ISIS Confirms “Sleepers” in Europe as Billy Meier Warned

Terrorists underplay real numbers, 17,461 already in Europe in January

In what may likely precede greatly increased – but long forewarned – terrorism in Europe, radical Islamists report that “hundreds” of ISIS (or IS) “sleepers” are already in Europe.

However, as Billy Meier also warned, there were already 17,461 IS “sleepers” in Europe, as of the end of January 2016. The much smaller number quoted in the Express may either be a deliberate attempt to underplay the actual numbers, or indicate that the quoted sources are themselves not privileged to the actual figures because of the compartmentalized nature of the cells.

When I attempted to post just the title of Meier’s article about the “sleepers”…the Express censored the comment, lest people learn that Billy Meier has long warned of radical Islamist terrorism overrunning Europe and spreading worldwide.

As Meier has stated in videos here, the real destruction by the IS will far eclipse anything experienced before, also because the so-called “world leaders” serve the interests of the weapons industry and their own lusts for power, which include pushing Russia into a nuclear world war (which will result in the complete destruction of the US as well).

Scientist Confirms Meier’s Environmental Warnings

The real “point-of-no-return” status of the environmental crisis was detailed in an article published by Rolling Stone magazine by Eric Holthaus – to whom I’ve sent Meier’s environmental warnings and other information. While Meier’s source is certainly well outside Holthaus’ paradigm, hopefully he won’t simply…freeze up, bedeviled by the same materialistic concerns that have kept other scientists from speaking up, from daring to announce that, “Hey, somebody out there exists and is trying to help us!”

You Have Reached a Mind that Is No Longer in Service

As I’ve pointed out several times, so far not one scientist, famous skeptic, or media gurus like Stefan Molyneux, Dave Rubin, Vox Day, Glenn Greenwald, Abby Martin, etc. – to whom I’ve sent Meier’s information about a US-provoked war with Russia, worldwide terrorism, the two coming US civil wars, etc., etc. – have dared to utter a peep, even in ridicule, denial, or contempt, because they know that to do so will drive the attention away from them and their political theories, quests for fame and fortune, etc., and lead their audiences to not only discover the Meier material but to ask the question that they should also be asking, “Why didn’t I know about this before?”

The answer to which is, “Now that you know, what will you do about it?”

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  1. I don`t know if this topic is in the right place but a year ago I read on the internet from c2c In The News about older extremely advanced worlds living in elliptical galaxies and globular clusters who are much more stable with very long lives. Is this possible,true? Could the Plejarens answer my question about elliptical galaxies and globular clusters. Would Billy want to ask Ptaah, Quetzal, Fllorena, and so on? That is if Billy is feeling up to asking the Plejarens. Thanks, Peace and Slome Terry

    1. Terry,

      This is the wrong topic for that blog.

      Also, we have to look at the existing, and hopefully coming, info since we can’t pose questions to them and get them answered.

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