The Scapegoat

Had Obama known the truth he would have never sought the presidency

In a recent bulletin, Ptaah explained to Billy Meier that President Obama has long had to endure the influence and effective control of various powerful hidden parties…under threat of death to his family and himself:

“Had Obama known this prior to his efforts for the US presidency – I have fathomed very exactly – that he would be forcibly manipulated by his counselors, the militarily mighty ones and secret services, as well as all around him, who decide above his authority matters of the military and political issues of the State, then he would never have tried for the presidency. Unfortunately, the whole is not completely aware to him, so he gives into evil whispers, while on the other hand it is clear to him that he has to do a lot of things, therefore being sneakily influenced, because he knows very well, that this is the only way to protect his life and the life of his family. Had he not acted according to the will of those influencing him, who of course remain in the background, he wouldn’t be alive anymore, as much as under circumstances this applies to his family.

This especially, because Obama and his family are Afro-Americans.”*

While the shrill, strident voices of right-wing critics of Obama and what they presume are his policies have a field day heaping scorn and abuse on him, they don’t realize that many of the things that they hate him for are not of his own design. Likewise, neither are drone strikes, torture, etc., that bother the more liberal people.

Of course, whichever incompetent ascends to the presidency isn’t going to rescind any of the powers signed into law by Obama that they too can use in order to further the negative, aggressive agenda.

And while there also were things that Obama may have created in his own right that were not wise, it still boggles the mind that this country fought hard to not find a workable way to make affordable healthcare available to its citizens. But it really shouldn’t be mysterious when one understands that the actual national priorities are for militarization, destruction, world control, etc.

I have long said to people that “they”, the powers that be, call them the Shadow Government, Deep State, Dark Order, etc., showed Obama the Zapruder film. For those who don’t know, it’s the film of the JFK (John F. Kennedy) assassination, meaning that Obama was informed, one way or another, what the price for going against the real powers that be would be. It appears that what Ptaah told Meier corroborates this.

Those powers that be have an agenda, which includes polarization of the citizens of this country to the point of civil war, attempts at martial law, etc., that is proceeding almost ceaselessly. There is also much said in this particular contact about how American policies for world domination may result in provoking Russia to the point of nuclear war that envelopes all of Europe…and the US as well.

Obama did what he could to carry out his personal vision of a better country and a better world. He certainly must be suffering greatly in silence, not daring to say anything and very unlikely to do so once he’s out of office.

Perhaps in retrospect people will better understand and appreciate the great difficulties that Obama faced and his actual good and very principled character and inner strength.

As the breakdown in the US proceeds, we may well see the proliferation of desperate, pseudo “patriots” and Ramboesque, Mad Max mayhem, the demonizing of people of different races, religions and belief systems, the flag-waving and religious hysteria, etc. The long foretold, two coming civil wars may prove to be also be inevitable.

The answer, as has been previously stated, is to delve into the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching. It’s the answer because it explains and demystifies how thinking actually works, how we really do create our world – consciously or unconsciously – through our thoughts, feelings and actions. However that may sound, the truth is that few people really do know and understand – let alone apply – this teaching. Now is the time to do so.

For those who want even more specific information that is applicable to how to deal with these times, I highly recommend The Might of the Thoughts and The Way to Live, available here.


*Thanks to Bruce Lulla for the translation.









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  1. Even though it’s not directly related to the topic, I found this video quite informative. It reflects some of the warnings by Meier regarding the EU. For those who may be interested, I’ll leave the link below.

    Brexit: Wny Britain Should Leave The EU

  2. Obama has done a lot to be remembered for when he could have just said this too much I resign. The SALT treaty requires that the Mid-East be a weapons of mass destruction zone, he had to personally appear at the meeting twice on this treaty and voted that this provision would not be in place. He just had a chance to can ground with Russia in cuba by giving them back their deepwater put that we took from them and still occupy hard to tell Russia anything about Crimea. And the heavy use of drones in a part of the world where the murder of a human-being makes them a martyr and their families seeking to also become martyrs. And then just this month he ran to the aid of the EU, which is destroying democracy in all of countries in the EU. He knew he would lose the court vote on imagination for it was a tie vote. He had the power to assign a judge to fix this and he did not. And the Trans-Asia treaty that will be secret for twenty years the list for his eight years is much longer, remember he given a reward from the advertising industry for running the best public relation program of any election ever. In the end he has responsibility for what is done in his name and he has chosen to stay.
    Billy Wilson

  3. Here is a solid link with tight footage of the JFK shooting. It has Jackie very close up , this footage was not in the mentioned report. I believe it is new to me personally and what I was refering to as it appears she shot him, take a look , Its utterly shocking.

    I’ll do better posting my supporting links in the future so its not so outlandish. Truth is very hard to digest these days , the veil is being removed or should I say ripped from the fray.

    1. The actual likelihood that Jackie Kennedy shot JFK is beyond nil. First of all, since JFK was shot with high-powered rifles there would be no need to try to get ANYONE in the car to shoot him. If the theories that the shot driving his head back was fired by her, then it would have taken a high-powered pistol to affect that…especially since it appears that he was indeed also shot from behind.

      So…where’s the recoil from Jackie’s supposed pistol – which she’d also have to be holding and firing with one hand, at an odd angle, and do so under duress,etc. – in broad daylight?

      Sorry, don’t buy it.

  4. I understand we are apart with this debate, however the video is newer and clearly shows her grabbing his neck tie with her left hand after his hands come level to ground after being shot from a long rifle. Next you see her put her gun to his lower left head and at close range blast his head with accompanying blood splatter going up in the same trajectory. She quickly pulls back and puts the gun in her purse as she frantically and precisely manages to escape. The man in the car clearly says he is upset at what “she” did . I am sorry Michael , but I disagree. I have been a very curious person with this event and this new footage for me , clearly demonstrates that she shot her husband. I just respectufully disagree. I know what I saw the movie does not lie.

    1. It’s beyond ridiculous, as well as unnecessary, to try to have the wife of a president assassinate her husband in public…while trained assassins are doing the job. As I commented on YT page, there’s no muzzle flash and no RECOIL, which would have occurred had someone used a large enough caliber hand gun to do that kind of damage AAND while holding it at a weird angle with her left hand.

      Maybe you, like I, have fired a .357 Magnum, for instance. It takes two hands and that’s when standing comfortably at a pistol range.

      You do recall, don’t you,that Asket told Meier that it would be done by the CIA and other groups?

      This is the kind of conspiracy garbage that distracts and promotes utter disinformation. Good gosh, why in heaven’s name do you waste your time with such utter crap?

      1. Definitely Michael. I’ve shot a .44 magnum with both hands and its a hell of a recoil, I didn’t expect it and my hands moved because of the recoil. One handed…she almost certainly would have dropped it.

  5. SUBUD is the name of the Indonesian cult connected with Obama. Look up SUBUD and Obama online. It would appear Obama was conceived in Indonesia, born in Kenya, and registered in Hawaii. Who pulled the strings to make this unqualified Muslim the President of the US? Did he actually protect us from Hillary? The birthers were right, but laws don’t seem to matter anymore. The destruction of America seems to be what’s important. What a shame. It held such hope for humanity. I guess if aliens can’t get it right, humans are doomed too. Is all life just hopeless?

    1. The Obama era is over. However true – or false – all the conspiratorial stuff, really, who cares?

      I don’t know that they didn’t “get it right”, which also included their saying that Obama too got turned, manipulated, etc. The real miracle may be that he kept himself and his family alive for eight years.

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