No Justification

Cause and effect, that troublesome, immutable law, simply and unfailingly presents us with that which we have created

There is, and certainly will be, no shortage of comments on, and much pain resulting from, the terrible and tragic killings of the policemen in Dallas, and those of two black men, which seem to be the pivotal incidents used to justify the unjustifiable police killings.

There will also be thoughts about, and perhaps research into, the parties behind the scenes who promote, manipulate – and perhaps infiltrate and instigate – in order to benefit, from the divisiveness and polarization that is further perpetuated. Speculation about the details in all of these events should be expected, such as may be provoked by the change between the original report from Dallas of perhaps two snipers “triangulating” the shooting, and the new assessment that there was only one sniper…who is already known to have been trained by the US military, presumably to kill other people.

Whatever the facts turn out to be in these particular incidents, it’s indisputable that racism is institutionalized in America, as has long been known and also commented on by Billy Meier.

(And hopefully not completely lost in the mix will be concern that an irresponsible, power-hungry criminal was given a pass by the FBI…which has been overshadowed by the recent shootings).

We have been repeatedly warned about what is coming to America – should the warnings continue to be ignored – and I’ll reprise these previous comments:

*“Unlike the people who derive their sense of reality from the dead-end machinations and illusions of politics and religion, those who understand the unfailingly immutable law of cause and effect also understand that there’s no magic involved, no accidental, random, unforeseen events taking place. There’s only the dependably ceaseless fulfillment of the law. And it’s the same in our micro and macro, individual and collective lives.”

**”It can seem beyond daunting to even try to make a difference. But those of us who’ve been studying the Meier material, especially everything connected to understanding and applying the Might of the Thoughts also know that it requires now a long, painstaking process of controlling our thoughts, of neutral-positive thinking and complete self-responsibility.”

***“So, for those who understand how the immutable, impersonal, universal laws of cause and effect operate there is still much sadness, though not much surprise. Just as the inevitable collapsing of lands and structures is now underway, so is the collapse of all of that which is false and unsupportable in human consciousness and that can no longer be sustained.

Turning one’s attention to the teaching of the spirit, of truth and of life will bear better fruits, such as living a life of peace, love, freedom and harmony, completely devoid of beliefs and delusions.”

Cause and effect, that troublesome, immutable law, doesn’t “justify” violence, revenge, retribution, etc., it simply and unfailingly presents us with that which we have created, consciously or unconsciously, deliberately or accidentally. Learning how to think so as to create a world of peace, love, freedom and harmony should be our first priority.


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  1. John, I’d like to answer your above question. And I’ve read all the above comments which has got me thinking. Although I don’t have a definitive answer…here goes. My opinion/answer is based on the state of current state of affairs our world is in and the information I researched in the Meier material.
    Not only will evil done by humankind be with us a long time, but due to overpopulation which causes basically all the ills on the planet will be with us and our ancestors for a long time. This includes wars, poverty, religions, racism, crimes and other forms of violence against each other and the planet. I won’t give false hope by saying this will get better soon, as the current state of chaos in our own country shows otherwise. By the current uptick in events confirmed by Billy’s prophetic accuracy it would seem to me that things are getting worse.
    That’s where the Spiritual Teaching can help one immensely, as it is a tool for our survival and development, which can help us change ourselves which then collectively can change the world. It’s a slow process that may take many many centuries. I have to concentrate on what I can do now which includes the self responsibility I take for every action and inaction I decide to take.

    1. Ok Don, that was good info. Thanks. What would you say is the first step in becoming a spiritual person according to the spiritual teaching?

      1. We actually aren’t at point in our development where we become spiritual, by Meier’s assessment, but we are in a place where we can increase the development of our consciousness. Remember, “Meier said that the “meaning of life is the evolution of consciousness”.

        To that end, studying the freely available spiritual teaching and the English language books is the way to go.

          1. But Michael, if we can’t become spiritual people, that means we will be unspiritual people capable of any evil. Then there’s no hope for Humanity. Right?

            1. John, we eventually do become “spiritual” but it involves conscious evolution on an ongoing basis. It’s actually what many people, even in Jmmanuel’s day, confused with “spiritual”.

          2. Hey John unfortunately because of the distance issue we can’t meet up at the pub for a schooner cos I’d love to shout you a beer to make up for taking too much p**s out of you.

