There Will Be No Respite

Safely navigating the onslaught of the treacherous waters requires coming together with like-minded others

In a world gone completely bonkers there’s still the temptation to moralize, engage in hand-wringing and finger-pointing. But it’s all so far gone that such gestures are utterly meaningless.

Some things are dreadful enough in themselves but when considered together, when read like pictographs or symbols, they present a comprehensive, self-explanatory statement of depressingly undeniable clarity.

The ugly beauty of it all is that there’s so much to choose from and, no matter which way you read them, the ominous meaning is truly inescapable.

Two seemingly unrelated items together tell a story that sums up the collective consciousness of a country. We see that we are so hated not because of our freedom but because we do officially sanctioned, despicable things to others.

We then face the naked and shameless reflection of our collective inner psyche. Clearly it will take far more than sloganeering – let alone a cosmetic redo – to “make America great again”.

And while this extreme kind of self-mutilation is the inevitable devolution of the boringly ubiquitous, desperate conformity of the tattoo and piercing craze, such degenerate cravings may presage the ease with which people will accept being bio-chipped into complete slavery –  as Billy Meier long ago foretold – as a seemingly wonderful, trendy convenience. And of course Meier also forewarned about the developing dictatorship arising from the EU…long before it was even created.

Whistleblowers & Time Travelers

We have to be grateful to the whistleblowers, like Jeremy Scahill, who reveal the utter psychopathy of US military policies and those who gleefully enforce them with impunity. In fact, while I lamented that people like Glenn Greenwald, one of the founding editors of the Intercept, were unresponsive to the Billy Meier information I sent to him and various other whistleblowers, their invaluable work has made it possible to know the hidden truth about many matters.

Obviously the Meier material is too far outside of their paradigm and comfort zones to allow them to inform about it, if they’ve even delved into it at all. For those people who have taken the time to do so, it’s all the more painful to see the ceaseless unfolding of the prophetic warnings. We’ve read the script and now see such a faithful, on-screen portrayal that it makes us feel like time travelers who arrived in the past, already knowing how the events played out but are unable to change it for the better.

Cause & Effect

Unlike the people who derive their sense of reality from the dead-end machinations and illusions of politics and religion, those who understand the unfailingly immutable law of cause and effect also understand that there’s no magic involved, no accidental, random, unforeseen events taking place. There’s only the dependably ceaseless fulfillment of the law. And it’s the same in our micro and macro, individual and collective lives.

What to Do?

There will be plenty of opportunities to continue to post corroborations of the prophetic warnings, since we’ve collectively decided to remain suicidally stupid, superstitious, fearful and in constant need of outside saviors of one form or another, who never have and never will be able to relieve us of our continuously self-created woes.

The answer, the better use of our time and energy than wailing and moaning, is to study and put into practice the spiritual teaching. Unfortunately, for many, the word spiritual triggers associations to some religion or belief system, etc. The fact is that the teaching is completely devoid of any beliefs, rituals, superstitions, phony piety, groveling humility, gods, saviors, saints, etc. It’s based on complete self-responsibility, on seeing things exactly as they are through neutral-positive thinking, and then acting in accordance with an understanding of the law of cause and effect.

The truth is that, for a long time to come, there will be no respite from the consequences of centuries of human ignorance, barbarity and insanity, many decades of which have been, and continue to be, done in our name. Safely navigating the onslaught of the treacherous waters requires coming together with likeminded others, on a sturdy, seaworthy vessel, and abandoning the sinking ship of state to those who wish to go down with it.

Moment by Moment

The moment-by-moment, deliberate, conscious awareness and control of our thoughts, feeling and actions is the antithesis of the fleeting, consumptive, superficial modus of what passes for everyday life. To embrace such a non-glamorous, breath-by-breath approach is both trying and tender. But it’s not the stuff of instant gratification, celebrity and glamour, and other superfluous burdens to living a truly meaningful life. It’s more akin to presenting the citizens of this digital, online world with an old-fashioned picture puzzle, with a thousand-and-one pieces to put together…and no picture on the cover of the box to guide you.

Now is the time to both create the picture and put the pieces together. And it’s something you can do even by candlelight, should the grid go down.


Thanks to Greg O’Brien for The Intercept article and Chris Lock for the article on the European Central Bank.


                               Child of Love

There’ve been those throughout the ages

who have come here to enslave us

offering promises of power without love

and though only love can save us

it is looked for by the bravest

inside of us as well as from above

When divided into nations

we fell into desperation

forgetting there has always been enough

some believed their kind was better

but the truth will stand forever

each one of us is but a child of love

Child of love who is your mother

do you recognize each one you see

as part of your own family

child of love sister and brother

what will it take for you and me

to be loving one another

Now we’re sailing to the threshold

where the golden age will unfold

and the stormy seas we sail will be rough

but we’re helping one another

one with compass one with rudder

on a ship of freedom called the child of love

Child of love who is your mother

do you recognize each one you see

as part of your own family

child of love sister and brother

what will it take for you and me

to be loving one another

Words & Music

Michael Horn

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Corey Müske

correction: contact 249 should = contact 246.

Sheila Clark

Thank you for that Corey. Will check.

Andrew Grimshaw

I must protest!
This is not how the movie is supposed to end.
99% of a certain type of movie have the Yanks defeating all sorts of “enemies”.
The Russians, the Viet Cong, the asteroid, the ET’s …….

I haven’t been to the movies for about 15yrs now, I sort of watched a third of a movie, Battleship, on the idiot box the other night, I imagine the movie ended with the Yanks defeating the space faring, much more technically advanced ET’s, because we’re all still here today.  ;->

The “movie” of life on this planet, ends with truthfulness.

 517. Therefore, human of earth, listen to the recommendation that is given to you in 9th place:  “You shall never, never speak an untruth”
530. Therefore guard against disregarding this recommendation.
531. Be TRUE towards each life form close to you and see to it that you are being recognized in the truth, because in this way you will be able to determine your honesty.
532. Behold, human of earth, for all times remain in honesty of the truth, no matter how hard you have to struggle in life, because for all times new knowledge around the happenings of Creation is rewarded with success.
533. As you follow the recommendation undauntedly you will be rewarded in great abundance, because Creation itself is the truth and rewards with thanks all obedience in the compliance with its laws.
534. So if you, human of earth, do not want to fulfil this recommendation you yourself bear the blame when difficulties after difficulties lay in your path which will keep you from progress and success until you endeavour to fit in with the truth.
futureofmankind co uk/Billy_Meier/Dekalog_Dodekalog

I may have just given away the fact that I have read this for the first time, only recently.
Yet, I feel vindicated in my philosophy of life by this, as I am sure all of you regulars here were when you first read it, too.

Thank You, every one of you.
Your fellow student,