Apollo 11 Moon-Landing: HOW It Was Hoaxed

Ex-Nazis, drugs, murder and Mickey Mouse – were we lied to again?

There is often, but not always, a difference between the secret machinations of governments and the will and knowledge of the people. Positions of power in politics, the military, finance, etc., attract psychopaths – who are not always only men, as we can see in Germany and America.

As we approach the 47th anniversary of the alleged Apollo 11 Moon-landing, an event that instilled great patriotic pride in many people, lingering doubts and conspiratorial theories still abound.

The very idea though, that the US would actually swindle and deceive the entire world in order to gain a military-political advantage over the Russians may seem both preposterous and…impossible.

The Moon-Landing that Never Happened

It may seem equally impossible to many that in July of 1958,  a 21-year-old Swiss man, would specifically foretell nine future space launches, including the alleged Moon-landing of the Apollo 11, fully 11 years before it supposedly occurred:

14.) Even next year on September 13th, 1959, using rocket propulsion, the Earth human, respectively the Soviet Union, will make a hard landing of an unmanned object on the Moon; and on April 12th, 1961 an Earth human will climb high in the sky with a rocket to orbit around in the Earth’s outer space, then on February 3rd, 1966 an aerospace object will make a soft landing on the Moon, then in 1968, the outer fringes of Earth’s space will be left, and later the first trip to the moon will be undertaken, whereby up until the year 1972, five (5) manned Moon-landings will take place through the U.S.A., while a sixth Moon-landing – supposedly the first – on July 20th, 1969 will rest only on a world-wide staged deceit as a result of the political armament race with the Soviet Union.

Billy Meier would go on to have subsequent conversations with leaders of the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race, further explaining how the worldwide fraud was accomplished, by whom and at what cost in human lives.

203rd Contact, Tuesday, September 10th, 1985, 7:28PM

Billy We have indeed already spoken at various times about the American Moon-landing swindle.

In this regard, I have now also spoken with an American who was visiting here.

He was not in agreement with that which I told him regarding your explanation concerning this matter.

It was his opinion that a swindle is completely impossible, because the aforementioned Moon-landing project had employed at least 100,000 humans, who most certainly had not kept silent, even if it were their duty to do so.

At least a whole number of them would have talked or not held their tongues due to certain grounds.

What is your opinion on that?


1.  As we have already explained several times, the Americans’ Apollo-11 Moon-landing on July 20th, 1969 did not take place, because everything was a great designed swindle, through which the entire world was fooled.

2. Also it was not so that 100,000 or more people were involved in the fraud or simply informed about it, rather a total of precisely 37 persons who were involved in that.

3. This small number was responsible for nothing trickling through, and the criminal-fraud enterprise actually could be kept secret up until the present day and this would also be the case in the future, in spite of the fact that very many anomalies in regard to the photographs and videos will be discovered by critical people and will continue to be discovered.

4. The lie will therefore continue to be sustained, and indeed in spite of the provable and clear evidence of the anomalies, which prove the falsification of the Moon-landing.

5. Further to say is, that the Moon-landing swindle is also connected to murder, and indeed in the respect that in spite of the duty of silence of those involved, a great number cannot be silent, respectively, could not be silent, which led, and will further lead, to arranged “accidents” and “illnesses” with fatal consequences, until the last involved person is no longer alive whose silence is not securely established.

6. Remaining alive are only those who are hypnotically bound with their Moon-landing lies, so they themselves believe that the Moon-landing actually was realized, or at least that they have thereby cooperated.

Billy But then how is it with the Moon-rover and the landing devices and so forth, which were supposed to have been left behind on the Moon?


7. These are actually to be found on the Moon, whereby however these were left behind from a later Moon-landing on the Earth’s satellite.

Billy Therefore the Yanks were indeed on the Moon.


8. Naturally, however not on the claimed point in time of July 20th, 1969.

9. In that time the mendaciously propagated and nonexistent Moon-landing was a pure political manoeuvre of the Americans, ostensibly to trump the Soviet Union in the so-called space race, to practically anticipate this and thereby to be the winner and more powerful, which was supposed to serve as a deterrent military action in regard to the Soviet Union supposedly fearing the Americans.

Billy Hence the gigantic fraud of the alleged Moon-landing.


10. That is correct.

Billy And, will the truth ever come to light?


11. That would hardly be the case because the entire fraud is played in such a way that the discovery of the truth has practically as good as no chance.

12. Also the provable contradictions of all kinds which can be allocated by the photographs and videos would bear no fruit for the acknowledgement of the truth.

