The NEW Peace Movement

We must bury the sword of war and death and cultivate the Tree of Life

For almost 60 years, millions of well-meaning, peace-loving people have marched, carried signs and worn the so-called peace symbol – which is really an ancient symbolfor war and death.


Death symbol

It certainly hasn’t brought peace to the world. In fact, it’s actually helped to bring about more violence, aggression, war and death for reasons explained here. You’ve certainly noticed that when people give each other the peace symbol, using their fingers, they instinctively display the upward V-shaped version and not the downward shape based on the rune for death, which is more like a gang sign than a peace symbol. This new, real and true peace movement should, fittingly, utilize the original, ancient version of the real, true peace symbol, based on the tree of life.

Real Peace Symbol

The New, Real and True Peace Movement

The time has come for the new, real and true peace movement. We must create a new, real and true peace movement that involves the energetic participation of the young people, so many of whom are lost in their virtual, techno-toy world, unknowingly inheriting the mess left for them by their irresponsible predecessors. Should we fail to heed the call, to respond to the demands of the times, the people of Earth – those who survive – will suffer for and lament our failure for centuries.

The Real Threat of Nuclear War

In Contact 646, Ptaah explained to Billy Meier that should the US, EU, Merkel, etc., continue to provoke Putin into armed conflict, Putin would not shy away from unleashing nuclear attacks on Europe and the US.

Ptaah also pointed out that Americans have never known the reality of war coming to, and down upon, us. It is outside of our frame of reference and experience to the point of indifference. War is simply entertainment, promoted in movies and TV and through covert/overt military training, in the form of bloody video games designed to produce a steady supply of conscienceless psychopathic killers.

We can’t ignore the approximately 200 unprovoked acts of US aggression launched against others since WWII. Only through intense, intelligent, positive counter-measures can we hope to mitigate some of the otherwise inevitable consequences of which can’t be circumvented or prayed away. The immutable universal law of cause and effect ceaselessly fulfills itself, as we are already seeing.

We must create a new, real and true peace movement and a new and effective way to demonstrate for and demand peace.

As Ptaah stated:

“However, even in nations that are only partially free it would be easy for the peoples to go onto the streets and demonstrate for peace, as well as to wake up the indifferent ones and all human beings in general from their lethargy with purposive texts, and to instruct them about the effective reality and its truth.”

Peaceful Peace Demonstrations

The peace demonstrations must differ greatly from the earlier ones, which often degenerated into anything but peaceful actions. The real, true peace symbol should be displayed in every imaginable peaceful way. The power and effectiveness of masses of people gathered together and peacefully teaching by example is infinitely greater than raucous demonstrations with their angry false leaders who try to excite and inflame the crowds with their ego-driven agitation, anti-war rhetoric, burning effigies, dissonant music, etc.

This is not “anti-war”, there is no focus on war, it’s propeace. It is putting our support and energies towards the positive, demonstrating, marching and standing in peace, for peace.

The Salome Peace Meditation

People who non-aggressively demonstrate and stand for peace can also effectively enhance the power of their efforts – many times over – by chanting the Salome Peace Meditation:

Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!

(Translation from the ancient Lyran: Peace be on Earth, and among all beings!)

While there already are dates and times for practicing the meditation alone or in groups, worldwide, it can be practiced anywhere, anytime, silently or out loud. Because the vocal chanting need not be done in unison, an ongoing cascade of rippling peace-engendering waves can flow and gather momentum. There is a palpable, positive power that’s generated by the Salome Peace Meditation. (I will soon make available a 20-minute recording of a group  doing the Salome Peace Meditation, for those who want to enhance and amplified the experience.)

It’s Now and We’re Here

It’s ironic that we should at the same time reiterate the need for a true, international military force of at least 300,000 troops in order to stop the IS from what will otherwise become, with certainty, an irrepressible worldwide reign of terror that could plunge us back into the Dark Ages.

Humanity has itself to hold responsible for this enormous predicament. Having willingly enslaved ourselves with delusional religions and dead-end politics for so long, we now find ourselves submerged and engulfed by the real effects of these causes which, if left unrestrained, will completely devastate and destroy our world.

Read, Learn, Act

If you’re new to this information, please read it and learn what it’s about. Ask questions until you’re satisfied that it’s vitally important for you to take action…now.

