Why it’s so important for world peace that EU dictatorship be stopped

In 1958, Billy Meier published and circulated a letter, worldwide, that forewarned of the then not yet existent European Union (EU) and its ultimate goal – along with the US – of bio-chipping and enslaving every human being on Earth.

In light of Brexit, the power hungry bureaucrats will still try to usurp total power and control, so vigilance and determination must be maintained and their efforts defeated.

In a 1987 document called the Henoch Prophecies, said to have actually been authored almost 11,000 years ago by the prophet we know as Enoch, there is information about the EU, problems with immigration, Russian military movements, etc.

More details were also given to Meier about very specific events that are unfolding right now. I’ve include excerpts below and bolded some very pertinent information:

From Contact 215, The Henoch Prophecies

Billy: Ah, one more moment please, my friend. As you were mentioning Henoch’s prophecy, the question went through my head as to why, actually, also Switzerland will come to the checkout, respectively will be overrun by foreign war powers. Is there a particular reason for this? As a neutral state, our country should be respected and should remain spared from acts of war.


309. If Switzerland would actually remain neutral, then it would also be spared from acts of war.

310. Through many irresponsible ones of the people and the government, the land of peace, as it was called in the early prophecies, will lose its true neutrality, despite contrary statements and promises of the irresponsible ones.

311. The fact will be that these irresponsible ones – for which they already prepare and strive today – will form connections with the UN and NATO, as well as with the forthcoming European Union, whereby the true neutrality of Switzerland will be destroyed, and indeed, against all contrary assertions of the responsible governments and the misled population, as I already explained to you.

312. Through the UN and NATO, Switzerland and also the citizens will be drawn into acts of war.

313. Although the UN should be of a purely peaceful nature, that won’t remain so because it will be inevitable in the new millennium that also the UN forces will take up arms.

314. Even though it will only be for defense in some circumstances, it still means acts of war, through which death will keep a rich harvest even in the ranks of the UN forces.

315. Nevertheless, that won’t be everything, for the idea of creating a European Union has already arisen in various high leaders of Europe, through which the people, who will comprise it, will be greatly limited in their freedom, as well as the various provincial governments that will sell off their countries entrusted to them to this European Union, which will exhibit very strong dictatorial tendencies.

316. Brussels in Belgium will become the governmental center for this union, and the responsible persons there will acquire tremendous compensations, which will have to be paid by the countries belonging to the union and their populations.

317. They will call these compensations Fair Pay, for which the citizens of all union-member countries will have to perform hard work in the sweat of their brows.

318. Through these, the leaders of the European Union will be able to live in the lap of luxury at the expense of the citizens and will be able to laugh at the stupidity of their advocates.

319. The rulers of the individual countries, as well as those of the European Union in Brussels, will gradually take it so far, even to the point where they will want to sue and punish their rejectors, complainants, and critics.

320. And the doings of the European Union will ultimately be the decisive reason for the fact that from the east, military forces will invade Europe and will subjugate and destroy everything, if the entire population of Europe and their governments do not rationally work against everything, so that the threatening prophecies do not fulfill themselves.

Billy: When should these connections with the planned European Union come about, then? I mean with regard to Switzerland.


321. The beginnings for this will already be established by the leaders of the government of Switzerland in the coming nineties, but the actual connections won’t come about until the next millennium.

322. The irrationality of both the government and the majority of the Swiss people will, unfortunately, be more powerful than their reason.

323. And through this, all roads will be paved for the autonomy of the government, by what means the catastrophe will ultimately break out over Switzerland, if the country’s citizens still don’t become sensible and don’t counteract the machinations that lead to slavery and war.

324. The people in the European countries and, with these, also those in Switzerland, still have time to prevent everything and to turn to the better, but it is doubtful as to whether their reason will triumph and whether they will prevent the imminent evil thereby, for this is still possible during the next few years, but after this, it will then become too late very quickly.

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  • In a 1987 document called the Henoch Prophecies the use of a peacekeeping force is put forth and the use of non-lethal means when possible. In 1959 George Kennam argues about the dangers of idealism for an example he he claims we lack the imagination to be frightened. He references a talk atat the Ground observer School at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida. Lewis Dexter had described some of his ideas for a limited chemical warfare which would give the enemy diarrhea, or put them to slep for dew days, thus minimizing massive retaliation and possibly allowing negotiation, failing that, occupation of the country of the temporarily disabled foe. Dexterer asked them if they thought this was worse than exterminating whole cities through atomic bombing, and they replied: “But that;s natural: what you purpose is unnatural!”. This was abilities america had some 50 years ago. Yet we still choose to murder, even on our streets for that is wrongly preceived as natural to the masses.
    Billy Wilson

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