Radio Hosts: “God allowed Orlando killings”

Religiously deluded Zionists excuse radical Islamist acts of violence 

On the afternoon of June 16, Michael Medved attempted to answer a question from a caller to his national radio show. The caller had asked why people pray to God and invoke his assistance after a horrific event like the recent mass murders in Florida, since it would seem that the deity must’ve known about – and therefore allowed – the killings. Medved’s mind-numbingly delusional response was that “God actually controls this world” and that, yes indeed, “he allowed the acts of terror.”

The God of Love and Mercy

For those who don’t know, Medved is a devoted believer in an ancient, bloody, Middle Eastern cult religion that worships a now long-dead genocidal terrorist, Jehovah, aka “the God of love and mercy”. The original followers of this religion, the Israelites, indeed committed terrorism and genocide against an entire people, willingly killing every man, woman, child and infant in their mother’s arms that they could, and stole their lands, as commanded by their loving, merciful God. Their descendants rule those lands to this day, still enslaving the distant descendants of the people that survived the genocide.

Medved’s views are shared by Dennis Prager, another L.A.-based radio host. Prager actually said, “The killing of innocents is good if God says it’s good.” That same, degenerate view supports and excuses the people who follow a different insane cult, with an equally non-existent godby which they justify their barbaric killing of innocents, such as in Paris, Brussels, Orlando, etc.

A Supreme Level of Arrogance

Both Medved and Prager are stubborn supporters of that small Middle Eastern country, whose never-to-be-realized ambitions for world supremacy have only resulted in their attaining a supreme level of arrogance that bespeaks their utter lack of understanding and awareness of the actual destiny that awaits them, forged by centuries of complete disregard for the immutable law of cause and effect*, as also foretold by the Tiberian prophet their forefathers persecuted.

Such is the substance of Zionism, which is not the same as Judaism, although there are Jews along with non-Jews that are Zionists. Unfortunately, anti-Semitism has developed from certain misunderstandings, as well as deliberate falsifications, etc.

Delusional religious indoctrination is the only explanation for what allows these otherwise intelligent men to believe and utter such dangerously imbecilic nonsense to their listeners. And they’ve certainly, proudly pounded such mind rot into their own children’s heads, beginning at an early age when they are defenseless against the illogical, fearful, superstitious nonsense.

Pick Up the Phone, Will Ya?

Of course these beliefs are based in millennia old writings and myths by primitive peoples who’d never seen a match, bicycle or flashlight but presumed themselves to be chosen as the pinnacle of human development by a creator-god. Their supposed god apparently still hasn’t himself discovered such modern day conveniences as the internet, let alone radio, TV – or even a phone – by which he could decisively, globally establish his existence, if not his supposed wisdom, morality, etc., let alone the superiority of one group of human beings over another.

Almost 20 years ago, I sent information to Medved and Prager on the Billy Meier case and I was interviewed by Medved. The depth of his understanding was expressed by his comparing the drawing of Semjase to Yvette Mimeux, a French actress. Medved is also a movie critic who has clearly, long ago, lost his ability to discern reality from fiction.

In 2002, I also sent him a copy of And Still They Fly, containing the Henoch Prophecies which, among other things, contain the specific warnings about Islam attacking France, all of Europe being shaken by the warriors and fanatics of Islam, the recent Russian military movements, the recent Ebola epidemic – and the warning about the two coming US civil wars, which now appear to be absolute certainties.

I recently sent Medved and Prager emails reminding them of all this, etc. But there was not, and will not be, any response from them. Unfortunately, like millions of Americans, as well as other people all over the world, they are afflicted with what Meier refers to as god-delusion and god-delusion insanity. This all-pervasive condition is considered the norm by multitudes of true believers, none of whom understand that believing in a supernatural Guy-in-the-Sky, who controls everything and knowingly allows terrorism and mass murder, is itself a clear sign of insanity.

