The UFO Disinformation for Dollars Scam

Late astronaut’s foundation bilks big bucks from gullible “alien abductees”

In a world that continues to experience one long forewarned upheaval after another, from terrorism, wars and environmental disasters to economic and financial chaos, leave it to profit-motivated charlatans to concoct new scams to peddle idiotic disinformation to distract people from the truth…and make money from it, of course.

Somewhat surprisingly, the foundation started by the late astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, is now a text book – or should we say comic book – example of snake oil, New Age mumbo-jumbo, dressed up in pseudo-academia, attempting to give credence to, and profit from, the completely unscientific, unsubstantiated, lunatic fringe that proudly self-identifies as “alien abductees” and/or “experiencers”.

One shudders to think who’s really behind this psychological soylent green program.

Perhaps having cynically assessed the ease with which people can be misled into mind-numbingly stupid pursuits, like Pokemon, flat Earth theories, etc., the latest irrationality is an Event for Experiencer Liberation Day, which perpetuates the deliberate – and it is deliberate – disinformation campaign started over 100 years ago, as if there weren’t enough con men with their 6,000-year-old Earth and equally looney “flat Earth” cults.

The event features such utterly delusional, notoriety-seeking panderers as Dr. David Jacobs, to perpetuate the concocted mythical “alien abduction” and “experiencers” quackery, which is absolutely devoid of a scintilla of actual scientific proof. While the event will certainly provide “liberation” of people from their money and any remaining rational thinking abilities, it may also be yet another experiment in leading people to be fearful of a (faked) “alien invasion”, and accept being bio-chipped, and other mechanisms of being enslaved and controlled.

Of course it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it, for an advanced race of space travelers to come from hundreds of light-years away just to dick around with primitive, overly entertained, confused and bored human beings on Earth. I’m sure that’s what they must live for. All of this also speaks to the ridiculous self-importance of people with too much time on their hands. Certainly there have been some actual abductions…but they have nothing to do with extraterrestrials, rather only with secret government and military operations designed to frighten and control gullible human beings.

But this is what the Edgar Mitchell foundation is now apparently all about, promoting mind-numbing stupidity for profit and, more than likely, in the service of the secret military. There must be really big bucks to be made to lure a former academic luminary like Dr. Rudy Schild to completely trash his reputation and credibility. Of course there also must be a certain appeal for an IRS Estate Tax Attorney to write himself off; maybe he’s more focused on abductions than deductions these days. You’ll find their Board of Misdirectors here.

You can also view a list of the other profiteers who help to facilitate this blatant hoax, while picking the pockets of their clientele, here. Quite a nice little “support system” for the feeble minded. Understand that every person on that list has chosen to affiliate themselves with a bogus, unscientific fraud, “treating a condition” that actually…doesn’t exist. That quacking sound isn’t coming from ducks but you’ve got to hand it to enterprising Americans, and now others, for whom every darkly insane cloud has a silver lining (we take cash, checks and credit cards). Your eyelids are getting heavy…your wallet is getting light…

Billy Meier’s information about who’s behind the so-called “alien abductions” was echoed in part by a former military man

BTW, the Edgar Mitchell Foundation wasn’t at all interested in the evidence and information about the Meier case, or my being one of over 125 eyewitnesses to the Plejaren craft, or that I’d been forwarded specific, prophetically accurate information from the Plejaren, etc. Apparently I wasn’t enough of a confused “victim” of imaginary evil aliens to warrant a response.

I coined the term UFOCI to clarify that there is a UFO Community and Industry, which has done more than even the governments to conceal the truth about the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing for almost 75 years, and thereby helped to bring about the fulfillment of the long prophesied events that are now upon us. This industry not only put profits above truth but is plainly suicidal, having long had access to Meier’s evidence and information, choosing to cover it up to make a buck instead.

It should be clear now that the so-called “UFO cover-up” is solely about the Meier case and not any of the distract and disinform nonsense perpetuated by the Mitchell Foundation and organizations like this.

And we wonder why the Plejaren said that basically America is toast after 2020.

P.S. For anyone who really, firmly believes that they’ve been “abducted”, get out a map and see how close you live to a US military base.


What Edgar Mitchell actually stood for was the peaceful use and exploration of outer space. While Edgar Mitchell name is used to draw attention to this foundation, Edgar Mitchell himself emphasized peaceful cooperation in outer space, including with extraterrestrial beings.


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  1. I also share this thought of it all be a simple cover-up for this 1 case. Been on my mind nearly a decade now. And some digging will tell you who runs the show(s). Silence is golden?

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