An Opportunity not to Be Squandered

Once again we have the opportunity to rewrite our future history

While we focus on choosing between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump*, we should also pay attention to the expressed intentions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, pertaining to cooperation in space between the US and Russia.

Once again we have the opportunity to rewrite our future history, meaning to avoid the fate foretold for America in the, so far, impeccably accurate, ever-unfolding Henoch Prophecies.

Should Clinton become the president, and not a prisonresident, her previous statements about Putin could come back to haunt her…resulting in nightmares for all of humankind. Trump’s attitude towards Putin seems more realistic and respectful.

Whoever the next president is, we shouldn’t squander the opportunity to build a cooperative and mutually beneficial working relationship, such as Putin envisioned and was already offering three years ago.

Unfit to Serve

So while we ponder if Mrs. Clinton will preside over the United States, or make license plates for one of them, or if Mr. Trump will make his biggest deal or get dealt a losing hand, we can also consider what Meier discussed about the fate of America and 2020.

While the Plejaren and Meier don’t get involved in politics and its machinations, his only comment was that neither Clinton nor Trump is fit to be president.

Have a nice day.


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Thanks to Dr. Carol Rosin for information about Putin and about:

The Treaty on Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space.


*If ambitious conservatives don’t find a way to use his comments about a “Mexican judge” to replace him.


48 Replies to “An Opportunity not to Be Squandered”

  1. Wel “I NVEVER liked Trump in the first place!”The city of White Plains has a Trump Plaza in downtown White Plains, N.Y. where my bank is. Frankly I WISH those Trump guys would PLEASE REMOVE that name TRump from those two tall high rise buldings in Downtown White Plains,N.Y.:-((((( “‘YUICK!”:-((((

  2. What I do Not understand is why the Plejarens think Obama is such a great President???? Obama’s History is a Homosexual in collage and a Muslim through and through furthering the Muslim Brotherhood everyday. Bringing in known Muslim terrorists to this countr by the thousands. The proof is their. I know there are those whom think differently but the evidence is crystal clear to what he is. So, we know what a Murdering Criminal Hillary is. Trump is really going to try to change this taken over US Government but it is clear to me that No one person can do this. Most of DC is trying to stop Trump. The main reason is clear because it is a Den of corrupt money laundering greedy Politicians wanting to keep everything the same. Trump for sure if he can stay alive will Fire many that are part of this sick Corrupt US Government. It is far worse than most can imagine. I feel we are past the tipping point of No return. Maybe this is what the Plejarens have been seeing this for some time now. We are in for a very rough ride.

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