Quite a Joker

This is the same “God” that gave us the first example of divine child abuse (albeit a grown child) when he gave the famous just-testing, just-kidding  command to Abraham to plunge a knife into his son Isaac. Quite a joker. But Medved and Prager uncritically accept and endorse this hogwash and thereby effectively make the case for radical Islamist terrorism, along with that of Israel and the US. We simply call Israeli and American terrorism by other euphemistic names.

Why should we be at all concerned about the insidious, ever-increasing, worldwide fanatical Islamist terrorism, when it’s obviously part of the “divine plan” by a capricious sadist worshipped by confused and fearful people everywhere, in one cult religion or another? It would also seem that the god of Israel, the god of “this good Christian nation” and the god of Islam are all different one-and-only-supreme beings, with the god of Islam currently proving to be more sadistically successful and negatively powerful than the two other supposed gods. Maybe now we can understand the reason the first one-and-only-god long ago said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”, i.e. because the person named Jehovah knew that he wasn’t the only high-tech psychopath vying for control over the human beings of Earth.

So, according to Medved “God allows” radical Islam to “kill the infidels”, which Prager says is “good if God says it’s good”. Their glib gab would also excuse fundamentalist Christian preachers who spew anti-gay rhetoric to incite the feeble-minded in the “name of God”.

 Tapped Here with the Inmates

Such practical things as the clear recommendation from the Plejaren and Meier about how to stop the IS will of course also remain absolutely invisible to these zealots and masters of moral relativism, who have no understanding of the law of cause and effect. You can bet that even though they believe that God’s in on the whole abominable mayhem, they still pray to him to do…something, I guess. And we all know just what a great track record Sky Daddy has for answering prayers.

Hard to accept as it may be, those of us who see that these deities have no existence in reality  are understandably further depressed by the realization that, nonetheless, we are trapped here along with the inmates in a massive insane asylum. As I’ve said before, I have no respect for people’s religious beliefs, since they’re patently insane, never to be proven, and have led to unnecessary bloodshed since their inception. So ludicrous are they that their confused proponents like Medved and Prager end up endorsing and justifying merciless terrorism and killing.

Of course it’s ironic that people like Medved and Prager, and other true believers in Judeo-Christian religions, have no idea of the real truth, let alone the millennia-old warnings by the prophets that they erroneously associate with their religions.

The Antidote

The antidote to this lunacy is to be found in the non-religious, belief-free, spiritual teaching. The teaching of the truth, the spirit and the life as presented by the seven prophets is to be found inThe Goblet of the Truth, with additional, in-depth information in such books as The Psyche, The Might of the Thoughts and The Way to Live, all available here.

*429th Contact, July 1 behind the 1th, 2006

In Jerusalem the few still living people will wade in ankle-deep human blood.”

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  1. I just watched your viedo on You Tube MH. Great words and video. I heard England finally left the EU thank goodness but I wish Scotland and Ireland would do the same and also the rest of Europe if they would only have the smarts to do so. I Switzerland did a few years ago so maby other European countries will wake up that is IF they ever do if at all get smart enough and stop listen ing to those horrible shills and their cabals etc. I just found out that you`ll be on c2c with Noory Tues June 28. I`ll most certainly be listening to you Tues June 28th.

        1. It appears that Thomas Horn may have stole Billy’s prophecy about the last popes and co-authored a book about it. Move along nothing to see there lol.

    1. Believe it or not many Irish are all for leaving EU,are biggest problem is are country is run by greedy mindless criminals
      Who won’t give the people the choice.
      Ireland is a beautiful island but unfortunately corrupted by from inside out. Well we do have the debt of Europe on are backs.
      we are such good little sheep for paying 42% of Europe’s debt and still been held to ransom for 41 billion.
      I doubt we will be let out of pen
      Anytime soon.

  2. The 3 day ACE event is already over…after day one. Apparently Stephen Bassett is convinced Obama will reveal the truth about our cosmic visitors before he leaves in November. If I were a betting person I would bet against this just so I can prove that Stephen Bassett has no clue and has never had a clue aka clueless. Interesting the event seemed to bring forward a lot of Billy Meier’s material without ever mentioning his name. Hopefully the truth seekers will gravitate towards the FIGU exhibit table considering Bob Mitchell just claimed on national tv there is no physical evidence and that is simply not true.

