Christian Cult Leader Caught in Lies & Fraud

Broke commandment against bearing false witness in order to sell books about “aliens”

Gary Bates a leader of an anti-scientific Christian cult, has been caught in defamatory, libelous lies in order to sell a book he wrote about so-called “aliens”.

Bates claimed that he had documentation from a “media crew” showing that Billy Meier – who he also erroneously referred to as a “guru” – “was caught out hoaxing in an undercover sting operation”. Apparently Bates thought that he could milk more money from his gullible cult members by concocting false claims about the man at the center of the only scientifically proven UFO contact case, still ongoing for over 74 years in Switzerland.

Ironically, Bates’ anti-scientific mumbo-jumbo* stands in stark contrast to Meier’s impeccable record of specific, prophetically accurate scientific information and independently authenticated UFO evidence. Yet, despite five requests for Bates to substantiate or remove his libelous attacks, the only response from his office was a suggestion that I should…buy the book.

Bates, whose religious beliefs put great emphasis on the so-called “inerrant word of God”, apparently thought that bearing false witness against an innocent person – something that is “associated with being allied with the wicked” – wasn’t really so bad after all, especially if it helped with his pursuit of mammon. It’s particularly odious for a so-called religious leader to defiantly and unrepentantly bear false witness against another human being…and then to be too cowardly to retract, apologize and remove the defamatory charges and claims.

Such hypocrisy also begs the question if Bates really “believes” all of the stuff he preaches; doesn’t his “God” see and hold people accountable for their sins, even when they try to conceal them from others?

As often pointed out, every religion rests on the patently inadmissible, childish and illogical premise that, “What’s in this book is true…because this book says it’s true.” And Gary Bates is not the first hypocrite to mock his own purported beliefs, to bear false witness and to commit transgressions against the real truth by publishing outright lies for profit…in yet another book of falsehoods.


*Regarding Bates’ clearly comical version of “science”, he resorted to using the word “probably19 times in order to try to make some sense out of the muddled biblical fable version of Noah and the ark. It wouldn’t be surprising if somewhere in the whole unscientific mess Bates suggests that Noah “probably” gave the entire menagerie Dramamine in order to cope with a year’s worth of seasickness, among the multitude of other problems left unaddressed by the “inerrant word of God”.


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  1. Thanks jacobus I`ll keep that in mind but I just DON`T understand why peole STILL beli eve and follow such illogical religious Big Daddy Godhood values,when will all this end? When will people ever wake up and relize all religions are false?

  2. Mrs. Terry Carch,

    To add credence to what Stephen Lane thoughtfully posted, and his great post should be read a couple of times to grasp the posts full meaning, Billy writes in “God-delusion and God-Insanity” that disaster will most likely have to roll over the Earth, before it’s inhabitants are ready to give up the religion farce.

    What may this disaster most likely be? Well, pick your poison, negative overpopulation effects (natural catastrophes, and loss of food/water sources, which leads to mass starvation, and thrist), WWIV, ISIS enslaving the Earth, other socio- and economic collapses of entire countries such as the US of A, the Red Apophis meteor decimating Europe, etc.

    To add further credence to what Billy writes in his book, Ptaah had the following charming words to add in contact 476: “..Earth humans, so I am able to say, are pathologically autocratic and incorrigible, which is why they must first suffer enormous damage, before they see reason and open up their ears and senses to warnings. And if they do not do this, then destruction will one day be their fate. Slowly however systematically Earth humans destroy anything and everything in life, in nature and in the climate on Earth, consequently already the continuous process of all around destruction in every respect ;now only is to be halted with very drastic measures…”

    To add more credence to what Billy writes in “God-delusion and God-Insanity”, sentence 117 (found on page 30) of the “Prophecies and Predictions” (the 3rd part of: states the following when religions start to disappear (I do not know what time-frame to give you for these two P & P’s, but I think [emphasis on “think”, cannot say for sure] this is more near term, not 800 years, but unfortunately, from what I can tell, religions will have a comeback):

    117: “The hate in the human being will create a secret order of destruction, that rages darkly in the human being and creates an evil poison that is directed at fighting against the authorities, and, at the same time, at getting money and control over the Earth for oneself, but in the end the weak will listen to the rules of the mighty ones, whereby, however, it will be that laws will be passed in the dark, whereby the poison of hate is focused against the religions and sects and the thorn of hate spreads against them, in order to make appropriate space for the truthful truth.”

    118: “It will come to pass that human beings will become inactive, going around with an empty look and not knowing where they should go, because when the religions and sects disappear they will no longer have any cult places and cult preachers and
    sect leaders who can lead them in irrationality and confusion, for which reason they will initially be without purpose, or like a germinating seed that cannot yet strike roots; consequently, the human being will wander around without hope, destitute,
    made submissive, and will senselessly search everywhere for a foothold, which, however, they only find when they turn to the creational truth and the creational laws and recommendations; but first, they will hate and fight themselves and hate their lives
    before they find the way to the truth.”

    The entire 3rd part of the PDF is very telling about natural catastrophes, decimation by war, confusion/despair/suicide of the Earth human-being, decimation by hidden terrorists in host countries, and increased terrorism, basically the negative Earth environment that Stephen was posting about for the upcoming future times which may boil down to survival. It is not a rosy picture for awhile, at least be prepared for it in your state of mind, so you are not taken by surprise, like the masses will be if society itself collapses.

    1. “but unfortunately, from what I can tell, religions will have a comeback”

      Ah yes, I thought that perhaps when finer energies are discovered they will erroneously be attributed to something of a religious nature. These finer structured energies are eventually discovered, by scientific means, in China and Japan. So this discovery could lead to a resurgence in religious belief as there will be no other concepts to turn to in the minds of the Earth people. More fun and games.

      I can’t remember where I read about the above, but it’s in there somewhere.

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