Billy In the same way as with Roswell, where the spaceship crashed.


13. That is also true, because in this case hardly a possibility exists that the secret activities will one day come to the light of truth and the humans will be enlightened about the actual truth.

14. Quite the opposite – the future will prove that the responsible ones in America will always invent new lies in order to shroud and deny the truth about the Roswell case.

Billy As that also otherwise occurred with many other things, however not only in America, rather also in Israel, England and the Soviet Union, as well as in other countries, where, for example, their own people are rubbed out, in order to falsely implicate other powers and people in these assassinations, so that homicidal action can be undertaken “on good grounds” and it can be justified before the eyes of the world.

But that, I find, is just as much an act of terror as is also murder and the overthrowing of a country, and so forth, which is carried out all over the world through secret services and pertaining to military and government special units and death-commandos, and so forth, from various countries.

Belonging to that, for example, are the murderous and crimes-against-humanity machinations in any country which has infected, or will infect, thousands upon thousands of humans with radioactive substances as well as with atom bomb tests and biological weapons, and deliver them to a miserable death.

And certainly that would not so quickly come to an end.


15. That is correct, because chemical and technical development will accelerate everything further and evilly degenerate, whereby quite especially the realm of terrorism will spread out in that way, so that a safe defence is practically impossible. 

Billy Then we can await all kind of things in this regard.


16. That will be so, however I am not supposed to speak about that, because no further predictions are supposed to be made, at least not officially.

17. However I can still be useful to you in this regard on a private basis.

Billy I actually have no requirement in that respect at the moment – perhaps it would be good, in spite of that, if I had knowledge of certain things, at least of such which concern me and my family as well as the group members and the mission.


18. I am allowed to speak openly with you in this regard, and to create clarity if you actually want me to.

Billy In this respect, yes.

Perhaps also important things in the form of world events, if you think that the awareness thereof is important for me.


19. It should be thus.

20. Then listen to what I have to say…

Contact 230, October 11th, 1989, 4:01AM 

Billy: Then once again something concerning the Earth’s Moon, respectively in regard to the first alleged Moon landing of the Americans, which is supposed to have happened on July 20th, 1969.

This theatre spectacle was indeed only staged for political reasons and allegedly in order to have obtained a giant success before the Soviet Union because, at that time, the Russians already stood shortly ahead of the Yankees, coming before them with a manned Moon-landing.

But after the gigantic American swindle with the so-called Moon-landing, which was cinematically faked in a suitable place in America, up to 1972, five Moon-landings actually subsequently came about.

However, to be able to prepare and accomplish these landings, the Yankees required more time than they had at their disposal before 1969.

For this reason, and also even because of politics, this gigantic swindle was staged and all of humanity shamefully deceived.

Will this swindle actually never be uncovered?

Also it makes me wonder why the Yankees actually never allow anything to be heard regarding that on the South Pole and North Pole of the Moon there are big areas where daytime permanently rules**, as I had seen, as in my earlier youth in the year 1946 from Sfath, and then in 1975 also from Semjase who provided the possibility to behold the Moon from up close and to see the aerospace-junk that the Earthlings had transported there.

Quetzal: 582. The story of lies, of the alleged first Moon-landing, is surely never more able to be worked out of the world.

357th Contact,  Monday, April 26th, 2004, 12:23AM

Billy Let us, from there, talk once again about the American Moon-landings, even if we have already often done that.

I have here a book with the title “Die dunkle Seite von Apollo” [The Dark Side of Apollo] by Gernot L. Geise, which was published by Michaels-Verlag in the year 2002.

It has the  ISB-Number 3-89539-607-9.

The research which the author undertook is astonishing and likewise expresses that the US Americans, respectively, NASA, undertook the greatest swindle of all time and have deceived the entire world in order to win the Cold War and the race to the Moon, and so forth, against the Soviet Union.

In addition to that, I am able to recall that earlier, once the talk was that NASA, subsequently, under certain circumstances, after the alleged first conjured up Moon race landing on July 20th, 1969, carried out manned or unmanned Moon-landings, whereby all objects and so forth were then set out on the Moon which were supposed to have been left behind by the alleged first landing on the Moon.

The reason for that was supposed to have been, as I remember it, that it could later be “proven” that the first Moon-landing, and also further ones, was actually supposed to have come about on July 20th, 1969.

