Independence from US Warmongering!

Let’s make it our collective goal and mission to prove the Henoch Prophecies wrong

There couldn’t be a better time to point out that if America doesn’t survive as a nation far into the future, if it doesn’t retain its super-power status beyond 2020, it will largely be the result of its institutionalized warmongering, sold to the unthinking masses as vital to our “self-defense” against Russia – a country that has never attacked us – and against everyone else in the world who “hate us for our freedom” (to try to destroy theirs).

The real truth could be quite revealing and disturbing for many, but for the failure of the US media to be anything more than a lackey for the very powers that push for more war. A glaring case in point for both the unrelenting, conniving and conspiring to create and foment conflict with Russia, and the media’s suppression of awareness, can be read here and…is conspicuously absent in the US media. The only bright note in the matter may be evidence of Obama’s earlier reluctance to provoke Russia, although that too has seemingly now been overridden.

“Evil Aliens”

As is also pointed out by Robbie Graham, the unrelenting demonization of so-called “evil aliens” in Hollywood films is very deliberate, warmongering propaganda promoted by the CIA, defense industry, etc. It’s interwoven with the agenda to weaponize space and of course bring us into direct conflict with Russia, etc. – something about which we’ve been long warned to avoid because of its suicidal consequences.

We must also note that, small as our particular influence here may appear to be, it is known that as the prophecies fulfill, there will be more and more people who will find and know the truth and whose efforts will help to lay the foundation for peace in the future…for the survivors.

Cause and Effect

To be clear, there already have been, and may well be more attacks against our country, as is also foretold in the Henoch Prophecies. We need only reflect on the immutable law of cause and effect, which trumps political correctness, religious delusion and all forms of wishful thinking, to consider how likely that is.

That doesn’t mean of course that we shouldn’t do everything possible to prevent such things. But the ordinary citizens are at a disadvantage. Most have had nothing to do with the causes, with sending out the various pendulums that return as wrecking balls, in their own timing. In fact, the policies of the power-hungry politicians, false leaders, etc., further jeopardize the safety of the country with their idiotic refusal to stop illegal immigration and, indeed, to force upon the citizens even more refugees from countries that already have antipathy towards us and who, as can already be seen in Europe, will not easily assimilate into the culture, at best.

At worst, the policies are so stupid that it’s only surprising that weapons of all sorts aren’t being offered to them at the border.

The Plejaren have already made it clear that Angela Merkel has deliberately set out to destroy Germany, and Europe, with policies that almost assure those outcomes. Foolishly, as if we don’t have enough coming our way from decades of unprovoked aggressions against so many countries, etc., we provoke Russia and further encourage Merkel and the EU to do likewise. Fortunately, there are some European leaders* who have the courage to stand up and express their clear-headed thinking and opposition to such aggression.

We would do well to begin to emulate them.

Independent Thinking

On this Fourth of July, and every day thereafter, we should take the opportunity to become truly independent in our thinking, to liberate ourselves, from the relentless warmongering and destruction that has become the dominant American global policy. In addition to choosing personal independence and peacefulness, let’s make it our collective goal and mission to prove the Henoch Prophecies wrong when they state:

217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219. With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

To that end let’s also support this NEW PEACE INITIATIVE and the Salome Peace Meditation.


Salome Peace Symbol

The Salome Peace Symbol

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NOTE: Please also see these brilliant articles by Paul Craig Roberts.

Thanks also to Carol Rosin, Bill Wilson and Bruce Lulla


The Silent Revolution of Truth


People of the world our inner voice says

Time is running and so are choices

We can change the course of history with our thoughts

We can see that no more wars are ever fought

When peace is sought and when it’s taught

To all the people in the world like you and me

Nothing speaks louder than the silent revolution of truth

The cry begins from deep within to turn the power loose

When heart and mind with truth align we’ll see the living proof

Of the silent revolution of truth

People of the world our inner wisdom

Will guide us to a fulfill a bold new vision

Where dominion over self is how we rule

Where justice is the lustrous crowning jewel

The light of truth comes shining through

So all the people of the world can live in peace

Nothing speaks louder than the silent revolution of truth

The cry begins from deep within to turn the power loose

When heart and mind with truth align we’ll see the living proof

Of the silent revolution of truth

Uncertainty and fear rage all around

Great changes are at hand

Can you hear the sound?