  2. Yes John, and as Michael said it’s about the development and evolution of consciousness. This can be pursued and used in ones individual development by studying the books in english and spiritual teaching material as he said. It can definitely start a change in ones way of thinking as true change happens from the inside. This is from the book ” Might of the Thoughts” – Whatever a human being is , is the result of his own thoughts, which were drafted and put together in his/ her own consciousness and then brought into effect through the might and power inherent in the thoughts –

    1. Don, I’ve read books on the power of the mind, and the subconscious mind. The power of conscious thoughts and subconscious programming. Not to sound arrogant, but, “Whatever a human being is , is the result of his own thoughts, which were drafted and put together in his/ her own consciousness and then brought into effect through the might and power inherent in the thoughts –” I’ve known that for at least 12 years. I meditate, eat correctly, exercise, try to treat others the way I would like to be treated, read lots of higher educational books, etc. What exactly does “the development and evolution of consciousness.” mean to you?

      1. I know Don would have an answer for you, but will give a crack at it also:)
        To me personally it would mean to take control of the inner world, the thoughts, nurture them with virtuous ability. Neutral positive at all times, taking hold of every thought as well as finding positive equalized neutrality in floating within none. While striving to implement love, peace, freedom, harmony, fairness, uprightness, modesty, courageous strength, etc, within every second of being within plain everyday reality? As these values are nurtured and brought to fruition within the self, used no matter what is happening ‘out there’ with the constant guiding of the individual inner world. Evolving to ever higher forms within meaning, evolving into realizing and using the material consciousness within the laws and recommendations of creation. The outer world slowly changes to reflect what is found within, given to others as one truly finds it within themselves?
        All with its own inner laying questions that need to be fathomed by one individually.
        Hope that helps a little…. Just my thought:)
        You have a Facebook account John?
        Are a couple Billy related groups there as well

      2. To me it means living the right way and and continually growing by studying and learning from the spiritual teaching. That is not limited to but includes observing nature which mirrors the laws of Creation who’s lessons are there for anyone to learn from.

  3. From An Introduction To The Spirit Teaching

    “1. The terrestrial human race is entering and witnessing a phase of very powerful cosmic change. It is a new era, a new age, which continually and distinctly becomes clearer to the eyes of observant, consciously more advanced human beings. 2. While most of mankind here on Earth lies in a deep abyss of ignorance and of consciousness’ enslavement, it has become an urgent necessity, through thorough investigations, to find the causes of mankind’s decline, and to demonstrate this to human beings in a correct, clear, and revealing message and lesson. 3. Simultaneously, it necessitates showing new ways, which would guide mankind toward a future of conscious comprehension and harmony. 4. It is now time, therefore, for the Earthling to open his eyes and ears and detach his enslaved thoughts from false teachings, to free himself from traditional falsehoods and all evil, and to finally comprehend everything according to the truth.”

    In a few words, what does the above mean to you Don, Michael? What it means to me is that mankind is very ignorant of truth and the correct way to think, speak, and act. Seems almost hopeless that the world can change into something good.

    1. Ditto on what Michael said John. To me its definitely means studying the spiritual teaching to help one recognize the truth, and creates conditions for evolving ones consciousness.

  4. Hey Michael, what does this mean, “While most of mankind here on Earth lies in a deep abyss of ignorance and of consciousness’ enslavement”? Is that mainly the religions and New Age BS?

      1. People are powerful spiritual and intellectual beings, it’s too bad they are so brainwashed and mis-educated. It’s going to take a long time for them to break free of the lies, and allow the truth to sink in. What helped me break free way back in college was a book named, “The Committee of 300” by Dr. John Coleman. A very good book about the Dark Order and how they control the Media, educational system, religions and politics, etc.. Very interesting book written by an ex-MI6 British intelligence agent. Meier’s material has proven to be the most informative, and the predictions are great.

  5. One would think that the term Stakeholder would never come from all elected officials mouths when talking about the people they work for not the citizens they promise to represent. Don’t be surprised to find the country you live in listed at the a company along with the filed reports they have to file. The mission of the SEC is to protect investors; maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets; and facilitate capital formation. The SEC strives to promote a market environment that is worthy of the public’s trust. We stand before a curtain of illusion that is controlled by humans with no names or faces and do not have to justify any actions hidden behind the screen. To the normal human-being there is no justification for this hidden world government. This may be why Paath stated that it will take a couple hundred years to break this system. Thus why change will be slow and from those of us at the bottom changing the foundation of the system one human-being at a time. ( action=getcompany&company=republic&owner=include&match=contains&start=40&count=40&hidefilings=0 )
    Peace Billy Wilson

  6. Michael you said,”The person who refused them should be reported, also to Trump (his corporate reps, etc.). My guess is that it’s the employee and not Trump.

    Why? Because if it was Trump, it would have to be a policy and just how long before that was made news and, rightfully, used against him?”

    The employee was one of the golf pros there, that means it came from management, which means it came from Trump the owner. They all think they will not get caught. He’s a racist.

    1. No, John. This is not the kind of thinking that does anything but promote unsubstantiated attacks.

      IF it came from Trump – and that should be easy to find out – then he can be called a racist, etc. But this is not yet established, i.e. innocent until proven guilty.

