Accelerated technological development confronts arrested intellectual development

Sometimes we have to wonder just what it will take for people to grasp the presence of the behemoth in the room.

As is the case all too often, numerous specific, long foretold events from the various prophecies and predictions published by Billy Meier occur and unfold smack dab in front of us. And equally predictably, one usually has to wait nary a moment before the logically challenged hurl their familiar, “How do we know he really said that then and didn’t backdate it?”

But do these same people notice, let alone question glaringly obvious things like how the Pokemon “experiment” show how easy it is to manipulate people in their techno-trances? It certainly should have removed any lingering doubts about the actual retrogression in human behavior, actual intelligence, etc., and the diminishing ability to perceive reality and recognize real dangers (including the game-obsession related ones). Even sheep would be more cautious than the behaviors displayed by many people.

Act Locally

But I digress.

With the recent announcement of an accelerated technological development in Japan pertaining to mirrorless cars, it isn’t Meier’s own documents that foretell and bear an advanced warning that is unfolding now, right before our eyes. As previously reported, it was Wendelle Stevens’ description of what they observed in the 11 photographs of the coming San Francisco earthquake which was verifiably published long, long ago.

In terms of avoiding these disasters, people need to start viewing the global situation as something that indeed pertains to them and isn’t just another advancement in computer games, virtual reality, etc.

In time (if we have it) we may have to redefine AI (artificial intelligence) and ascribe it to human beings, who have voluntarily put their intelligence under house arrest and transferred it to various machines which, if someone doesn’t take all those techno-toys and trash them, may bring us (the “civilian population”) this:

205. If the Third World War will actually happen—as calculations and observations appear to indicate to be probable now and also during the approaching few decades—then, as now, the civilian population will above all have to bear the brunt of the enormous suffering in tremendous numbers in this entire catastrophe and, last but not least, the fault of the irresponsible scientists who by cloning will create human machines for military purposes, devoid of conscience and feelings, and will create immensely deadly and all-annihilating computer-like weapons.

206. At the same time, the danger could become reality that the human combat machines, the military clones, will gain their independence and under their own management will bring death, devastation, destruction and annihilation to the human beings of Earth and to the planet.


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Thanks to Thomas Ebner for the info on the mirrorless cars.

73 comments on “San Francisco Earthquake a Step Closer?

  • Did the Plejaren once say that some of the more socially bound prophecies become self-fulfilling, while the natural disasters are more predictable. I wonder sometimes whether by simply naming the prophecy it builds in propensity and momentum to then later transpire even if out of curiosity that someone then comes along and sees if it could happen makes it happen. Is this why they have stopped giving us prophetic information. They have already laid out the next thousand years, I really like hearing Michaels sense and how he discerns the information and then presents it, I would very much like it if you would look through the Petale prophecies and unravel some of that, the cone mountains for example, those other more cryptic prophecies rarely feature in your presentations, and I like to listen to as many of them as I can. Thank you Michael for all the information you have unwoven so we understand better.

    • Hi Sastron,

      I don’t recall reading anything expressed that way.

      I don’t think naming it makes it more likely. It’s kind of like a traffic warning sign doesn’t necessarily make a collision more likely…if people are paying attention anyway. If anything it’s probably the indifference to the warnings in the case of the prophecies, which indeed are intended to alert us so that we can choose to change directions.

      I think that regarding the Petale prophecies, some may be more easily deciphered but overall I think they may require some feedback and clarification from FIGU, in order to be deciphered accurately.

      • Also Prophecies are, most of the times, kind of negative in its construction/presentation so that we do something about it, try and change the course of our actions to avoid it to happen in the future. I always see it like a ball moving fast through air, if air is thin it will hit where it is suppose to but if air is thick and moving then ball will swing, change the course, change the direction and will not hit where it is suppose to hit, a target, a human induced calamity etc. . Here air represents human being’s collective consciousness which has a full potential of changing a course of happening future events if worked on them in time.

    • I think you might be confusing prophecies with predictions. Prophecies can be altered, modified, and even deleted by the thoughts, words and actions of outside agents. Predictions cannot be altered, or deleted in any way whatsoever. They will happen for certain. If you were referring to the SF quake prediction by saying,”I wonder sometimes whether by simply naming the prophecy it builds in propensity and momentum to then later transpire…”, that can’t apply to that prediction. That quake has already happened in the future, it was photographed as a real time event. Correct me if I’m misunderstanding you.

      • Hi John
        i think when one jumps to the future it shows the state which is there according to the current situation in “present time”. so it is correct the predictions cannot be changed and prophecies can be but what Billy saw is still under the possibility of change. the change here can be seen as people moving out of SF, obviously the buildings and the earthquake which is superdue is bound to happen.

        • Of course, there is always free will, but since hardly anyone is being warned, people will not move out. The P probably of a DEATH count today that will manifest.

