New Video on the Dangers of Asteroid Apophis

NASA ignores real threat as does celebrity-driven asteroid awareness organization

A new video by Rhal Zahi clearly illustrates the real dangers of asteroid Apophis impacting the Earth in 2036, if an international effort to deflect it, as recommended by the Plejaren extraterrestrials, isn’t launched. So far, NASA has all but ignored the real threat that Apophis poses.

Zahi refers to the information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, who precisely identified the threat in 1981, when they warned of the Red Meteor striking the Earth. Scientists discovered Apophis in 2004 and the Plejaren confirmed that it was the exact object they were referring to.

NASA ultimately changed their own estimate of the size of Apophis to within 25 meters of what the Plejaren told Meier.

There’s an organization called Asteroid Day which, in true entertainment-at-all-costs fashion, has completely ignored numerous notifications of Meier’s information. They are apparently more interested in, and focused on, celebrity-driven, play-it-safe popularity than in being further educated by those who are – demonstrably – more scientifically advanced than we are.

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41 Replies to “New Video on the Dangers of Asteroid Apophis”

    1. They’re really not taking it seriously enough, unfortunately, Sheila.

      The Russian scientists are saying Apophis will be near “Earth on April 13, 2029, at a distance of 38 thousand km” and NASA say it will be, “no closer than 29,470 km (18,300 miles)… over the mid-Atlantic” in 2029, so they appear to be underestimating the threat at this time, probably because they do not know what the gravitional effects are of the Earth and other bodies in space.

      Also to consider is the window for testing effective explosive counters on near space objects like Apophis; as it’s running out.

      From what I recall from similar plans, that didn’t involve massive explosions, it takes about 3-7 years to design, build and test for missions like this, so they get about 2 chances to test an effective, near-explosive, counter to Apophis for 2029. This probably means we should cancel any Black Sea fishing trips around that time. There’s little to no data from weapons testing in space because it was banned and only reserved for human beings and so as with space, there’s no pressure around any of this as far as they are concerned.

    2. ‘According to a 2013 NASA study, there exists a 2-metre wide keyhole that leads to an impact in 2068, but the actual odds of impact are just one in about 2.3 million.’

      Not seriously enough Sheila
      It’s the same old same old where you get drip fed information about Apophis now and then by various MSM news agencies but hardly any real followup.

      I think that various governments all around the world including institutions like the UN and EU should declare a state of international emergency and have Harry Lear on board in advisory capacity to get the correct calculation of the trajectory of Apophis with his correct Pi number.
      This year is 2019
      There’s 17 years to go
      Worldwide refugee crisis and borderwall is least of our global problem compared to what is coming.

  1. Of course it’s not as accurate as Billy’s information but at least it’s better than the last time I checked the NASA website where they said Apophis only had a 4% chance of hitting earth.
    Looking forward to the update MH, hopefully you guys are making some headway.

    1. Please can we ALL be really clear about what NASA are currently saying the threat from Apophis is, as I think many do Billy’s info about Apophis a disservice by pretending scientists take, either, him, or, the threat from Apophis seriously today.

      NASA’s say they have “reduced prediction uncertainties” in their most recent calculation from 2016 and that Apophis will pass much, much, further away than was calculated in 2008 and, to be accurate, 0.388 astronomical units (au) = 58,043,974 km away from Earth. That’s no threat at all according to Earth’s leading astronomers today.

      My view is that it’s really important we report this accurately as the odds stacked against Billy’s information being correct at this time are close to impossible, making any future revelation, that the threat from Apophis has increased somehow, more remarkable in terms of Billy’s published dates.

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