You have further explained that the Moon-landing lie will also be vehemently contested in the new millennium and everything will be undertaken to create “proof” and indeed again in the form that new fraudulent pictures are to be manufactured, in which allegedly, the first Moon-landing’s “left-behind” objects and so forth, will be able to be “sighted” on the Moon through a new telescope and will be broadcast worldwide through television as a new fraud.

The whole thing can eventually actually come about through a new type of telescope, always with the prerequisite that real materials were set out on the Moon, yet it could also be that then everything is only a studio set-up, as with the alleged first Moon-landing.

For this, indeed in suitable areas, hundreds of craters were created by means of underground explosions of blasting agents, and, with construction equipment, heaved-up hills were created, which finally looked like a Moon landscape.

These areas, alongside special film studios, were then indeed also used for the lavish so-called training of astronauts.

The decisive machinations for the entire Moon-landing swindle lead back fundamentally to Werner Freiherr von Braun and Walt Disney, who, together as good friends, already established everything earlier.

Walt Disney, as movie special effects specialist, suited NASA perfectly.

But, unfortunately, he died two and a half years before the execution of the swindle, on December 12th, 1966, if I remember correctly.*

His ideas and those of Werner von Braun, who indeed died in 1977, I think that it was on June 16th, were then however still realized.

Besides, there was still Werner von Braun’s co-worker, with whom I was permitted to have a short conversation in Semjase’s beamship, as she flew with me to America and she beamed the man into her ship.

Naturally, he was completely perplexed and could initially not understand what had happened to him and he was suddenly in our ship.

His name was Ernst Stuhlinger , and he came from Germany like Werner von Braun. (Note from Billy of September 24th, 2005: E Stuhlinger was Werner von Braun’s right hand man and he said, among other things, “It was the lie of the millennium, a fraud of the millennium without equal, NASA’s and the USA’s best specialised deceit spectacle ever”)

First he wanted to dispute the Moon swindle, but Semjase’s irrefutable presence with her ship and her explanation led to him confessing to the incredible swindle.

But he then therefore begged that we should not publish his name and the conversation we had with him for the time being, rather first then when he is dead.

Today the man would have to be over 90 years old.

If he is dead, I do not know – if he still lives, then I want to openly speak of the short conversation I had with him, and his name.

Is it then possible that I can keep the notes that I have received from you?


64. Naturally.

65. And indeed no further word must be spoken about all that which you have explained.

527th Contact

Billy … Since last Thursday, it was the 8th of September, pictures which show a region of the Earth’s Moon are published in the papers, with titles like ‘In the footsteps of the US astronauts’. In addition, it was written that two weeks ago, pictures were made on the Moon by a NASA probe, with the name LRO, which would show the footprints of the astronauts and various tracks of the lunar vehicle as well as the landed lunar module Challenger etc., and namely from the Moon-landing of Apollo 17, on the 14th of December, 1972. Here, see these pictures in the ‘Daily Gazette’. Is it possible that these pictures and the story with the LRO-probe are real? Even if the alleged first Moon-landing of July 20, 1969 was faked, several moon flights, nevertheless, were still subsequently actually carried out by NASA, whereby Apollo 17, up until now, is said to have been the latest undertaking, as we are told.


64. Whether these pictures here with the additional description thereto corresponds to the reality, I cannot determine.

65. It can concern both a real picture as also a forgery, but about that I also do not want to ascertain, because it is not of interest to me and I no longer want to deal with these things.

Billy:   But the fact that after the deception of the alleged Moon-landing on the 20th of July, 1969 by NASA, nevertheless, another five flights to the Moon and also Moon-landings have taken place, this is true nevertheless, right?


66. Yes, and namely with the spacecraft 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17.

Billy:  Now, however, you name six, yet something cannot be right there.


67. you also notice everything, and so now I can no longer remain silent, and indeed also because a greater security is given for you today.

68. There were in fact six lunar flights and six Moon-landings, although one Moon-landing was unofficial and was concealed from the world public by a further deception.

69. The venture with the Apollo 13 spacecraft on April 11, 1970, was namely another deception, because the device was actually landed on the Moon, and namely in the ‘Sea of Tranquility’ region, where supposedly Apollo 11 should have landed in the mission on the 20th of July, 1969.

70. However, the stay after the landing on the lunar surface lasted only such a short time, so that that which was necessary for the first fraud could be done, hence also the duration from the beginning to the end of the entire Apollo 13 undertaking was ultimately limited to a few days.

71. Thereby the time of the return to Earth was also falsified, consequently the total time of the mission did not amount to 143 hours, i.e. a few minutes less than 6 full days, as was claimed, rather quite some time more.