      If what was reported is true…then it’s the golf pro who would be the racist. It should be found out if anyone above him gave that policy, etc., including the club management.

      1. Michael, you don’t understand how a golf course is run. Trump gave the order – no blacks. That’s the only way the pro would dare do that. He would get fired quickly, if he did that on his own and was found out.

        1. John,

          It should be easy to find out if that’s the actual policy…and if any blacks have ever played there.

          I think if you invested just a little time you could find the true answers, rather than speculation and rumor, which everyone would want to know.

          1. It’s not speculation and rumor. You seem to not understand when I tell you something. My friends were the victims of racism at Trump’s golf course! Clear and simple.

            1. John,

              I think we all understand that you’ve said that. But it doesn’t make your conclusions correct, for which you’ve provided no evidence.

              Now, to be clear, I won’t approve any more comments that repeat unsubstantiated claims about Trump – or anyone else – being a racist and what amounts only to hearsay to prove it. Did your friends report this incident to any newspeople, the police, etc.?

              If you want to be certain, as well as truthful, then you can and should look into the situation. If you’re correct, if there’s a POLICY of racial discrimination coming from Trump – and not just coming from SOME of the people involved there if it’s shown to exist there, quite possibly without Trumps knowledge, let alone approval – then that should be revealed.

              Remember if, instead of just b****ing an moaning here, we put into practice the might of our thoughts and upgrade our thinking, the quality of our own contributions will be upgraded.

          2. Michael, you said,”If you’re correct, if there’s a POLICY of racial discrimination coming from Trump…” Of course there is no POLICY of racism, what are you talking about? He would never do that. It’s all secretive and hush hush. Anyway, you don’t understand, so forget it. Trump is not going to win, it doesn’t make any difference. He’ll go back to his stupid materialistic life and get nuked with the other dumb Americans. Forget the whole discussion, it’s not important.

            1. John,

              Okay, so long as you’re not going to back up your claims that the alleged discrimination came FROM Trump..we can indeed forget it.

  7. From Contact Report 625


    To shoot first and then ask questions is effectively an unwritten and somehow holy rule in the USA, which also proves itself in the police handling of weapons and shooting, because alone in the months of January to May of the year 2015, 385 human beings were shot by police, whereby ‘legalised murder’ is more likely the right label. And when one thinks of the racism, which is also carried out blatantly by the police, then it is not surprising that, as a rule, four times as many black human beings are shot than is the case on the other hand in regard to white human beings.

    If the situation is exactly considered, then, on one hand, cowardly anxiety is the reason for the trigger-happy police, however on the other hand, being able to exercise their might-behaviour over other human beings as well as wanting to kill, and indeed especially in regard to the non-whites or those of other faiths, who do not fit into their white racial schema. And concerning this, if the entire matter is viewed and considered for the future, then the number of civil victims of the conscienceless, cowardly anxiety and the police, who are messing their trousers, will keep on increasing very drastically. And this will happen because the mass of the overpopulation incessantly continues to increase, whereby ever more conflicts of all kind arise, which – especially in the USA – are confronted by anxious-cowardly and trigger-happy police who simply consciencelessly shoot and murder the fallible, those who appear to be fallible and therefore innocent ones.

    And this happens with federal protection because already since time immemorial and in the future, more and more the US government continues to increasingly more massively build up the weaponisation and the powers of the police, while the population has nothing or hardly anything to say about that. At the present time in the USA there are over 800,000 police, whereby a certain number of them effectively are to be labelled killers in uniform and go unpunished after every murder, freely according to the rule that, as police, they have the federally assured right to shoot a human being when they feel ‘threatened’ or there are other special circumstances of ‘danger’.

    And the whammy with this rule is that a victim does not even have to carry a weapon or attack a police officer in order to be shot by one, because for that it is definitely enough when a human being speaks or moves clumsily, or when a police officer feels ‘threatened’, which very often is completely baseless, as such cases prove again and again.

    Nevertheless the racial hatred in the USA spreads further through white USA citizens and continuously and increasingly promotes the Gewalt against the Afro-Americans and all others, who do not fit into the white racial schema of the race haters. This US American racial hatred, and the quite cowardly anxiety about the Afro-Americans, and above all, about other human beings of diverse countries and religions and so forth, corresponds to a pathological, malicious, paranoid-psychopathic personality disorder, which spreads across the entire nation of USA and by which a large part of the US population is befallen.

    All of the related cowardly anxiety, the racial hatred and the persecution delusion which is integrated into that, as you once said is, on one hand, probably based effectively in a genetically inherited ‘memory’ from the time when the US American world was confronted with the slavery and the therewith connected horror and murders of the slaves, which were committed by the Ku-Klux-Klan and other race haters.

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