You can do that by sharing this information with any and all peace and environmental groups, your friends, through social media, etc.

Self-responsibility is one of the foundational elements of the spiritual teaching. From here on, true leadership will only come from us, from you and me, from the ground up, it can’t be expected to come from the top down anymore. That means that it’s up to us, to you and me, to make the difference that only we can make. It’s absolutely possible if we take it one step at a time. And if we ceaselessly take those steps, without excuses, without waiting for others but by inviting their participation, we will succeed. The unimaginably horrible alternative should be considered unacceptable.

If you need more information, if you want to share your ideas on how to create the new, real and true peace movement with others, etc., please participate here too.

Let’s create a new approach to comments about this. Instead of pointless complaining, excuses, or engaging in blame, frustration, etc., let’s make our comments really count. Let’s share the links, names of peace groups, environmental groups, contact persons, etc., here so others can also follow up.

We need to create a never-ending momentum, a positive, perpetual motion towards this goal. They came here to assist us to do so; let’s honor their efforts on our behalf by rising to the occasion.

The time has come for the new, real and true peace movement. Please join and…lead.

Salome Peace Symbol

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146 Replies to “The NEW Peace Movement”

  1. Hi everyone, here’s a comment from Prof. Scott Antes (which wasn’t posting for some reason):

    Hello, All. Michael knows that I prefer not to comment on blogs very often, but occasionally something pushes my buttons, and I can’t help myself. Relative to the so-called “symbol of death,” a mini-anthropology lesson: As someone who’s been both a student—and a university senior lecturer—on the topic of symbols and symbolism for 25 years, here’s Rule One about symbols: *Every symbol is culturally defined.* What this means is, a given symbol hasn’t got just one meaning; an identical symbol might be recognized by a variety of groups, with the symbol’s meaning being totally different from group to group. Anyone knowledgeable about symbols and symbolism knows this. For example, the symbol we recognize as the ‘swastika’. Most people uneducated in symbols and symbolism relate the swastika only to Nazis, to National Socialism in pre-war and wartime (WW II) Germany. It was that, of course, but the symbol itself is ancient, perhaps over 10,000 years old, originating in the Indian subcontinent as a religious symbol. Rather than writing a paper about that here, I’ll just say that I have an old bronze statue of The Buddha, with a ‘swastika’ (symbol of the Buddha) on his chest. I have a 1930s Navajo tobacco ‘felt’ (actually basic cotton material), the centerpiece of which is a swastika (a sacred symbol of Southwest American peoples symbolizing the healing whirlwind). I have a pair of 19th century lotus shoes from China with swastikas on them, representing the four seasons, and the sacred animals that themselves symbolize four directions (Dragon, Phoenix, White Tiger, and Black Turtle). And, I have a German Iron Cross medal from WW II, with a small swastika dead center. Same symbol, different meanings. Readers can find a well-done history of the ‘swastika’ through time (including far more examples, including the U.S. Army) at (As I’ve always told my students, “Don’t believe *me*, look it up!) The bottom line, again, is that any symbol can have multiple meanings. Thus, what was once the “symbol of death” to one group, can (and does) just as easily mean “peace and love” to another. Be well, be informed.

    1. Hi Scott but the death rune has always been the death rune and it’s only in modern times that it became a “peace” symbol. For sensitive individuals, by looking at the symbol, both upside down and right side up, creates different feelings which are in line with its ancient meaning. I don’t think you can fool the consciousness.

    2. I was going to talk about impulses and past lives, but…

      It is a bit like telling all of you Americans that tomorrow you have to drive on the left hand side of the road.

      Peace Professor.

      1. Oops, my mistake. I was going to “write” about …

        And there should be a comma after Peace, or not.
        And “Professor” may or may not be capitalized. 😉

  2. Hi Sheila. It’s not the conscious being fooled. The knowledgeable conscious understand that what I said is right on the money and indisputable. Sheila, I’m a lifetime scholar, recently retired Emeritus from Northern Arizona University. I don’t say anything unless I *know* it is factual. If I don’t know so, I won’t comment as if i do. (My personal ethics wouldn’t allow me to do so.) Even when I know better, I often say nothing, because too many people *don’t* know better, and will try to argue with me from a point of ignorance. Surely you understand how frustrating that can be. You seem like a very sensitive and conscious person. The bottom line is, the meaning of a symbol that has meant one thing for thousands of years can change tomorrow. Or, it can develop an additional meaning. Meanings of symbols are never fixed, cross-culturally. Humans cannot be pigeonholed. Be well and happy. Scott