72. In contrast to all other ventures, in which dozens of revolutions of the Moon were made, there was an extremely small number in this operation.

73. The time required was precisely calculated and was just enough so that the landing could be carried out, the foot- and landing-tracks placed and the necessary things left behind, after which the return journey was then made.

74. The whole thing was an extremely fast operation, in order to be able to claim that no Moon-landing had taken place.

75. And this fraudulent lie was then also spread worldwide, once the return to Earth had successfully taken place.

76. And this lie has survived to this day.

77. Thus the whole undertaking lasted only a very short time, which however was possible, because very much was omitted in this Apollo-operation, which had to be undertaken in other Apollo-missions.

78. The fraudulent Moon-flight and Moon-landing-operation from the 20th of July, 1969, took longer, and namely 195 hours and about 20 minutes, i.e. a little more than eight days.

79. This time was claimed, because on the one hand the alleged flight time to the Moon and return to Earth had to be incorporated, whilst at the same time the fraudulent filming, and on the other hand the simulated landing of the alleged Moon-returnees took up much more time and also unforeseen difficulties had to be overcome, which were not foreseeable.

80. So the open launch of a rocket, however, had to actually take place in front of the public in order to keep up appearances, and on the other hand, also a fake landing of the ‘Astronauts’ had to be simulated.

81. However, what now concerns the alleged failure of a lunar landing of Apollo 13, the whole of the fraud, therefore, was only arranged to leave behind at the landing-site on the Moon, i.e. in the ‘Sea of Tranquility’, the necessary foot- and landing-tracks and things of the alleged landing by Apollo 11, which are intended to be found someday in the new millennium, once new Moon-landings will be achieved by the USA, Russia or China, etc.

82. It can be said, that in foresight concerning this, this possibility had already been thought of and subsequently acted upon, and which the mother of hope was, that then as a result it could be clearly proven, that the alleged Moon-landing of Apollo 11, on the 20th of July, 1969, was no fraud, but had been fact.

83. With that it should then also be proven, that allegations would not correspond to the truth, that the USA had faked the simulated Apollo 11 Moon-landing only therefore, in order to gain a lead against the Soviet Union in the space program and in relation to military-technical capabilities.

Billy:  Sneaky. But the whole of the Apollo-13-action is so flagrant like the fraud of the alleged Moon-landing of the action from the 20th of July 1969, because even with the trickery, the fact that Apollo 13 could not have landed on the Moon due to serious damage, but landed nonetheless, the entire terrestrial humankind was and is to this day spoon-fed on the “fool’s rope”. However, it is not to be understand by me, why you had concealed this from me, because I certainly would have divulged nothing about it.


84. It was for your own safety, which was more important than any information.

Billy:   What shall I say to this? Although I do not know how any corresponding information would have stood in connection with my security, but all right, I accept what you say without further question.


85. It can be seen that you also are not interested in this, and it is good like that, because a corresponding explanation would have once again increased adversaries against you as the plan calls for.

86. This is probably already happening due to my explanation with regard to the second great fraud of NASA and the USA, which likewise came about in cooperation with certain US government officials, just as with regard to the alleged Moon-landing from the 20th of July 1969.

87. Also in the deception involving Apollo 13, as in Apollo 11, drugs and hypnotic machinations were involved, through which all those persons involved were influenced to forget as well as to accept false experiences.

88. So with the parties concerned, both false memories were created and important memories were erased from their memory.

89. Thus since the important persons live under these conditions and they also will until the end of their lives, insofar as they are currently still alive, consequently also in this regard, a life-time of silence is guaranteed by the fact that the important memories of the Moon-landing and their activities were hypnotically erased.

90. Now you know, that this also happened with the Apollo 13 crew, which consisted of the men Haise, Lovell and Swigert.

91. However, if the danger surfaces that in some circumstances, persons involved fall out of the post-hypnosis or that contrary to expectations, the influences of the drug are ineffective and those concerned would talk, then they will fall prey to arranged deadly diseases or accidents or to suicide.

Billy:  That you have already told me during the Apollo 11 fraud, and so it is clear to me that it is also the case with the fraud with regard to Apollo 13. But what about all the hundreds or perhaps even thousands of engineers and teams as well as observers, who followed everything in the control room on the radio and on the display screens, etc., which should have taken place?


92. That was really the easiest part of the swindles, because through fake radio messages and over-dubbed fraudulent images, all the participants, observers, technicians and other staff were fooled, consequently they were altogether of the false assumption, that everything was real and corresponded to the reality and truth.

