Bill and Hillary Klingon’s Happy Homespun Homilies

Take a warped drive to what really may be the final frontier

To be fair, I only heard about five minutes of Bill’s Ode to Hillary on the radio last night, and then Hillary’s gushing closing remarks, while she was apparently surrounded and embraced by adoring children. It struck me as a very masterful exercise in emotional button pushing, a classic bit of hypnosis and hype by a master storyteller and serial adulterer; a proven winning combination.

While Bill’s certainly skillful enough to weave tall tales, I would imagine they spared no expense in acquiring the talents of expert consultants* to make sure that every possible note on the piper’s pipes would be played, well calculated to ensnare the females in the audience with appeals designed to bypass critical thinking and manipulate their familial, maternal, and/or other sentiments.

Strangely, the homespun homilies and touching tales were devoid of details about, let alone mention of, anything concerning the Clinton Foundation’s involvement in what some consider highly questionable financial transactions with human rights suppressing regimes. Nor did I, in those few minutes, hear a word about disappeared emails, or their multitude of other various scandals.

Now I just took a break from writing this and saw that there were a number of commentaries online from people who’d seen the entire…performance, so I’ll only add this.

Playing to the American fascination with the cult of personality, the Klingons cloak themselves in the preposterous political polyester of being people-of-the-people. Borrowing from the magician’s (or is it pickpocket’s?) handbook, they want us to “look at this hand” while ignoring the one over there, picking everyone’s pockets…while categorically denying it.

Bill bathes the audience in emotional balm – your eyelids are getting heavy, heavier – and subtlety but implicitly plays the…entitlement card; Hillary deserves to be president, all reasoning aside.

We’re offered the choice between a candidate who wants us to put ethics, morality and reasoning aside and transfer the pull on our heartstrings to pulling the lever for more war, or the hot-shot, reality show businessman who views the whole thing as another negotiation, a deal to close and more bounty to be won. If that doesn’t work out too well for the country, if people get Trumped, Trumpled and trampled in the process, I guess we can talk to his lawyers.

To bastardize yet more from Gene Rodenberry, as we take this warped drive to what really may be the final frontier, to the candidates I say, “May the Farce be with you”, and to all the rest of us, “Live long and…perspire”.

*UPDATE…maybe I was on to something.

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84 Replies to “Bill and Hillary Klingon’s Happy Homespun Homilies”

    1. Good find Bill
      How come my invitation to POTUS for a weekend BBQ doesn’t even get through his handlers let alone to the president whilst Soros has the luxury of Obama visiting his own house like a lapdog.
      Something is not quite right about this.

    1. Thanks for that link Billy. I can only imagine the real reason was his narrative was the real deal and the pentagon doesn’t like to share the truth of their operations. That link lead me to another article:
      The horror and death experienced by civilians in other countries by these mercenaries is the reason the world is turning against the USA. Too much of this is happening with NO oversight or accountability. Knowing full well this was a watered down version of what really happens and goes a long ways in explaining how and why Bengazi happened, although it doesn’t mention that specific event. Notice that most “bad” mercenaries never get fired and are shuffled into other mercenary positions or sent home to wreak havoc in the USA, aka being employed as “security”. For example the swat team killings of civilians at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in which it appears that Omar Mateen was groomed for the event.

      1. Shelia Clark, That military damages the human as in your link and the damage done is a complete circle that never gets repaired.

  1. I may be speaking a bit pre-maturedly or without reading all the relevant topics. However, it appears that Billy may not be calling Russia out on their atrocities. Their civil rights suppressions. He seems to be bending the EU, Merkel, and the US over his knees and spanking them all the time for most of the evils in this world.
    Yet in the same token, suggesting friendship. He’s forgetting how hard it was for him to keep his “house” the Spiritual center in order because there were too many people with different egos and opinions. He himself had to seek advise and help from Quetzal, Ptah and the rest of the Plejarens. It’s not as easy as shaking hands, hug, kiss and make up with these world leaders who have so many players behind the scene.
    If I may comment on the article posted by Sheila here:
    Of course there will always collateral damage. These seals are humans fighting in very tricky and dangerous warfare. Just like fighting terrorists who hide amongst civilians or wear civilian clothings. How could anyone not make at least a few mistakes in identifying them? Yet, someone has to do the job. Bad guys don’t just take a vacation. Wars are bad period and full of casualties on both sides.
    Just like the swat team at the Orlando night club. Mistakes were made. And lives were also saved. Did they shoot the civilians deliberately? I don’t believe so.
    So please let’s give credit to whom credit is due. And call out those who deserve to be called out. Sanctions against Russia and the likes are not ideal. But Russia is not your average toddler. Someone has to stop them as well. Sometimes a lot of dirty tricks are employed unfortunately. But left unchecked, and they could be colonizing the entire world with freedom suppression. Let Billy call that out too and some African leaders too.
    In my opinion, if the Plejarens can transmit data to Billy in German, then they should be able to transmit in English, French and Spanish. After all, they have mastered our languages. Besides, that will ensure that nothing is lost in translation as was lost during the biblical times by the Catholics manipulations of the early writers. Semjase and the rest should know better by now.

    1. Please read the various explanations as to why the other languages you mentioned don’t, and can’t, convey the meaning that German is able to.

    2. Hi Chika, currently Russia is not trying to be the world’s police, currently Russia is not trying to start WW4 and yes Billy has also spanked Russia too. I agree there are horrible African dictators, just ask the coward Romeo Dallaire about that, as he allowed genocide to happen in front of his eyes. In this article you reposted, hired mercenaries appear to have rescued a total of 4 people in the last 15 years, but have killed thousands. Do you see anything wrong with that picture? Killing in self defence is the only logical answer and should be used as a last resort. Only as a first resort to limit loss of life. Sorry but seal team 6 is not working, neither is the NSA, CIA and FBI and they are all part and parcel of why the world is turning against the U.S.
      What is needed now is a multinational peacekeeping troop, equipped with the latest weaponry, whose mandate is to stop war, murder, rape and torture. Their first goal should be to surround IS and arrest them and intern them.
      Russia is trying to make this happen, but according to the west we are still in the middle of a Cold War because everyone is afraid of freedom suppression? Give me a break. The west has been trying to spread democracy around the world, but it has resulted in theft of natural resources of those countries. Is that the type of freedom you want to continue to spread?
      Currently WE are funding Saudi Arabia and Qatar who is arming the Islamist State. WE are guilty by allowing our stupid politicians to do so and by allowing the military industrial complex to run amuck, with no oversight.
      Don’t worry, the Plejaren and Billy DO know better than us. Plus they are trying to help us with this information and if heeded, will ensure our future survival. Are you for or against this multinational peacekeeping troop?

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