  • Michael, I wonder if the Plejaren or Edward would at least give the year of the great earthquake, I would spread it all over FB, YouTube, etc. It could lead some of the sleeping masses to the information then on to the spiritual teaching. We have to try something, America is sinking fast.

    • There’s no way Meier would ever commit to a date for that quake. Saying there’s going to be a SF quake is easy-stating a correct date requires either a lot of luck or actual prophetic ability.

      • Billy Meier has prophetic ability. Check out all his prophesies and predictions because you will NOT find another person alive today with his accuracy.

      • Perry, this has nothing to do with prophetic ability. This is the result of Plejaren/ET time travel capabilities and actual photographs of a real event in the future.

  • I hope people understand what we are talking about here. That SF quake will be the largest catastrophe in the history of the modern world. Looking at those photos, the entire city will be destroyed. That’s an area of 47 square miles, and a population of 1 million. It will happen so quickly and so powerfully that very few people will survive the falling skyscrapers and buildings, the huge explosions, the huge fires, and the falling freeways and bridges. Every building will either fall down completely, crushing people, or it will be a death trap where people will die sooner than later. Go to this link for a good illustration of the Meier photo of the quake.

    • I’m glad I got to see San Francisco before this happens. It’s a beautiful city. People on the coast do realize the “big one” is coming but seem to think it’s not going to happen in their lifetime. How do propose we should try and change that attitude?

      • Shelia, That is a good question because I a few months ago I heard that the people of San Francisco don`t want to move,so how are we going to convince them that the quake will happen,problem is when will it happen?

  • We are already in the realm of this happening instead of cars not having side mirrors they are remote controlled to retract. This is done in the mindset of tight parking and cities around the globe that do not have the room and also cameras are taking over as well. The next comment is about the Cascadia zone , the next release is the one. Its just a blip away and when it does its described as the worst destructive narrative in our time. Aside from this the incoming planetary system that is skewing all the planetary bodies as well as our sun is the main reason it is an any day situation. If you do not live above two thousand feet of elevation you are suceptable to massive flooding with the planetary tilt and ultimate polar swap . Look at the jet stream or the existing gulf stream flow. You will see the equatorial jet stream is now infringing upon each other and the gulf stops at New Jersey. We are in uncharted territories now and that’s not to mention the volcanic activity. We live in an electrical universe , converse to teachings . If I may everything is upside down. We have all the technology to elevate our species to an unbelievable state , however its cloaked in the hands of evil. You live in the ant farm and are given nothing. Those running the ant farm have everything you ever dreamed of.

  • Imagine the weight of knowing this is coming and most of humanity is asleep at the wheel. Edward has lived with this for a long time. Us hearing about it is one thing but, going thete and taking pictures , what a heavy burden to carry . Im not suggesting an exact date , just a year .

    • Hi Barry,

      Well I’m sure we’d all like to know or think we would. BTW, the spelling is actually Eduard.

      So if you knew, if we knew, the year, what difference would it make in your life?

    • I think you are right Barry, though I’m suggesting the exact date. Quetzal and Billy thought it was a good idea to release the exact date when the photos were taken as is indicated below. An order must have come from the High Council to confiscate the photos and not release the date. There must have been a very good reason for that, maybe the non-interference law. Maybe many people are supposed to die in that quake. An explanation would be in order, but I doubt we will ever receive one.

      From Contact Report 104

      89. Surely there would be nothing to object against this, for thereby very many people would then leave San Francisco and settle elsewhere before the catastrophe arises.

      90. This would save very many human lives.

      91. Certainly, I do agree with this…

      • To expand on this a little, I’m sure the P and Billy know the exact dates of many catastrophes that will hit the Earth soon and kill millions of people, including the exact date the US East Coast La Palma Tsunami will hit, when the US NW quake and tsunami will hit, and when WW3 will start. They probably will not release any of those dates, right Michael? What’s your explanation for that?

        • John,

          That’s correct. As to the answer, you have to do a little digging in the CR because you’ll find the answers there.

    • Barry, even if Billy gives the exact date of the event, people are not going to believe it, because they don’t believe in Billy. This is one of the reasons why the P’s decided not to give out predictions anymore, because unfortunately, our masses learn the hard way!

      • Plus I don’t think many people even know of Billy Meier and his contact case. In my extremely small sampling of people I know, not one person ever heard of this. They know of gray aliens, Roswell, etc but that’s about it. It’s not like Billy Meier is common knowledge and people choose to not accept the case as truth. And then to blast everyone a specific date of when tragedy will hit from Billy Meier, I doubt anyone would run for the hills. Maybe afterwards they will take what he’s saying a bit more serious.

        For me, an extremely hard part of this case is letting people discover the case when they’re ready. And honestly, how many people are really ready for this? I mean people in your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances?

