Politics and religion have trained people to give up their own real personal power

How telling that the outrage on that part of the Democrats, and Hillary Clinton, is at the…Russians, who they tried to blame for the leak of the emails revealing the subterfuge on the part of the DNC to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign. No mention of course is made of the incriminating content of the emails that show, in the simplest terms, that the morality of these pathetic people is less than that of pigs.


As the title of this article states, I do owe an apology to pigs, who behave only according to their instinctive nature, without access to a consciousness that weighs, evaluates and decides about the ethics and morality, the rightness and wrongness of things, etc. Perhaps there’s another word that better encapsulates the corrupt, ruthless, immoral, unethical, pathological, psychopathic behavior of such people. Obviously, all this didn’t go on without Clinton’s knowledge and approval. So maybe that new word should be Clintoning, to encompass such psychopathy. If she’s breathing…she’s lying.

After Debbie Wasserman Shcultz’s outed for trying to subvert the process, foment anti-Semitism, contemptuously and tacitly accusing her own party base of bigotry, Clinton then publicly assures her that she’s got job security with her! It reminds one of an even more blatant version of what the pedophile-infested Catholic church does in moving degenerate, criminal priests around to different parishes so they can continue to abuse children and not face the legal consequences. The shamelessness of all these shameful creatures.

Bend Over

Then Sanders gets up and sells himself out by endorsing Clinton. Of course, that’s because he’s a…politician, and as such another essentially compromised person who doesn’t have the guts to stand up to this behavior and for some real values. Instead, he bends over and takes it, giving another “impassioned” performance this time to demonstrate that, after all, he’s one of them and a “team player”. No, I don’t care what he was threatened with. At his age he should have stood up at that moment in the convention and let them all have it. Oh wait, does he have a family that they could have threatened?

The Price Is Right

This is America, the land of everybody’s-got-their-price…and few have values. No, having lots of guns and praying to imaginary saviors who can’t answer prayers doesn’t equal having values either.

As for Trump, if he becomes president, he offers a refreshing, more glamorous, narcissistic, authoritarian way to usher in the next phase of the country’s complete deterioration and demise. What a way to go, the human embodiment of all that is ruthless and materialistic, another too-much-is-never-enough, all-American archetype on steroids.

While Clinton is as entirely unfit to be president as Trump, he may end up being more shocked than she would be when, after thinking he’s going to make the deal – his deal – with Putin, he learns otherwise. Should Trump really be foolish enough to try to push Putin around, he may have his first taste of being on the receiving end of “You’re fired!”, an unfortunate metaphor for what he could bring down on all of us if we continue to provoke Putin.

Not only is this mandatory reading for people who want to know how an actual, rather tough, leader thinks and leads, it should be required reading for Clinton, as well as Trump and his Trumpets and Trumpettes. Then he may see that there’s a huge difference between being a bullying businessman, reneging on commitments, flimflamming on taxes, etc., and someone who also was the head of the KGB. Putin’s made it clear that he’s not looking for a fight with our relentlessly aggressive, conniving government. But as the ever-unfolding Henoch Prophecies warn, such an unnecessary fight, such a war with Russia (which will also be with its ally China and a number of other nations) could certainly interfere with playing Pokemon.

What Goes Up…

As a country, our problem is that we believed all of the marketing, branding, advertising, jingoistic bravado, etc., that is more fitting for football games. Now we have to sober up and face having the country ripped apart internally and externally because of the delusional political/religious narcotics that we’ve shot up, sniffed and smoked for far too long.

As Billy Meier recently said when I asked him about these two candidates. “With Clinton you get another George Bush and with Trump it’s just as dumb.” I then asked if the two foretold civil wars are coming to America. Meier’s simple, clear answer was, “Indeed, America will be wrecked.”

Throw a ball high into the air, then watch for that split second as it hangs there, motionless…before plummeting downward. It happens to all these empires throughout history and, sports fanatics that we are, we’re just lucky enough to have bought tickets to this game.

Politics and religion have trained people to give up their own real personal power, to turn it over to imaginary and false leaders outside of themselves, so it looks like we get the worst possible caricatures with even worse character to propel our irreversible descent. Watch the trained canines and parrots in their nice, colorful little outfits who pack these political circuses, reminiscent of Animal Farm, salivating at the sound of the bell, waving their flags and repeating the catch phrases on demand, a few dissenting voices overridden, urged to go along to get along…down the drain together.

NOTE: The people were warned in the Henoch Prophecies and yet we also see this today.

185. Many Catholic clerics, priests, bishops, cardinals and many others will be killed and their blood will flow in streams.