That’s your heart beating to the silent revolution of truth

The cry begins from deep within to turn the power loose

When heart and mind with truth align we’ll see the living proof

Of the silent revolution of truth

Nothing speaks louder than the silent revolution of truth

The cry begins from deep within to turn the power loose

When heart and mind with truth align we’ll be the living proof

Of the silent revolution of truth


Lyrics & Music:

    Michael Horn (Earth)

    Cladena Aikarina (Erra)

    Leon Rubenhold (Earth)

© 2008 Sounds Eternal Music

52 Replies to “Independence from US Warmongering!”

  1. Hello MH,

    Great show on C2C..

    I know that nobody here is interested in chasing Lights in the sky as MH likes to say but, I occasionally look around to see what’s going on with the new UFO sightings. I do agree that a large % of sightings is nothing more than reverse engineered craft being tested by the various governments around the world. However, I noticed a very interesting you tube video today posted by secureteam 10 that has nothing to do with sightings but with the radio transmission message that was sent out in 1974. It concerns the crop circle that appeared in 2001. What I found particularly interesting was the received message. It shows an extra strand that used to be in our DNA and what our Solar system used to look like. It shows an extra planet exactly where our asteroid belt is. (Sound familiar anyone? I’m thinking the altered DNA the planet Malona that Billy speaks of ??) Even more interesting is that “James Deardorff” did the probability calculation of a hoax( just as he did with the Talmud) and believes it not to be a hoax. It really is worth watching.

    James Deardorff’s results found in the link below

    This next one has to do with the RFID chips. These two guys claim to be able to detect these chips in people using a radio wave detector. They claim that approx.. 1 out of 3 people tested have been found to be chipped. The first phase of testing was done out in the open and people that tested positive was then scheduled to retake the test inside a faraday cage designed to block a range of frequency’s. Some of the people that tested positive the first time tested positive inside the faraday cage as well. At first (well even now) I am kind of skeptical but it makes sense. What do you all think? I know that Billy says we receive and send signals and that we are like natural antennas. Is that what they are detecting? Does anyone have an opinion on this matter?

    1. Hi George, No I dont think they would be detecting our frequencies of thoughts and feelings sent out, as thank goodness there does not yet exist within our technical advancement the ability to detect the figure of 10 to the power of 700… otherwise the whole of the Human race could be enslaved within seconds ( para-phrased from one of the contact reports.

      1. Hi Gary,

        That was actually my opinion as well. So, That only leaves Two possibilities.
        1. These guys are complete lairs/hoaxers and just getting people worked up.
        2. There might be some truth to what there saying.
        I just shrill when i start to actually believe that possibility 2 is ACTUALLY POSSIBLE and in-fact likely.

        I think i will just store that somewhere in the back of my mind and let it go.

        Thanks for the response,

    2. I have a friend who sent me the link to that secure team vid the other day and asked me my opinion, I replied thusly:
      Rubbish is what I make of this. Why would “they” send a map of our solar system back to us and not one of theirs and why wouldn’t they use their radio waves from their different equipment to send it?
      Some profit driven hoaxer who can’t accept the truth continues the untruth, in my opinion.
      I followed up with:
      “Someone” has been reading the Contact Reports and can’t accept that BEAM isn’t the richest man EVER, “someone” has the wrong idea of what equals wealth. Knowledge and wisdom are the only things in the comprehensive consciousness block, no bank account balance nor mansion, yacht, gulf stream, etc.
      So that’s my opinion. 😉

      1. Andrew,

        Thanks for the opinion, I do not actually make a-lot of entrees here but i always follow the blogs and i respect your opinion. I do not understand why they would do that either however, What really got my attention was the probability calculation of being a hoax performed by Deardorff. It was his detailed analyses of Talmud Jmmanuel that convinced me of its authenticity. Thank you for your in-sites, they are well received.


