Demand a change in the dead-end course upon which this country has bet our future and our lives 

IMPORTANT: Billy Meier: 17,461 IS Terrorist “Sleepers” Now in Europe

While most Americans are completely unaware of it, it’s refreshing to see a head of state who can speak extemporaneously, sincerely and with clarity. From our so-called leaders to the nauseatingly pandering press, all we get is unrelenting aggression, blind ambition, superficiality and outright lies. Vladimir Putin is certainly no boy scout but he’s obviously and honestly tried to communicate to the US that he doesn’t desire to engage in the dead-end, mutually suicidal confrontation that our country relentlessly provokes and pursues.

A mildly interesting development is the consideration that presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, is giving to Gen. Michael Flynn, as a possible potential vice-presidential running mate. We’ve also previously discussed the seeming reasonableness of Gen. Flynn, a quality of exceeding rarity in politics.

Unlike the Russians, Americans know nothing of the realities of having their country invaded, perhaps a dozen time or more. Yet, even today, we learn of the relentless, ongoing provocations by US backed psychopaths that could ultimately bring the first – and effectively last – invasion and utterly devastating attack on the US, fulfilling the following from the Henoch Prophecies:

217.Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219. With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.


277. America’s largest cities will be absolutely destroyed, and firestorms will cause great disaster and misery.

While we have posted Billy Meier’s unheeded warnings many times, maybe now people will realize that the global situation, those things that are unfolding right before our eyes, are and will be affecting them/us personally, in one way or another.

‪The psychopathy of politics and politicians, the delusional, insane, mind-enslaving religions have all failed to ever bring the promised, long-lasting peace. And they never will. Lest we be completely engulfed and devoured by the bottomless abyss of our own making, we must speak up now, we must contribute our thoughts and actions. However small we may feel that we and our actions may be, we must be persistent in putting them forward to do our part to stop the otherwise unstoppable, greed and power-hunger fueled lunatics.

As pointed out before, they are far smaller in number than we, the good and rational people of the world. But tragically, they understand how to use the might of their thoughts…and they do so without hesitation in pursuit of their life-destroying goals.

As good as it is to know that there are others who do share our understanding, and with whom we can communicate and commiserate, even here on this blog, it’s not enough. Certainly it’s not enough without commensurate action in the right direction.

Take action, bring this information to any and every journalist and media person, any and every concerned and like-minded person and certainly even to every and any politician…to let them know that you know, that you care and that you demand a change in the dead-end course upon which this country has bet our future and our lives.


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Thanks to David Holmes for the video update on Putin, Ukraine and NATO, etc.

Turn that Wheel Together

It’s the time for coming together

to do what’s never been done

there’s a new game to be played

a new world to be made

where there’s more than enough

enough for everyone


We have lived here together as strangers

never knowing we were notes in the same song

till someone needed help

and we gave of ourselves

and we put our hands and hearts

right back where they belong


As we turn that wheel together

nobody turns it alone

it takes the strength of every brother

to turn that wheel along


Now we’re a world of nine billion voices

each one with something special to say

and now the day begins

when everybody wins

and each of us can give

we can give in our own way


As we turn that wheel together

nobody turns it alone

it takes the strength of everybody

to turn that wheel along

Michael Horn/Jai Josefs © 1984/2000 Sounds Eternal Music




202 comments on “Stopping the Psychopathic US War Machine

  • I’m watching the Republican national convention. Wow. Most of the people speaking for the states look retarded, and say such stupid things. Most Americans are weird and dumb people. No wonder they are so war-like, stupid people do stupid things!

    • The collective IQ at these things hovers at about 90, which doesn’t say much for the individuals. The people that participate in it are little more in their consciousness than trained, salivating canines who are addicted to the spectacle, despite it’s unfailingly devolutive result.

      • Wow, very well said Michael. I agree so much with that. I have done some world traveling, 10 countries, people are different there. They seem more friendly and peaceful. America is for sure the most racist one, and I guess the most war-like one. Too bad. Some day they will get what they have coming.

  • After the Revolutionary War against England, below is where Americans started to think that war is the answer to their problems.


    The founding fathers on that rock (Mount Rushmore) shared common characteristics. All four valued white supremacy and promoted the extirpation of Indian society. The United States’ founding fathers were staunchly anti-Indian advocates in that at one time or another, all four provided for genocide against Indian peoples of this hemisphere.

    George Washington…
    In 1779, George Washington instructed Major General John Sullivan to attack Iroquois people. Washington stated, “lay waste all the settlements around…that the country may not be merely overrun, but destroyed”. In the course of the carnage and annihilation of Indian people, Washington also instructed his general not “listen to any overture of peace before the total ruin of their settlements is effected”. (Stannard, David E. AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. New York: Oxford University Press, 1992. pp. 118-121.)

