New Video on the Dangers of Asteroid Apophis

NASA ignores real threat as does celebrity-driven asteroid awareness organization

A new video by Rhal Zahi clearly illustrates the real dangers of asteroid Apophis impacting the Earth in 2036, if an international effort to deflect it, as recommended by the Plejaren extraterrestrials, isn’t launched. So far, NASA has all but ignored the real threat that Apophis poses.

Zahi refers to the information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, who precisely identified the threat in 1981, when they warned of the Red Meteor striking the Earth. Scientists discovered Apophis in 2004 and the Plejaren confirmed that it was the exact object they were referring to.

NASA ultimately changed their own estimate of the size of Apophis to within 25 meters of what the Plejaren told Meier.

There’s an organization called Asteroid Day which, in true entertainment-at-all-costs fashion, has completely ignored numerous notifications of Meier’s information. They are apparently more interested in, and focused on, celebrity-driven, play-it-safe popularity than in being further educated by those who are – demonstrably – more scientifically advanced than we are.

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35 Replies to “New Video on the Dangers of Asteroid Apophis”

  1. Regarding Apophis Michael I am sure that the Chinese know and read BM’s information and I was wondering if they will take the lead in this if the west doesn’t do anything in time, pre-empt the asteroid hitting the earth and knock it off course? Or maybe I am being TOO pragmatic in thinking this might happen.


    Gordon Barnes

  2. Did Billy not mention once or have pictures of a USA satellite orbiting Mars, maybe the “elite” plan on moving there before Apophis hits. I wouldn’t put something like that past them.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Randalph Winters Billy Meier video’s on You Tube he shows a photo taken by BM and a satellite is shown with a USA flag on it apparently orbiting Mars in 1976. Take a look at the full video as its quite informative, would have liked to be at that presentation when it was filmed.


      Gordon Barnes

  3. Nasa should step up and take the lead, unite with other parties and take care of this red meteor right now, it gives way to other options if their attempts fail. They could land a probe or several, attach to this thing, fire some burst and change its course, maybe fly it into the sun, and let nature happen. Just like maneuvering thrusters on the enterprise Sci fi. Anything is worth a try, we are in this soup bowl together, sadly the people in charge have the hard to fill a cup that is already full mentality.

  4. Thanks for this Michael. It is like talking to the wall writing to such institutions such as SETI and NASA or the government for that matter…

    This is a real test for mankind. If they do not learn this time they will be in the dark again like the middle ages. If nothing else it is an education. Continue with the clandestine way government is run (Military industrial complex) of which I include the UFO community in that: to keep us in the dark till it is too late then they will come to the thinkers with “what will we do now?”. A sort of after-the-fact pseudo awareness.

    Thank you also to Rhal Zahi for the excellent attention to detail in his very informative video using logic and reason along with the scientific method to conclude with things many of us has not yet thought of, such as: will the asteroid trigger nuclear facility failures, tsunamis, earthquakes, weather anomalies etc etc etc… due to a relatively large asteroid hitting our planet. Will we be able to afford this type of weapon a weapon of survival rather than utter destruction… a good use for nukes rather than what we have used them for in the past… and don’t think that past won’t catch up with us… It is such information calculated and understood in a way beyond faith and hearsay but with facts using the scientific method rather than faith it will all be better and we can all go back to sleep.

    I think NASA and SETI will not comment due to the stigma about craft called UFO’s and they don’t want to look stupid… opps… too late.

    I’ve noticed there is a buildup of increased pressure on the San Andreas fault in Los Angeles… well yeah… take out all the lubricant… oil… and that is going to act like two cheese graters building up pressure… we are so conditioned by the media, movies, plays, phantasmagoria they call it… that we just expect a happy ending or change the channel… folks don’t think anymore… watch them in the street… it is cell phones and blaring music in their ears… wanting only to be entertained rather than informed…

    The earth is suffering from overpopulation and all of this is causing us to fight over land, resources, jobs, houses, money and ways to create from the increasingly limited natural resources, arable land and water.

    We have to understand that this is a real and probably one of the more serious threats facing mankind right now. It is not about opium in Afganistan or Oil in Iran… or cheap labor in China… it is about our very survival and evolution as a species. We get only 100 years to understand about life… then we have to start over again… yes the consciousness remains on the planet but not if we destroy it like we are headed for now with unthinking insulated above the law and below the national IQ… politicians who only want to make a quick buck and leading the planet is secondary. A true human being does not want to control folks… a true human being wants to be harmonious and peaceful… that is why we have to pay attention because they will not ask our permission to start a war… they will trick us into one.

    Wake up… time to die… a line from Blade runner… about technology NOT making the earth better but being a true human being… being conscious… being thoughtful… being aware!


    Be greeted in peace and wisdom


  5. 28th July, 2016 “Scientists model destruction of an Earth-bound asteroid” article.

    “Because the rocket detonates behind the asteroid [Apophis], almost all the pieces after the destruction will fly forward… [but] nuclear explosions in space are prohibited by international treaty”

    In my view Scientists are massively underestimating the risk in 2029 (wish I could find that CR about the world accepting the contacts by 2029) from which Rhal has drawn his conclusions. Russia’s plan will be too late if it is going to hit in 2029 and NASA’s plan too weak and just a test. Earth’s gravity is strong and scientists don’t really know how far it extends and supercomputers can make mistakes if what’s inputted into them is wrong:

  6. “URGENT!” I just heard on the local news channel 12 in Westchester County that the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant is lecking oil in to the Hudson River and that Governor Cuomo is looking into the problem. Entergy who owns Indian Point”REFUES” to shut down Indian Point no matter how long it takes to keep Indian Point running be for 20 years or MORE! Indian point is in Buchannin,NY the website I think is Hope I got the web address right.

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