US Navy missile brought down plane misidentified as UFO

Seemingly out of nowhere, almost 20 years later, the question has again arisen as to the real cause of the crash of TWA 800 and if  there was a cover-up involved. While such a question seems about as un-American as one could get, right up there with doubting that the US knew about and allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor, that all UFOs were swamp gas, that Lee Harvey Oswald both acted alone and shot President Kennedy and that the alleged attack on the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin Incident really happened…at least it’s being asked again.

What the Plejaren Said Happened

The information given to Billy Meier, in 1997, by the Plejaren also included the fact that there was a spy on board TWA 800 who had conducted espionage activities against the “American Secret Service” pertaining to UFOs and SDI/Star Wars experiments. Meier also refers to some nefarious, secret US military radiation tests on unsuspecting populations. More information about that is to be found here.


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  • Seems like there was “two” Gulf of Tonkin skirmishes:

    Though the highlight of that CR is the end:

    “2. Consequently also the might-filled decisions, actions and modes of behaviour of a reality-estranged-naive human being are not recognised, which leads to the reality-estranged-naive one – who, as a consequence of his/her psychopathy, has a pronounced acting capability at his/her disposal – being able to transfix the fellow human beings, deceive them and win their unjustified trust, which often leads to quarrel and strife as well as to far-reaching unpeace among the human beings with whom they interact.

    63. And wars frequently arise, and acts of revenge and retribution as well as hate and destruction, if reality-estranged-naive ones stoke the corresponding embers long enough until they become a blazing fire and inextinguishable conflagration.”


  • Part of the information given by Ptaah was about this UFO at Moriches Bay.has any of the photos been found?
    Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501
    Sponsored by Vangard Sciences
    PO BOX 1031
    Mesquite, TX 75150
    March 30, 1990

    UFO Landing and Government Intercept

    Hi there. My name is Ed Sanborn and I’m the MUFON State
    Director for Mass. I received the following in the mail from a
    member of the LIUFON on Friday Nov. 24, 1989: LONG ISLAND U.F.O.
    NETWORK P.O. BOX 232 Center Moriches, New York 11934 HOTLINE


    The Long Island UFO Network, Inc., a non-profit research
    organization based on Long Island, announces to the media of the
    Metropolitan area and the Nation that we have evidence that on
    September 28, 1989 the United States Armed Forces attempted to
    recover a disabled, or landed UFO. The incident occured on the
    Dune Area of Smith’s Point Beach near the entrance to the Moriches

    Military and Suffolk County Police Helicopters were involved in
    an apparent attempt to monitor the craft on the Beach. A second
    object estimated to be 574 feet to a thousand feet long was
    observed hovering over the Bay. It was composed of six
    tremendously large lights.

    The helicopters (six involved) were composed of four military
    helicopters and two Suffolk County Police Helicopters. These
    helicopters surrounded the large object (commonly referred to as a
    mother ship) in a circular rotation passing around this object in
    a counter clockwise flight, the helicopters would then fly over
    the second downed object in the dunes.

    As this manuever was completed, the area would be illuminated
    by the helicopters searchlights in an attempt to illuminate what
    was on the ground.

    Long Island UFO Network, Inc. has interviewed the eyewitnesses
    to this event. The family lives in Center Noriches Long Island.
    The husband, wife, and their adult son observed the large object
    from their backyard in response to military helicopter overflights
    of their home.

    The husband and son drove to the Union Ave. dock and for two
    and a half hours observed the operation.

    The witnesses described the operation to LIUFON investigators’
    under the provision their identities and address be held in the
    strictest confidentiality. For their protection they were
    interviewed on tape under fictitious identities and addresses. The
    husband’s taped interview is available to the media for
    examination with permission of the witness.

    The case is under further investigation by LIUFON
    investigators. As more information develops it will be released to
    the media. The case will be discussed at our forthcoming
    conference on October 29th in Middle Island, NY at the Artist Lake
    Condominium Center.

    There exists 48 photographs of this occurence taken by the
    eyewitnesses. They have been impounded by LIUFON for scientific
    evaluation. As soon as tests are finished they will be presented
    to the public on the Joel Martin Cable TV Show on cablevision at a
    date to be announced.
    We call upon the FAA, Suffolk County Police and the United
    States Government to comment on this. Did they have UFO’s over
    Moriches Bay on Sept. 28, 1989 between 8:45 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. and
    were they monitoring it? LIUFON demands to know, the public
    demands to know and the World demands to know.

    For further information contact the Long Island UFO Network,
    Inc. at the Hotline No. 516-286-3212. — msged 1.952S ZTC

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