    1. I’d say yes…and no. There are certain symbols and gestures that haven’t changed. In contemporary terms, we won’t expect a stop sign to change to a go sign…or a happy face to suddenly mean a sad one. And there are symbols that do appear to have a deep resonance in the consciousness cross-culturally/universally – and even show effects in the physiology, emotions, etc., as referred to regarding the work of John Diamond, M.D.:


      Speaking of unchanging and/or universal gestures/symbols, it’s relevant to point out that Dr. Diamond, in one of his books (, has pointed out the powerful feelings engendered in people by the so-called “Madonna gesture”, the open arms greeting that mothers often express towards children, that other people express as a welcoming, friendly gesture and that just so happens to emulate the…Tree of Life, i.e. the Salome Peace Symbol.

      Also, we want to avoid the “appeal to authority” argument, since even the work of Diamond shows that there may be a number of “authoritative” views.

      1. Didn’t Meier release a book with pictures of universally recognized symbols i.e. symbols that don’t ever change meaning and have a single truth. Besides, Meier also explained that all or certain forms of telepathy require a person to transmit/receive certain symbols that have to be interpreted correctly. If these symbols had different fundamental meanings for every culture or person or whatever, telepathy wouldn’t work. Meier wouldn’t have known that Asina (Alena?) was in trouble.

          1. I think I’m wrong regarding telepathy. I think the telemeter disk is the thing that transmits symbols, whereas with normal telepathy you feel or percieve it or something.

      2. I’ve never read Diamond’s book Michael but am aware of the muscle stress test. I asked the lady at the health store if she could do it on me when selecting a product, instead she showed me how to do it myself, which was nice of her and so simple to do. Plus it’s accurate because as I said before, you can’t fool your consciousness. Not everyone listens to their consciousness, but it’s there trying to break through all the BS.
        I’ve noticed that Billy has a strong aversion to minarets so I’m curious as to the real meaning of that symbol?

    2. Scott, you are wrong. The fundamental unconscious meaning of a symbol remains fixed for all eternity as it is purely geometrical. The connotation of a symbol can develop contradictory cultural associations, but that is only a falsification of the symbol, and does not change the fundamental meaning, e.g. the Todesrune being used to mean ‘peace’ – this is just calling something by an inappropriate nickname or insult that has negative effects subconsciously.

      1. I find this fascinating. Symbols. I would have thought that whatever we feel a symbol means, it would be that, like what Scott is saying. Regardless of what it meant in the past. So if I understand correctly Matt, if I see a symbol I’ve never seen before, or symbols I have seen before, then I would have feelings of what that symbol means regardless of what I WANT that symbol to mean? Subconsciously?

        So I don’t have a choice or a say in all matters concerning symbols? It is what it is… And the more I connect with my consciousness based on the spiritual teaching and obviously through meditation, then what those symbols mean can be felt stronger…or, if I understand this correctly, even if I’m stuck in a religious belief system and I don’t know or care about the spiritual teaching, then would i still feel what those symbols actually mean?

        1. Yes, the unconscious has no choice but to operate according to absolute logic, i.e. to perceive a symbol according to its universal geometry. The ‘meaning’ of a symbol is always a mixture of this true meaning and whatever subjective or cultural connotations you give it, i.e. the true meaning cannot be negated, but only concealed.

          No, we have no choice in what symbols mean or even what energy/geometry words have, only how we consciously interpret and understand or misunderstand them. Everything is cosmically determined and is involuntary.

          It is not a matter of ‘feeling’ what they mean, but knowing what they mean by learning the symbolic language of the spirit = logic.

    3. Hi Scott,

      According to Billy’s ‘Book of Symbols’, the meaning of the swastika symbol is, ‘The darkness of Life/Non-existence of Life’. If considered neutrally, the meaning has been expressed in both its negative and positive terms, with the former being represented by Nazi SS officers’ uniforms and the dark black used in the Nazi Swastika, as opposed to the red, contemplative, positive, version of the svastika of Hindus, in Sanskrit, resp. Shunya, meaning zero. The ‘Non-existence of Life’ could be given th value of zero and zero, nothingness, was given such high value in Buddha’s principle of ‘Sunyata’, meaning emptiness and voidness, one can see how the intrinsic value of the symbol has been preserved and interpreted as both frightening and peaceful – as with the closing of eyes during death, or, in meditation.