    In 1783, Washington’s anti-Indian sentiments were apparent in his comparisons of Indians with wolves: “Both being beast of prey, tho’ they differ in shape”, he said. George Washington’s policies of extermination were realized in his troops behaviors following a defeat. Troops would skin the bodies of Iroquois “from the hips downward to make boot tops or leggings”. Indians who survived the attacks later re-named the nation’s first president as “Town Destroyer”. Approximately 28 of 30 Seneca towns had been destroyed within a five year period. (Ibid)

    Thomas Jefferson…
    In 1807, Thomas Jefferson instructed his War Department that, should any Indians resist against America stealing Indian lands, the Indian resistance must be met with “the hatchet”. Jefferson continued, “And…if ever we are constrained to lift the hatchet against any tribe, ” he wrote, “we will never lay it down till that tribe is exterminated, or is driven beyond the Mississippi.” Jefferson, the slave owner, continued, “in war, they will kill some of us; we shall destroy all of them”. (Ibid)

    In 1812, Jefferson said that American was obliged to push the backward Indians “with the beasts of the forests into the Stony Mountains”. One year later Jefferson continued anti-Indian statements by adding that America must “pursue [the Indians] to extermination, or drive them to new seats beyond our reach”. (Ibid)

    Abraham Lincoln…

    In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln ordered the execution, by hanging, of 38 Dakota Sioux prisoners in Mankato, Minnesota. Most of those executed were holy men or political leaders of their camps. None of them were responsible for committing the crimes they were accused of. Coined as the Largest Mass Execution in U.S. History. (Brown, Dee. BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED KNEE. New York: Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1970. pp. 59-61)

    Theodore Roosevelt…
    The fourth face you see on that “Stony Mountain” is America’s first twentieth century president, alleged American hero, and Nobel peace prize recipient, Theodore Roosevelt. This Indian fighter firmly grasped the notion of Manifest Destiny saying that America’s extermination of the Indians and thefts our their lands “was ultimately beneficial as it was inevitable”. Roosevelt once said, “I don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of ten are, and I shouldn’t like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth”. (Stannard, Op.Cit.)

    The apathy displayed by these founding fathers symbolize the demoralization related to racial superiority. Scholars point toward this racial polarization as evidence of the existence of Eugenics.

    Eugenics is a new term for an old phenomena which asserts that Indian people should be exterminated because they are an inferior race of people. Jefferson’s suggestion to pursue the Indians to extermination fits well into the eugenistic vision. In David Stannard’s study American Holocaust, he writes: “had these same words been enunciated by a German leader in 1939, and directed at European Jews, they would be engraved in modern memory. Since they were uttered by one of America’s founding fathers, however…they conveniently have become lost to most historians in their insistent celebration of Jefferson’s wisdom and humanity.” Roosevelt feared that American upper classes were being replaced by the “unrestricted breeding” of inferior racial stocks, the “utterly shiftless”, and the “worthless” (Ibid)

  • MH, very interesting info about what your friend had to say about the drama in Turkey and the BLM movement. Thanks for that.

    • Hi Billy, when it comes to the UN commander Romeo Dallaire’s pathetic role, the man who did nothing during the Rwandan genocide, who relied on New York bureaucrats instead of using his own head, this actually means something.

  • The July 2016 Warsaw Poland NATO the 2 percent military tax of a country’s GDP is on track. “U.S. Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, EUCOM commander and NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe, emphasized to an audience at last week’s Aspen Security Forum that European countries, as well as the United States, have an obligation to spend at least 2 percent of their gross domestic product on defense.” Article by Matthew Cox

  • Democracy spread at the barrel of the gun.
    $40 billion worth of small-arms related contracts the Pentagon has awarded
    AOAV maintains that its analysis of these small arms contracts offer “insight into the lack of transparency surrounding small arms bought by the US government and given to Iraq and Afghanistan – many of which the US government has lost track of.”

    A total of 79 companies were recipients of these small arms-related contracts that include everything from battle rifles to optics to ammunition. Ten companies won contracts that combined were worth 65 percent of the total DoD published contracts. Here are the top 10:

    Alliant Techsystems – $21,977,118,613 (101 contracts);
    DRS Technologies Inc. – $3,251,224,478 (8 contracts);
    BAE Systems Inc. – $2,761,670,581 (8 contracts);
    Knight’s Armament Co. – $1,782,974,456 (15 contracts);
    General Dynamics – $1,626,048,701 (36 contracts).
    Colt’s Manufacturing Company – Total Value: $1,372,567,795
    FN Herstal – Total Value: $995,194,319
    Insight Technologies Inc. – Total Value: $790,071,945
    Olin Corp – Total Value: $ 612,415,840
    American Ordnance LLC. – Total Value: $483,022,354

  • I think it is quite plain to see, who has killed the highest number of people and invaded the most country in recent history? In the name of peace? The American people have become so deluded that they can not see that they are now the world oppressors who threaten to destroy any country and it people if they show a flash of defiance, they are the biggest and meanest bully in the yard. It is like beating a child to show them violence is bad. America will start WW 111 in the name of peace and I think it is only Americans who are stupid enough to not see it coming. America needs to be held accountable for it war crimes. STOP THE USA WAR MACHINE.

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