    1. I believe they shut it down early because you weren’t there Michael and no one could hold a candle to your 3 presentations in 3 days like last year, so they didn’t even try.

        1. Yes Bob Mitchell said it was over when I watched him on CTV at 11 am which would be 1 pm Ontario time. So put a fork in them, they are done.

          1. What she asked…in the very beginning was perfect and could’ve ended that interview quickly ! When asking about the presenters, the anchorwoman asked what physical evidence, if any, did they provide? He said none. She should’ve said “alrighty then. Let us know when you have any.” And cut to the next story…

          2. Hi Adrian, if Bob Mitchell had actually ever looked at Billy’s information he would have been able to say yes, yes there is physical evidence. Interesting though that he didn’t mention abduction because that’s what his book is all about. They also changed the format this year so only reporters could ask questions to the presenters which was too bad since it would have been all softball questions. Last year I really enjoyed Bob Mitchell’s brother-in-law who did stand up at all the presentations with really hard questions. They must not have wanted a repeat of that because it basically outed the scammers.

      1. Well guess what MH? Those rotten EU guys want England to start all over again to recast England`s vote to stay in the EU! ” What a bunch discusting rotten shills! Why won`t those EU shills leave England and any other country in Europe alone like Switzerland alone and let these countries deside for themselves if they want to leave the EU and become more independent! After all Billy and the P`s have stated before that any country that joins the EU could touch off WW3/WW4 and that also includes the US with this horrible Fast TRack to the TPP&TTIP ect! Just how many bully dictators can this world put up with and stand up to those bully dictators in the first place before we all become slaves to these corporate bully dictators who want nothing to do with the humans on Earth! All these scums want is our blood and money so they can fly to Mars and live in the lap of luxury while we all slave work overtime while these shills entertain themselves and the rest of humanity on Earth have to suffer as their sevants as in the Roman era and the Middle Ages etc! After all isn`t this what these EU cabals want WW3/WW4? “If I were from England I would defently vote again against rejoining the EU no matter what the EU thinks because the EU STINKS! The EU are a bunch of spoid rotten brats!”

      2. That’s why the event should have been held out of someone’s garage and whatever is left over, gets hauled to the dump. Check out the Brantford dump to see if Nick Pope and Stephen Bassett ended up there. They would make good rat catchers.

  3. Regarding the UK leaving the EU, it amazed me that on the morning of the results being declared the EU chancellor when asked by a BBC reporter “Does this mean that other countries could possibly leave the EU now”, she was sharply told “NO”. To which he stormed off in a huff. Hmm strikes me that question got his back up no end.

    And now that the fact the UK will no longer be in the EU, those same people are now wondering whether other countries might now want to leave and go their own way.

  4. “I think other countries should leave the EU Gordon! Otherwise WW3/WW4 will happen if they don`t leave the EU! At least that is what Billy and the Ps are predicting!”:-(((

    1. Hi Terry, I have the Randy Winters audio tapes (recorded off YouTube), and in the prophecies and predictions i don’t remember it stating that WW3/WW4 would be caused in part by the EU. Please enlighten me as I must have missed this important part from the P’s. Would like to know more.



  5. Your writing of the “Radio Hosts: …. is undeniably correct! As I look back on the years I was involved in Fundamental Christianity I can see clearly the indoctrination of false Christian teachings. I now put my Doctorate in Apologetics in action against Christian teachings! Thank you for your insight Michael !!!

  6. god, oops I mean, the vatican moves in mysterious ways.

    Things are a bit fishy with the Brexit 2 petition vote, apparently:

    JUNE 26 2016: BUSTED: BREXIT REFERENDUM 2 SCAM!!!Vatican City cast over 2,900 votes for a Brexit 2 petition! – Jimstone [dot] is

    Drop this number into your address bar and hit enter: (click on the HERE in CLICK HERE at the top to ensure you are looking at the latest news).

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