      Your argument presupposes that the intrinsic value of a symbol is associated with, either, a single word, or, a few similar words, when a picture is there to replace words and so we have to look for deeper meanings. A single word used to describe the symbol, will not have survived the different cultural and historical uses as you can example, but, the emotional and psychic/subconcscious response/s to looking at the image may have some intrinsic permanence in negative/positive/neutral descriptions.

      For another example, Alexandria was destroyed around AD 391 and the Church destroyed knowledge of, distorted and misused earlier symbols and the origin of the modern Christian Cross, is derived from the Egyptian Ankh meaning ‘Life’ and the Staurogram, made up of the two letters ‘tau’ and ‘rho’ which were found separately already on early Christian ossuaries, whereby Tertullian explains the Tau (the T/cross shaped letter) was a “symbol of salvation” because Ezekiel 9:4 marked this on the forehead of the “saved” ones. Again, half-truths.

      Compare that info with the photo of the Cross above Billy ‘s head:

      The cross is listed in Billy’s Book of Symbols as meaning the ‘Development of Life’. This meaning could be said to have been retained in the Ankh and represent the number one priority of the mission, described by Billy, of the seven previous prophets and the Plejaren, e.g., the repeated redelivery of the spiritual teaching to support the evolution of consciousness – the “development of life”. Interestingly, the Plejaren ignored the incorrect Christian meaning and enabled Meier to have a photo of the Cross – whilst he was developing his own life – his consciousness – in an Ashram in India and as he had, according to the Plejaren, already been tasked to support the ‘development of life’ resp, ‘the evolution of consciousness’, as was Ezekial, who was historically known for using this symbol. The associations of something positive, life-giving, evolutive and developing could be said to still be retained in intrinsic meaning of the symbol. Taken as a negative, the opposite of the development of life, the decline of life, the retrogression, and so even Christianity’s distorted meaning could be said to represent the negative expression of the development of life, as life cannot develop without some pain and death.

      Consider the symbol for the Tree of Life which is associated with Billy’s peace symbol. As you were so sure that Holton, the designer of the peace symbol, intended for his symbol to be upside down, you appeared unwilling to acknowledge that he actually wanted it the other way around because he didn’t like the “feel” of the symbol the way as it was depicted and in the folowing article, his nephew explains that his Uncle knew that the accepted position was a “mistake”:

      This symbol of the tree with 3 branches going upward can be seen in many different cultural depictions of the Tree of Life as shown in the pictures in this webpage:
      The same design can be found in modern flags and with similar associated feelings:

      Compare Billy’s peace symbol above, in this blog, to Inshushinak’s Temple wall stood in Susa, Iran in the 12th century BC which, in some descriptions, depicts the “Sumerian Goddess Ninhursag with the spirit of the forests next to the seven spiked cosmic tree of life”:

      Billy’s peace symbol “…is present in two different symbols. Directed upward and in a double V it symbolizes the tree of life with its branches reaching upwards to the sky, i.e., into the lofty heights. Here, it symbolizes the forces’ creational striving towards relative perfection and continuous ascent and making progress. Life can unfold itself in the tree of life”:

      My view is that the level of a human being’s evolution is the decisive factor affecting how a neutral symbol’s meaning is expressed and according to Billy: “Symbols on Earth that are non-existent here due to different types of fauna, environment, technology, music, landscapes, flora, etc., but, exist on other worlds, would have the identical values on Earth or elsewhere as long as the appropriate prerequisites are given here as well.”

      Where the prerequisites are not available, the symbol’s neutrality is similarly affected, but, the original meaning, as evidenced above, and according to the specific meanings in BEAM’s ‘Book of Symbols’, is retained, even if in a negative form.

  3. With all due respect Scott, would you do an experiment for me? It will only take 5 minutes or less. Draw a picture of a peace sign, concentrate on it and monitor your thoughts and feelings for a few minutes. Now turn it upside down and do the same. Can you get back to me with your results?

  4. One correction the actual Peace Meditation phrase is:
    Salome gam nan ben Urda – gan njber asala Hesporona!

    The following is only a pronunciation guide:
    Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!

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