    3. So often we look for what is ‘out there’ instead of searching within the self for the things that truly make a difference? What good is any signal when there is so much work to be done right out our front doors………
      Almost every single human around me is ‘chipped’ and easily accessible by an array of people, institutions, corporations, etc. Mainly by there incessant gripping of their ‘dumb phone’ and all manors of tech that accompanies them in the the car, on the road, in person, or on camera? With these devises one is all but chipped yet doesn’t even care or truly understand….. whilst they pay exuberant amounts of money for ‘it’. We are well on our way to start integrating technology that will be within us and it seems many will fall hook, line, and sinker. Farther we move away from finding these things within ourselves and understanding the nature of impulses and swinging waves within fine feelings? We truly will come full circle it just seems like we haven’t even rounded the 45degree mark yet:)

      1. Philip,
        Your absolutely correct. Point taken. No one can argue that. Believe it or not, when put that way, I feel a little more at ease. I still do not like the thought of it but, You point makes sense.

        Have a good day friend,

        1. Good day to you as well George:)

          For anyone in the area or interested Corey Muske, Margie saint Clare, and I are hoping to have our monthly Billy Meier study/discussion group July 19th, at the Hastings Minnesota library.
          Not such a small world as Corey and I met here at MH’s blog and Marge from FB. We have started getting together monthly and would welcome anyone interested in getting together and discussing all of this very important information in the physical.
          Throw it out there ones again for anyone interested:)
          Phil B.
          Shakopee Minnesota

          1. If i was in the area i would certainly meet up with you all… i live in Missouri so it would be quite a drive for me… for what its worth… I do appreciate the invite..
            Not sure whats up with Matt ” Below” But i would like to find a few people to study billy’s material with..

            Matt, I’m sure you point was harmless and meant no offence. Im going to assume that anyways.


          2. Took many years searching to find others willing to meet under their own fruition. Got to try……
            George you on Facebook? Positive have come across people from Missouri on closed group, friends of Billy Meier and FIGU?

      2. Good point Philip
        Few days ago I’ve nearly polished off a large packet full of Woolworth variety potato chips and I gotta tell ya afterwards I felt ‘chipped’.

        1. Matt only if we were not so far away would buy you a beer to wash down those chips:)
          Will make my way back to topic as our moderator is a busy man….

          1. man I love to philip
            One day perhaps
            if only I had Plejaren technology to shrink this earth to the size of a marble getting around to meet people would be so much easier.

  2. Hi MH, Here is another article you might want to check out and also bring up for Billy,figu and the Ps. This is from for July 22,23,24 Weekend addition: The Big Boom:Nukes and NATO By Conn Halliman. This is a book about the misuse of NATO and the many close calls toward the brink of a nuclear war that we have had for so many times and could happen again if we become careless again and are not being very very careful not to blow it all over ever since nuclear weapons are just too careless to risk ever! Pease check this out and let Bily,figu and the Ps know about this and tobe very very aware of such a dangerous situation. Thanks Peace Terry

  3. I wish we were all like the Ps so we could all live in peace,love harmony,reason logic friendship and only shrink the planet 10% like Erra. I wish we were all like Erra:-))))) What a beautiful world Erra must be. “I wish I were living on Erra doing what the peole of Erre are doing etc:_))))”

  4. What happens when the military industrial complex goes from public service to being employed by corporations that a global with wealth greater than most countries can but into defence spending. And it has been come so accepted by the global elite that private armies are even listed on the stock exchange. Superpower for Hire: Rise of the Private Military Now not only can we have countries sacked by another country or tribe but also from a company wanting your countries resources. How long before corporations go to war each other now that the lessons of past wars have been pushed aside. No wonder we needed the help, the plans for us to wipe ourselves out may have worked.
    Billy Wilson

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