93. Thus, only those directly related and a handful of radio-, electronics-, television- and film-technicians as well as the creator of the fraud were involved in everything.

94. Apart from the creator, the direct participants were all subjected to drug treatments as well as deep-reaching hypnosis, after which those four persons, who carried out the ‘treatments’, in a short time fell victim to fatal accidents.

95. Only the original creator arrived unscathed therefrom, and from those in the last 40 years a few also died, therefore only a few of them are alive today.

96. However, even they are like the already departed, keeping their secret, which is absolutely secure.

97.That is everything which for the last time I will say to these deceptions, because in the future I myself will utter nothing more thereto.

Billy:  It’s okay, dear friend, you’ve already told me much more than I had expected.

*Disney actually died on December 15, 1966.

**Scientists Corroborate Billy Meier’s 1946 Moon Information

Thanks to Bruce Lulla for the unofficial translation of Contact 527.

NOTE: I chose to capitalize the Earth and the Moon, though people also write them using small letters, and kobold certain words for emphasis.

See also:

The Disney-Von Braun Collaboration and Its Influence on Space Exploration

The mysterious syndrome impairing astronauts’ sight

Another Confirmation of Billy Meier’s Prophetic Scientific Accuracy

Confirming Meier’s Jupiter Information and Debunking the Incorrect Debunkers … Again

TWA 800: What Really Happened

Additional Notes from the Contact Reports:

Faked Apollo 11 Moon-landing on July 20, 1969 – Neil Armstrong and companions allegedly landed on the Moon, months before in a remote desert area a fictitious Moon-landing was prepared and video-taped, in July when the astronauts were circling space in their capsule, the video-taped fake Moon-landing was sent by satellite to Cape Kennedy where the employees there watched the faked footage and were swindled just like the rest of the country

Faked Apollo 11 Moon-landing on July 20, 1969 – Swiss physicist Johannes Geiss says he was in the control center at NASA in Houston, Texas when the Moon-landing supposedly occurred; he was also duped by the massive hoax; the supposed lunar soil he received for experimentation was actually ground up meteorites from the moon; the claim that NASA had no lunar material was also a lie

Comments on the supposedly “missing Moon-landing tapes”:

The assertion that tapes from 1969 would not play on modern day technical equipment is also ridiculous; the original “Moon-landing” tape was cleaned up before it was broadcast by satellite, so as to remove any irregularities which would show it to be a fraud, however some irregularities still remained, enough to show it being a fraud; if the “missing tapes” should show up again they would likely be the “cleaned up” copies, not the original with the numerous flaws; the astronauts involved were hypnotized and had post-hypnotic drug-induced special brain-washing implanted ideas that they actually landed on the Moon













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Matt Knight

OK, I’ve looked further into the DPS engine fuel capacity issue and, according to the story, the DPS was capable of performing as officially reported.

To establish the total time that the DPS engine could burn for, I found the following; “At 685 seconds into the PDI burn, the propellant-low-quantity warning light was triggered by the sensor in one of the four propellant tanks. Based on remaining calculated quantities and corrected PQGS indications, the occurrence of the propellant-low-quantity warning was discovered to be premature by 36 seconds.” Source: http://alternatewars.com/BBOW/Space_Engines/TN_D-7143_DPS_Experience.pdf

Therefore, the DPS engine could be burnt for at least 721 (685+36) seconds before the warning lights would come on and it would still have approx. 5.8 per cent propellant left.
If 721 seconds of burn = 94.2 % of the fuel (= 100 – 5.8%)
721 divided by 94.2 x 100 = 765.4 seconds = Approx. total 12 minutes 45 seconds of total burn time available in the DPS engine.

The official information for Apollo 13 is that the DPS engine was fired up for the “free return trajectory with a 30.7-sec. burn of the Lunar Module Descent Engine (LMDE)” and then a “4-min. 24-sec. burn” two hours after “pericynthion, the closest approach to the Moon.” = C5 mins of burn time, leaving plenty of fuel in the DPS engine for Apollo 13 to have performed as reported.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Descent_Propulsion_System

I therefore had to look elsewhere for Ptaah’s “clue” in CR 527 and firstly looked at the news footage of the splashdown…

Questions I asked myself:
How did ABC News get such clear of the footage of the splashdown, when there were so many last minute changes to the flight plan? It appears as if the splashdown site was known well in advance. As this ABC New reporter says, “We’ve never had such a close view of the splashdown before and of the space capsule after it was down in the sea”.

