Fourth of July Special: Michael Horn on C2C!

Will present updates on the fulfillment of Billy Meier’s predictions spanning 65 years

Michael Horn, spokesperson for famed UFO contactee Billy Meier, claims that recent developments in Europe were specifically predicted by Meier as far back as 1958. He’ll be on C2C, with George Noory, to review specific prophecies of Meier pertaining to the future oppressive power and dictatorship of the European Union, the necessity for stopping the IS, which now already has thousands of “sleepers” spread throughout Europe, and information on the US presidential election, extraterrestrial races now observing the events on Earth, and the ever-worsening environmental catastrophe, etc.

Here’s an advance invitation to the C2C Listener’s Download Special, where you can download the full collection of Billy Meier films for less than the cost of two DVDs!




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Cecilio Soto

Has Billy Meier asked The Plejaren about The Mandela Effect? The first time I heard of Billy Meier was in 2007. I read everything I could about him on the Internet and I don’t remember the name Sfath. I remember the name Ptaf or something similar. Is there a plejaren name like that or is this another thing that has changed in my reality? Thanks!

Cecilio Soto

I would pay to know what the Plejaren think/know about the Mandela Effect.

Mike S

You did a fantastic show, presenting as much information as possible in a very respectful and informative way. I liked you including the rap on karma too, that cuts through everything and makes the bottom line obvious to anybody no matter what they believe. I’m glad you’re winning over skeptics. I am full of respect for your courage and energy promoting these issues. I don’t know that you’ll find a lot of success based on stuff I’ve seen, but you’re doing everything in your power, that’s all anybody can do.
Best Regards,