Michael Moore Film on Billy Meier UFO Case

Filmmaker given evidence of still ongoing UFO contacts weighs risks of exposing cover-up

Since Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore, first received evidence of the Billy Meier UFO contacts earlier this year, there’s been increasing speculation about his making an in-depth film on the controversial case.

Too Risky?

With excitement at the prospect of Moore blowing the lid off the cover-up of the most important – and suppressed – story in history, there are also concerns that even he may not want to take the risk. Famous whistleblowers and journalists, from Glenn Greenwald to Rolling Stone magazine, didn’t want to risk the consequences of exposing the censorship of Meier’s evidence and accurate prophetic warnings.

Meier long forewarned – decades ago – not only of manmade climate change and environmental damage but also of the now present worldwide threat of Islamist terrorism, asylum seeker problems, and dozens of other specific events that have now occurred. His warnings about what is yet to come if we don’t act in time, such as a US-provoked nuclear war with Russia and civil wars coming to America, are still hidden by the mainstream media, in complicity with military, governmental, religious and other interests.

Time Is Running Out

Meier emphasizes that time is running out to avert the otherwise certain devastation and destruction.

A film by Michael Moore revealing these ongoing contacts – for almost 75 years – intended to help us assure our very threatened future survival, would give humanity the opportunity to determine the truth and decide how to act on it.

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  1. I think these nefarious loony goons shills jut want our money so they can run off to Mars and use Mars for profit bulding condoes, real estates, bussinesses buying up property etc,etc,etc! Why not send these shills on a rocket to Venus and let these shills suffacate and die on a 900 temperature Venus etc,etc,etc!

  2. Just to set record straight…Michael’s right many events can still be prevented (example: radical Islamist using the weapon arsenals in France against the US and two US Civil Wars..amongst of host of other events). Within The Decalogue/ The Ten Bids on page V Billy advises to imprint in yourself the following words of Ancient Hindu Wisdom:
    The wise do not lament over lost things
    over the dead
    and over events of the past.
    But a fool cries over these things
    that are not worthy of tears
    So he multiplies the grief.
    And that is the difference between the wise and the fools.

    Many people in this country (The United States Of America)
    Ruminate/ Lament on past conservative ideas, events and religious delusions.
    The military of The United States Of America was briefed, informed and well aware of the circumstances as well as the intelligence communities. They not only refused and condemned everything…but they did the most cowardly thing of all…they refused to take action. Future generations learn from these cowards of your past

  3. Terry, Having already had one traumatic experience since starting my study of Billy’s writings and getting that Cancer message put into my reality last week I am sure there are fewer days ahead than behind. I would like for you to reflect on just what we got in this live.
    The Future Of Mankind – A Billy Meier Wiki – Sfath’s …
    Translator’s Notes “Billy”, then Eduard, was eight years old at the time of this 1945 contact, as pictured above. At Billy’s request, the pencil sketch of Sfath was …

    189. Always think of all my words for as many years as you may live, and follow my instructions, namely also when I no longer am and when you have grown in your years in everything and have become very knowing and wise and have become the human being and proclaimer, who, concerning the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the spirit, that is to say, the teaching of the creational laws, possesses more knowledge than any other human being on your and my worlds.
    With that in mind read FSB 38 for when the rational mind moves aside, fear vanishes and Billy list the possibilities. http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/FIGU_Special_Bulletin_38

    1. Thankyou very much Billy. I read all of the first one you sent me and most of the last one you sent me about conscioussnes and the pineal gland etc Both were very interesting especially the last one. Thanks. I hop[e you are feeling O K. Please take good care of yourself first and foremost that is most important. Peace and wisdom Terry

  4. I listened to your Earth Mysteries radio interview you did yesterday, great job! I loved your answer when the question came up about why something is explained in several different ways in most of Billy Meiers books. As soon as those questions began the show was over. One hour is just not enough. Everyone, please tweet a request to Joe Rogan to get this man on his show. I’m positive Joe Rogan will do it if enough of his listeners request a guest. Or he’ll at least look into if he sees multiple requests from various people to have him look into it if we all send him tweets in a bunch. Just a thought.

  5. Hi Michael, hope your well.
    Just wondering what’s the latest news on MM? Has he got back to you yet with a response confirming if he is interested in making the movie?
    Do you know what his views and opinions are concerning the Meier case?
    Would be grateful for an update.
    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      At this point I can report that more information was provided directly to him by someone in a position to do so but who has apparently not had a response yet.

      Also, please use your first and last name when posting comments.


  6. Michael,

    It just dawned on me that the Apophis Asteroid will be a hard pill to swallow for most people, especially those who had followed the Nibiru disinformation scare.

    I hate to mention this, but unless these events ( that have no human input) occurs, many will be still doubtful even if this asteroid is deflected.

    But I guess you can understand, especially with what I mentioned about Nibiru.

    1. Let them doubt, I am glad for their doubt. I stand with BEAM, He says he cannot reveal the day of his death, no human input, because otherwise he will be worshipped instead of the information he has revealed, I agree, and I think BEAM is honourable for withholding the secrets confided in him about future events which have to occur without his intervention. Yet he has still released everything he knows anyway, only in a differently worded form, talks about the affliction of overpopulation every month, this says exactly what he knows secretly about it, what horrible thing will occur from it.

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