Bearing in mind that Apollo 13 splashed down near to here Apollo 12 splashed down, the footage of ther Apollo 12 spash down is inferior, despite no hiccups with that mission.
Apollo 12 splashdown: https://youtu.be/kxvsxfrIqpc
Apollo 13 splashdown: https://youtu.be/hWd_mmYsEQk
Locations of splash down:comment image

However, the above, in and of itself, does support Ptaah’s statement that the mission tookm longer and I could not find any anomolies in the splashdown time and the reported time (and I tried to find it) as there were papers and news footage of the event, which all correlated to the published splash down time.

That’s when it hit me… What if Apollo 13 took off earlier than published? I looked at all available news footage online to see if I could corroborate/correlate take off times and that’s when some interesting anomolies started to emerge…

Where are the photos of the press site for the Apollo 13 launch?

There are photos of the press site for Apollo 11: http://www.collectspace.com/ubb/Forum29/HTML/000960.html

Why are all the pre-flight photos of the astronauts all indoors? Why are there no clocks anywhere in these photos? Why is a calendar behind the astronauts wiped clean?
Source: https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a13/images13.html
Photos the astronauts the day before the flight – 10th April: 70-H-724 ( 116k ), 70-HC-541, S70-34767, S70-36485
Photos from the day of the launch: 70-H-492, 70-H-494, etc.

Why are there no eyewitness accounts of the Apollo 13 launch available anywhere online?

Could it be that the idea that the public had lost interest in Apollo missions by Apollo 13, be part of the cover story regarding the launch? You cannot tell me that the press would not want to be there, or, space enthusiasts, etc?

Help me out here… If you can find one photo or ANY evidence of eyewitnesses to the Apollo 13 launch, then please can you share, because I couldn’t in the short time I searched.

My hypothesis is that the launch took place earlier than stated, possibly by some hours, or, days, hence the evidence has been erased from history, supporting Ptaah’s statement that the mission took some time longer.

Matt Knight

Further to the above, I have found two independent images of the take off – so that hypothesis too can be scrapped too.

Stephen Lane – Relating to your suggestion: If anyone based in the US fancies contacting the crew at the time of the Apollo 13 capsule recovery, there are these lists:


I tried to sign up so i could contact the crew, but, you have to have served and give rank, etc., for registration to work. However, the names of the crew could be cross referenced, e.g., I found this:

Among the list is “Hicks, Frank Seaman 1 C Apr 4, 1970 – Commmunication – I was responsible for all Television and Radio audio from the Iwo Jima for the recovery of Apollo 13 KPRC TV audio engineer 1950–1994 I served in WW II U S S Andromeda AKA 15”

Using that information I then found this with a contact telephone number (don’t know if it’s the same guy)…

HICK, Frank “…I was assigned with VP-5 Flight Crew as a Radioman, June 1965 to December 1966. VP-5 was orignally out of NAS Jacksonville, Florida and was deployed to NS Sangley Point, Philippines in Jun 65. I’m looking for any of my old Shipmates. Please call me (202) 395-5509 or write me. Sincerely, Frank Hicks RM3, U.S. Navy Former All-Navy U.S. Softball Team 1965. Home Address: Post Office Box 471315 District Heights, MD 20753-1315…” [15JAN99]

Matt Knight

Corrections; “However, the above, in and of itself, does support Ptaah’s statement” should have been “…does not…”

“tookm” should be “took”.

N.B: There are photos of the launch, but these all appear to be official NASA photos. I could not find one photo that appears to have been taken by a member of the public or the press,

Matt Knight

Although I thought I’d not been able to register with “Navybuddies”. I checked my email and was able to log in. I contacted most of the names who served on the USS Iwo Jima at the time of Apollo 13 and sent them all the following message:

Subject: Apollo 13 splashdown time

“Dear (name),

I am following up on an investigation into Apollo 13 mission. According to official records, splashdown took place on April 17th 1970 at 18:07 UTC which is 8:07 AM Hawaii time. However, I have received information that suggests that this time may be incorrect and that the splashdown may have occurred later.

Please can you offer any information/documentation to substantiate the date/time of splashdown of the Apollo 13 capsule, thanks.

Any information you can provide will be very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Knight”

Darcy Wade Carlile

Billy Meier went t the moon when he was 7 yrs old? I guess he was the first man to go to the moon, but did he walk on the moon too?


Excellent blog Michael. Thank you, and thanks to all who contributed to this one.

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