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Thanks to Bruce Lulla,  Dubhaltagh O Hearcain and Sven Rosen .

123 comments on “An Apology to Pigs

  • All these attacks happening in Europe, etc now. Slowly its getting worse, even more chaotic, if at all possible. As the isil starts to bring religion to its epiphany, to directly attack Europe’s, others, to really start the new ‘crusades’ at home.
    What did one of the biggest swines of them all have to say about these recent attacks on his flock,
    “Pope Francis, visiting Krakow, Poland, for World Youth Day celebrations, said of the slaying of the priest, “It’s war, we don’t have to be afraid to say this.”
    Followed by a rebuttal to his own statement,
    “I am not speaking of a war of religions. Religions don’t want war. The others want war.”
    I wonder whom those others are? God? Muslims? A group? When has it ever not come down to war, chaos, and division within religion, fanatical, down to your Sunday ‘quarter back’…. or even less within individual creation….
    They want war… as we helped create them, support them, let them walk into the back door. War, fear of others, destruction are mainly what people have made of ‘religion’ even if it isnt visible from ones mansion, pool, big yard, convertible, etc, etc….
    Is hard to watch supposed ‘humans’ fight over such stupid things as power, money, religion, control, etc……

  • The DNC and Hellery Klingon’s response to “the Donald’s” statement for his hope that IF the Russians were responsible for the release of information regarding their efforts to block Bernie Sanders from the nomination, if they could find the deleted emails from Hellery’s private server, that they might receive a handsome reward from the press, was very interesting. If there were nothing but personal emails deleted, how could “the Donald” be guilty of treason?

    I think that if “the Donald” truly did say this to trap the DNC and Hellery, I hope that this is a large topic for their first debate, as the hopes that some branch or group of investigators like the FBI, NSA, or such, will likely ignore it seems most probable.

  • It is will known that we vacuum up data on the public officials in all parts of the world including those countries believe they are our allies today.This is done trough the shadow government agency that was Hillary the chief operations officer for. Now since she could not do likewise within the USA they use Great Britain or Isreal to do that deed. Now the magic of the pen, in the NATO charter these countries are required to share the intelligence with each other. Now if someone’s email were required they could be produced from several sources. All that this is doing is giving the public something to focus on so more will not be forced into the media. It is a classic Public Relations cover story they really do not want people from around the country all trying to follow the money and the people around the globe that Hillary has been on the tarmac with. We will be hearing about a bank very soon that is not to be big to fell but too big to prosecute. The AG may have been a lawyer at this bank for a time.

    • I just want to add that I don’t think Bernie was in on the fix, only to set himself up for such obvious humiliation, etc.

      One more thing, to look at the faces of all the (mainly) women disappointed and crying their eyes out, and to look at the faces of the (mainly) women who are moved to tears and beyond by Hillary, only tells me that these people really have no center of their own, they transfer their hopes and fears to other human beings outside themselves. It’s living evidence of the huge damage done politics and religion and it doesn’t bode well for real self-responsible, clear-headed thinking and behaving.

      • That’s way too emotional to cry when in Hillary’s presence unless they are actually looking into the future and are pre-crying about their own destruction?
        It could also be looked as people who are living a parasitic lifestyle and there’s no good end to that type of thinking.

        • Gee Sheila for a brief moment it looked like pre-crime where these women were actually crying for joy that this psychopathic bi*** on stage was actually going to lose the election to Trump and end up being indicted for fraud.
          But then again maybe they were crying because they’d realised that they had to sit through 2 more bloody hours of Hillary’s nonsense but were reminded that they were only getting paid $50 lousy bucks for the 7 hrs.

      • John can you please not add further to the confusion and disinformation.
        As Billy said about the illuminati they are just a small group.
        And just in case you bring up the Freemason conspiracy Billy said they are harmless.
        Now I’ll repeat once again that either you read the CR and do your due diligence and then at least word your words to reflect as closely as possible what the facts given by Billy are or write something else which does.
        Yes you are right I make mistakes in this regard and make innocent mistakes like other people due to the limitation of my memory but you were already given the facts about the illuminati by Michael or other members here.
        Further to add is that often the newcomers to Billy’s info are very enthusiastic and want to know more which I understand as we have all gone through the various phases in our own journies in grappling with the harsh language of truth and may I say that you too must hear and bear it so do your research man and put in the extra mile by reading the plethora of articles and contact notes not to mention the spiritual teachings freely available on this site, FIGU, FOMK and others on the links provided on these sites.
        Happy hunting and ‘may the spirit be with your consciousness’

        Houston we have a bogey

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