space, etc., of others. Hence illegal immigration, the conditioned response to which for the liberal-left leaning, is to get all teary-eyed, righteously “humane” and…suicidally stupid.

We do effectively look down on the (economic) illegals, as unfortunate, inept “children”, for whom we must have false compassion…at the clear, inevitable cost of the breakdown of what many hardworking people have suffered to create.

So is there no “heartless” answer?

Of course there is but it will be emotionally uncomfortable for many who see themselves as champions of the poor and downtrodden, etc. That answer is to offer assistance to the countries and peoples, in the form of education in their own countries, as to how to set up a system through which they can rightfully attain the goals that they define and set for themselves.

Education, at the invitation of those who aspire to have what they perceive that we have and that they desire. Certainly, whatever elements of the system that they wish to retain, or eliminate, are up to them.

Unfortunately, we’ve passed the point of no return in terms of the effect of our own causes. The pendulums are swinging back, in many cases quite wildly, and our country will eventually have the civil wars, long predicted by those who actually understand cause and effect and who’ve tried to warn us, largely to no avail.

For coming attractions, we can watch what’s happening in Europe too.

To truly do good may look very different from dogooder-ism, it may require great patience and also be uncomfortable as we have to stand back watch, attempt to advise, guide, etc., in the midst of certainly real pain and suffering. Real compassion doesn’t mean that we won’t agonize, feel frustrated, tempted to something, anything to stop…our discomfort and feeling of helplessness. Rational self-interest – such as will allow us to assist with real help in time – must prevail.

That will also require that we flush the delusional, destructive religious and political “thinking” out of our systems…which will be a very tall order for many. And it must be done eventually, even as we recognize that certain things are now inevitable and indeed past the point of no return.

Real leadership – as we’ve pointed our for some time – will not come from the top down. It actually doesn’t matter who becomes president, the agenda is set for more destruction and the real powers behind the screen are dedicated to their own equally delusional, very dead-end outcome. Unfortunately we’re riding on the same bus that they are.

And don’t expect that all those “poor people” we thought we were so compassionately saving and rescuing are going to rush to save us as things break down. Chaos will become the order of the day, in no small part because it was too…uncomfortable for us to create and maintain proper order, when we had the chance.



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  1. I really hope the people of Earth try to realise the monstrous world overpopulation catastrophe is the cause of all these myriad problems we face in the world today. I think that this is the correct thought to send out and I hope it goes viral into the world of thoughts out there.

    1. P.S. I actually wish this thought goes viral in the worst form possible and also feel this self defense is being an optimistic approach to decipher the true value from the truth that has been erroneously donated to suicide belief donors of false teachings in past dead peoples beliefs and darkness thoughts that create the pollution of the Earth today in the ever forwarding present time.

  2. Hey Darcy, Why not put the overpopulation warning on You Tube so more people will get the message that we should not be breeding like cats,dogs,rabbits, etc,etc,etc.

  3. MH,I think your friend is “VERY VERY DEAD WRONG!” It`s high time to stop preaching politics,relogions etc. You need to tell him what Billy has taught you and the rest of us about the very dangers that politics and religions does to people, turn people into slaves,drugs people, and makes people subservient to the authority of religion,politis and so on as kings and queens did during the Middle Ages when kings and queens had vassals and cers to serve them as if they were slaves etc. Unfortunately this is still going on in this day and age(the rich 1% against the poor99%) etc. Call it brain washing!

  4. At the end of ‘The Price is Right’, Drew Carey says, “Please be sure to spay and neuter your pets and help control the pet population.” Well, what should also be said is ‘Please spay or neuter yourself to help control the human population.’ In our little family, we did this. Point being, it’s blatantly obvious that whilest it is sad to see all these refugees dying in the Mediterranean, it IS a really disheartening form of population reduction. It really bugs me that I have to keep telling people that too much human population results in more wars, less resources, less jobs, more strife, etc. Hopefully, they listen..

  5. Religious women do procreate much more than women who are not religious. That is why tight immigration laws are so important for non religious countries.

    Due to their beliefs, religious women will not be killing as many foetuses, as harsh as that sounds, and so will not experience the possible conscious and unconscious effects of that to the same extent as Western women. Few women can, or, will take the less-travelled path and remain childfree. That can only lead to the annihilation of non-religious women.