  • One thing for certain is to use logic and reason . Japan has ‘prototypes’ of mirror-less cars ,It would take another 5 years for these cars to be ” a ” normal” everyday driver in every day life , if not longer .
    The City doesn’t really look futuristically Advanced , same buildings, power lines, Trees etc etc
    And …. still same cars as well .(i think i even saw a Vdub beetle) So The time frame is approximated to be 2020 to 2025? This is just “My” opinion and observation. Also considering the “retractable ” mirrors as well also taken into consideration . My Wife and I will be there “AGAIN” in October
    as we just LoVe SF. Driving from there up the Oregon coast .cross to Canada . New York …… Memphis …………. New Orleans …….. Cali again then back to Oz .
    If anyone wants to get together for a chat and a drink . Drop us a line /email / message and We can tell you the dates and times where and when of our vacation !
    P;S i still have 5 Original photo’s that Billy took back in the 70s (beamships / Light energy ) Salome Wayno and Chrissy

  • We don’t need to know the date of the SF quake, only that it will come soon; and this we already know. Knowing this is enough to move for anyone who takes the warning seriously, or prepare if they think moving is impossible for them. Knowing a date, would result in many just thinking, “Oh, so I can wait a bit.” They would then probably never move in time.
    If people have not moved, or do not prepare to move now, then that is most telling of the attitude of people there. This event has been known for 30 odd years, yet the minions there pay no heed. As Quetzal says, people of earth just pay no heed to the prophecies and predictions. Dates are actually a minor detail. What counts is whether people accept the warnings, and they do not. Certainly, people in SF do not take the SF quake warning seriously. So it’s all on them. (Those that haven’t yet heard would also not have heard if a date had been given.)

    • Devil’s advocate of me is arguing…
      SF is going through an economic boom for the past 5 years thanks to Google and Apple in Silicon Valley and twitter itself in SF. Housing pricing is leveling out at a median of $1.5M for a luxury home (Bloomberg 2016). Added to that the high speed rail station (SF to LA) is well on its way to being built. A lot of up-incomers from the millennials desire and live in the city. Not sure shouting earthquake will get the populaces’ attention when everyone’should attention is focused on escapism and the city planners believes their retrofitting work on buildings that survived the ’89 earthquake looks sound and the technology they learned from Japanese civil engineers (sorry no source and unsure) are implemented in their building .

      Tech boom in SF:
      Highrise buildings going up ~ 1 per year:

      Thinking logically, I think the corporations see how SF can become a city comparable to New York and London so a lot of high rises are proping up where a few years after the ’89 quake, buildings can’t go higher than 10 stories. So the last thing the money makers want is having the housing bubble burst in the city. I suspect the city will buckle down (with their retrofits and earthquake proof high rise) like France is doing with the flooding that happen a few weeks ago (by building a wall, I think I heard).

      • Speaking of quakes and since fracking isn’t going to stop anytime soon (implying that if there is fracking in or around your place of establishment), here’s some good old advice from our friendly neighborhood gov’ment:

        One important thing to note is that disasters can strike anywhere, just saw a news feed about raging fires close to LA the other day, plus there are floods and super hurricanes coming our way due to the law of cause and effect BUT people will still go and live on on those places that are dangerous because of overpopulation and it’s basic human endurance/resilience to master the environment through trial and error.

    • I disagree. The exact date would be very valuable in many ways. Here’s two, not only could many lives be saved, but those that would like to visit SF would know when to not go. Knowledge is always a good thing. People that don’t like exact dates have their heads buried in the sand.

  • This always makes me wonder also about the super volcano at Yellowstone? Thought I read someone say that this volcano could also explode very soon, and if heard correctly could happen while Billy is still alive? You have any insight on this event MH?
    As seems would be a bigger event than the San Fran quake…? Getting to much information jumbled together also maybe:)
    Is hard sometimes to see past so many very bad things, that will potential be coming to us as a humanity, as well as through our actions with nature.
    Makes me think of a brother who ‘bugged out’ to northern MN to get away from city life, other people and start up a little farm. He thinks his chances to get through civil unrest will be higher where he has moved, and he might be right….. only problem is that there is a replica of the nuclear plant in Fukushima(some 30-40 years old) less than 30 miles down wind from his property. Will be no escape from these events and always interesting how people find a threat in one thing, while another waits lurking just around the corner…..

  • When the destruction of SF occurs, photographs and video will be captured from various aircraft (mainly media) at similar locations to where Billy took his photographs. When it is discovered that these future images bear an almost impossible resemblance to illustrations produced in the late 1970’s, it will result in quite a controvecy. No doubt countless idiots will say it is a ‘lucky guess’ that anyone could have done, but the truthful explaination will hold far more weight.

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