    Our current policies around abortion means that religious mothers have more opportunities for peace and so to come into their femininity, so, Western women have to deal with the consequences of extreme liberalism and open-door policies, as Western men do faced with the more potent masculine immigrant male.

    Why is the 21st day not known about, or, adhered to by abortion laws, especially as scientists recognise that the 21st day after conception is the time that the nervous system “kicks in” and the heartbeat starts 3 or 4 days later, but, a woman can abort for weeks after that in the West? The result is the misery we have today.

      1. Of course, but, when time has passed for the other methods, or, the women did not know, burst condoms, irregular periods (if using rhythm), or, many other factors, or, they had sex with their partner and had no protection and the mood took them and they wanted to abort, the law gives them the wrong information and the effects on the psyche must that of when anyone kills a human being – according to the information from Billy?

        1. There’s also Plan B aka the morning after pill which makes the uterus inhospitable for life to start.

          1. That’s true. Women without such easy access to the pill will not suffer the effects of the pill though, and the sex will not always be therefore based on intercourse as religious women do not have babies at a rate of one per year, but, western women have got so addicted to dildos that sex seems incomplete without penetration and whatever the effects of the pill may be, I would bet not good and hardly recognised. Big pharma hardly has a good track record.

            There are also those that took the wrong pill cause they were drunk, tired, not paying attention, were travelling abroad, where the man did not ejaculate but sperm was released and where they did not realise, where ejaculate entered the woman whilst drunk after sober, protected, sex and where the last few days waiting for the next period to arrive is crucial in terms of the 21 days.

            Yes, this must be a rare thing, but, I still think the completely incorrect abortion advice and laws can cause devastating effects that are not recognised. Just my opinion.

          2. Done a bit more research on abortion.

            Most birth defects are not detected until at least the second half of the first trimester of pregnancy (6-12 weeks).

            That’s 3 weeks after spirit form enters the foetus (21 days), according to Billy.

            We are, therefore, already well into a programme of Eugenics and the clinical and cold promotion of unrecognised murder, with its undetected effects on the psyche of women, in order to disregard, in our own offspring, the devastating effects of Big Pharma and Big Oil and climate change and we do it through abortion laws and through clinical, professional-looking, programmes. For example…

            “Diagnostic test
            Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)Chorionic villus sampling. Doctors can use this test to look at cells in the placenta. CVS can be done between 10 and 12 weeks of pregnancy.”

            “Medication abortion (also referred to as medical abortion) is the termination of pregnancy with use of medications alone rather than surgery. Mifepristone, an antiprogestin, is approved for use in the United States, in combination with misoprostol, for the termination of pregnancies up to 70 days of gestation. First-trimester medication abortion beyond 70 days is associated with a lower efficacy and requires in-hospital supervision.”

            The British Medical Journal (highly respected in the UK) has the following figures…
            “A small but important proportion of abortions are performed for serious maternal medical conditions or fetal indications. Most terminations for fetal anomaly occur during the second (trimester)…”

            “Worldwide, just under half of all pregnancies are unintended
            and half of these end in abortion. The reasons women
            give for choosing abortion over adoption or parenthood are
            complex. Common themes include an understanding of the
            responsibilities of parenthood, financial constraints, and lack
            of partner support. Teenagers, economically disadvantaged
            women, and those who did not suspect they were pregnant or
            who face barriers to services are more likely to undergo abortion
            in the second trimester.”

            Wikipedia has this to add…
            “Approximately 205 million pregnancies occur each year worldwide. Over a third are unintended and about a fifth end in induced abortion.[10][20] Most abortions result from unintended pregnancies.[21][22] In the United Kingdom, 1 to 2% of abortions are done due to genetic problems in the fetus.!

            That means that roughly 820,000 abortions are done after the 21st day of pregnacy each year as genetic problems cannot be detected until around 70 days into gestation. The figure could be much, much, higher in reality.


      2. Why is that the Catholic church insist on women having more children and not control the number of children they want to have when the Catholic church believes in not abstaining and saying bring forth and multiply. This doesn`t make any sence to me. This to me is like a dog or cat or even a ribbit have a littler of say 6 t0 12 etc. Where is the logic in this Cathoilic belief of the more the plenty?

        1. It’s all about control Terry – and the subjugation of women.

          Our thinking and feelings and experiences are powerful and so controlling these will always be the modus operandi of any group lusting for power over others. Personally, I think this is why our scientific understanding (let alone the added info from Billy) has not informed abortion laws in the West and why the information was written out of religious texts too.

          It’s harsh, I know, but, I’ve given this some thought and can only work backwards from reality. I observe alot of cruelty from both women towards men and vice versa, but, in the case of women, they are not given the information in regards to abortion and so cannot be blamed, but, will still feel the effects.

          Only, religious systems and political ideas can be blamed for this shortcoming in abortion law. I look forward to a time when our laws come into line with the spiritual teaching.

          1. I think abortion should be a decision made by the doctor and patient. We have no abortion “laws” in Canada and no political party will touch the subject. I’ve personally never had an abortion but do know women who have. Are they murderers? Of course they are and will have to live with that fact for the rest of their lives. But I never hold that against them because we are all human and all make mistakes. I don’t feel it’s up to politicians to make these choices for them. And don’t forget how religions think abortions are a sin and you’re supposed to burn in hell and all that jazz.
            Also keep in mind Matt, that when the worldwide birthstop comes into effect there will be lots of abortions.

          2. There should be less need for abortions in Canada now after: Canada’s top court rules all non-penetrative sex acts involving animals are legal
            www rt com/news/346036-canada-bestiality-court-ruling/
            Sicko central.

          3. Hi Sheila/Michael,

            The point is that we do not need the 21 days SF information to make rational laws around abortion, as scientists already figured out that the nervous system kicks-in around that time and the heart beats in the following days.

            The current system of assisted, but, largely, unknown murder is currently implemented through a decision that is made between patients and doctors in the West, but, my view is, that this that could be lulling women away from their true power (in the guise of giving it to them) and also be the reason why many women I have met appear to work against life, other women and become attracted to strict forms of Islam and Christianity. It could be compensation for the psychic terror brought on irrational and, wholly unacknowledged and devastating abortion laws.

          4. I appreciate your humour Andrew. Yes that’s some pretty sick stuff and for it to become law makes me wonder what kind of twisted minds our supreme court has. Why would a court even want to protect their bestiality buddies in the first place? The law should have been on the side of the abused animal.

          5. Hi Matt, people just love to make laws for others, don’t they? I don’t have the same experience as you Matt. None of the women I know who have had one abortion (because one was enough to recognize their mistake) ever turned to Islam nor went hard core with Christianity. None are anti-women either and most went on to have a live birth and became loving mothers. So perhaps those attributes are actually due to having abortion laws?

  6. Then why are the people of Earth so tong tied to religion and politics Matt? This really dosen`t make sense to me at all,where is the logic and reasoning in religion and politics?

    1. It’s easy Terry. Well at least from my small sampling of religious people I know… The logic is that if you do believe in a god or religion then you have a chance to go to heaven. My father, who’s a chrisitan, told me one day that if what he believes in turns out to be wrong then who cares, you’re dead anyways… But what if it’s right? Then he goes to heaven… Think about that insane logic!! My father was not much of a church goer. He was more of a liberal religious man…meaning his views on religion where a bit off from mainstream religious people.

      As I’ve told MH, a lot of religious people do not know of any other way to be spiritual. They don’t know of any other way than religion. To me the spiritual teaching is the alternative to religion. Now if everyone only knew about it…

  7. The real insanity with abortion is that which woman in her right mind wants to kill a baby? No normal human being would. The fact that there are so many abortions in America points to a universal insanity which has possessed these people. That unborn fetus is a person. To kill an unborn person is bloody murder, no matter what the age of that person is. Watch some abortion videos and see what they do! No other animal would do this to its unborn young. These humans are totally insane. Abortion is NOT birth control! It is infanticide, the murder of a young human being, nothing less.

    1. According to the Plejaren information, the embryo becomes enlivened by the spirit on the 21st day, which is why they allow it up until that time, if necessary. We don’t even know there’s such a thing as the human spirit, hence we still have such problems.

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